Barbury Castle (2), Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire. Can Zetas comments this crop formation? Barbury Castle (2), Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire. SOZT Many crop circles depict the wobble, as this is the immediate and most obvious sign of the presence of Planet X. The establishment has tried to cloud the issue by claiming the erratic weather and rising seas are due to Global Warming, but having the Sun and Moon appear in the wrong place is clearly not caused by the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. In the Barbury design the Earth is primarily leaning away from the approaching Planet X, the cooler weather for the northern hemisphere we predicted. But on occasion, as she did recently, she points her N Pole toward the Sun and the oncoming Planet X, leaning into opposition. This influence, the influence of Planet X's magnetosphere, is dominant for the Earth, unlike any influences from her sister planets - Venus and the Dark Twin, which are also shown. The Dark Twin stands behind the Earth at present, and Venus to the side. EOZT