My question to the Zetas is why there wasn't any jolt felt!?

In 2010 when we first detailed the New Madrid Adjustment as part of the 7 of 10 Plate Movement scenarios, we stated that this would involve one large JOLT with an immediate tearing of the Atlantic and the European tsunami. We referred to the location of the JOLT being in the “primary blockage” without clarification. Nor did we clarify the location in the Atlantic that would experience “tearing”. Now that the Finale is in process, the public seeks more specifics.

In March of 2022 we detailed a role the Rock Bridge above the little town of New Madrid - located at the juncture of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers - would play. We stated that a JOLT there would “expedite the final rupture” and clarified that this Rock Bridge break would release the SE Portion from its attachment to the Mainland Portion, allowing it to “jump to the East”, destabilizing the Azores triple juncture of plates in the Atlantic. In April of 2022 we reiterated that the JOLT in the Rock Bridge will “signal” the start of the Finale.  

In May of 2022 we introduced the Rock Hook under Turkey and defined its role. Africa must roll for the Azores to be torn open, and the Rock Hook under Turkey is preventing this roll. The African Roll pulls on the SE Portion which is attached along their shared border in the Atlantic. This transfers to a tug on the Rock Bridge which ultimately snaps and sets the Finale in motion. Intrinsic to this is the S Atlantic void allowing Africa to slide its foot into the void and drop its NE corner so the roll can happen.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2022

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on July 2, 2023 at 1:00pm

By July 2 we can start to see the China blowout. A major fire just inland from Taiwan due to the pressure of quakes in Western China pushing the Eurasian Plate toward the Pacific. We appear to be on the move toward the China blowout. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on July 1, 2023 at 1:42pm

On July 1 the whole New Madrid process is in action, from China to the Azores. The Triangle between Japan/Taiwan/Bejing has major quakes, the Sunda Plate on all sides have quakes, and the main China Fault Line up from Thailand to Beijing has several major quakes plus there are quake to the west in China. In the Atlantic the Azores are clapping and the SE Portion's foot at the Isthmus is solid red with major quakes as the foot is pulled east with the African Roll. We stated on June 28 that the Finale was on the verge, and it looks like that was an understatement. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 28, 2023 at 1:55pm

On June 28 the China quake push is on the verge. A major quake in the Triangle formed by Japan/Taiwan/Beijing shows the tension and movement in this region. Sunda Plate is surrounded by quakes. And the Eurasian Stretch in Western China and along the Russian Rip path is also covered in quakes. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 27, 2023 at 8:59pm

On June 27 the pressure on the Sunda Plate, surrounded by quakes on all sides, is obvious. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 26, 2023 at 4:40pm

On June 26 the New Madrid Rupture Process is in slo-mo with new action in the S Atlantic. As China shifts into the Pacific, pressing the Sunda Plate along its eastern edge to snap and with quakes in Western China, this steady process is wrapping around into the lower Atlantic. S America is being forced into a waggle, back and forth, as can be seen from a distressed Andes and Brazil. The foot of Africa is also being forced into a tight bend as Africa drops on its Eastern side. And not to be forgotten is the constant Mainland drop onto Mexico. A significant rupture of an oil pipeline in Fayette County, Ohio along the New Madrid Fault Line shows the separating Portions are climbing up the Fault Line.
At 10:17pm Saturday, the Fayette County Sheriff's Office reported that emergency crews were on the scene of a major gas leak in the 700 block of South Fayette St. in Washington Court House, and that the public should avoid the area. By about midnight, the department advised that residents who had left their homes could return, per Washington Fire.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 23, 2023 at 8:48pm

On June 23 several action spots got more active. The "clapping" the Zetas described as happening along the New Madrid Fault Line between the Seaway exit and the Azores where the Titan was snapped during a clap is now showing up at the Azores. The Mainland of N America is showing stress top to bottom. with Quebec still hot enough to incite fires. And China likewise red hot with CO from underground fires, the Hubei Province which holds the 3 Gorges Dam more jittery than ever. 


Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 22, 2023 at 12:46pm

On June 22 the Sunda Plate snap line is in motion at Thailand and across to the Triangle point at Taiwan. The 3 Gorges Dam location is also nervous. 

Comment by jorge namour on June 22, 2023 at 12:54am

In Paris, a building blown up by a spectacular explosion in the Latin Quarter FRANCE

JUNE 21 2023

A building in the 5th arrondissement of the capital caught fire before collapsing at the end of the afternoon, leaving at least 29 injured, including four seriously.

In question: a sudden detonation which blew up the building of the Paris American Academy, a private school of design and fashion located at 277 rue Saint-Jacques, near the Val-de-Grâce hospital.
If the causes of this explosion remain, at this stage, hypothetical, the first deputy mayor of the 5th arrondissement, Édouard Civel, spoke on Twitter of a "gas explosion"

In Paris, the 500,000 households supplied with gas would be connected to a network deemed "fragile"

An explosion took place in the fifth arrondissement of the capital on Wednesday and could be caused by a gas leak.

Tens of thousands of households affected
Questioned this Wednesday by Le Figaro, the mayor of the 6th arrondissement of Paris, Jean-Pierre Lecoq, confirms that "the gas network is fragile" and that it requires regular maintenance. "There are a lot of Haussmann buildings connected to the city network, tens of thousands of households are affected,"

Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 21, 2023 at 4:17pm

On June 21 we see lots of action on multiple fronts. There are quakes up into Western China in two parallel lines. The Sunda Plate is outlined too! Then of course we have the S Atlantic opening up in reaction to the compressing Pacific. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 19, 2023 at 7:51pm

On June 19 we see continuation of the New Phase, which has extreme pressure on the Eastern edge of the Sunda Plate. If this cannot move with the land mass of China, it will snap off. Today we see a major quake in Thailand, expected to be the location of the snap line. Note that in step with this progress we have Northern China red hot with methane release, and underground burning! There are also continuing quakes in Western China.

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