Note: added during the Dec 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self orientation cannot be determined strickly by action, by a rule of thumb, as it depends. As we have explained, a gruff person can be self centered, or just angry because they see that harm will come to others unaware. A demanding person might be demanding for the self, although presenting the demands as for others, and this cannot be determined unless one looks to the result of the demand. Someone barking orders can be simply trying to be in control, or trying to organize the confused and disoriented. There is simply no way to describe every situation, as they all vary. Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self motives are best determined by the result of the action, as a test of motive, and what the individual is willing to do. If an Service-to-Other individual is barking orders, saying that all should move to higher ground, leaving the food stocks, but insists on remainingwith the food stocks, then you have your answer. This individual intends to run off with them, most likely, else would suggest that all carry a portion to higher ground, the food stocks in many hands, not just in the hands of the individual barking orders. 

If an Service-to-Other individual is caring for the dying, binding wounds and comforting the frightened, endlessly for hours, and there is scaresly any benefit to the individual, then they are displaying true Service-to-Other behaviour. If they are insisting on being in a control room sitting on the medical supplies, and parsing out based on intellectual decisions as to need, then this is suspect. Thus, one should look to the actions, the willingness of the individual to get down and dirty, to share decisions, to dispurse goods into many hands, to trust others, etc. This is not an easy answer for those who are not mature souls, who can recognize instantly the orientation of another.

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The Power of the Caring Heart from BBS Archives

Service-to-Other Communities

The Zetas have consistently emphasized, in their ZetaTalk, that those survivors of the pole shift in Service-to-Other communities will fare far better than those running with Service-to-Self gangs.

This is due to the tendency of those in the Service to Other to share, to cooperate, to care for each other through illness and injury.

Those in the Service to Self hoard for themselves, struggle for supremacy, and desert and abandon each other without a second thought. 

Since life on Earth, today, is a mix of both spiritual orientations, many people are confused about what life in a Service-to-Other community would be like.

ZetaTalk: Service-to-Others, written by Jul 15, 1995

How is the Service-to-Other individual identified? 

They don't loudly proclaim themselves, and in fact if anyone DOES loudly proclaim themselves to be Service-to-Other in order to attract others to them, are most likely not Service-to-Other.

ZetaTalk: Orientation Test, written Dec 7, 2002

Rather than posturing, the Service-to-Other individual is most often busy being of service, a mainstay for others.

ZetaTalk: Mainstay for Others, written July 15, 1995

The simple test is looking at what another DOES, their actions, rather than listening to their words. 

But here a truth test, a critical moment when the person must put themselves at risk in order to help another, is the best determinant. 

A Service-to-Self person will not sacrifice themselves or their comfort, except as a gesture to impress others. 

So the motive behind the action needs to be understood.

ZetaTalk: Actions, written Dec 7, 2002.

The differences in the orientations can often be seen in the way an individual reacts to news of the coming pole shift, or prepares for this.

ZetaTalk: Pole Shift, written Apr 15, 2002

During the pole shift, those in the Service-to-Others spiritual orientation will often wish to help others in dire need. 

In this, having a caring heart, they are guided in how to succeed by visitors who are also in the Service-to-Other.

ZetaTalk: Guided, written Dec 7, 2002

After the pole shift, those operating in the Service-to-Other will be guided to find those they have lost.

It is because they are caring, concerned for those lost, that they get this assist. 

The caring heart qualifies.

ZetaTalk: What the Heart Seeks, written Jan 12, 2004


Polarization will occur, is occurring now, where those in the Service-to-Other are finding each other and increasing their numbers in communities.

The Earth at present, during the Transformation to a world where only the Service-to-Other live, is presenting the same drama and struggle the Star Wars trilogies presented.

ZetaTalk: Star Wars, Today, written May 21, 2005

Just as a small band of rebels defeated the forces of darkness in Star Wars, it takes but courage and a caring heart to do the same here on Earth. 

Just as the Force assisted the rebels in Star Wars, contactees are being assisted by visitors in the Service-to-Other orientation.

ZetaTalk: Coordination, written Dec 15, 1995.

Arrangements are often made only in the subconscious until the time is right, often only at the last minute.

ZetaTalk: Pending Partners, written Nov 24, 2004

When it is obvious to all that the pole shift is about to happen, when the cover-up cracks, group formation will not only occur quickly, it will fall along the spiritual orientation lines, for many reasons. 

Primarily because the Service-to-Other will chase the selfish from their ranks, and become more strongly Service-to-Other, such that the undecided find these new communities a bore and leave!

ZetaTalk: Sorted Out, written May 3, 2003

The spiritually undecided are in the majority on Earth, approximately 65%, and thus any Service-to-Other individual is likely to have undecideds as family members or friend. 

The Zetas recommend pressing them to grow in the direction of a Service-to-Other orientation, and have some specific advice.

ZetaTalk: Aftertime, written Apr 15, 2002

Hybrid Communities

Service-to-Other survival communities may have formed, in part, because of assistance by visitors in the Service-to-Other,

contactees being assisted to find each other, contactees being guided to find the right location, or assisted in their chosen role to help others.

But after the pole shift, this type of interaction with the visitors will not be at an arm's length, only during night time visits, recorded only in the subconscious, 

but will begin to be conscious contact, and when the conditions are right, communal living.

ZetaTalk: Hybrid Homes, written by Jul 15, 1995

Assistance to live a high tech lifestyle, or share the technology that the visitors now have, is very much dependent upon the human survival community being Service-to-Other. 

Since the spiritual undecided comprise 65% of mankind, at present, most communities will find some undecideds in their midst.

This is not a show stopper, if those in the Service-to-Other are in charge.

The danger to be avoided, here, is to prevent any humans in the Service-to-Self from getting their hands on the technology.

ZetaTalk: Characteristics, written Jan 15, 2001

And what kind of technological advantage are we talking about here?

For example, the ability to have electricity, through a perpetual battery, given as a gift to Service-to-Other communities who would not otherwise be living with the Zetas or hybrids or other visitor groups.

ZetaTalk: Perpetual Power Pack, written May 15, 1996.

Encountering the Zeta/Human hybrids, or even living with them, will not be a shock to most of these Service-to-Other communities, as they likely have been working with the hybrids as teams mates all along.

ZetaTalk: Team Mates, written Mar 15, 1996

And this will move beyond hybrids, which are hominoids, to encounters with visitors in other life forms, startling to humans who have not encountered intelligent life in any but human form.

ZetaTalk: Walk Openly, written by Jul 15, 1995


Sorted Out; from ZetaTalk

Characteristics - Separation by Orientation; from ZetaTalk



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