The Zetas have predicted "Great Clarity" since this new phase began in early 2021. Let the clarity emerge!

SOZT The past couple months have been a phase shift toward clarity for those scanning the skies for evidence of the Nibiru complex. The Red Dust is charged, and thus seeks to cling to Nibiru or its Moon Swirls, even creating magnetic fields around these elements. Having the complex clouded by this Red Dust was considered inevitable. When out in space, this Red Dust would drag behind Nibiru, but when Nibiru slowed for his passage past the Sun it caught up to Nibiru and enveloped Nibiru and its moons in this fog.

Then in early 2019 the Petrol Bubbles arrived, though hints had been in view prior to that in Alberto’s photos. The Red Dust had arrived much earlier, being a fine dust and thus easily blown about, and also being magnetically charged being attracted to Earth’s magnetic field. The Lomonosov explosions on the surface of the upper atmosphere were captured on satellite images in February, 2019 and the Petrol Bubbles were appearing in a puzzled Alberto’s photos as dark smudges.  

Meanwhile, the fine Red Dust that clung to Nibiru and its Moon Swirls forced the use of filters for red spectrum light. Where these red smudges were found, there would be the bully magnet Nibiru or its moons. What changed over the past few months? The wafting tail, full of Red Dust and Petrol Masses, was blown close enough to the Earth to remove the Red Dust as a factor. The Red Dust was absorbed into the Petrol Masses - trapped there by the oil. Where the former view was blurred by a layer of Red Dust and then a layer of Petrol Bubbles, it now had been swept clean of the Red Dust.

In this new environment, a new view of Nibiru and its Moon Swirls and individual moons in a String of Pearls has emerged. Great clarity will be provided, especially as Nibiru continues to approach the Earth. The Red Dust would form into magnetic fields, which will now be absent from view.  Location vis-a-vis the Sun and general shape and size will be a clue. In the case of these recent photos provided by Marty, this is clearly a String of Pearls in apparent rapid motion. The motion is a factor of the Earth wobble, as it is the Earth that is moving. EOZT

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Comment by Mario Valencia-Rojas on April 9, 2021 at 5:24am

First picture is zoomed out.Second Picture is zoomed in to what appears to be Planet X to the right. Third negative picture you can really see what appears to be the red iorn oxide particules trapped within the large pertol bubble to the left which appear to be the dark splotches within?

Comment by Mario Valencia-Rojas on April 9, 2021 at 2:52am

Second picture is zoomed in of PX on the right of first picture. 

Comment by Juan F Martinez on April 9, 2021 at 12:51am

"April 8th 1230pm SE Idaho --Using my Canon Powershot with filters . My experience tells me this is PX and the bright light comes from an illuminated moon swirl tube . So at 12:15PM we are capturing Nibiru at the 6:30 position during the wobble." ~ Manuel Rodriguez

Comment by James of Idaho on April 9, 2021 at 12:36am
Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 8, 2021 at 8:55pm

SOZT: The dark blob at upper left is a Petrol Mass in the process of eating the Red Dust around it, thus dark and blocking sunlight. The Red Dust can be seen drifting away, being chased. Do the Petrol Masses chase the Red Dust during this process? Being magnetically charged the Red Dust tends to cling together. Thus when the Petrol Mass starts to incorporate the Red Dust, it is the Petrol that is pulled along. The Red Dust inside the Petrol Mass is reaching out to the Red Dust that is free, drawing the Petrol Mass along during this process. When this process is completed, some redistribution may occur, lightening the Petrol Mass. EOZT
SOZT: A Moon Swirl seen from the side, pointing one end toward the Sun, is normally not as brilliant as the light coming out the end of a Moon Swirl like a flashlight. Normally, light will bounce down along the interior of the Moon Swirl, not escaping until the end, ricocheting off the sides during this process. What is seen in the fat tube to the left of the Sun is a Moon Swirl tube turned slightly so that sunlight can bounce off the exterior of the dust clinging to this swirl. When the tube turns to directly face the Sun, this sunlight exits to the left of the tube, off into space – thus the tube seems to disappear! EOZT

Comment by James of Idaho on April 8, 2021 at 7:05pm

April 8th 2021  SE Idaho -  Today I am using my Canon Powershot SX130 camera .  ISO 80 shooting without a filter and have some more anomalies that have appeared ....A mystery that perhaps we can solve  working together .   I have marked down what I think are the minor moons  ( M.M.)  or (M.S.T. )  Moon swirl tube .... Enjoy .

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 8, 2021 at 6:27pm

And Alberto again confirms with a photo showing the Sunlight compressed on the left, as Mario showed for April 7, a lopsided Sun, and as the Zetas stated. What a team, eh?

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 8, 2021 at 1:24pm

And Alberto confirms, Petrols coming closer: 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 8, 2021 at 12:50pm

SOZT 4/6: Those bubbles at a distance will appear dark, as they did in Alberto's earliest photos of the Petrol couple years ago. The dark smudges have no oxygen to burn, and are small because they are at a distance. When coming closer they are larger because they are landing on the outer atmosphere, and visibly brighter because this allows them to burn. EOZT

SOZT 4/7: These two photos taken on April 7 show the dual effect of filtering for red spectrum light, thus emphasizing the Red Dust shrouded objects, while also capturing the effect of sunlight bouncing off these same objects. Nibiru to the right is identified by the very round shape as well as location. The long Moon Swirl to the left is pock marked due to the blocking effect that unlit Petrol Masses have on the view. If a Petrol Mass cannot reflect sunlight in the direction of Earth, this will appear to be dark. This is why the Sun in the second image appears to be distorted. The large Petrol Masses are blocking sunlight. EOZT

Comment by Mario Valencia-Rojas on April 8, 2021 at 4:52am

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