Magnetic Trimesters; ZetaTalk Explanation

1. ZetaTalk: Magnetic Trimester CC, ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 31, 2018 

2. ZetaTalk: Magnetic Trimesters, written June 6, 2004

3. ZetaTalk: Trimester Effect, ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 19, 2011

4. The Magnetic Dance between Earth and Planet X [Lecture by Nancy, Sep 13, 2006]

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1. ZetaTalk: Magnetic Trimester CC 

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 31, 2018

The clue that this legitimate and precisely laid design is about the Magnetic Trimesters is the repeated emphasis on three – three internal circles each with three bands, three external circles each likewise with three bands, and the internal circles surrounded by smaller circle clusters each with a count of three. Why are some of the external circles outside an enclosing band?  There is Magnetic Trimester influence on the Solar System but also on the larger Universe bounding the Solar System. This design is to remind mankind that the battle between Nibiru and Earth, the pending passage, cannot be offset or stopped. It is part of a larger drama, and is inevitable.


2. ZetaTalk: Magnetic Trimesters, written June 6, 2004

Why is it the Sun, as the giant magnet dominating the solar system, points North and South with its poles in the directions it does? 

For those late to this argument, the Sun does not reverse polarity every 11 years as NASA states, 


Ref. 1)


and the solar Magnetic Field reaches beyond the outer bounds of the solar system, affecting all the planets. 


Ref. 2)


The Sun likewise is under the dictates of influences that surround it, and as the Sun goes, so go the planets. We have mentioned that there are hundreds of particle flows that reach out from the Sun’s middle as it rotates, 


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Ref. 4)


the most obvious particle flow the one that brushes the planets along in their counterclockwise orbits, known as the Sweeping Arms of the Sun due to their regular Impact during the staring contest between the Earth and Planet X. 


Ref. 5) ZetaTalk: Sweeping Arms of the Sun

Ref. 6) ZetaTalk: Swept into Disaster, written during the Jan 30, 2004 Lou Gentile Show

Ref. 7) ZetaTalk: Whiplash, written Apr 14, 2004


The Sun likewise is subject to sweeps, from elsewhere, which affect her internal gyrations such that dozens of the particle flows moving into and out from the Sun are affected, and this passes down to the lowly planets circling the Sun like litter caught in a whirlwind. 

Since man is still arguing over our simple explanations of how gravity and magnetism work, and is still sputtering that that their assertions about the Sun’s polarity reversals is correct, despite their own Ulysses probes findings, 


Ref. 8) Newsletter; Trimesters Confirmed [Newsletter; October 10, 2010]

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we decline to detail all these particles flows as it will only result in endless theoretical arguments by those with big egos and small minds. But will address their impact on Earth and their relationship to some recent crop circles. 

We have explained that Orbit Lock occurs because planets are held away from the Sun at the particle crowding point they can tolerate. 


Ref. 11) ZetaTalk: Orbit Lock, written May 29 2004


More than the gravity repulsion force is at play in holding them away from the Sun, as hundreds of particles crowd toward the Sun. Some particles reach the crowding point, the orbit, and return to the Sun at that point, a roiling that is a tug on the planet riding that orbit. Like a ship on a tossing sea, the planet is subject to this roiling. For the Earth, one of those particle flows is in the electromagnetic spectrum, and varies three times during an Earth year as HAARP Documentation shows. These flows affect the planets orbiting the Sun regardless of their placement around the Sun, as it is an outburst from the Sun, not a sweeping arm directed and in synch with the Sun’s rotation. Thus, the Earth’s halted orbit does not allow her to escape its influence nor affect the timing.

Summer Trimester (May-Aug)

Normally a time when the outburst is strongest. And as can be seen by a comparison for the Summer of 2003 to the year before, the influence of Planet X coming into the inner solar system created a conflict for the Earth. During this trimester, Planet X was skewing its poles to align with flow lines on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth, creating a dissonance.


Fall Trimester (Sep-Dec)

Normally a time when the annual outburst is diminishing. And as can be seen by a comparison for the Fall of 2003 to the year before, as the Earth approached the point where Planet X was entering the inner solar system their conflict lessened as they both moved to share flow lines on the same side of the Sun. In December, when the Earth halted in front of the approaching Planet X, in fact almost striking a chord.


Spring Trimester (Jan-Apr)

Normally a quiet time when the outburst is quiescent, just ahead of the yearly burst during the Summer Trimester. And as can be seen by a comparison for the Spring of 2004 to the year before, with the Earth and Planet X being in close proximity, there is little discord.

What will happen during the coming weeks, when the Summer Trimester continues during a time when Planet X is rising to the Ecliptic such that it will suddenly align with the Sun rather than skew along a magnetic flow line, and when Earth is pressed into Planet X by the crowd of inner solar system planets behind and to either side of it - the Dark Twin, Venus, and Mars. None are magnetic to the degree that Earth is, but add their influence to the distressed Earth by creating Whiplash scenarios. Like a magnetic cloud enveloping this grouping of planets and the interloper, Planet X, it will make any magnetic alignment more intense, more violent. This is the message these crop circles are relaying.


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Ref. 5) ZetaTalk: Sweeping Arms of the Sun

The Sweeping Arms of the Sun, normally benign and what brushes the planets along in their orbits around the Sun, have become increasingly Noticeable since Planet X has entered the inner solar system and postured into a face-off with the Earth and the other inner solar system planets. Since the Earth's Dark Twin, sharing the Earth's orbit, has come up behind the Earth a Whiplash occurs during the sweeps. 

The plethora of symptoms demonstrating that these sweeps are occurring include power outages or magnetic flux, global quakes which register as shuddering on all live seismos, strong earthquakes, the Moon going out of orbit, the Earth tilting or leaning more strongly than before, or episodes of red dust or debris from a wafting tail.

… …

A pattern of 11-11-8-8-8 days between Sweep Sets with a One/Two/Three jolts in each set was noted from April through June but by mid-July the sweep pattern changed to include a Four/Five, the almost continuous activity predicted by the Zetas, so it became difficult to discern the sweep sets. Henceforth, sweeps will be noted as big, medium, or a 12 hour wobble, but not clustered into sets.

… … 

Reverberations of four, then five, then reverberations that pile on one another, so that one does not end before another is on top of it, creating echoes and a lateral spread under the Ecliptic that suddenly dissipates. For those wondering what a reverberation is, we suggest visiting the documentation gathered on what Nancy calls the Sweeps, where planets halted in their orbits before the monster Planet X, coming at them in its retrograde orbit, are battered by the various sweeping arms of the Sun as they are forced into each other and ricochet back and forth.

ZetaTalk: Timeline Clues, written July 18, 2004

Ref. 6) ZetaTalk: Swept into Disaster, written during the Jan 30, 2004 Lou Gentile Show

… But it is no secret that the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, occurring as the classic crop circle depicting them shows, about 8 times a year, with regularity. These arms are what cause the planets to all orbit in one direction, as they are swept in that direction. The last arm swept by Earth around Dec 25, the next expected by the anxious humans watching the drama to start around Feb 9, 2004. Each sweep causes the Earth to move forward toward Planet X, and the monster moving in a retrograde orbit to jump over the arm toward Earth, suddenly. The last sweep halted the Earth in her orbit, and she is now scuttling backwards in an attempt to escape. This has put continuous stress on the Earth, as the sweeping arms are always present to some extent, pushing her forward into the magnetic jaws of Planet X. A trap. A squeeze. An Unshakable Grip. …

Ref. 7) ZetaTalk: Whiplash, written Apr 14, 2004

What is the effect on the Earth, currently swept into the arms of Planet X periodically by the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, when more planets crowd up to the stop sign, and halt, due to the massive Repulsion Force issues presented by Planet X standing before them. Planet X is 23 times as massive, this mass not reflected in the mere diameter of this interloper, which is only 4 times as broad as Venus or Earth or the Earth’s Dark Twin, all of which are approximately the same size. The Sweeping Arms normally just propel the planets in the inner solar system to continue their path, counterclockwise around the Sun, a nudge so benign as to go unnoticed by man, who assumes this motion and direction due to other factors. It is only when the sweeps create disaster, at predictable intervals, that man takes notice. The Sweeping Arm effect only became noticeable in the Summer of 2003, when the Earth began rounding the backside of the Sun and moving toward Planet X, which was inbound from the outer solar system regions toward the orbit of Earth where it encountered the Earth on Dec 25, 2003. The Sweeps then had a different pace, as rebounding away from Planet X or standing still or backing up under pressure, the Earth encounters the sweeps more often as it is not running ahead of them as a normal orbit would allow. …

Ref. 8) Newsletter; Trimesters Confirmed [Newsletter; October 10, 2010]

In the Fall of 2009 NASA announced they had discovered a "magnetic ribbon" at the edge of the solar system, confirming what the Zetas have always said about our solar system and the Sun being caught in a LARGER magnetic field that dominates the vicinity. Something the Zetas, and the Zetas alone, have always asserted.

Ref. 9)

Ref. 10)

Ref. 11) ZetaTalk: Orbit Lock, written May 29 2004

The incidence of 6 or more arms, seen in so many crop circles over the years, all with a central point indicating, obviously, the Sun, is an unmistakable clue that there is a pattern to the orbits around the Sun, guided, nudged, sorted out and placed, by something emitted from the Sun. 

In this particular new Arkansas circle, the counterclockwise motion created by these emanations is likewise clear. Where the Sweeping Arms of the Sun were shown with a pattern of 8 per year, the emanation that controls the orbit distance from the Sun is paced with 6 or more sweeps per year of another kind of emanation from within the Sun itself. These crop circles with diagrams of 6 or more always have an outer edge, indicating they are not infinite. Thus a planet halted in its orbit, as Earth is, finds itself reminded of this distance more often than when traveling ahead of this particle flow sweep. This reinforced reminder comes at a time when Earth is frantically trying to escape the magnetic grip of Planet X, but, as we have stated, it cannot.

Why do the planets select an orbit ring, and stay in it? Venus and Earth are the same size, but Venus rides closer, Earth further out. By what rule do they stay in their lane, even when seldom close to each other, and almost always apart by large spans of space? Each planet stays at the outer edge of a particle flow emitted from the Sun, that outer edge where that planet is comfortable, the flow not creating a crowded particle flow for that planet as an independent system. Since we have stated that Earth once rode an orbit within the Asteroid Belt, and after collisions with Moons trailing Planet X during one of its many passages arrived at its new orbit, this might seem a contradiction, but the mass and composition of Earth changed at that time. It lost much of its core material, exploded into space as magma, the stuff asteroids are composed of. It lost the majority of its water, spewed likewise into space, the stuff comets are composed of. 

This crop circle is reminding mankind that Earth cannot escape Planet X by leaving its orbit. It cannot leave as gravity is pulling it into the Sun. There is more than the Repulsion Force, the outward flow of gravity particles, keeping the Earth at the distance it steadfastly maintains. There are hundreds of such particle flows, almost all unknown to mankind, controlling orbits. Earth is positioned at the distance from the Sun she is, as at this point the crowding of this particle within her system as an independent center is not creating a bumping outward away from the Sun. Earth has come as close to the Sun as she can, and there is locked in her rut, her orbit. As the Dark Twin likewise cannot leave his orbit, and has come up behind Earth creating havoc if the Earth attempts to back up away from the oncoming Planet X, this lock into orbits is doubly significant. Can’t move back. Can’t move in. Can’t move out. Can’t move forward, as there stands the monster Planet X!


3. ZetaTalk: Trimester Effect, ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 19, 2011

As we have explained, the Earth has its own magnetic field, and is most influenced by the Sun's massive magnetic field, which extends outside of what man understands to be the solar system. But the Sun itself is within a larger magnetic field, which pulses three times during an Earth year. This pulse is like the wind from a passing truck affecting a man walking along the roadway. If the truck is driving slowly, the man may barely notice, but if passing quickly the man may find the wind almost blowing him over. The ground, likewise, may vibrate or not move at all, depending upon the speed and weight of the truck. The effect of the speeding truck is strongest at the moment of passage, and diminishes thereafter. The man may relax and stride more forcefully when the wind from passing trucks is not a factor. 

Thus for the change of a trimester, the effect on planet Earth is that the wobble either reacts with more violence, a stronger and faster push, or relaxes and takes a different posture, and both of these translate into influences on plate movement. Clearly the change in the magnetic environment, the magnetic soup the Earth floats in, affects the Earth wobble at the end/start of a trimester. This is why crop circles so often focus on the three, a triangle. The great magnitude 9.5 quake in Sumatra on December 26, 2004 was at the end of a trimester, and the start of the 7 of 10 scenarios occurred at the end of the December, 2010 trimester. Yet the trimester ending in December is not the strongest, and is followed by a trimester even more quiescent. It is the change that was the factor starting the 7 of 10 scenarios, causing plate adjustments to occur, and once started, these adjustments are not stopping. 

Where it is clear that the end of the December trimester has been a jolt, this is not the time of greatest change. The summer trimester is the strongest, where the truck is driving by the fastest. Thus, as Planet X comes closer to the Earth so that the end of a trimester is felt by both, and the reaction is experienced by both, it is the start of the summer trimester that will emerge as the strongest jolt. The pole shift itself is predicted by ourselves to occur at the end of a trimester, and indeed, the last weeks to be encompassed by the trimester preceding this. But just what trimester will initiate the 8 of 10 changes, or the 9 of 10 finale, we are not allowed to say. It should not be assumed that each stage will last only a trimester, or even necessarily be bounded by trimesters, as there are many factors affecting the progress of Planet X along its trajectory and the gyrations that Earth will assume in response.


4. The Magnetic Dance between Earth and Planet X [Sep 13, 2006]

[The Blog Radio lecture series on Nancy's The Connection radio show;]

Our Earth gives evidence that a magnetic dance has happened in the past, repeatedly.

Noting that hardened lava indicates N/S were in different places in the past, human scientists presume a polar reversal, a situation where the Earth's magnetic field would suddenly reverse, for unknown reasons.

However, per the Zetas, they misunderstand, discounting the influence of Planet X in their theories.

What is termed wandering poles, are actually places on the surface of Earth where a North or South pole existed in the past.

The crust moved, putting that spot at North or South. 

Volcanoes spewing lava during those pole shift times, which are always cataclysmic, point in the direction the magnetic core of Earth is pointing to.

A dramatic example if Steen's Mountain.

Such changes in magnetic direction would indeed happen within a day if a pole shift had happened, ripping the crust from the magnetic core and moving it to a different location within an hour.

A correct interpretation of the Steens Mountain data. 

But being scary, other interpretations, or simply denial, are preferred. 

Other evidence of crustal shifts on the Earth's surface are the ice ages, which in fact are simply spots on the surface which were perched at the North or South poles at that time.

Wandering poles, where hardened lava points to as the North or South pole, are also explained by the shifting crust explanation.

The reason man struggles with what the evidence on the surface of the Earth present to him, is that the conclusion is frightening. 

Denial is so much more comfortable.

Planetary Magnetism

So what can we expect, during the magnetic dance between Earth and Planet X

For starters, think of these planets, Earth and Planet X, as magnets.

Then think of what magnets do, when placed closed to each other.

They either go end to end, N Pole of one to the S Pole of another, or they line up side by side, both with their N Poles pointing in the same direction. 

This is what magnets do.

Not every planet is magnetic. 

Were Earth not a magnetic planet, Planet X could pass and there would BE no pole shift, no wandering poles, no ice ages, no renting apart of the continents, no mountain building or climate changes. 

What makes a planet a magnetic planet?

OK, planets that are magnets have Iron in their core.

So, what makes Iron induce the flow of magnetic particles such that a magnetic field develops?

6 Steps

Just as gravity is a dominant force affecting our planet Earth, magnetism, during pole shifts, dominates. 

As Planet X twists and turns during its passage past the Sun, it tosses our Earth around like a rag doll, the lesser magnet.

At first, when Planet X is not directly between the Earth and Sun, this is a secondary influence.

The pole shift happening only when Planet X stands between the Earth and Sun, negating the Sun's influence temporarily. 

But prior to that point, the pole shift point, several steps in the magnetic dance occur. 

I will detail them, one at a time. 

They are:

1. daily tugging on the magnetized Atlantic Rift

2. an Earth wobble caused by pushing and pulling on the N and S poles

3. a lean to the left as the N Pole of Planet X hoses toward Earth

4. 3 days of darkness and 6 days of sunrise West when this becomes extreme

5. a grip on the Atlantic Rift causing rotation stoppage

6. the pole shift itself.

The reason for this complexity is the twisting and turning Planet X itself does as it rounds the Sun. 

At first, coming into the inner solar system from outer space, it aligns with the Sun's magnetic field, as do all the planets in the solar system in one manner or another.

Earth and Mercury, for instance, align perfectly with the Sun's magnetic field.

But as Planet X gets close to the Sun, coming in at a 32 degree angle from the South of the Sun, it must nose its N Pole into the Sun's S Pole.

This was the case in 2003, when Planet X zoomed into the inner solar system.

It's N Pole not only pointed toward the Sun's S Pole, it was pointing toward Earth too, as Earth was on the opposite side of the Sun at that time.

Thus the charged tail, which hoses out from the N Pole of Planet X, blew past the Sun and toward Earth, causing outages galore in Augusts-September of 2003.

Remember New York City being black, with a million commuters walking home in the dark across the bridges?

Planet X then had to align along the magnetic flow lines surrounding the Sun, along its magnetic field. 

Going into the S Pole of a magnet, these lines are tight, close to the Sun, and not looping far out into space. 

As Planet X passed the S Pole of the Sun and moved on its trajectory toward the Sun's middle, it temporarily assumed a neutral position, N Pole pointing toward the Sun, S Pole toward the Earth.

These were the magnetic quiet times of 2004 and 2005.

The trajectory of Planet X is at a 32 degree angle going from S to N, cutting across the Ecliptic, and passing over the Earth's head as it zooms on out.

So at some point, it must adjust to the magnetic flow lines surrounding the Sun, the Sun's magnetic field, on the top side. 

In this case, in that the top of the Sun has it's N Pole, Planet X will try to point it's S Pole toward the Sun, the complete reverse of what it had been doing as it passed the S Pole of the Sun. 

It does this in what the Zetas call the 270 roll, turning in place to turn its N Pole from pointing toward the Sun to pointing away from the Sun, and thus, toward Earth. 

This has started, as of 2006, and ultimately results in the 3 days of darkness for the Northern Hemisphere.

Daily Tugging

In the 6 steps in the magnetic dance, the first is the daily tug caused by the magnetized Atlantic Rift. 

The Atlantic Rift is a surface magnet caused in part by larva hardened when continental drift occurs. 

This happened during past pole shifts, when the Atlantic was ripped apart.

The iron in this hardening lava polarizes in a general N/S direction as it hardens, making the Atlantic Rift a type of magnet.

But this recently magnetized hardened lava also attracts iron elements in the magma, which attach and also line up with the Earth's magnetic field, thus strengthening the Atlantic Rift as a magnet even more.

The tugging on the Atlantic Rift is graphically displayed by the USGS live seismographs, 

which show a global shuddering at certain times of day when the Atlantic Rift is either facing or in opposition to Planet X, near the Sun. 

This global shuddering started in March of 2003 and has continued, an archive of these signatures available on the ZetaTalk website in the Global Quakes section.

Very dramatic at noon or midnight over Greenwich, a signature that has no other explanation but the presence of Planet X.

Earth Wobble

The second step in the 6 steps in the magnetic dance is an Earth wobble caused by pushing and pulling on the N and S Poles of Earth, causing an Earth wobble.

In 2003, coming up from the South, and pointing it's N Pole toward the Earth, Planet X was regularly grabbing at the S Pole of Earth.

The Zetas called this, at the time, the S Pole Tug.

Meanwhile, held in place as it was by the Sun's dominant magnetic influence, a tugging started in 2003, on the Earth's S Pole.

As Planet X rose from just beneath the Sun's S Pole on up toward the Sun's middle, a push against the Earth's N Pole also started, and the wobble really picked up speed.

Starting in 2004 and until the middle of 2005, I and many people from around the world documented this wobble.

We did this by measuring the position of the sunrise and sunset, and how high the Sun was in the sky at noon.

It was clear a Figure 8 was being formed by the N Pole of Earth, daily, as the magnetic N Pole either was facing the Sun and Planet X or hidden over the horizon. 

All this is documented in the Orbits section on the ZetaTalk website.

By Summer 2004, this wobble had manifested in hot and cold spots in the Northern Hemisphere, perfectly confirming the Figure 8 pattern. 

The coldest spot wasn't over the N Pole, it was over Hudson Bay!

Satellite images confirmed this, with Siberia melting while Hudson Bay was under ice.

The Earth wobble evolved, during 2004, to become more violent, what the Zetas term a drunken lurch. 

The wobble has been getting more severe, affecting the weather in what the Zetas term weather wobbles, as the Earth is pulled under her mantle of air, the atmosphere, more violently and for greater distances.

The reason for the increased violence was Planet X rising to the Ecliptic, the Sun's middle, thus having more access to the Earth N Pole, which began getting pushed away. 

Not just a S Pole tug, now a polar wobble with a tug and a push!

Lean to the Left

The third step in the 6 steps of the magnetic dance is a lean to the left, which the Zetas describe as Earth falling on her side. 

This occurs as a lead-in to the 3 days of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere, as the N Pole of Earth is trying desperately to escape the stronger N Pole of Planet X swinging toward it.

This is a matter the Zetas have been silent on, in keeping with their hope that the establishment will become discombobulated by Earth changes and many who have participated in the cover-up will simply blurt out the truth.

The Zetas want to see the cover-up break.

Thus, I, Nancy, personally suspect the lean to the left, and details of what will happen during those days, to be a secret card the Zetas and other benign aliens are holding. 

3 Days of Darkness

After the lean to the left, the Earth swings it's N Pole away from Planet X so violently that those in the Northern Hemisphere do not see the sunrise for 3 days, this followed by sunrise seeming to come from the West.

This is the fourth step in the 6 steps of the magnetic dance.

The Sun will seem to rise in the West because the globe almost stands on its head, during these days, an overcompensation to having the hose or magnetic particles from Planet X pointed directly at it.

The rotation of Earth remains the same, but it is upside down for these 6 days, thus sunrise West.

This is well documented in folklore, as if a wobble can be upsetting, this was surely something that did not pass notice!

The fourth step in the 6 steps in the magnetic dance includes brief days during which the Northern Hemisphere is pushed away from the Sun and the looming N Pole of Planet X, giving the Northern Hemisphere 3 days of darkness.

At this point in the magnetic dance, there can scarcely be any doubt that the End Times are upon mankind. 

This is recorded in folklore as a time when the Earth turns upside down, as when it violently swings it's N Pole away it does not stop on a dime, and almost does a 180 before drifting back up to where N is N and S is S. 

This is a time when the Earth is in the last weeks before the pole shift, when Planet X is close enough to be seen as a writhing dragon in the sky, and when the tail is starting to drop red dust upon the Earth.

The Egyptian papyrus contains the words of Ipuwer, recorded during the time of the last pole shift, during the Jewish Exodus. 

Compare some passages from Ipuwer to the Book of Exodus.

So you see, the red dust and earthquakes are very close in time to when the world turned upside down during the 3 days of darkness.

Rotation Stoppage

Planet X meanwhile is rapidly completing it's 270 degree roll, having turned 180 in place to point its N Pole at Earth, it suddenly points its N Pole straight up. 

This is the fifth step in the 6 steps in the magnetic dance, the point where both the Earth and Planet X are straight up and down, side by side, and the Atlantic Rift is grabbed firmly during the Earth's daily rotation. 

This results in an Earth rotation slowing to a stop, a matter also recorded in folklore as a long day in Egypt, a long night on the West Coast of the Americas.

Part of the process in stopping rotation is the clash of rotation.

Earth orbits and rotates counterclockwise, as do all the planets in the solar system. 

Planet X orbits and rotates clockwise, in what is called a retrograde manner.

Thus, every time those part of Planet X that want to grab a part of Earth, and hold it, come round, Planet X tends to pull Earth to a stop, rather than hurry it on its way. 

Like dancers twirling in different directions, and bumping into each other during this twirling, the big partner will eventually stop the little partner from twirling at all.

Indeed, folklore attests that during these last weeks, the effects of the tail are upon the Earth. 

Red dust, fire storms, and hail.

Returning to comparing the quotes from the Egyptian Ipuwer and the Book of Exodus:

Pole Shift

The last step in the magnetic dance is the pole shift itself, an affair that takes place within an hour. 

As Planet X moves to align with the magnetic flow lines above the Ecliptic, it finds it has crossed the crowded highway that the Ecliptic represents.

It takes off suddenly, grabbing the S Pole of Earth with its N Pole and tipping the Earth in space as it does so. 

Planet X does not run off with Planet Earth, but attempts to tip it onto its head as it leaves the vicinity. 

Unlike the tipping upside down that happens during the 3 days of darkness, this tipping is so sudden and violent that the crust separates from the core, allowing the core to realign magnetically with the Sun.

The crust stays in place, where it landed, and thus the new geography that will result after the pole shift.

And that ends the magnetic dance between Earth and Planet X.


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