When I first visited the site ZetaTalk I already thought it all true. Everything seemed true even without proof, I can not even imagine that Planet X can be seen at all. I did not know that there is real evidence that global warming can not explain. What is the secret of such credulity? Now the evidence is complete! But in the past people believed in the Pole Shift because not all of these contactees? How Nancy managed to convince the public of the existence of Planet X? Again, there were an Element of Doubt puts people do not believe in ZetaTalk. As people became convinced of the existence of the Zetas and Planet X?

ZetaTalk has never asked people to take what they say on faith. It is not a religion. It points, quite deliberately, in two directions - the ZetaTalk accuracy track record and past and present pole shift evidence. From the start in 1995 ZetaTalk pointed to the Earth's geological history and mythology. In 1995 the current Earth changes were only beginning, so that a slight increase in earthquakes and vulcanism, a restless core and increasing magnetic interference, would only be taken as proof by those with firm soul knowledge from living through prior pole shifts or information gleaned from aliens during contact. These were the early ZetaTalk fans.

As ZetaTalk gradually built up its track record of accuracy on predictions, there were other parallel tracks that convinced those who encountered it that ZetaTalk was a source of truth from non-humans. Many who read the site were gripped by what they termed the "ring of truth". Puzzles that mankind had struggled with for eons and never adequately explained were answered, often with explanations that soon were admitted as true by NASA and other scientists. This included our explanations for gravity flow, the Repulsion Force and its basis in gravity particle crowding, and our description of Planet X as a wandering planet, now openly admitted by NASA as not only possible but prevalent.

ZetaTalk was logical, did not sink into the morass of loyalty to religions or scientific theories of the past, and stuck to the facts. It was also amazingly comprehensive, covering all scientific disciplines as well as displaying an understanding of human nature and various cultures. At the start of ZetaTalk, those witnessing this phenomena concluded that Nancy was either a team of experts or telling the truth about the source of her information. After 1995, when ZetaTalk began, our predictions on many fronts began proving true, and this has since been the primary thrust behind the fame of the ZetaTalk phenomena.





I was re-reading some of the govt section of ZT, and had a question regarding Zeta comments on the coverup. They had said back in 2004 that the Puppet Master was instructing the media to begin presenting PX effects as a debate, where PX was a true possibility. I think my only example of seeing this was the Taiwan coverage of the second sun phenomena, and this was only months ago. So did the PM change his mind on this? Were his dictates ignored? Why so little evidence of this 7 yrs later?

The Puppet Master anticipates a time when the near presence of Planet X, and its influence on the Earth, cannot be denied. This would include, but not be limited to:

  • sightings in the sky that are so frequent that the common man is regularly looking for them,
  • Earth changes such as plate movement that cannot even remotely be explained by any of the standard excuses such as Global Warming or solar emissions, and
  • the media being overwhelmed with the facts so that any media outlet trying to ignore what is going on is enraging the public.

That time has not arrived, but the Puppet Master anticipated it would arrive with the 7 of 10 because we used the phrase "shock the world". The 7 of 10 scenarios will shock the world but just when that threshold arrives seems uncertain. 

Meanwhile, the sinking in Indonesia is deliberately kept out of the press by the governments in the region, who have a brutal hand. Coverage of those regions that have permanently flooded, per our predictions, would have to come from an investigative journalist outside of the region, and they would have to deal with vehement denial from the governments in the region. In that the monsoon season has arrived, this presents at best a confused situation. The sinking in the Caribbean will be bundled with the large quakes expected during the S American roll, and be claimed to be a result of these earthquakes, and once again no reference to ZetaTalk. Those with an investment in the cover-up, who fear the public's panic and the revelation of their participation in keeping the truth from the public's eye, will not ease their grip on the media readily. 

It will be a combination of factors that propels ZetaTalk and Nancy into the media. Certainly there are many exposes and documentaries that have been prepared for this time. When the fact that the continent of Africa has moved so that Gibraltar is 125 miles wider and Sinai 50 feet wider is in the news, as it could hardly be kept out, this is a plate movement that cannot be denied. S America moving 250 miles further to the west can be disguised, and blamed on malfunctioning GPS units and the like. A severe wobble to the extent that the Sun is so far out of place that it cannot be denied, or some sign in the sky visible worldwide and remaining for days or weeks are likewise factors that would cross the threshold. When this point is reached, a campaign directed by the Puppet Master will begin!

Source: ZetaTalk for June 11, 2011

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Comment by Tony Tucker on October 2, 2011 at 11:05pm

@ c. bishop

 i think that is a good idea about trying to spread the truth. The one big problem is you have the major media who debunk and attack anyone or anything that goes against their so called dis-information campaign. I have been reading ZT and the ning for a while now and have learned so much, about how the government and nasa have lied to us to keep a lid on the truth. I have been watching planet x on google sky .com and cannot believe how they think we are so nieve that we dont know what they are blocking out in the sky, and they are only blocking half of it at that. Just as the zetas have told us about the planets in the cup, doing the dance, if you go to googlesky and search venus, and then click on infrared you can clearly see planet x, right close to venus as we were told. i do wonder if the dark twin can be seen ? I notice a very bright star or planet in the vacinity of PX but i have no idea if it is the dark twin. Does anyone know? but anyway if we keep believing and doing what we can to inform others of the truth it will come out. i try to educate people about zt and the ning daily  and it is amazing how deeply people believe that our government or nasa would not lie to us. They are so brain washed by all the lies. i will not stop informing all that I can because i believe the truth will surface and we will be able to help more people thru the troubled times that are coming. Thank you nancy and zt and Gerard and the ning you are such a breath of fresh air to us seeking the truth

Comment by astrogal50 on September 30, 2011 at 11:37pm

Re:  The Puppet Master

MegaMontana said it all!

Comment by MegaMontana on September 30, 2011 at 11:30pm

The Puppet Master is said to be leaning in the Service to Other orientation which does not mean he is highly Service to Other. Even those considered highly Service to Other and in a powerful position are keeping their lips tight at this time. There are those who are waiting for the right moment. Those who have tried too early are either assassinated or ridiculed. The establishment and their black op pawns are ready to debunk every claim made, even by the president of the U.S.A. They are waiting for the time when ZetaTalk's accuracy is undeniable to even those in denial. Though denial will remain regardless of even a stopped rotation.

Comment by astrogal50 on September 30, 2011 at 10:36pm

@Peter Bell  I was referring to maybe it being best to withhold judgment about the Puppet Master, not the existence of Planet X.

I do not need convincing that ZetaTalk is real.  I have posted here and on another site for more than four years about my lifetime contact with the Zetas (and sometimes other ETs, including four very rare instances of conscious contact, but not consciously with the Zetas), spiritual awakening, personal viewing of Planet X, and the fact I am a Star Child.

So no need to preach to the choir with me.  Thanks.  ("astro gal")

Comment by Mark on September 30, 2011 at 8:36pm

I agree with you Peter, but you think too much of the puppetmaster - his purpose is not to be a force for good on Earth - the fact that he wishes the message of the poleshift to leak out is not because he is some benevolent entity wishing to save humanity, it's because it serves his purpose for the population to be more informed than they are today.  This is what the Zetas have said several times over the last few years.

They have also stated that, although the puppetmaster is leaning towards STO, a highly STO person would not be allowed to become head of the puppetmaster's assets for precisely the same reason - that being that the primary responsibility of that person would be protection and, I imagine, expansion of the puppetmaster's assets - not care of others over concerns of the self.  Don't forget that they are businessmen at their core and nothing else - how else were they able to accumulate their massive fortunes in the first place?  Their first instinct is self preservation.


Comment by astrogal50 on September 30, 2011 at 7:51pm

@Peter Bell

"For this reason the Puppetmaster has truly failed the human race."  In the case of the Puppet Master, that remains to be seen; foregone conclusions about that man in particular will not serve any useful purpose.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on September 6, 2011 at 8:05pm

Prayers also for the dedicated people we have already lost on this ning do to earth changes.  They were all role models and good soldiers of truth.  I will always keep them in my thoughts.  We have a rough ride ahead of us.

Comment by S.V. on September 6, 2011 at 6:12pm

Big heartfelt thanks :) to you and all who contribute to this site.  Prayers that the numbers of those who find this site will increase exponentially.

Comment by Alison on May 28, 2011 at 11:06pm
Hi Mark - very astute observations... and quite sad. Let us hope that somehow people find their way here and continue to spread the word.
Comment by Mark on May 28, 2011 at 10:15pm

The fact that the Zetas expect sociological and political dramas to be part of the 8/10 scenarios shows that, even though things are in the hands of man, they don't expect there to be an announcement of what's really going on until the 7/10 events force the facts on the public, otherwise these sociological and political dramas would start to play out before then.

 The coverup is in full force with hiding the fact that Indonesia is sinking but they have also hinted that when S. America rolls - the news will STILL not cover it and they also say that at the end of it all when the tsunami hits Europe, people will still be in the dark and taken by surprise.

It is therefore logical that after that (when the 8/10 events start) that the public will no longer be in any doubt that they have been lied to, and so sociological and political dramas will logically ensue. ie riots in the streets, etc and who knows what else.

If an official announcement could be made (from the US of course as it would have to be) maybe some of this this turmoil could be avoided.


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