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Circles Appear in the sea in front of Croatian islands

May 12, 2014

Many unusual circles have appeared around the Croatian islands, causing the residents to worry. Some even say its aliens that cause it, because they often see circle formations in the sky above the location the circle are in the water. The circles are evenly spaced apart and are found around several islands.

During last year’s…


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Radar Circles Over Oaxaca In Mexico 2014

This report is apparently based on radar circles, similar to what happened in Australia's west coast in the past. But this IS news in that radar circles had only been presumed in Australia, and here they had appeared in Mexico too!…


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South Asia’s sinking deltas

May 6, 2014

Seven of South Asia’s river deltas, including the Ganga-Brahmaputra, the Krishna and the Indus, are sinking faster than sea-level rise because of dam construction upstream

One or two people leave their homes in the Sundarbans…


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Nicaragua: Crack 20 kilometers in Nicaragua

April 18, 2014

Managua . The earthquake of magnitude 6.2 on the Richter scale, occurred on April 10 in northern Managua, opened a crack length of 20 kilometers , today confirmed the Government of Nicaragua .

The crack , classified as "…


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India: Sinking land threatens Kupwara hamlets

April 16, 2014

Haihama (Kupwara), Apr 15: Panic gripped this remote area of Kupwara district after the inhabitants noticed a barren hillock starting caving in.

Reports said that a hillock was slowly caving in at Jugtyal village in Haihama area, posing threat to at least 10 residential houses of Moghal Mohalla, located in the foothills.



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Dominican Republic: Sinking land in Santo Domingo union increases

April 7, 2014

On Monday the inhabitants of the sector one of the cooperative Santa Martha took fright when…


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Indonesia: LOW Rainfall causes flooding in Bekasi

April 7, 2014

JAKARTA , JO - Rain only briefly residential streets to the Grand Galaxy City , Pekayon , South Bekasi…


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Pakistan: 34 of the sub-district's 42 settlements have disappeared under the sea.

A mill that used to export red rice from Pakistan to the Far East and Persian  Gulf countries has almost disappeared below the surface of the Arabian Sea. UPI  Next/Tehmina Qureshi

April 2, 2014

KARACHI, Pakistan, April 2 (UPI Next) -- The  intrusion of the Arabian Sea into the mouth of the Indus River on Pakistan's …


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Sinking islands battle tides

Paradise lost

Small island nations around the world are already feeling the impact of rising sea levels. And probably none more so than the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, which is considered the lowest-elevation country on the planet. The average elevation of its 26 atolls is just 1.5 meters (5 feet) above sea…


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Venezuela: Passing through the area had been restricted since November because we had already detected some cracks in the Roads.

March 28, 2014

Machado said that a team of engineers conducted a month ago about studies whose results…


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Ukraine: Land subsidence in Odessa


Land subsidence in Crimea peak.

Feb 11, 2014




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India: 12 families evacuated after land sinks beneath houses in G’bal areas

Mar 18, 2014

Ganderbal, Mar 18: The authorities Tuesday evacuated around a dozen families following the sinking of land in Sumbal and Wangath areas of Kangan in this central Kashmir district.

According to reports, two residential houses in the Sumbal area developed cracks as a patch of land sunk on early Tuesday morning.

Eyewitnesses said that…


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Croatia: Deep cracks terrain near the village Racari

Feb 18, 2014

Due to the large rainfall as the country opened…


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India: Majuli, world's largest river island is shrinking and sinking

February 18, 2014

Snuggling in the lap of the massive Brahmaputra, the gorgeous hotspot of Assam is now facing grave threats of abrasion caused by the gigantic river itself. The largest river island Majuli is submerging due to excessive…


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Indonesia: Tidal flooding in Central Maluku regency

Some village in Central Maluku flooded Rob

Feb 4, 2014


AMBON , - high waves and bad weather caused flooding tidal inundation which results in a number of coastal villages in the District of Leihitu , Central…


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Spain: "It was like a tsunami"


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Indonesia: Ground cracks along the 700 meters still threatening residents

Jan 30, 2014

Residents Combat Back to Rice and Field Activity…


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Vietnam: Some streets are flooded daily but has not fallen a drop of water for days.

Some streets are flooded daily but has not fallen a drop of water for days.

The former Saigon sinks

January 29,…


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China: Hundreds evacuated after crack, subsidence in China strip mine


Jan 25, 2014

SHENYANG, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- More than 400 people have been evacuated after two ground cracks…


Added by Khan on January 25, 2014 at 2:54am — 1 Comment

Philippines: Cebu village placed under state of calamity

THE GROUND BENEATH THEIR FEET. A landslide has dislodged several houses, including this one, in Barangay Gaas, Balamban town, where at least 246 residents have had to be relocated.


Jan 22, 2014

CEBU -- The barangay council of Gaas in Balamban town, Cebu province has declared a state of calamity in the area following the evacuation of 60 families…


Added by Khan on January 23, 2014 at 4:49am — 1 Comment

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