There are too many similarities to be coincidence indeed. The solar system on the franc cannot be denied, as all the planets and even their moons are marked. A comet like object enters coming within the orbit of Venus on the franc, crossing Earth's orbit twice, just like Planet X, aka Nibiru. Bearing in mind that Planet X blocked the Earth from progressing in her orbit on December 25, 2003, mark the place where the comet first crosses Earth's orbit on the franc as being December. It was in the summer of 2003 that Planet X was no longer visible at night, so mark Earth at that point on the franc being in the June position. We have stated that the pole shift would occur when Earth had been pushed back in her orbit to the August position - stopped in December and pushed all the way back counterclockwise to August. Push the Earth on the franc from the June position to the August position and you have it where the comet will cross a second time.

Then there are the tall men, with slender faces. The Annunaki, even historically, as seen as walking taller than man, giants, with a face and head more long than round. Why would the Swiss be in possession of this information, and why would they put it on their franc? The Puppet Master lives in Europe and certainly utilizes the secrecy of the Swiss banks during his massive global operations. In the main, he operates behind the scenes, so his great wealth and influence cannot be calculated or determined. The Annunaki provided the Maya with a calendar, and the ancient Babylonians with their shar method of counting and their knowledge of the solar system, and built the Giant Pyramids as a sighting device during a prior pole shift. Are these the only tidbits of knowledge available to man?

Knowledge is power and great wealth buys secrets, as few can resist the immense payments proffered. The artisan who designed the franc did not expect to be discovered! Who could imagine that ZetaTalk would arrive to announce the arrival of Planet X in 2003, when the establishment was desperately covering it up. Who would imagine that ZetaTalk would insist that the Earth had stopped in her orbit, and revealed her anticipated orbital position at the time of the pole shift. The artisan was smug in his knowledge, flaunting it, secretly smirking every time he saw this information appearing in plain sight. Of course, once out, it could not be withdrawn without questions being raised, so it was left in place. Does the Puppet Master know the timing of the pole shift? The timing is known by no man, nor was it provided by the Annunaki, as the slow creep of Planet X past the Sun can encounter many obstacles. The path is certain, the timing is not! EOZT

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