The Sanctuary, Wiltshire. Reported 28th May. This genuine crop circle has been modified by the makers a day after it was first laid, for emphasis. This is a timeline image, as most linear images are. Clearly, in the center, something almost violent has occurred, a sense of a vertical flip. Starting from the left, the two circle-within-a-circle orbs show an attempt to escape, caught in the larger circle, pressed to the side. The progression shown by the addition to this design emphases that attempting to escape by changing position, the flip, will not work for long. This crop circle relates to the planets caught in the cup - Venus, Earth, and the Dark Twin. Venus will seem to be out of place and then loom close to the Earth. The Dark Twin, which normally follows the Earth in their shared orbit, is currently outside their shared orbit, further out in space. It may even move ahead of the Earth, temporarily, before being squeezed out of the cup to escape.