The Moon rises and sets every day, like the Sun. The Sun always rises in
the morning and sets in the evening. The Moon, on the other hand, does
it at a different time every day.

These are the Official "2010 Moon Phase Peak Times"
inc Moon Times to nearest 5 minutes (GMT)

The times are not moonrise

Full Moon:
21:30     23 Oct

Last Quarter:
01:35     30 Oct

New Moon:
12:45     6 Nov

First Quarter:
04:50     13 Nov
end quoted

Nowdays it moves in odd paths in the Sky

I got a Web Cam, a Laptop with the Software Called Stellarium

and will post my findings here!

You too can post here your findings for all to see!

Best Regards

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i will post the Images of 22-09-2010 to compare:

The Camera was heading to the East
The Software is displaying the East

Feel free to make a comment!
Images From 23-09-2010

Some Clouds:

Hello Lorrie, acoording to this site:

It was the Harvest Moon that was almost on the same time as the Fall Equinox!
Saw the moon coming up full on Thursday in the SE and then with the moon coming up full on Friday in the E. both at the same time approximately 8pm. Pointed out to friends the moon moving around, and it was quite a significant wobble.
i got clear sky, and see the moon:
Images from 12/10/2010
The Cam is pointing direct to the South! -180-deg-

and from Stellarium:

Now the Cam is pointing SW -225 deg-

and from Stellarium:

tonight is weird, it is as if it is standing still, It hasn't moved?
ok, Rachel,
if you have clear sky, maybe you can take some pics...

Here is soo Cloudy...
Today is cloudy again, but the moon is so bright that is easy to make pics:

moon is on the zenit!

with different inclination and a halo.

and from Stellarium:

nearest to the Zenit is Jupiter...
Recall, I noticed the moon did not move much between 5 55 pm, movie looking East, taken from the roof

And almost 2 hours later, the moon looking slightly lower in the sky East also taken from the 1st floor.

It surprised me that it should have been more on top of the house, but did not expect same area but lower in sky. Is this a jump or a wobble?
I am going to take more pictures now, just to check on the position again...
Currently October 21, almost 6 hours later (respect the 7:47 PM picture with moon on the East), the Moon is North WEST

Indeed Mariaelisa, yesterday was jumping, and bouncing...

Images taken in 2 minutes timelapse from 5.43pm to 5:45 pm
Camera is pointing 80 deg NE Azimut
Altitude 45 deg

View as Slide Show:

Notice the Jump from image 5 to image 6!

and from Stellarium:

you 2, may calculate the elevation and Azimut with this applets:
and compare:
Real Azimut: 80 Applet 85.6 Stellarium 85.0
Altitude: 45 deg Applet 65.49 deg Stellarium 60


and a Tutorial of Basics of Positional Astronomy and Ephemerides

Get your free copy of Stellarium: ie: Revision 0.6.2 -Recomended-
Wiki Reference

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