Unseasonably warm weather in England and Ireland fools mother nature


"Early in the ZetaTalk saga we predicted increasingly erratic weather and high tides, while not giving any particular cause for these phenomena. These predictions were made in 1995-1999, yet the cause of a vertical jet stream and increasing drought and deluge and temperature extremes did not become evident until 2004, when the Earth wobble could be well documented. Likewise, we have been predicting that the seasons will blend into one another, without giving a cause. Within the past year or so the wobble has at times taken on different characteristics - a temporary lean to the left or into opposition. During the dance the Earth undergoes with Planet X and the other planets caught in the cup, such maneuvers are erratic, and can come and go seemingly unpredictably.
But a wobble pattern that includes more frequent leans into opposition will produce more sunlight for the northern hemisphere. And a wobble that includes the N Pole of Earth attempting to escape the N Pole of Planet X by leaning away from the approaching Planet X will produce more sunlight for the southern hemisphere. And a wobble that includes a temporary lean to the left will result in an even basking in sunlight for both hemispheres. Should this ensue, in addition to the current Figure 8 wobble that has been in place since early 2004, a blending of the seasons would surely follow. As Planet X comes ever closer, and the magnetic dance is less like the waltz and more like rock and roll, the weather will become more erratic, the tides more extreme, storms arising suddenly, and all of this unpredictable."



"We warned at the start of ZetaTalk, in 1995, that unpredictable weather extremes, switching about from drought to deluge, would occur and increase on a lineal basis up until the pole shift. Where this occurred steadily, it has only recently become undeniable. ZetaTalk, and only ZetaTalk, warned of these weather changes, at that early date. Our early warnings spoke to the issue of global heating from the core outward, hardly Global Warming, a surface or atmospheric issue, but caused by consternation in the core. Affected by the approach of Planet X, which was by then starting to zoom rapidly toward the inner solar system for its periodic passage, the core was churning, melting the permafrost and glaciers and riling up volcanoes. When the passage did not occur as expected in 2003 because Planet X had stalled in the inner solar system, we explained the increasing weather irregularities in the context of the global wobble that had ensued - weather wobbles where the Earth is suddenly forced under air masses, churning them. This evolved by 2005 into a looping jet stream, loops breaking away and turning like a tornado to affect the air masses underneath. Meanwhile, on Planet Earth, droughts had become more intractable and deluges positively frightening, temperature swings bringing snow in summer in the tropics and searing heat in Artic regions, with the violence of storms increasing in number and ferocity."




Record warm Irish temperatures fools Mother Nature that it is springtime

Second spring phenomenon in November reported as temperatures climb

Warmer autumn weather has fooled much of nature in Ireland and Britain that it is spring time.
The Observer newspaper has reported that “Poppies in the long grass, frogs croaking for mates, wasps droning lazily at the window, tomatoes and strawberries ripening in garden pots and crickets buzzing at dusk. they have all been recorded in the last week or so, even as shops are decking out in shiny baubles and cranking out Christmas carols.”
Record temperatures for November have been recorded in parts of Ireland – with Valentia in Kerry warmer than Valencia in Spain thanks to a mass of sub-tropical air. Malin Head, the most Northerly part of Donegal, even recorded a record high temperature for this time of year as Indian summer style balmy conditions prevail. The Kerry island of Valentia recorded a high of 17.3 degrees Celsius, warmed than the 16 degrees recorded in the Spanish city of Valencia. Summer wlldflowers such as magnolia, apple blossom and honeyuckle are still blooming.

It might be warm but it's very gloomy: Britain set for warmest November on record as fog rolls across the country

  • Unseasonably warm weather plays havoc with wildlife
...Just six weeks before Christmas, parts of the UK were yesterday recorded to be hotter than areas in the Mediterranean and even the Middle-East. Sussex was hotter than Syria and Cardigan, Wales, was warmer than Corfu. Remarkably, the average temperature for the first half of this month matches temperatures normally seen in May. Independent forecaster Positive Weather Solutions said it was likely this could be the warmest November on record although the Met Office said it was too early to tell. This weekend saw people out in their droves enjoying the autumnal sunshine, with the west and south nudging 18C today, after Saturday’s temperatures hit 17.8C at Wiggonholt, West Sussex. In the capital, pub beer gardens had to be reopened at a time when they would usually be putting up Christmas decorations. And as temperatures climbed to twice England’s average November peaks of 9.5C, summer flowers, insects and birds were seen still out across the country.

The mercury was within 3C of the UK’s highest ever recorded this late in the year - 20.7C at Aber, North Wales, on November 17, 1997. In contrast, Hamah, Syria, saw just 9C today, with even holiday hot-spot Corfu, Greece, at only 16C. Charlie Powell, Met Office Forecaster, said: ‘We have got an air flow coming from the south-east which has brought up some relatively mild weather from countries on the continent such as France and Germany. ‘It’s unusual that the temperatures have been higher than average for such a prolonged time. This is going to continue over the next few days. ‘However, we’re only into our second week of November so it’s too early to tell whether it will be the hottest.’ The Met Office said the average central England temperature for the first half of this November has been 10.7C - almost 3C above average. Records began in 1659 and cover the area between London, Manchester and Bristol. Forecasters expect the average temperature for the whole of November remain above average. Positive Weather Solutions senior forecaster Jonathan Powell said: ‘After a very mild first half of November including a spring-like weekend - and with an unusually-warm second half of November ahead - this month is on course to be one of the warmest on record, if not the warmest.’

Forecaster Brian Gaze of The Weather Outlook added: ‘The mild southerly winds causing this unusually-mild autumn are proving incredibly stable and difficult to shift, with no imminent arrival of winter ahead.’ This month’s average temperature so far has been almost as warm as May’s normal temperature of 11.2C. Autumn’s remarkable run of weather has already included the sixth warmest September and eighth warmest October on record. The warm weather is also being heralded for the unexpected blossoming of crops and wildlife. Matthew Oates, a National Trust ecologist, told the Sunday Telegraph: 'Our countryside is much more flowery than it should be.' Meanwhile, frogs who usually reserve their croaking for months between May and June, are being heard a month before Christmas. He added: 'These are sounds really more associated with when they breed, they are normally more vocal in May and June.' The mild weather has seen several sightings of a higher wildlife count with Rutland Water reserve in Leicestershire, welcoming more than 30,000 birds as a result of the better temperatures. While strawberries have been spotted fruiting near Oxford and tomatoes ripening in gardens in north London.

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Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on November 15, 2011 at 7:18pm

Here´s a report from Scandinavia begun November 4th  :


I´ll link this, here

Comment by Planet Twelve on November 15, 2011 at 5:54pm

They've been recording weather statistics here since 1659! And they are likely to be broken!! Unpredictable weather extremes for Man. But the Zetas predicted it all. And we have seen the same domino like fall of similar weather related records occurring in many countries around the world, season by season. It has been the year of deposed weather records.

Thanks Sevan.

Comment by Sevan Makaracı on November 15, 2011 at 4:53pm

and wobble i think. 

"...they have all been recorded in the last week or so..."

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on November 15, 2011 at 4:04pm

Thank you Sevan.  A lean to the left?


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