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ZetaTalk Accuracy


Since the genesis of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, a growing army of  ZT fans have pointed out the countless occassions where the Zeta responses, replying to inquisitive Humans and speaking to a myriad of subjects, are later proven to be correct.

ZetaTalk is always gaining credibility, as the Zeta predictions repeatedly come to pass, and are continually proven Accurate...

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2001 Predictions
Airforce One Flyover
Airplane Crashes
Animal Illness
Annunaki Gold
Antartica Ice Fractures,
Anthrax Attack
Area 51
Asteroid Threat
Atlantic Rift,
Attack on America,
Australian Artifacts
Bank Freeze
Bank Supports
Bee Colony Collapse
Big Bang/Black Holes
Billy Meier
Bin Laden
Bird Flu Pandemic,
Blaming the Sun
Brazilian Roswell
Brown Dwarf,
Bush Clone,
Bush Insanity,
Bush Decapitation
Cataclysm Masks
Cattle Mutilations
Cell Evolution
Centrifugal Force
China as Investor
China Threats
Chinese Pyramids
Clinton Demise,
Columbia Shuttle,
Comet Behavior
Comet Origin
Cover-up Increase
Cover-up Crack,

Crane Collapse
Crash at Kecksburg

Crop Circles

Crop Circle Video

Crop Failures
Dark Matter
Deflecting Asteroids

Deformed Frogs
Devil's Triangle
Dinosaur Dieoff
Discovery Shuttle,
Dogon Tribe
Domino Quakes
Dr. Reed
Early Man
Earth Core,
Earth Hum,
Earth Plates
Earth Plate Movement
Earthquake Reports
Earthquake Quickening
Earth Torque
Earth Twin

Earth Wobble
Easter Island
Ebola Spread
Economic Collapse
Face on Mars
Faked Terrorism
Faster than Light
Flying Triangles
Fossett Disappearance
Frog Populations
Giant Hominoids
Global Warming
Gonzales Resignation
GPS Failure,
Great Pyramids
Hale Bopp
High Tides
Human Combustion
Hurricanes, Atypical
Imploding Building
Iowa Floods,
Israel Aggression
Jet Stream Changes


John, Jr.

JP Morgan

Lebanon Invasion
List to Left
Iran Invasion
Iran Oil
Loch Ness
Magma Slam
Magnetic Field
Magnetic Whamy
Magnetic Trimesters
Mammoth Lake,
Marilyn Monroe
Mars Exploration
Mars Water
Martial Law
May 5 2000

Melting Poles
Memphis Bridge
Meteor Upticks
Military Rebellion
Mississippi Bridges
MJ12 Documents
Moon Base,
Moon Cities
Moon Plume
Moon Rotation
Moon Swirls
N America Bowing
Neanderthal Man
New Land
Newman's Machine
Newton's Laws
Ocean Rebound
Ocean Vortex
Omnipotent Krlll
Orbit Halt
Pakistan Sinking
Permafrost Melt
Philadelphia Experiment
Planet X
Planet X Denial

Planet X Gravity,
Planet X Triangulation
Pole Shift Equator

Probe Behavior

Red Rain Microbes

Red Sea Stretch
Repulsion Force

Russian Overflights
Santilli Tapes
Satellite Failure
Saudi Takeover
Sea Level Rise
Seaway Rip
Shroud of Yurin
Sighting Aliens
Slowing Rotation,
Social Security
Solar Reversals
Solar System Magnetism
Starvation Denial
Stretch Zones
Summer Snowstorms

Sun Binary
Sun Scald,
Suppressing Word
Swine Flu
Syria Strike
Triangular UFO,
Troops Home
UFO Increase
UK Food and Mouth
Volcano Uptick
Vote Fraud 
Wandering Planets
Warm Winters
Waves, Monstrous
Weather Changes
Weather Swings
Weather Predictions
Work Camps
Worldwide Infertility



...and more to come...



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 There are many more examples, just waiting to be found within the ZT Q&A Chat,

ZT Newsletter, or Ning archives.



Anyone can take part in proving the ZetaTalk Accuracy. To play your role, and help awaken the populace to the truth...

   Collect and post any related info here===>

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Comment by Shaun Kazuck on October 11, 2013 at 9:22pm

Just last week the Zetas said that the Old Boys Club would no longer be able to keep men in the top military positions who don't have the skills to lead.  (http://www.zetatalk.com/ning/05oc2013.htm)  And today we learn that the #1 man in charge of our nuclear arsenal was just fired.  For a quote "Lack of trust."  http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/11/20922413-air-force-gener... 

Zetas right again!

Comment by Planet Twelve on October 8, 2013 at 8:22pm

Oft times discussed by the Zeta (replying to inquiring  Human), is of course that Magnetic Boogie performed by a jiving Mother Earth, daily, dubbed the Earth Wobble.  You know, where poor Mother ducks and weaves, hither and yon, seemingly nodding in deference then shying away, unsure of the posture to adopt in the face of her oncoming big brother, PX aka Nibiru etcExpectant yet wary, or so it seems. But looks can be deceiving, as this poor Planet Earth has no control over herself regarding this. In the face of the dominant and incoming magnet which is PX, Mother is a mere passenger, so to speak.  Alternating between being roughly pushed away, and having her nether-regions rudely tugged upon, both symptomatic of the dominant magneton flows which emanate from and return through her  bullying big brother, Planet X aka Nibiru. He is, her puppet master, for a time.

These matters have of course been recorded previously in the bulging ZT Accuracy archive, though never better put together than in the below blog, which was recently  posted upon this ECAPS .ning. A blog which is very nicely highlighting, again, the uncanny and indisputable ZetaTalk Accuracy...

Zetas Right Again- Earth Wobble Evident in Sea Ice Patterns


Comment by Planet Twelve on September 12, 2013 at 10:59pm

Day in, and day out, we Human inhabitants of this harried planet Earth are reminded of the changes which are being wrought, upon our third density kindergarten home. Changes that are apparent from the anomalous movements and behaviour of the very Sun and Moon above our heads, to the crusty terrain below,which is sinking here, cracking there, and being shaken by increasing numbers of earthquakes, almost everywhere. And then we have the atmospheric anomalies. The weather, once familiar and regular in its various behaviors, is now erratic and erroneous. Records such as "hottest summer", "coldest winter", "most tornadoes", "biggest hurricane", "longest drought", "early spring", "heaviest rainfall" etc etc I could go on forever, have been broken, in all countries, repeatedly. We have, in fact, a new normal.
Many of said weather-related records have stood for over 100 years. A big deal to bug-eyed and gobsmacked Mankind, though a mere eye-blink in a 3657 year Bully-lap, about his twin foci. To an expectant yet inscrutable ZT readership, it is all merely noted. And let's not forget the Waters. All that briny H2O which clings to this rocky magnet is similarly being tossed about, perforce by PX. Apparent and announced by constant alerts transmitted by ocean buoys reporting huge and unusual rising and dropping of the water column height, rogue waves, tsunami, unusually high tides, and more. The myriad changes, brought about by an incoming menace, (that magnetic bully and Retrograde Outlaw, Planet X aka Nibiru a Bully by any other name still bullies), which Terra, her lands, waters, and enveloping shroud,are being subjected to, must be obvious to anyone taking notice. Even those with faux-closed eyes. However, all of the above-mentioned Earth Changes have one thing in common, apart from their cause. That is, they were ALL predicted and forecast, in advance, in ZetaTalk. Of course.
The Z have been warning curious Humankind, those who will listen, of the incoming Planet X aka Nibiru , since 1995. The Z have revealed to us certain behaviors of that bigger magnet, and likely effects he will impose  upon his harassed sister, our home, this flying rocky marble. One such described and thus predicted effect of said PX presence would manifest among Earths swirling waters, i.e., whirlpools. It was revealed that those swirling ocean vortexes will begin to behave in unprecedented ways...

SOZT: [...] We also predict that there will begin to be reports of whirlpools in the oceans that will startle those who have never seen such a thing in the oceans.[...] EOZT.
ZetaTalk: Predictions (2000)

And, unsurprisingly to students of ZT, such reports have been forthcoming:

What Are Oceanic Black Holes? Satellites Capture Powerful 'Black Hole' Whirlpools In The Atlantic Ocean
By Treye Green
on August 21 2013 11:52 PM

One of space's most powerful phenomena might have a distant cousin here on Earth.

Satellite images have recently revealed mysterious "black hole" whirlpools located in the South Atlantic Ocean. The massive and extremely powerful vortexes suck any floating debris into their openings, reports Yahoo UK.
Known as "maelstroms," these black holes have been spotted in the last three months by the physicists working on the study -- George Haller from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich and Francisco Beron-Vera at the University of Miami in Florida.
“We have found exceptionally coherent material belts in the South Atlantic, filled with analogues of photon spheres around black holes,” said Haller.
The vortices are "mathematical analogues" for black holes in space, basically saying that they do the same thing to water that black holes do to light. And to describe the whirlpools, the physicists use Edgar Allan Poe's 1841 story “A Descent into the Maelström,” reports Discovery News.
“The edge of the whirl was represented by a broad belt of gleaming spray; but no particle of this slipped into the mouth of the terrific funnel ... ”

[Emphases added]

More here: http://www.ibtimes.com/what-are-oceanic-black-holes-satellites-capt...


And back in Feb 2012, there was this:


Satellite Captures Enormous 90-mile-wide Storm that's UNDERWATER
By Daily Mail Reporter
UPDATED: 14:38 GMT, 21 February 2012

A Nasa satellite has provided jaw-dropping pictures of a huge 'storm' brewing under the sea.
The swirling mass of water - which measures a whopping 93 miles wide - has been spotted off the coast of South Africa by the Terra satellite on December 26.

But there's no need to alert international shipping, or worry about the poor fish that might find themselves in an endless washing cycle - the body of water poses no threat.
Indeed, it is more likely to create life by sucking nutrients from the bed and bringing them to the surface.
The sea storms - which are better known as eddies - form bizarre whirl shaped shapes deep beneath the ocean's surface.
This counter-clockwise eddy is thought to have peeled off from the Agulhas Current, which flows along the southeastern coast of Africa and around the tip of South Africa.
Agulhas eddies - also called 'current rings' - tend to be among the largest in the world, transporting warm, salty water from the Indian Ocean to the South Atlantic.
Agulhas eddies can remove juvenile fish from the continental shelf, reducing catch sizes if one passes through a fishing region.
The bizarre phenomenon was spotted when the Terra satellite was conducting a routine natural-colour image of the Earth.
[Emphases added]
More here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2104279/Nasa-satelli...

The Zeta responded to a Q regarding this matter, explaining, like only they can, the nature of the beast...

SOZT:The Figure 8 of the Earth wobble causes the most extreme movements during the circular swings at the poles of the Earth, and this certainly includes the region of S Africa. First the globe is forced such that S Africa swings to the East, and then as the Figure 8 loop completes, to the West. What this does is produce a pumping action, first increasing water pressure along the east coast, and then reversing this to produce excess water pressure along the west coast. When strong enough, this could literally change the direction of the Agulhas Current, but this point has not yet been reached.
The Agulhas Current normally flows from the Indian Ocean, which has relatively warmer water, to the South Atlantic. When the water pressure in the Indian Ocean is increased by the wobble, this of course increases the pressure of the flow, which would increase in force and speed. None of this in and of itself would produce a whirlpool, however. It is the reverse wobble effect, when S Africa swings to push under the South Atlantic, that produces the whirlpool. When this happens, there is a clash in the currents, and the Coriolis Effect as with all water and air in motion on Earth clicks in and creates a whirlpool.
We have warned from the start of ZetaTalk in 1995 that whirlpools should be anticipated during the pole shift. We warned in the year 2000 that giant whirlpools in the oceans would begin to manifest, as we knew the Earth wobble was going to begin. When the Earth wobble arrived and whirlpools were reported off the coast of Japan and N America, we repeated our warnings. Weather wobbles affect more than the atmosphere! They affect the oceans, and will be on the increase. The Earth wobble, and only the Earth wobble can explain the Agulhas whirlpool.  EOZT.
ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 25, 2012

Whether one looks aloft, into the dome above, or to the terrain below, which our feet traverse, or observes the Waters, which so attract silly Human. Even about and around, to the encompassing placenta of atmosphere which clings to Mother Earth and gives us life, one cannot miss the symptomatic signature of that wanderer returned, the infamous and always-dominant, Planet X aka Nibiru. Every event is another brick in the wall of ZetaTalk Accuracy, another nail in the coffin of Deniers.
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will attract the curious, in droves, to enquire of the Z. Or just linger for a time, ensconsed in the warm embrace of the ZT archive. Wherein, far from being killed, constantly-seeking Human will be forewarned and enlightened. After which time,  said persons are oft times heard to declare de-Light-edly...

ZeTaS  RiGhT AgAiN

Comment by Mark on August 23, 2013 at 10:44am

The Daily Mail confirms that Planet X is very much on the minds of the editorial staff these days as the Zetas said, as they publish yet another article detailing more effects of the approaching planet.

This time it was the compressing pacific and a video of a freak wave on Puerto Rico.


They show their focus shifting this time more obviously as this is something that happened 3 years ago!

Comment by Planet Twelve on August 16, 2013 at 10:07pm

For 17 years now, ever-inquisitive Humans have come in numbers, have jumped at the chance to pose a query to those succinctly-spoken, straight-shooting and no nonsense 4th Density StO entities, those whom are the responders to ZT-directed Q's, they who've responded patiently to said enquiries all those years, known to themselves as Those who Mourn, and to the rest of us as the Zetas. The many thousands of responses elicited by those curious Humans, having been diligently archived, are now collectively comprising the vast ZetaTalk body. A Towering Ediface of Truth.
Subjects visited, in response, and contained within said ZT archive, are of course myriad. One such subject spoken to by the Z was regarding that infamous affliction which besets the material bodies of many among this Human race, i.e. that most frightening boogie-man, "the Big C", aka "Jack the Dancer", aka Cancer...

SOZT:Cancer is considered a scourge of mankind, as cancer is so often what the mortician writes as the cause of death. What is poorly understood is that cancer is a natural process which allows the organism an out, a type of suicide. How often is it observed by humans that a fellow, informed that they have incipient cancer, continues the activity that is deemed to be causing or encouraging the
cancer. Smoking is a case in point. Cancer is developing all the time, but is held at bay by scavenger cells that mop them up, as is known by your biologists. What occurs in cancer development is that the scavengers are told to cease, to back off and let the destruction proceed. [...] EOZT

Emphases added

ZetaTalk: Curing Cancer (1996)

SOZT: [...] We have stated that cancer happens regularly, even to healthy creatures, during mutations that are inherent in a living creature composed of many cells that must divide. Cancer cells are simply cleaned up by a healthy immune system [...] EOZT
Emphases added

ZetaTalk: Alzheimers (2005)

SOZT: [...] The body can even cure cancer, yet other people will get cancer and let it overtake them. This is based on the will to live, so this is the main factor. [...] EOZT

Emphases added

ZetaTalk: Morgellons (2006)

SOZT: Cancer has many causes, but the primary cause is a decision by the afflicted to die. This is a dropped immune system, due to depression. This is the reason that spontaneous remission can occur, the afflicted decide to live, and their immune system clicks in. There is no treatment that can counter this decision by the body, in response to what the mind has determined. At best, cancer treatment in this light is a delaying action, a losing battle. Those who survive have determined to live. Thus, any 'cure' for cancer that the medical community can concoct is just another treatment, and nothing more.  EOZT

GLP Live Chat: Jan 20, 2007.

The following piece, although publishted 6 months ago at the Mail Online:
Scientists Discover how he Body Can Destroy Cancerous Tumours Itself - Without the Need for Drugs


is nonetheless trumpeting the "discovery" of  a molecule, "TIC10", which activates a protein they are calling "TRAIL".
Excerpt of above-linked article:
"That protein, called "TRAIL", suppresses tumour development during immune surveillance, the immune system's process of patrolling the body for cancer cells."

Ah, the default position in the Human vehicle, where the so-called "TRAIL" protein, seeks and destroys tumors, early in their development. As stated long ago in ZetaTalk, tho without the silly names.
But then, in many Human bodies, something, some mechanism, is instructing the "TIC10" molecule to be at ease, i.e. do not deploy. Thus, by proxy through its absence, the TIC10 molecule has issued a  Cease and Desist order, to that tumor-hating protein, "TRAIL", re his important work, eliminating cancerous tissue:
Excerpt of above-linked article:
"This process is lost during cancer progression, which leads to uncontrolled growth and spread of tumours."

Obviously the mind, perhaps under influence of the entity incarnated, has not released "TIC10", or has influenced otherwise the non-release of same, so that tumerous growth can be allowed to grow unimpeded, as, per ZT, the Human wishes an out, is self-destructing.
Interestingly also;

Excerpt of above-linked article:
"Furthermore, the small size of TIC10 also makes it more effective than past discoveries because it can cross the blood-brain barrier, which separates the main circulatory system from the brain"

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2275650/Scientists-discov...

Well, thanks for coming, but, erm, this just in:  That is not Breaking News. Not for the ZetaTalk readership. That is merely a late-coming, rehashed, regurgitated and revisited ZT (some of which posted above), sans the succinct eloquence. That is, you guys are blazing a trail, already trod. However, such scientific "discoveries" and the like do impress and carry weight with those who,  either through fear and/or nefarious intent,  would deny ZT. Both parties are in need of, will gain benefit from having, the veracity and pin-point accuracy of the Zeta responses hammered home, to their respective psyches and beyond, at every opportunity. Ergo we hammer on.
Presumably, to those nefarious agenda-laden deniers, whom would hide the Truth professionally,  the ever-enduring ZetaTalk would seem as a Cancer, upon their collective mission/s to hide the truth of an incoming Planet X aka Nibiru, and pending Pole Shift. A clinging Cancer which they cannot eradicate.
Yet despite the ubiquitous and droning noise of those who would have it otherwise, ZT will continue to grow and multiply, though not through any action, or lack thereof, by molecule or protein. Just merely in response to always-asking Human. And of course through the self-perpetuating nature of the ZetaTalk Accuracy.

Thus a catch-cry will be heard across the globe, increasingly...


Comment by Shaun Kazuck on August 10, 2013 at 9:09am

Right again on the increases in infertility.


From the article:  

More couples...are turning to surrogacy to start or grow their families, according to recent statistics. In particular, gestational surrogacy – that is, when the surrogate mother is not genetically related to the baby she is carrying -- is becoming more common in the U.S. 

Statistics from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine show that births via gestational surrogacy have been steadily increasing since 2004. In 2011, there were 1,593 babies born via gestational surrogacy – that’s up from 1,448 in 2010 and 738 in 2004, according to the latest figures from the Birmingham, Ala.-based non-profit. 

Hmm, what appeared around the Earth in 2004... 

Comment by Planet Twelve on August 9, 2013 at 3:43pm

Oft times ZT has spoken, with eloquence and succinctly, through Nancy of course, to the subject of disease. How those tiny microbes and miniscule bugs which cause many of such afflictions and ailments, being the adaptable opportunists that those little buggers are, down there in the tiny world, will take advantage. ZetaTalk has relayed that, as the Planet X aka Nibiru wrought Earth Changes increase, exponentially, and in-synch with the Bully's ingress, the micro-organisms will assault Man and beast, flora and fauna, in new ways, attacking new hosts, with much vigor, and ever more frequently.  ZT hinted at this ability, inherent in those invisible invaders, way back in '95. The Z were speaking to the Demise of the Dinosaur, but the following applies to this subject also...

see more...

Establishment Mainstream Organizations Admit: Current Earth Changes...

Comment by Tracie Crespo on August 9, 2013 at 12:20am


9/11 Firefighters Reveal Bombs Destroyed WTC lobby

Comment by Mark on August 6, 2013 at 8:38am

Inspired by Zetatalk?

Weight loss reverses Type 2 Diabetes

Echoing what the Zetas have said on the subject, the medical profession is starting to catch onto the idea that type 2 diabetes is not a permanent condition like type 1 and can be reversed if a weight loss regimen is instigated.



QUOTE: "Scientists at Newcastle University had devised a radical low-calorie diet that studies suggested could reverse diabetes in under eight weeks.

The theory behind the diet, which is the brainchild of Roy Taylor, professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University, is based on the fact that type 2 diabetes is often caused by fat clogging up the liver and pancreas, which are crucial in producing insulin and controlling blood sugar.  One study by Taylor’s team, published in 2011 in the journal Diabetologia, found that out of 11 type-2 diabetics following the diet, all reversed their diabetes in under eight weeks.

Further studies revealed that type 2 diabetics needed to lose one-sixth of their pre-diagnosis body weight to remove enough fat from the pancreas to allow normal insulin production to resume.

The approach has been met with excitement by other experts in the field. James Walker, consultant diabetologist at Livingston hospital, West Lothian, believes the research challenged conventional thinking.
‘A lot of people have perhaps too simplistically thought that once the pancreas starts to fail, and stop producing insulin, it is an inevitable decline. But this diet challenges that.


But, of course, the Zetas said as much in 2005, that type 2 diabetes lifts after the body has lost weight.



Even diabetes, developing later in life by the chubby and inactive, has a genetically selected advantage. The ancestors of those who did not develop diabetes during times of plenty, when early man had naught to do but sit in the berry fields or by streams overflowing with fish, were easy prey for predators, as they gained weight endlessly, huge toads that could not waddle away. Diabetes, type II, resists an intake of sugar by the cells and forces the body to lose weight, at a horrific rate, then lifts when the human is again slim.


Comment by Mark on July 23, 2013 at 9:41am

The Zetas have a long standing and oft repeated prediction that the rise in the temperatures of the oceans is NOT due to global warming and the temperature of the atmosphere increasing slightly as, among other things, hot air rises so will not have that much effect on the seas; they have always said that the increased roiling of the core as Planet X approaches has heated the oceans from below.



Today we see another example of the world's scientists confirming Zetatalk is correct, but again are forced to come up with arguments that do not make sense to explain the effects of Planet X without mentioning the real cause:


Here scientists from the Met Office are claiming that the deep water in the oceans is absorbing huge amounts of heat energy without the surface temperature being affected at all!!!  This of course is not possible unless the waters are being heated from below!

QUOTE: "However, measurements from hundreds of ocean floats released over the last decade, which descend and drift to depths of up to 2,000 metres, show that huge amounts of heat from the sea surface is now being transferred to the deep ocean, with unknown consequences for the environment, the scientists said."


They also talk about the continued effects of global warming, long after the data was shown to be false, confirming Zeta information that the UK has always been at the helm of the cover-up over global warming - and they still can't give up the lies.



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