Chaddenwick, Windmill Hill, Stonehenge Can Zetas explain new crop formations ? What this spirals means? SOZT Both Chaddenwick and Windmill Hill are showing a switching back and forth between a counter clockwise and clockwise swirl. In Chaddenwick this occurs once, from counterclockwise (the normal rotation and orbit of Earth) to clockwise (the rotation and orbit direction of Planet X). Windmill Hill does this twice, from counterclockwise to clockwise and round again. This emphasis is demonstrating the dominant force that the Earth is encountering. Planet X is 23 times Earth's mass, 4 times her diameter, and is the bully without question. As Planet X approaches there is a clash in rotation direction, which ultimately brings the Earth to a stop in her rotation during the Last Weeks. Stonehenge is depicting the Earth wobble, once again. The sense of switching back and forth is unmistakable, and almost dizzying. EOZT