ZetaTalk: Forming Entities

Note: written Nov 15, 1995

In the beginning, each forming entity is aware only of themselves. Self awareness is a constant state in all life of whatever form, but at the start this is the only state. Forming entities are placed into 3rd Density incarnations, repeatedly, to hasten the 3rd Density lesson - orientation determination. Whether incarnated or not, forming entities first become aware of others based on the effect upon the self. Is the effect pleasant or unpleasant, dominating or acquiescing, desired or resisted. Incarnated or not, social interchange has begun. Sense of the other is also born in this context, not only in awareness of the partner in social interactions, but by observing others undergoing a similar experience. Empathy is in essence the statement, "I was once there, and I understand." Within 3rd Density there is first self awareness, second reacting to the presence of others, and last the capacity for empathy.

In making the orientation determination the entity choosing Service-to-Self is not so much progressing towards this determination as clinging back. They remain most comfortable with self awareness, and react to others in this context, essentially asking "What can you do for me?"

Interactions between entities change and become more complex during spiritual 4th Density, and many entities completing their 3rd Density existence are already operating in this mode. Following the development of the capacity for empathy comes the determination to intercede, to rescue, and as an adjunct to this determination the entity begins cooperative efforts, the sum being greater than the parts. Complex social interchange presents forming entities with situations requiring compromise if goals are to be met, and the need to subjugate personal desires so that another might be rescued or the group as a whole might benefit. While the entity leaning toward the Service-to-Other orientation moves steadily in this direction, the entity leaning toward Service-to-Self reacts to this greater social complexity with more of the same old reaction, "What's in it for me." As entities surrounding the emerging Service-to-Self entity are learning compromise and conciliation, the technique for the self focused entity to gain more for the self is essentially manipulation. Since groups of emerging Service-to-Other entities are forming, the emerging Service-to-Self entity tunes its manipulation skills so as to manipulate groups, too.

The orientations, even within 3rd Density, set upon different paths, and polarization increases as they progress.

Arriving in 4th Density, the fledgling entity thus is already reacting and responding to others, pressing forward with personal agendas and dealing with interpersonal conflicts. How does life in 4th Density differ from what the entity has experienced in 3rd Density? For the Service-to-Self their spiritual existence is essentially frozen while their intellectual existence progresses. For the Service-to-Self there is even less interplay and manipulation between entities than took place in 3rd Density. A rigid hierarchy with rules for everything emerges so that the lessons can proceed. For the Service-to-Other entity their spiritual wisdom continues to grow and augments rather than detracts from their intellectual progress. Skills in team efforts, where the individual is not required to sacrifice but can learn and grow while contributing are honed. Where the focus at the beginning of 3rd Density was self awareness, by the end of 4th Density in the Service-to-Other orientation the focus has expanded to be on group awareness.

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Comment by Kojima on August 6, 2022 at 10:32am

* ZetaTalk for First incarnation, forthcoming incarnations

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written August 1, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Zetas said that only "very young and undecided souls can be influenced by environment". So, it is the environment that is a factor decisive to young soul's orientation? (that's why Balanced Setting must be required.). Now, 3d Density is mixed setting where young souls are allowed to do onto others as they please, and in this case STS invariably take advantage of STO - those 7% of bad guys that are, however, on the top of the heap, commandeering rules - a slavery on a global, planetary scale. And, connected to previous one - why in similar circumstances young souls choose and lean in different directions? Some are feeling remorse for their actions and some don't? Is it just Free Will or some kind of predisposition?

The soul has no predisposition, but the first incarnation can lean it in one direction or the other. However, forthcoming incarnations are balanced by the Spirit Guides so as to give it a different picture. Service-to-Self as we have explained is not so much a leaning as an immaturity, and why some souls grow and other stay immature is one of God's mysteries.

Comment by Kojima on August 6, 2022 at 10:26am

* ZetaTalk for Single planet for reincarnating

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written March 7, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Could the Zetas mention if there are any other races besides humans incarnating into the hybrids or is this just for human souls. There are other race forms here helping out and are they part of the program also?

All intelligent life forms are available for any sparked soul to use during an incarnation. The Birthing Guides obviously choose to use a single planet for reincarnation during the early days of a soul's development, so that progress can be made on the spiritual lessons rather than adapting to yet another environment. Once a soul has graduated out of 3rd Density, it is possible for the soul to be placed on other worlds as a Star Child. Certainly, this includes placement in humans today on Earth, and into the hybrids.

Comment by Kojima on July 6, 2022 at 9:53am

* ZetaTalk for In Spark souls, Separate from others

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written December 22, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I have thought about this for a while, humans and other beings have hard lives, often seemingly unfair and cruel but there are lessons to be learnt and the soul is strengthened because of it, tough love. But what about all the insects and other creatures small and large that do not have souls, life in nature can be really hard. If they have no soul, then what's in it for the little guy?

We have explained how it is that souls spark in intelligent creatures. What is required is the ability of the intelligent creature to understand that is it separate from others, be conscious of this. Any creature that can conceptualize itself as a separate entity provides the stimulus to spark a soul. Despite the ability to solve problems and be trained, dogs and monkeys and dolphins do not entertain themselves as separate entities, able to promote themselves above others at the sacrifice of those others. What is seen is instinct, solely. Animal and plant life is born, lives, and dies. It is this way on all worlds that sustain life, and the vast majority do not have any intelligent life that can spark souls. Why God so structured the Universe in this manner, we do not know.

Comment by Kojima on June 29, 2022 at 7:12am

* ZetaTalk for Consciousness; Separate from others; Spark of soul

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written July 14, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

What kind of mechanism actualizes our memory and consciousness? Does the Zeta's memory and consciousness work like humans or how is it different or actualized?

The brain works on chemistry. Each memory is a chemical path running along neurons to connect to another chemical path. When the memory is to be blocked, because the human is distressed when recalling the memory, the body inserts a chemical break in that path, which can be restored later as it is not permanently broken, only altered. This is why painful memories seem to fade, when joyous memories are recalled fully, over the years. Consciousness is simply the ability of an organism to conceptualize itself as separate from others. Obviously, intelligence exists in animals such as apes, who can figure out how to get food using tools and use language to some extent. But the ape does not see itself as separate from the world around it. Unless this ability evolves, a soul does not spark in the animal, as it is just following instincts in the main.

Comment by Kojima on June 29, 2022 at 7:11am

* ZetaTalk for Soul Abortion

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written Apr 14, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

What is the purpose of having so many 'new' souls incarnating for this shift? On the site I read that of the over 6 billion souls that incarnated for this event, only 1 billion were reincarnating. The rest were 'new'.

We have explained, in what Nancy calls the Density section of ZetaTalk, that more is required to form a soul than an opportunity to incarnate into a conscious intelligent creature such as man. The stuff of souls may gather in such a creature, but not spark into a coherent soul. At death, such a gathering of the stuff of souls will dissipate and there is nothing for the Sprit Guides to gather at death. Trouble, challenge, adversity, all help this sparking process, as it helps the young soul develop empathy for others and move toward the Service-to-Other spiritual orientation. As Earth is in a population explosion, more bodies than there are souls to reincarnate, most are young souls who will not spark. Most lives without incarnating souls do Not spark souls, please be advised. This is termed a soul abortion, which is not cause by anything but the life itself, is natural, thus.

Comment by Kojima on June 28, 2022 at 3:25am

* ZetaTalk for Wealth or poverty, good looks or disabilities, high IQ or low

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written January 26, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Regarding people with disabilities, do they all have a soul? What kind of soul do the Spirit Guides incarnate into these people? Is there a sort of punishment for an Service-to-Self soul?

The Birthing Guides do not simply allow souls into hale bodies, as the goal is to allow the soul to progress in its lessons. Wealth or poverty, good looks or disabilities, high IQ or low - all of these situations afford the young soul opportunities for growth. It varies greatly. These types of choices are not karma driven, as is often presumed, but rather focus on the lessons to be learned, the choices to be potentially taken.

Comment by Kojima on June 27, 2022 at 1:24pm

* ZetaTalk for Soul placed by Spirit Guides

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written October 27, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I was wondering in these times while the polarization is going on what's happening to the children of the parents that are polarizing to one side or the other? With families breaking up and children being tossed back and forth during custody battles wouldn't the polarization also apply in the event of which parent gets the child/children?

When a soul is placed into a newborn's body by the Spirit Guides, it is known what the environment will be like, spiritually. It is known what the likely physical disabilities will be, for the babe, and what kind of social environment the babe is likely to experience in the neighborhood and extended family. Some souls are placed into an environment where the contrast between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self is sharply delineated, as a lesson. There are many reasons for this, among them:

  • to let a soul leaning to Service-to-Self experience what the pecking order battles will be like on the prison planets that will be their likely homes later;
  • to let a soul firmly in Service-to-Other learn to turn away those in Service-to-Self, as this will increasingly occur as the orientations polarize.
Comment by Cameron W Coates on March 29, 2017 at 12:20pm
I am not certain why this was posted at this particular time. It hit the mark for my personal journey.
Thank you

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