The time and date of the pole shift, my feeling tells me next year

My feeling tells me that the pole shift will occur next year. A while ago i had the feeling that around August it would start more active. And that around the end of this year/start of next year the pole shift will occur. It might be a bit later, but my feeling tells me about the same thing.
That it will get more active, that we will see some massive changes soon. That the Netherlands
will get into serious problems. And that we have to prepare for the worst.

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Funny that you mention the 11's. The last house we purchased had lots of 11's associated with it. Then in 2008 our water well pump stopped working on November 11 for "unexplained reasons". That has always made me think that 2011 is when we might see the pole shift.

Linda van Eerdenburg said:
You know, I have been with the number 11 all my life. Born on 11 May, 11- 11 is my half year birthday. My name ads up to 22, 2x11. And on an 11 day, things always happen, mostly good things. I also don't know what it is with 11, but many times you look at the clock and it says 11.11 2011 ads up to 13 or 4, not 11. But who knows? I was born on 11 May 1950. Just thought to add that up now, wow: 13 or 4 ( 2+5+6), but if you leave the 11, add 5+6 is also 11, you get 11 - 11 again, or 22 as in my, never did this before until now. Wonder what this all means.

Sonny Sisomphou said:
My outdoor fish bowl was contaminated by rain dripping throu a coloured umbrella. By the time I get to it which it was all blacken and smelly. I quickly took out the fish (guppy) which I bred specially. Some dead but most manage to survive. Put them in my indoor tank. Counted them and Holy ! there it is (again)11 survived !! (earlier this week I post a comment on 11 bhudda statutes floating along the Mekong River). What is it about this number 11. ?!? that so many of us keep on encountering. Is this just coincidence? Many of us already speculating 2011 to be the year. What about November?
I think your feelings are always wrong, sorry to say it but i've been reading your posts and you are always wrong.. same as a the othe lady Cheryl..
I think i''ll just keep my attention to Nancy's comments.
How do you base our information on how sooner or later the shift will occur?

Austin Guy said:
Hi Gerard.. next year is too soon... much is still to transpire prior to the actual shift.. in some ways the shift itself will almost be anti climatic as a result of all of the pre shift hardships and disasters ( note: I said almost, the shift will be traumatic for sure, but at least the wait for it will be over). Attitudes, awareness, social structures, social norms, economic structures, physical infrastructure, etc... ALL of these are in for major shifts prior to the physical shift.. and all of this has been timed accordingly. This process will unfold somewhat differently than most ( or all of us) suspect.
Hi Gerard ! A few weeks ago a dear friend sent me a NASA article about how there's going to be "a dangerous meteorite shower" on October 8th of 2011. (Imagine, their pinpointing the very day!) I had read, a few years ago,
that one foremost scholar of Mayan Prophecy believes that the calendar's off a bit, and/or that something really big
will occur in October of 2011. I knew that the recent article by NASA was misinformation, in that they are withholding the truth as to cause of such a dangerous shower, but at least they gave a probable date. Of course, that,
too, might be misinformation....
Best regards, Susan
changes are beginnng to occur exponentially and it will be harder to ignore.
Then I'm going to be having me a better car in the 4th density!!! LOL JJ

j j said:
Hey. I hope i dont come of as condescending or judgmental.

I feel like lot of us (including me) are concerned that if if the 7/10 is going to affect "their" location. During all that is to happen, let us not forget the less unfortunate ppl who will never even be aware of the passage until it happens, and countries that will essentially be wiped off this world, or those that will be situated in extremely harsh conditions...

we are all the fortunate ones...
rather than worry about dying, i instead tell myself i'm gonna try my best,. after all, there are many opportunites to "help" disincarnate, or in the next life as well

"dying is like getting out of a car and getting into another" - john lennon
I, too, have come to 'feel' and am aware of August now-  Though, not sure which August.  When I think about this summer, it has a certain weight or tangible consideration.  No details are available to me at this time.

astrogal50 said:
I can report this because I recall Nancy mentioning it.

Many contactees know there is something about August, but they do not know what, and they do not know which August either. Could be the end of August for the shift itself or the beginning of the last trimester before the shift, or one-year-to-go countdown, or it could be nothing.

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