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ZetaTalk Accuracy


Since the genesis of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, a growing army of  ZT fans have pointed out the countless occassions where the Zeta responses, replying to inquisitive Humans and speaking to a myriad of subjects, are later proven to be correct.

ZetaTalk is always gaining credibility, as the Zeta predictions repeatedly come to pass, and are continually proven Accurate...

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2001 Predictions
Airforce One Flyover
Airplane Crashes
Animal Illness
Annunaki Gold
Antartica Ice Fractures,
Anthrax Attack
Area 51
Asteroid Threat
Atlantic Rift,
Attack on America,
Australian Artifacts
Bank Freeze
Bank Supports
Bee Colony Collapse
Big Bang/Black Holes
Billy Meier
Bin Laden
Bird Flu Pandemic,
Blaming the Sun
Brazilian Roswell
Brown Dwarf,
Bush Clone,
Bush Insanity,
Bush Decapitation
Cataclysm Masks
Cattle Mutilations
Cell Evolution
Centrifugal Force
China as Investor
China Threats
Chinese Pyramids
Clinton Demise,
Columbia Shuttle,
Comet Behavior
Comet Origin
Cover-up Increase
Cover-up Crack,

Crane Collapse
Crash at Kecksburg

Crop Circles

Crop Circle Video

Crop Failures
Dark Matter
Deflecting Asteroids

Deformed Frogs
Devil's Triangle
Dinosaur Dieoff
Discovery Shuttle,
Dogon Tribe
Domino Quakes
Dr. Reed
Early Man
Earth Core,
Earth Hum,
Earth Plates
Earth Plate Movement
Earthquake Reports
Earthquake Quickening
Earth Torque
Earth Twin

Earth Wobble
Easter Island
Ebola Spread
Economic Collapse
Face on Mars
Faked Terrorism
Faster than Light
Flying Triangles
Fossett Disappearance
Frog Populations
Giant Hominoids
Global Warming
Gonzales Resignation
GPS Failure,
Great Pyramids
Hale Bopp
High Tides
Human Combustion
Hurricanes, Atypical
Imploding Building
Iowa Floods,
Israel Aggression
Jet Stream Changes


John, Jr.

JP Morgan

Lebanon Invasion
List to Left
Iran Invasion
Iran Oil
Loch Ness
Magma Slam
Magnetic Field
Magnetic Whamy
Magnetic Trimesters
Mammoth Lake,
Marilyn Monroe
Mars Exploration
Mars Water
Martial Law
May 5 2000

Melting Poles
Memphis Bridge
Meteor Upticks
Military Rebellion
Mississippi Bridges
MJ12 Documents
Moon Base,
Moon Cities
Moon Plume
Moon Rotation
Moon Swirls
N America Bowing
Neanderthal Man
New Land
Newman's Machine
Newton's Laws
Ocean Rebound
Ocean Vortex
Omnipotent Krlll
Orbit Halt
Pakistan Sinking
Permafrost Melt
Philadelphia Experiment
Planet X
Planet X Denial

Planet X Gravity,
Planet X Triangulation
Pole Shift Equator

Probe Behavior

Red Rain Microbes

Red Sea Stretch
Repulsion Force

Russian Overflights
Santilli Tapes
Satellite Failure
Saudi Takeover
Sea Level Rise
Seaway Rip
Shroud of Yurin
Sighting Aliens
Slowing Rotation,
Social Security
Solar Reversals
Solar System Magnetism
Starvation Denial
Stretch Zones
Summer Snowstorms

Sun Binary
Sun Scald,
Suppressing Word
Swine Flu
Syria Strike
Triangular UFO,
Troops Home
UFO Increase
UK Food and Mouth
Volcano Uptick
Vote Fraud 
Wandering Planets
Warm Winters
Waves, Monstrous
Weather Changes
Weather Swings
Weather Predictions
Work Camps
Worldwide Infertility



...and more to come...



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 There are many more examples, just waiting to be found within the ZT Q&A Chat,

ZT Newsletter, or Ning archives.



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Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on July 1, 2014 at 6:15pm

From Andrey Eroshin post in : http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/tsunami-hits-several-cites...


Scientists Discover Two Never-Before-Seen Kinds of Water Waves

By precisely shaking a shallow container of water, researchers have now observed two new types of waves that have never been observed before in water--and one that has never been observed in any other media either. These new wave architectures may not look like much, but they inform our knowledge about large amplitude waves and their formation in the ocean. That’s a good thing to know about, as large-amplitude waves also go by the names “rogue waves” and “tsunamis” in certain contexts.


icon Monstrous Waves

 In 2011 the results of a scientific experiment simulating the floor of an ocean showed that plate movement under the ocean could CAUSE rogue waves, and were the likely source of the increase in rogue waves. By merely moving the bottom of the water container up and down, rogue waves were produced on the surface, confirming what the Zetas stated in 1997 when they stated, well before this experiment, that rogue waves would be "caused by under water plate movements ". http://www.zetatalk.com/theword/tworx530.htm

Comment by Corey Young on May 15, 2014 at 10:00pm

Wow....as if the Vatican wasn't already reading and monitoring Zetatalk (ditto for the media)….here is an article from the Independent (dated May 13, 2014):


Speaking at the British Science Festival in 2010, one of then-Pope Benedict XVI’s astronomers said he would baptize an alien “if they asked”. While he accepted that the chances of ever getting such an opportunity were slim, Guy Consolmagno said: “Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a soul.”

Nancy discussed this in a recent 7 of 10 status blog from May 8, 2014:


And further referenced in the following:

Zetatalk from April 19, 2014

…Some in the church will want to baptize the visitors, or press them to accept Jesus as their savior, which is of course an absurd posture. The absurdity of this position will only drive more Catholics from the church, a trend that has been ongoing for decades.


Here is some VERY RECENT zetatalk on the Pope and the coming issues for the church during the announcement and sociological 8 of 10 changes:

How have the statements by Pope Francis embracing intelligent alien life from other worlds been received by traditional Catholics? Of course this is an individual matter, and the reactions would be presumed to range from delight to horror. Some Catholics, having drifted away, will find the church more attractive and open minded. Those offended by the Pope’s comments will be faced with a struggle as the Pope is considered the leader of the church. The traditional view has been that man, and man alone is made in God’s image, and thus man alone is worthy of conversation with God.

The Catholic Church relies with great rigidity on edicts made in the past, thus for centuries enforced the flat Earth theory. For the insecure, there is comfort in rigidity, and having the Pope openly embrace alien life in different forms as being man’s equal is too much of a shock. Their choices are few, but those clinging to denial usually use tunnel vision to exclude facts. Here, in this insistent email Nancy received, are two such arguments framed in tunnel vision. First, the argument that the Pope never made these statements, as it is just a media hoax. Second, that unless the Vatican makes a statement, it has no validity. Neither are true.


Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on April 29, 2014 at 6:16pm

http://GPS and satellite failure impact.


If GPS begins faltering, it will not be due to failure to fund this system, it will be for other reasons, as the Zetas have long warned. They told us this would be happening! Their predictions at the start of ZetaTalk, in 1995, certainly have the ring of truth today, and include their early prediction that the stock markets would crash. 

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: The months before the cataclysms, satellite failure will be sporadic, but enough to impact technology as it support lifestyles today. Land lines will be reliable, but cell phones will not. This will be most disconcerting to the power brokers among the elite, who will find business floundering, stocks which have fallen almost to the ground unable to be salvaged, and the reliance of the military on communications creating chaos among those expected to protect the elite. These groups will be screeching at each other, making shrill demands where no fix can be made.



Russia’s aviation watchdog warns of flight safety hazard over Ukraine due to GPS failures

 April 29, 16:56 UTC+4 
Earlier, the Federal Air Transport Agency registered failure of GPS onboard navigation systems of civil jet during its flight over Ukraine
© ITAR-TASS/Mikhail Fomichev

MOSCOW, April 29. /ITAR-TASS/. When flying over Ukraine, air carriers should be ready to use navigation systems not based on GPS, Russian aviation watchdog’s (Rosaviatsia) representative told ITAR-TASS.

The agency has confirmed that it has sent notifications to the air carriers about interference with operation of onboard GPS receivers. “Rosaviatsia has notified the air carriers to be ready to use alternate navigation means when performing flights over Ukraine,” the agency’s representative said. 

Rosaviatsia’s representative stressed that “incidents that involve recurring interferences are considered by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) as threatening flight safety, which can lead to accidents caused by GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) failures.”

The aviation agency asked air carriers to notify it about all cases of navigation failure.

ITAR-TASS reported earlier that Rosaviatsia had registered the failure of GPS onboard navigation system in a civil airliner flying over Ukraine’s territory. 

Comment by Kris H on March 31, 2014 at 6:07am

The UN released a report on climate change. It warns about coastal flooding, extreme weather, and food shortages. Zetas right again.
Comment by Mark on March 17, 2014 at 10:37am


George Osborne has announced the creation of what the government is describing as Britain's first garden city for almost 100 years, by the Thames Estuary at Ebbsfleet.

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr show on Sunday, the chancellor said that initially 15,000 homes would be built on the site, which has been chosen partly because a high-speed rail connection puts it within 19 minutes of central London.

Osborne also said he would use his budget on Wednesday to extend one of the government's two Help to Buy schemes. He will pledge £6bn to extend the equity loan scheme to 2020, funding the construction of a further 120,000 homes. 


This is another example of the UK government introducing measures to encourage it's citizens to remain in dangerous areas when the pole shift arrives as the Zetas said they were discussing at the last Bilderburg meeting - the 'Help to Buy' scheme being another.  As you can see, the proposed town is on the Thames estuary which will probably not even make it to the pole shift with the expected wobble sloshing in the last weeks but will certainly be destroyed during the shift itself.

Ask yourself, "If the government knows about the announcement, planet x and the upcoming pole shift, why is it not building houses in a safe location?"




..........Are the members of the Bilderberg Group planning any steps to assist the public? This comes up for discussion in the context of placating the public. Hazard pay, employment benefits, so the public will stay in dangerous places for a bit of extra cash. Such is the orientation of the Bilderberg Group.


Comment by Mark on February 21, 2014 at 11:00am

Giant squid seen as an 'omen' by Japanese fisherman

An increase in the number of giant squid being caught along the Sea of Japan coast is leading fishermen to fear it may be some kind of omen.

A giant squid was taken to the Himi fishing port in Toyama Prefecture on 4 January, and another was discovered in a net off Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture on 8 January, according to The Japan Times.   Three squid were taken to Sado and Himi that measured between three and four metres long, the newspaper has reported.

"When I hauled up the net, the squid slowly came floating up," Shigenori Goto told local media at the time. "This is the first time I've seen such a large squid."

He told The Japan Times yesterday: “I had seen no giant squid before in my 15-year fishing career. I wonder whether it may be some kind of omen.”



Previous Zetatalk on Japanese Oarfish


These deep ocean fish as all surface or land based animals are sensitive to stress the rock beneath them is enduring. Just as land animals flee the electromagnetic screeches that rock under pressure release, sea life likewise attempts to flee. For deep ocean fish, there is less of this screeching on the surface, because it is further away from the rock.


Comment by Shaun Kazuck on February 10, 2014 at 6:37am


DNA tests done on a group of elongated skulls found in the 1930's in Peru show them to not be related to humans, primates, or any other known species.  More proof of the Annunaki and the Zeta's accuracy!

Nancy's Comment: This ZetaTalk, dated 1996, was in response to question about these heads, which hit the news back then. Indeed, the Zetas identified them as NOT HUMAN.



Most often the Bones of Visitors are not recognized for what they are, as they are thought to be remains of an animal of some sort. Remains are also usually disturbed by scavengers, eaten and dragged or thrown about so that an intact section cannot be pieced together. Any remains that would tend to look hominoid, but not human, would frighten a human coming upon them, and these types of situations tend to result in active denial. The remains are left where they are found, and even if documented and pressed upon colleagues, denial prevents them from being taken seriously. If for no other reason, denial occurs because the researchers have difficulty realizing they are not alone, not the first or most intelligent conscious species in the Universe, not the masters of all they survey. One looks the other way, walks away, and then forgets to mention the find in their report.

Skulls of hominoid visitors, as well as intact skeletons of non-hominoid visitors, have been recovered by human researchers and documented. These discoveries never make the press, as the media find them too disturbing. There are solemn moments, hushed silences when no word is spoken. Then someone mentions that the public might be disturbed, might faint or attack the media with claims of fraud. The decision is make to wait a bit, for some time in the future when folks seem better prepared for such matters. If the bones of visitors were simply odd skeletal structures, they could be displayed as an example of an extinct animal, and at times this is just what they are taken to be. The bones that don't get displayed are hominoid skulls that obviously have more brains than mankind, big heads that humans today don't possess, much less the heads of early man. Who wants to break this news when they would have to be faced with all those egos out there being taken down a notch! Better to keep mum, at least for the time being.

Comment by Planet Twelve on December 30, 2013 at 6:00pm

It would appear, given recent events topside, that another entry needs to be made, into this Zeta Accuracy archive, regarding those toys Mankind shoots aloft, to float out there on the edge of the dome, atop Mother
Earth's air blanket, which she wears. That is, those dubiously placed spying platforms such as the so-called ISS (International Space Station) and its similarly strke-zone occupying brethren, satellites etc.
Yes, unheeding of continuing and oft-repeated warnings from the Zeta regarding the wisdom (or otherwise) of
placing Humans upon any such device, up near the void, where the PX Tail complex will swish, and his dominant magneton flows WILL play havoc with electronic contrivances upon those inconsequential toys, NASA et al still play fast-and-loose with Human lives...

SOZT: We have stated that total satellite failure can be expected as the last weeks approach, with increasing failure up until that point. Certainly, during the last weeks, the 9 of 10, total failure can be expected. Prior
to this time electromagnetic surge and pulse will affect clear communication via satellite, and cell phone usage.
ZetaTalk: Cut Off (2010)

SOZT: […]They also know the ISS must be closed if those manning it are to be brought back alive, and you can be sure those who are manning it are pressing for this.[…] EOZT
GLP Live Chat. March 14, 2009.

SOZT: […]How long can the ISS hold out during such times? They are truly on a mission that could end in tragedy at any moment. Not just from electrical failure, but from the debris ever increasing in the space around them.[…] EOZT
ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 7, 2010

Well, the Z must have had a gutful of repeating themselves re this, yet major malfunction after epic fail, reckless fools still want to muck about up there, despite space-walkers having their hedgear turn into fishtanks without fish:

Water Leak in Astronaut's Helmet Cuts Short Space Station Spacewalk

July 16, 2013 — A scheduled six-hour spacewalk outside the International Space Station was cut short on Tuesday (July 16) after water began leaking into the helmet of one of the two astronauts conducting the outing.

European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Luca Parmitano was working on routing an ethernet data cable outside the orbiting outpost when he first reported feeling the back of his head was getting wet. Acknowledging that he had been sweating, Parmitano said that the amount of water he was feeling exceeded what he thought he could be perspiring.

"I don't understand where it's coming from" he radioed



So that now they need snorkels:


Snorkels for Spacewalkers: Astronauts to Outfit Spacesuits with Diver-Like Device

December 19, 2013 — Astronauts preparing to spacewalk outside the International Space Station are outfitting their spacesuits with an unusual device: a makeshift snorkel.

The astronauts, whose task it is to repair a critical cooling system necessary for keeping the outpost fully powered, have an additional concern to the "normal" challenges of a quickly-planned extra-vehicular activity (EVA, spacewalk). There is also a slight possibility their helmets could flood with water.



Or their boots malfunction, snap-freezing their feet:


First of Three EVAs Successful, But Suit Reconfiguration Needed

By Merryl Azriel on December 23, 2013


There was no reappearance of the leak that brought about the abrupt halt of an EVA in July. However, Mastracchio seemed to have some challenges with his spacesuit, at one point reporting cold feet, and during repressurization in the airlock experiencing what may have been a leak in the suit’s sublimator. To address these issues, NASA delayed the second EVA to December 24, allowing Mastracchio time to reconfigure his suit for a better fit. As a result, the third EVA will likely not take place on December 25 as originally planned and some juggling may be required to avoid a conflict with an unrelated EVA scheduled on the Zvezda module for December 27.

[Emphases added]



Their Voyages to the Vacuum have been white-knuckled rides, if nothing else, being hit by debris, i.e. PX Tail bits, also springing various leaks and what-not. None of this kind of stuff happened on the Apollo program (except, of course, Apollo X111, the sole failure to get Moonside), where Moon-goers rode tin-foil boats, in comparison, across the sparkly void TO THE MOON. And that was in the 1960's!!

Yet despite the technological advances over the ensuing years, where we now have more computing power in our watches than those Apollo capsules had fitted within, the ISS and satellites etc are going down like nine-pins.
Obviously that misshapen flying death-trap, the ISS, and those other devices which float out there with it, above, are suffering influential effects of that Retrograde Outlaw Planet X aka Nibiru call him what you will, i.e. his wafting Tail complex and dominant magnetic influence.


International Space Station Coolant Leak has Caused a Shutdown of Some Systems

December 12, 2013 8:04AM

THE International Space Station has been forced to shut down many of its systems after a coolant leak.

NASA has confirmed the station is having problems with its coolant system due to a faulty valves. Early reports of the difficulties appeared in tweets from the station's crew and support staff.

The crew are struggling to restore pressure to the coolant system that keeps the vital systems, including life-support, at a regular temperature. This can vary wildly depending on whether the space station is in sunlight or in the Earth's shadow.

While not presenting an immediate threat to the station's crew, {come now, see ZT, above} it can be serious if unsolved.

Some of the space stations' systems have been shut down in order to reduce the strain on the temperature control equipment. Others have been re-routed to the working cooling system.

NASA spokesman Josh Byerly told NBC that one of the station's two cooling loops, known as Loop-A, shut down due to an anomalous temperature imbalance. NASA had to urgently reroute the coolant systems to prioritise  life support systems, electrical systems and science experiments.

[Emphases and comment added]


NASA and other space-faring types seem stubbornly fixated upon keeping their station, and co., in space. Perchance to spy a Bully's ingress. More fools them. Flying ornaments to the Zeta Accuracy, they are left to bang about aloft, brave and inquisitive catastro-nauts aboard, grimly hanging on a wing and a prayer and hoping, against all hope, that today is not the the day they are whacked by a Wanderer returned.

Get down from there, if you have a care, there comes a planet, we know not when.
Don't ride your luck, you're sitting ducks, and you expand this

                                                  ***ZETAS RIGHT AGAIN***

Comment by Planet Twelve on November 13, 2013 at 10:34am

ZetaTalk is The Source. The go-to, one-stop shop for Truth, par excellence and bar none. That has been the case ever since Nancy (in her inimitable fashion) relayed the first ZT, over18 years ago now. In that time ZetaTalk has persevered, prevailed and prospered, is left standing tall over a congested cacophony of waffling wannabees and wailing would-be’s, et al.

 Lord of all it Surveys, ZT stands out, against said coterie of so-called channels and clairvoyants, psychics, seers, witchdoctors, crystal ball-gazers and the like whom variously claim to be instruments through which whoever may or may not be relaying this or that, and who are, in reality, merely muddying the waters. Granted, there are those among the aforesaid collection of confused conduits who are actually having genuine and useful information relayed to them, though the vast majority are colouring this, i.e. are not relaying the message in a pure, unaltered fashion, as received. And there is NOBODY answering queries from the inquisitive public in a forum type situation as the Z do every week.  Per ZT, the Human mind is not ideally suited to receive telepathic communications, is not well attuned to such, in most cases. This is why Nancy Lieder had physical manipulations performed on her brain by the Z, so as to allow for purity to be achieved, vis-a-vis the receipt and interpretation of telepathically relayed messages and imagery etc. Thus, ZT is unique. No-one but Nancy has been enhanced in this way, ergo, NOWHERE BUT ZetaTalk will you find a genuine, unadulterated, unchanged and uncannily accurate discourse with higher-density entities, namely, those erstwhile denizens of the Zeta Reticuli star system, the mournful yet diligently devoted to Service, Zeta, or, Those who Reveal.

Comment by Ryan Giorgis on November 12, 2013 at 3:24am

Sun refuses to cooperate with the cover-up

with quotes such as "total punk," and, "quietest in 200 years" to explain the current solar maximum, I thought it a perfect occasion for, "Zetas Right Again."



this is a question and answer from 2010

What are NASA/tptb's plans are for the cover-up upto the last weeks? The z's have said that hoping the sun would wake up is becoming a  failure for them, but I am reading articles, where they are squeezing all they can out of the solar cycle giving opinions and facts that  contradict each other, probably meant to discombobulate the reader. So beyond hoping that the sun will wake up (to explain the failure  of today's technology, and an asteroid swarm (to explain px' visibility), does the cover-up have any other last lines of defense, for  instance the erratic weather? I can't possibly think of how they're gonna deal with all the earth changes that have begun to happen,  beyond a media cover-up/under-reporting whenever possible. [and from another]  http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1155682/pg1 On August 7th (1825 UT), magnetic fields around sunspot 1093  became unstable and erupted, producing a strong M1-class solar flare. Future eruptions could turn out differently. Active region 1093 is  rotating toward Earth. By the end of this weekend, we'll be in the line of fire if its magnetic fields become unstable again.  www.spaceweather.com

NASA relied upon Global Warming to explain the erratic weather until this was exposed as a lie, selective cherry-picking of data. They certainly planned to use the  approaching solar maximum as a cover and are attempting to use this still, but the Sun is not cooperating. They must announce solar activity prior to an impact on  Earth, as it is well known that solar flares take days to reach the Earth. Thus, their tendency has been or may be to continually cry "wolf" but then the public would  get suspicious. Already this issue raised its head, with a reputed M class flare announced and then seemingly retracted. We have stated that NASA would claim  errant asteroid swarms if the moons of Planet X were sighted. But when the Moon Swirls and String of Pearls are caught on SOHO, they have few options to  explain them. Taking SOHO offline for days at a time, unannounced, was done, but in the end the problem did not go away and the onslaught of information  showing up was beyond their ability to edit out. Even at that, editing lines became obvious, as did attempts to alter older SOHO images on their databanks.  Colliding asteroids was briefly used to explain Moon Swirls, in the media, but the question begging to be asked, then, is why they are now colliding all the time and  did not do so in the past! G1.9 has failed to fly, after NASA was fully prepared to use it. Now what? As long as control of the media can be maintained, NASA  will keep on with the same ridiculous cover stories. And if Planet X appears in the sky, as a Second Sun that many can see, day after day? An atmospheric  anomaly, an echo, some new term they will made up. They will keep up with the stories until the day that a wobble proves that a body is nearby, causing the Earth  to totter. Then the doors will be shut, the phones not answered, and they will have fled to their bunkers.


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