Peru had a monstrous quake yesterday. Now we have the Antarctic border having quakes again. What is causing the Pacific to compress like this?

Early during the ZetaTalk saga we explained the torque effect Nibiru would have on the Earth as it approached for the passage. Nibiru points its N Pole toward the Earth, pushing the Earth's N Pole away while at the same time tugging on the Earth's S Pole. The rotation of the Earth is such that these maneuvers take turns. By being jerked around, the Earth's plates are loosened and the Indo-Australian Plate is set in motion, driving under the Himalayans and rising at the New Zealand end.

The recent Peru quake was under the influence of this torque, as is the compression of the Pacific in general. Every adjustment in any plate position will generate a reaction in another plate. In detailing the 7 of 10 steps that would unfold, we mentioned the Scripted Drama that plate movements follow during the hour of the Pole Shift. At present the drama includes Antarctic, the S Atlantic, and the Africa Plate. The Peru quake is being accompanied by a push to the Antarctic Plate which will result in the S Atlantic yawing open. The hand that is making this happen is the Daily Earth Wobble.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 31, 2022

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