Hillary Clinton joined a number of dignitaries, including Donald Trump, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik, and others to pay her respects to those Americans lost on September 11, 2001, at the annual ceremony at 9/11 Memorial Plaza.

But, as a law enforcement source stationed about “15 feet away” from Clinton told Fox News’Rick Leventhal, Clinton left the Lower Manhattan, N.Y. ceremony early due to what was being called an apparent “medical episode.”

Leventhal said his source watched Clinton as she was standing on a street curb with her security detail while waiting for her motorcade.

As the motorcade was not expecting her as early as she had left, Leventhal said, the Democratic presidential nominee stood for two or more minutes awaiting the vehicles.


ZetaTalk: July 30, 2016

"As we have mentioned, Hillary has multiple health problems she denies and tries to keep from the public. The claim that she had a concussion in 2012 due to dehydration causing her to faint at home was a complete lie. She had a stroke at work. She takes blood thinners but had neglected to take them. The larger lie is that she is healthy enough to be Commander in Chief. Hillary, as we have reported, has MS, thus the use of Frensel lens to control double vision. She also has heart failure from decades of almost continuous rage. 

"The stress of the campaign for the Oval Office Hillary assumes to be her birth right are hardly the stress free environment Hillary’s doctors recommend. Her MS is controlled by steroids, else weakness in her legs causing her to stumble and double vision causing her to walk off the stage would become obvious to the public.  Steroids aggravate her heart failure, causing water retention so the cough returns along with an obvious edema bloat. It’s a constant balancing act. MS can include seizures but in Hillary’s case, seizures are caused by the steroids used to control the MS. 

"The FBI’s conclusions, broadcast to the world on July 5, contradicted Hillary’s many lies. This has been compounded by Trump’s steady rise in the polls, so that in those polls that take into account cell phone users, he is in a tie. Hillary showed the stress of anticipation on June 22 when, as we reported, she went missing in DC for most of the day, and photos after her June 28 meeting with the FBI at their office also show her distress. No surprise that NBC cameras caught her in an MS steroid induced seizure in June, or that she was caught wearing her Frensel lens again on July 9 in New York City. "