My question to the Zetas is why there wasn't any jolt felt!?

In 2010 when we first detailed the New Madrid Adjustment as part of the 7 of 10 Plate Movement scenarios, we stated that this would involve one large JOLT with an immediate tearing of the Atlantic and the European tsunami. We referred to the location of the JOLT being in the “primary blockage” without clarification. Nor did we clarify the location in the Atlantic that would experience “tearing”. Now that the Finale is in process, the public seeks more specifics.

In March of 2022 we detailed a role the Rock Bridge above the little town of New Madrid - located at the juncture of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers - would play. We stated that a JOLT there would “expedite the final rupture” and clarified that this Rock Bridge break would release the SE Portion from its attachment to the Mainland Portion, allowing it to “jump to the East”, destabilizing the Azores triple juncture of plates in the Atlantic. In April of 2022 we reiterated that the JOLT in the Rock Bridge will “signal” the start of the Finale.  

In May of 2022 we introduced the Rock Hook under Turkey and defined its role. Africa must roll for the Azores to be torn open, and the Rock Hook under Turkey is preventing this roll. The African Roll pulls on the SE Portion which is attached along their shared border in the Atlantic. This transfers to a tug on the Rock Bridge which ultimately snaps and sets the Finale in motion. Intrinsic to this is the S Atlantic void allowing Africa to slide its foot into the void and drop its NE corner so the roll can happen.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2022

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Comment by Kojima on Wednesday

SO2&CO-US, SO2&CO-Asia

2023/05/22 T00:00 - 2023//05/31 T00:00

Comment by Nancy Lieder on Sunday

On May 28 the Eurasian stretch is expressing above India along the Russian Rip line, from west of India up toward the Ural Siberian Plains. This was long predicted by ZetaTalk, since 2007 ( but not expected to create an actual inland bay until the time of the Pole Shift. But the Eurasian Plate is obviously pulling toward the Pacific, creating tension in the Sunda Plate which is being pulled to the Pacific while still firmly attached to the Indo-Australian Plate. This will cause the Sunda Plate to snap off, allowing China to lunge into the Pacific, and inciting the New Madrid Process to completion.  

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/11/2007: 

The new Eurasian Plate seaway is anticipated to run just to the east of the Iran border, going up through western Pakistan and Afghanistan and thence round along the eastern borders of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan where the lowlands are skirting the foothills of the Himalayas.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 27, 2023 at 4:58pm

On May 27 the Scripted Drama that is pushing the Antarctica Plate up into the lower Atlantic is expressing. At the start of the ZetaTalk Saga in 1999, the Zetas described his process. The Pacific compresses, forcing the Antarctic Plate down and toward the opening between the tip of S America and the tip of S Africa. Up pops new land. 

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/1999:

The Antarctic plate finds the side abutting the Pacific under pressure, as the plates due to fold or crumble or subduct in the Pacific begin to do this. Likewise, along the Atlantic, the spreading plates in the Atlantic are asking the Antarctic plate to rip apart, which it resists, being a very solid plate. The point that gives, the weak point, is the border between the Antarctic plate and those in the Atlantic, as these are already weakened points. Thus, these weak points separate, the Atlantic plates going their way, the Antarctic staying in place. The overlapping and compressing plates on the Pacific side represent pressure and push. The separating and spreading plates on the Atlantic side represent an opening, so the Antarctic plate moves in that direction.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 26, 2023 at 3:12pm

On May 26, before our eyes, the Triangle formed by Japan/Taiwan/Beijing expressed the rock tension and tearing there with a 6.2 quake. This shows up on the SO2 charts in the rock under water in the Triangle. China is obviously nervous about their 3 Gorges Dam failing, as they have lowered the water level for months now in 2023. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 25, 2023 at 6:11pm

Suez grief continues because of the African Roll. Thought the Suez Canal was being closed at night when the Polar Push of the Wobble creates the most earthquakes worldwide, the Suez squeeze occurred during the day on May 25. 

Suez Canal Authority has Successfully Refloated Ship
May 25, 2023
Suez Canal authority has successfully refloated a large ship that ran aground in the canal. The company identified the ship as the 190 metre (623 foot) Xin Hai Tong 23, a bulk carrier.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 25, 2023 at 4:23pm

On May 25 we see the effect of the heavy Mainland drop. Mexico City is threated by an eruption of the Popo volcanoe nearby and may have to evac tens of millions due to this. Nearby in the Mexico Province a Pemex Pipeline exploded, for unknown reasons. 

Pipeline Explodes in México State, Injures 7
May 24, 2023
The blast occurred at the presumed site of an illegal tap on a Pemex gas pipeline in Polotitlán, a municipality in northern México state that borders both Querétaro and Hidalgo.

Millions are Told to get Ready to Evacuate as one of the world's most Dangerous Volcanoes in Mexico is Set to Erupt
May 22, 2023
The huge volcano that towers above Mexico City is considered one of the most dangerous in the world because some 25 million people live within a 60-mile radius.

Comment by Kojima on May 23, 2023 at 2:39pm

SO2, CO-Map:

Comment by Juan F Martinez on May 23, 2023 at 1:52am


Members of the U.S. Senate were recently offered satellite phones that will allow them to communicate in the case of a “man-made” or natural disaster, according to a report.  Citing numerous people familiar with the matter, CBS News reported all 100 senators were recently offered the phones.

More than 50 took Senate Sergeant at Arms Karen Gibson up on the offer.

The network reported Gibson said the phones were offered last month as a means “to ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event.”

Senators who agreed to take the devices were urged to keep them close by during travel. It is not known exactly what type of satellite phones the lawmakers were given.

Gibson implied the devices could come in handy in the event of some sort of disaster. CBS reported: “Gibson said the phones are a security backstop in the case of an emergency that ‘takes out communications’ in part of America. Federal funding will pay for the satellite airtime needed to utilize the phone devices.

“A Department of Homeland Security advisory said satellite phones are a tool for responding to and coordinating government services in the case of a ‘man-made’ or natural disaster that wipes out communication.”

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 22, 2023 at 4:38pm

On the next day, on May 22, 2023 the world lit up like a Christmas Tree. The tip of Africa is showing that Antarctica is pushing up between the tip of S America and the tip of Africa, per the Zeta predictions when the Pacific compresses. S American is falling more heavily into the newly created void in the S Pacific. The tri-plate junction at the Isthmus where the SE Portion toe, the Caribbean Plate, and the Mainland drop collide is aflame with quakes as parts pull and push in different directions. At the Loyalty Islands, where the Eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate snapped together like the blades of a scissors, there are large quakes now running up along the shocked border with the Pacific. And the Triangle between Japan/Taiwan/Beijing also has large quakes.  

Comment by Kojima on May 22, 2023 at 9:45am

SO2&CO-US, SO2&CO-Asia

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