Could you provide and repost the latest estimates of Earth's population categories and percentages?
STO (including Star Children), STS (including Star Children), Sparked but undecided (become octopi?), Unsparked. I know you have relayed the information that STS souls are no longer being reincarnated to Earth since it is administratively transforming to STO. That has resulted in a statistically significant drop in the STS percentage on Earth. You have also relayed that unsparked souls simply dissipate at death.
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As expected, since 2021 the percentage of souls solidly in the STS orientation has been reduced due to the tendency of those in the STS to attempt to control others. Haiti is an example of an STS takeover and the infighting engendered in a Mad-Max environment. This infighting in gangs and resistance from the ever-increasing STO communities has created casualties for the solidly STS, who are now approximately 3.2% of the souls on Earth.

The steady increase in STO incarnated souls has again increased, due to two factors – Undecided souls moving into the STO orientation as they react to the distress of others around them, and Star Children entering the fray. Some of the Star Child growth is due to an Undecided entity wanting out, requesting death so that a Star Child can step in. Thus the number of incarnated STO souls on Earth at present is approximately 52%.

We have stated that the Undecided will constitute the majority of those who die as a result of the coming Pole Shift. Denial is in sway, along with a desire to enjoy the comforts of modern living as long as possible. Like infants, wailing for attention, they will demand social services rather than focus on taking care of themselves or the needs of others.  Courageous Service-to-Other individuals will survive and prevail after the Pole Shift, so the population after the Pole Shift will be almost exclusively in the Service-to-Other.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 30, 2024

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