God bless you and the Zetas for the noble work and assistance to the weak and the helpless people of the world during this end of times. I have a very important question to the Zetas related to the end of times which we the Muslims could not find an answer to it since more than 14 centuries ago. As you know the Qur’an is the last divine scripture sent to all humanity and Jinn (spirits) after the Taourat (The Old Testament) and The Injeel (The New Testament ) to give them a last chance to believe in the soleness and the uniqueness of the creator Allah (God) of the universe and the Day of Judgment. Muhammad (peace be upon him) as The Messenger of God and as a star child according to the Zetas has explained and complemented some of the unclear ideas and verses  in the Qur’an and foresaw a lots of end of times happenings to his people and to humanity as a whole. These interpretations and actions have been gathered many years after his death which was called by Muslim scholars as the Hadith or the Sunna or Muhammed’s Talks and Actions. Among his predictions of the End of Times what Islam in the Qur’an and The Sunna (Muhammed Talk) called « The Hour » . Muhammed talked extensively about the coming of the hour and its consequences to humanity even though he admitted that neither him nor the Arch Angel Gabriel knew precisely about the exact timing of its happenings, but nevertheless he presented us with many approaching signs that will occur very close together: Prophet Muhammed more than 14 centuries ago stated that the fake Christ will rule the world for 40 days: 
·       One day like a year 
·       One day like a month
·       One day like a week
·       And the rest of the days like your days.
Since then Muslim scholars have been presenting hundreds of interpretations to this statement in vain. Could the Zetas resolve to us this unusual puzzle and thank you. 
[and from another] The Qu'ran, as the Bible, does describe the coming Pole Shift. Book of Revelations in Bible, and Exodus for a past Pole Shift. We in ZetaTalk and in the pages of the Troubled Times documentation have acknowledged the information from the Qu'ran, the Hadiths, specifically. http://www.zetatalk.com/index/zeta163.htm,http://www.zetatalk.com/index/blog0801.htmhttp://www.zetatalk.com/index/blog0913.htm Your list is almost entirely sociological, but some items are geological, such as “The rising of the sun from the west.” This is part of the Last Weeks description in ZetaTalk, where the globe reacts so strongly leaning the N Pole away from the approaching Nibiru that it has 3 days of Darkness, but momentum temporarily turns the globe upside down. http://www.zetatalk.com/index/zeta582.htm “A smoke to cover the earth” could relate to the intense drought and deluge, many wildfires, the world is experiencing as weather is disrupted during Nibiru's approach. “Sink holes in the West” and “Sink holes in the East” and “Sink holes in the Arabian Peninsula”. Well we certainly have sinkholes everywhere, the PoleShift.ning.com documents that well. And “A Fire from Eden (Yemen) who will drive people to Jerusalem?”  ZetaTalk described the African Roll, where the Red Sea splits open further, and there are volcanoes there.  Your other issues, which are sociological or based on religious prophecy, are not addressed in ZetaTalk beyond what they call polarizing of the spiritual orientations. Souls lean either toward evil (being selfish and trying to control others, take from others) or good (being empathetic and caring of others). As the End Time approach, these tendencies become more obvious, and humans group together with their own kind. http://www.zetatalk.com/transfor/t00.htm [and from another] I would like to know what phenomena that causes a normal day to be equal to one year? And the second day to be equal to a month and the third day to be equal to a week? And then everything returns to normal? Could this be related to the rotation or to the three days of darkness or maybe Muhammed was talking about another distant future and not the coming poleshift? Salaam. [and from another] Much of what is relayed is allegorical. For instance in India Shiva is Nibiru, and Kali the Earth Dark Twin which appears blue in our view. http://www.zetatalk.com/theword/tworx608.htm And in China, the Nuwa Legend described the globe coming to life again with new poles. http://www.zetatalk.com/newsletr/issue463.htm

We in ZetaTalk have been allowed to describe a sequence of events, as the date of the Pole Shift is not to be known. Jesus and Muhammed, as well as other Star Children, were intent on giving humanity messages to help them grow, spiritually, toward being good hearted. As the Book of Exodus and Revelations in the Bible and the Muslim Hadiths show, these early religions also tried to convey wisdom about past and pending cataclysms. In Islam, this is documented in the Hadiths where sunrise West during the Last Weeks allows the hour of the Pole Shift to be determined. 

That said, what would Muhammed have been referring to in his reference to 40 days? “One day like a week” is referring to the stopped rotation of Earth, which we have predicted will last 5.9 days. This seems like a single day as the Sun stands still over part of the globe. “One day like a month” preceding that would be the Last Weeks. Excluding the Severe Wobble leading into the Last Weeks and the Rotation Stoppage at the end, our prediction includes 34 days, a month that includes 3 Days of Darkness and 6 days of Sunrise West.

“One day like a year” preceding the Last Weeks is predicting the confused weather and sunrise/sunset times that result from the daily Earth wobble gone wild. We have predicted that the seasons will “blend into one another”, thus that year will seem not to have distinct seasons, but a mix. The wobble can make the Sun rise and then set again, as has been documented, so night and day may become confused as the wobble worsens. Muhammed is predicting this confused period to last at least a year. And then things go back to normal, rotation returns, and Nibiru is gone from the skies, having moved on.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 10, 2017

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Zeta usually can give a "sequence of events" not periods  , but the question is asking about defined periods . "ONE day like a YEAR " is the 8 of 10 duration , of course after the total 7 of 10 completion  ! Maybe THEY want the message out ...Is possible in big scheme of things for People "ALREADY "to KNOW ! (my opinion )

Bear in mind that there is already a overlap between the 7 of 10 and the 8 of 10. 

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