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  • Tian Boon

    I am wondering if I can email you in private, just some personal questions, I still have some relatives in Holland.
    Thanks and best regard,
  • Rich Racosky

    Thanks Gerard,
    I like your website and second all the good comments. We all need to be able to express ourselves in these troubling times upon us. Most of the world is asleep or with the proverbial "head in the sand'!
  • astrogal50

    You cannot have too many friends. Thank you! And thank you for getting this connected to ZetaTalk. I am not going to bother trying to get unbanned from GLP. They banned me because I was causing too much trouble for the power elite by telling the Truth and for spelling out the word Tavastock with hyphens. So I guess it is true, and GLP may be connected to the Tavastock Institute. (And of coure, the power elite do NOT want YOU to know that they have been social engineering American society since at least WWII. You may wake up and think for yourself, and that is the last thing the power elite want.)
  • Tamarama

    keep up your efforts!!! the naysayers are in denial as usual...their antics are just indication that this site is touching on truth that they don't want to consider...namaste!
  • dark horse

    Red Ribbon
  • Tamarama

    thanks for clearing the spam that seems to be trying to attack our site here:
  • carol campbell

    Thanks for the links! I read them all earlier and many questions were answered.
  • Sechinah

    Gerard Zwaan Hi, I copied this documentary. Not if you can put
    on a blog I find it very interesting and good picture quality.
    Sorry if my English is not correct to use translator

    Introducing the latest initiative of the Norwegian Terje Toftenes Director:
    The documentary film "The day before Disclosure."
    The day before the revelation, which arise in a systematic way, every
    one of the issues that have seen the light, hand
    researchers like Richard Doland and documentation,
    testimony and evidence presented by:
    Dr.Steven Greer, Dr.Edgar Mitchell, Steve Bassett, Robert Dean, Budd Hopkins, Barbara Lamb, David Jacobs, Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Peter Robbins, Jim Marrs, Nadine Lalich, Dr. Michael Salla, Milton Torres, Wendelle
    Stevens, Paola Harris, Nick Pope, Miriam Delicado, Linda Moulton Howe
    Robert Hastings and Dr Roger Leir.
    A compendium incontestable that addresses the major issues of Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the context of UN Decision 33/426.
    Then offer the film in original version, which can be viewed on the web

    Click on the picture or here to link and view the movie.
    Courtesy of International StarViewerTeam for 2010. ...
  • Arctico

    Thank you for everything you are doing. There are many naysayers but they will be proven wrong soon enough. Your hard work, courage and determination are admired greatly.
  • Margaret Bowlby

    To another part of the planet:   A Russian friend just sent me slides with Russian sub titles,  showing flooding in the streets of Vienna which are right up to the knees.   I would like to have forwarded these pictures to the Zeta site but I do not know how to copy them to you.   I would be curious to know what the Zeta's have to say about the floods appearing in this area.   It appears the floods will not be disappearing any time soon as they are so widely spread and apparently very deep in parts.
  • Susan Donohue

    Gerard I'm a single mum wanting to be of STO and have been provided with this mission on earth. Your guidance brings my heartfelt appreciation. Love and Peace, Sue
  • Stanislav

    Thanks Gerard! What you fight against nuclear power - very good!
  • Lawrence

    Gerard, thank YOU! Your hard work is appreciated! If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to contact me!
  • Alison H.

    Hello Gerard, I posted some photos of the moon with a rusty red ring around it. I am seeing it this way whenever the moon is visible; clear or partly cloudy. I posted four photos, am only seeing two of them shown on EC&PS. Two photos are plain and unadorned, and in two, I saturated the color so the ring would stand out more. The photos were taken November 6th in Port Townsend, Washington (North Olympic Peninsula). We've also had vivid red sunsets with red clouds in different parts of the sky. As well, I have seen the southern sky as pinkish at 10:00 a.m., lately.

  • Sechinah

    Thanks Gerard for his friendship. I recognize the effort
    to inform us. Namaste
  • N Castro

    I am not able to watch your latest video, such a pity - I keep getting an error message: "Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore the website"


  • Raz Ziyad

    You all inspire me... GREATLY!
  • russ elder

    Gerard--this is Russ I livein n.y.-sandy has devastated many I hear of 40000 homeless-no gas running out of water and a second storm coming on wed. we live in the mountains of n.y. and got our daughter and 1 year old twins off long island but her husband is still there and things are very bad-----say a prayer my friend and thanks for all you do--Russ

  • Mario Valencia-Rojas

    Thank You!