The Zetas said 2 to 3 weeks starting at the end of December overlapping into January. We already passed their forecast. Is it delayed again? It seems that after the 20th everything went quiet again. They said that at this point there is no reason to keep secrets anymore, any comments? Is the CoW going to interfere on the timing of the earthquake/tsunami, meaning would they prevent it to occur for example in the middle of the night to minimize chaos and deaths? Waiting for storms to pass?

What were our actual words, when Nancy relayed them? “We are now detailing that the New Madrid unzipping will occur over a 3 week period, starting toward the end of 2021 and overlapping into 2022.” The start was to occur toward the end of 2021 and overlap into 2022. Which it did, as the unzipping at the start of the New Madrid Fault Line began at the breach where the Tehuantepec Ridge fracture on the Cocos Plate connects with the fracture on the thin crust on the tip of Mexico just below the Pemex gas fields.

The heart hears what it wishes to hear and everyone, including Nancy, heard that the entire unzipping would occur during this 3 week period.

The New Madrid is now unzipping and will not abate or respite. Our words during the initial prediction in 2010 were also “there will be one large jolt with a subsequent and almost immediate tearing of the Atlantic.” This large jolt has not yet happened, but the unzipping from the juncture at the Cocos Plate and then through the Pemex gas fields and into the Gulf has started. What has the process been during this 3 week start? The Pacific compressed on January 14. Deep quakes at the Tehuantepec Ridge juncture with the tip of Mexico occurred and the fracturing of the Cocos Plate included heaving in the floor of the Rivera Plate along the California coastline.

The unzipping then arrived at the Pemex gas fields, where the coverup over this process forced a temporary closure of the Raspberry Shakes seismograph which was then adjusted to disguise the process ongoing. As we have repeatedly stated, the unzipping will “come up from the Gulf, travel up the Mississippi River and along the East Coast Fault Line, and finalize under the Seaway.” Unzipping under the waters of the Gulf is not visible to the common man, though the Junta has planted underwater seismographs along the fault. New Orleans is now in harms way.

Source:ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 31, 2022

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Comment by SongStar101 on June 10, 2022 at 12:56pm

Incident at Freeport LNG oil and gas company under control, officials say

QUINTANA, Texas (KTRK) -- No injuries were reported Wednesday after what police initially described as an explosion at a liquefied natural gas terminal near Freeport.

Freeport LNG reported that an incident occurred around 11:40 a.m. at its facility in the 1500 block of Lamar Street at the facility on Quintana Island, according to Brazosport CAER. It's about 70 miles south of Houston.

The Surfside Beach Police Department said the facility had experienced "some sort of explosion," but no evacuation orders had been issued.

All employees at the facility were accounted for, Houston-based Freeport LNG said in a statement. Shortly after 4 p.m., they declared the situation was under control and contained to the immediate affected area of the plant.

"There is no risk to the surrounding community. The incident investigation will continue," said the company, one of the largest U.S. exporters of liquefied natural gas, or LNG.

When asked directly what type of chemical may have been released from the tanks, company officials told ABC13 they were not sure, and advised to ask Freeport police. Freeport police said to ask the city manager, who then told ABC13 he was not aware of any release.

Witnesses in the area described hearing a noise that sounded like a thunderstorm and say they saw a big fireball in the area of the plant.

Surfside Beach Police Department's Marine Division assisted Port Freeport police and the U.S. Coast Guard on the waterways. The beaches are not closed, but Quintana Island was reportedly closed to all incoming traffic during the afternoon.


Texas LNG Export Terminal Shuttered For Three Weeks After Explosion

Update (1749ET): The explosion at Freeport LNG at Quintana Island has forced operations at the oil and gas export facility to be halted "for a minimum of three weeks," according to local news KPRC.

Freeport receives about 2 billion cubic feet of gas per day or roughly 16% of the total US LNG export capacity. This means LNG exports will shrink and result in more supply on the grid, pushing down natural gas prices.

A "small explosion" at Freeport LNG terminal in Surfside Beach, Texas, resulted in the plunge of natural gas futures on Wednesday afternoon. 

Local news KHOU reports the incident occurred around 1140 local time in the 1500 block of Lamar Street at the facility on Quintana Island. 

"We are in the process of monitoring the situation and will provide information accordingly," Freeport's Director of Corporate Communications Heather Browne told The Facts

Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 7, 2022 at 7:55pm

These are not the Azores, but close, and not on the Africa Plate border. Why is the Atlantic tearing there?

What is the connection between the Heliplot in Bilibino becoming steadily black recently and the recent swarm of quakes just above the Azores in the Atlantic? These points lie on opposite sides of the long, flat plate border that runs through the Arctic. The Azores are on one end, Bilibino on the other end. Both these points are being tugged while N America adjusts, moving from a tight bow along the West Coast to relaxing into its former vertical posture. The N American Plate is pulled away from Bilibino when the Daily Earth Wobble causes the Earth's N Pole to lean toward the East. But when the N Pole leans to the West, the Atlantic just south of Iceland is being tugged.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 4, 2022 at 2:24pm

Steady action on the two fronts to watch. The Atlantic at Antarctica border and at Iceland is pulling apart, top and bottom. Africa is rolling and tearing at Gibraltar but most immportant the rock hook that extends from the Africa Plate under Turkey shows signs of getting ready to SNAP. These quakes on 6/3 and 6/4 are at the point the Zetas identified for the break that will extend down to the Red Sea. When it all happens it will be SUDDEN. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 31, 2022 at 2:51pm

On this day, as has been the norm for some weeks, it is only the N American Continent and Africa that are jiggly on the Heliplots. These are the continents in the process of moving or ripping apart. From the border in the Artic with the Eurasian Plate to the land along the Seaway to the push into the Pacific at Big Sur - N America is jiggly. Africa is in the process of rolling, and shows stress at Zambia, Ethiopia, and the Canary Islands. The rest of the world is slumbering.


Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 25, 2022 at 3:37pm

Disasters are occurring all along the New Madrid Fault Line but still no break in the hard rock bridge over the little town of New Madrid. What is holding the finale back?
[and from another]
Major Traffic Delays around Bluebonnet Boulevard after Gas Leak
May 24, 2022
Workers first closed off both directions of the highway at the I-10 overpass shortly before noon Tuesday. DOTD said the closure was prompted by a gas leak in a nearby building along Bluebonnet. 
[and from another]
Sinkhole Opens up in Downtown Intersection, Closes 2 Lanes of East 8th Street
May 24, 2022
A sinkhole has opened in a crosswalk at the intersection of East 8th Street and Walnut Street in downtown Cincinnati. Cincinnati Public Services said the hole is 13 feet 3 inches deep
[and from another]
Region High School, Middle School Closed by Gas Leak
May 24, 2022
A gas leaked forced the evacuation and closing of both River Forest High School and Middle School. There is no construction in the immediate area linked to the gas leak.
[and from another]
Sinkhole Reported in Penitas
May 24, 2022
The city is reporting a major sinkhole that is causing road closures.
[and from another]
Water Main Break Shuts Off Service to Area of Glastonbury
May 23, 2022
A water main break shut down service to properties within the Minnechaug Mountain area.

As we detailed recently when the Antarctica Plate shifted, there is a domino effect that will bring on the New Madrid finale. As is clear from recent quakes around Hawaii and further tilting of the Philippine Plate, the Pacific is compressing. The endless quakes on the Pacific side of the Indo-Australian Plate show this compression pressure, as does the recent quake on the Pacific side of the Nazca Plate. When the Antarctica Plate is pushed into the lower Atlantic, a void is created there that allows Africa to shift and drop into that void.

The dropping weight of the Africa Plate forces the rock hook that reaches under Turkey to snap off, and this allows the Africa Plate to slide down along the Dead Sea plate border. The effect of this Africa Roll will include disasters all along the Mediterranean and a rupture at the Azores, creating a weakness there that will allow the N American Continent to straighten out, correcting the bow that was imposed on its western side. This triggers the New Madrid finale. This domino effect of Plate Movement is in process, but at some point in the near future, within 2022, will create the New Madrid finale.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 24, 2022 at 12:55pm

What people in the New Madrid area experienced is as relevant as the earthquake maps. The rock tension is obviously extreme. Received via email: 

Can you comment on just how close we now are to the New Madrid rupture? I live just to the west in north central Arkansas. My husband and I have both had a headache for 2 weeks every single day. Our 4 dogs are very clingy and won't leave our sides. They do not want to stay outside longer that just to potty. I've heard of this from several in my area and others. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 21, 2022 at 6:58pm

If the Atlantic is spreading apart at the South end, it is likewise doing that at the North end. 

Comment by Sanusi Usman on May 20, 2022 at 10:27pm

Is this to say the Africa roll has upped from 61% ?

NancyTalk: Yes, but the worst is yet to come. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 20, 2022 at 7:42pm

The day after Antarctica Plate shifted, the Africa Roll did indeed follow! Look at the Straits of Gibraltar! 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 19, 2022 at 9:01pm

This new ZetaTalk addresses why Antactica is having many quakes on its borders. There is one at the Sandwich Islands that per the Zetas will open the S Atlantic, which is spreading open. Then there is an Antarctica quake at the Pacific, which per the Zetas is due to the Pacific compressing in step with a widening Atlantic. Now later today there were dual large quakes at the magnetic S Pole near Tasmania. What does this have to do with the New Madrid? The Zetas explain. 

What do the global hot spots on quake maps tell us? What is next?

What can the global hot spots on the quake maps tell us about the plate movements in process? During the last 7 of 10 Plate Movement status
last March we stated that the African Roll, the Eurasian Stretch, and the New Madrid had not yet completed. It is not surprising that all 3 show up on the quake maps at this time.

For Africa to drop the S Atlantic must spread, allowing the bottom of the Africa Plate to torque in that direction. We have long predicted that new land would rise between the tip of S America and the tip of Africa as the Antarctic Plate
is pushed there during compression of the Pacific. This is clearly in process and making room for Africa to drop. The weight of Africa sliding into the Atlantic will force the rock hook near Turkey to snap,
and this will trigger the rest of the New Madrid process. The Mainland Portion drop onto the Cocos Plate is clearly ready and just waiting.

As the Atlantic is pulled apart and the Pacific compresses, the Eurasian Stretch is encouraged. This is dramatically shown by the recent emergence of our long predicted inland bay in Russia. Where we predicted this would emerge during the Pole Shift, the route is being prepared inland and will result in new inland lakes all the way to the Urals. The Pole Shift will rip land near the Indian Ocean, allowing ocean water to flow up into Russia.

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