Recent seismic activity around the African plate shows the trend of the Africa roll. 

The edge of the African Plate was outlined with quakes, occurring in the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and of course the Gulf of Aden.

The Zetas have described the roll of the African Plate as a dropping down of the plate as well as a twist of the top to the east. As the Atlantic Rift pulls apart in the southern hemisphere, the Africa Plate has room to drop down a bit, pushing into the Atlantic Rift near S Africa. This eases the pressure on the Mediterranean, during the roll. 

Source: ZetaTalk Newsletter, Issue 212, Sunday, November 21, 2010


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Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on September 6, 2011 at 10:36am

Also see this blogpost by Darren, showing LAND MOVEMENT around Africa (and S America).

Graphs from gps-stations

Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on May 22, 2011 at 6:59pm

and again, yesterday, The Atlantic Rift is being tugged hard :  

we got a Mag 5 on the Northern Mid-Atlantic Rift, off the coast of Africa in the afternoon :"/>

(after a Mag 6 on the Central Mid Atlantic Rift on May 15th, also and also on the map)) 


then, in the evening, May 21st., the Grimsvötn Volcano erupted, triggering about 50 minor earthquakes at the same time !  Kris H had this blog up and running, shortly thereafter :

The steam-and-ash-plume reached more than 20 kilometres way up into the Stratosphere already 3 hours after the initial eruption, and authorities monitoring it stated that apparently the ash from this one is heavier than the ashes from Eiyafjällajökull which erupted last year on April 16th, closing down most north European airports for many weeks thereafter. 

This midday, authorities stated that Keflavik International Airport has now closed for all air traffic. If the SE winds continue, likely we shall see Norway closing airports next...

Keflavik Airport : is home to and hub for Icelandair airlines, which were - during the ´sixties and ´seventies known as "the backpackers´airline" and serve many airports in North America, mainly Bostan (Logan Massport) , Minneapolis/St Paul and San Fransisco. It is very popular to divide the journey across the Atlantic with a stopover of about an hour at Keflavik Airport..

As you can see from the present site, all flights are shown as cancelled, plus they headline a GRIMSVOTN Volcanic Eruption - Latest Information - heading..


Schedule. Time Estimate. Time From Flight Nr. Status
15:00 18:00 London Heathrow FI451 Cancelled 
15:10 18:00 Amsterdam Schiphol FI503 Cancelled 
15:10 18:00 Copenhagen FI205 Cancelled 
15:15 18:00 Bergen Flesland\Stavanger Sola FI338 Cancelled 
15:20 18:00 Stockholm Arlanda FI307 Cancelled 
All arrivals


Schedule. Time Estimate. Time To Flight Nr. Status
16:10 16:10 London Heathrow FI454 Cancelled 
16:10 16:10 Copenhagen FI216 Cancelled 
16:25 16:25 Stockholm Arlanda FI312 Cancelled 
16:25 16:25 Oslo Gardermoen FI324 Cancelled 
16:50 16:50 Washington (Dulles Intl) FI645 Cancelled 


official statement :

more updates later.


Southern Rift : 

Jamaica earthquake + Mona Passage/Carribean

Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on May 15, 2011 at 1:29am
thanks Kojima !  - slowly warming to look like South America !
Comment by Sevan Makaracı on May 14, 2011 at 1:11pm

14 May 2011;

Comment by Selim KARABIYIK on May 12, 2011 at 9:48pm
Thanks Kojima for pointing out significant plate movements in the region.
Comment by Swirling Moons on May 12, 2011 at 6:12pm

Daily M4+ earthquakes listing

Earthquakes list May 12, 2011

Not dangerous : Oceans, Ecuador, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Indonesia (Sumatra), Fiji, Chile, Iran, Philippines


Earthquakes list May 11, 2011

Very dangerous : SPAIN (Lorca)
Not dangerous : Japan (aftershocks), Vanuatu (aftershocks), Fiji, Samoa, Philippines, Bolivia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Tonga

Earthquakes list May 10, 2011

Not dangerous : New Zealand, Philippines, Japan (aftershocks), Indian Ocean, Mariana Islands, Chile, New Caledonia / Vanuatu / Loyalty Islands, South Sandwich Islands, China, Japan (Western Honshu)

Earthquakes list May 9, 2011

Moderately dangerous : IRAN, NEW ZEALAND
Not dangerous : Mariana Islands, Japan (aftershocks), Alaska, Indonesia, Southern Ocean, Philippines

Earthquakes list May 8, 2011

Moderately dangerous : GREECE, IRAN
Not dangerous : Japan (aftershocks), Fiji, Tonga, Indonesia, Pacific Ocean, Argentina, China

Earthquakes list May 7, 2011

Not dangerous : Taiwan, Japan (aftershocks), Myanmar, Indonesia, PNG, Chile, Peru, Fiji, Taiwan

Earthquakes list May 6, 2011

Not dangerous : Japan, Aftershocks, New Zealand (North Island), PNG, Fiji, Indonesia, Jamaica, China, Taiwan, PNG, Fiji

Earthquakes list May 5, 2011

Not dangerous : Indonesia, Tibet, Japan (aftershocks), Alaska, Fiji, Indonesia, Argentina, Spitsbergen area, Mexico, Alaska

Earthquakes list May 4, 2011

Not dangerous : Russia (Kamchatka), Japan (aftershocks), Indian Ocean, Vanuatu, Indonesia (Sumatra), China (Tibet) / India
Comment by Sevan Makaracı on May 12, 2011 at 6:01pm

Thank you for this very informative post. I just want to add 4.7m eq happened at Central Iran about 90 minutes ago.


Comment by Swirling Moons on May 12, 2011 at 5:47pm

ZetaTalk: Africa Roll

Written October 16, 2010

Reading Z's answers to Oct 9 chat, made me think. Quoting: The sequence of events is, thus:
1. a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with Indonesia sinking,
2. a folding Pacific allowing S America to roll,
3. a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing Africa to roll and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,
4. great quakes in Japan followed by the New Madrid adjustment,
5. which is followed almost instantly by the tearing of the north Atlantic Rift with consequent European tsunami.

If so, the drop of Mediterranean floor (3.) will probably trigger a tsunami in Mediterranean as well. If so, Europe will actually experience two tsunamis: first sloshing East Spain, South France and West Italy (and Africa) and second (the one Z's probably refer to as European tsunami) sloshing West Spain and Portugal, West France, UK, Ireland, Benelux and northern Europe states. Is that correct?

Also, European plate goes into African at Crete, so rolling of Africa will likely affect the Greek islands, too. Can we expect major quakes there and Santorini to abruptly erupt, or is this "scheduled" for later stages? How far can pushing of Greece go, will it also cause Balkans to slide under Italy at this stage and Italian vulcanos to erupt?

The Z's also hinted at "Middle East inferno" a while ago. With some underground fires featured in last week's newsletter, I guess, they are not far either. Where do that inferno fit in? I'd say it follows rolling of Africa in step 3., which makes room for middle east adjustments? On the other hand, tipping of Indo-Australian Plate in step 1. gives some room for middle east adjustments, too?

The fact that the African Plate, during previous rolls, created mountain building can be seen on a relief map. Morocco and Algeria have mountains due to the rolling in the past. One can see in the mountains of Spain and Italy and the Balcans and Turkey that this was the case there, too, in the past. The Alps themselves were built during previous African rolls. But this time the African Plate will drop away significantly, slipping to the south during the roll. This movement is possible because as the South Atlantic Rift tears open, there is room for the tip of Africa to slid into that void, thus dropping the entire African Plate as it rolls. The African Plate not only moves to the south during this process, it also further to the west, although the southern portion of Africa moves more in this direction more than the parts abutting the Mediterranean.

That said, why would the floor of the Mediterranean just above Algeria be more vulnerable than other areas during this roll? The border of the African Plate slices across northern Algeria, and thus when the plate rolls and drops, the Mediterranean floor there will suddenly find itself unsupported. Where the land mass housing Morocco and Algeria will not lose elevation, in the main, retaining its floatation strength to ride on the magma beneath, the floor of the Mediterranean is of a different composition. It will sink there, unsupported on the African side where the plates will pull apart. The Mediterranean coastline of Algeria will then find more than tsunami worries as they will have a loss of elevation by 12 feet or more. Their coastline is not part of the African Plate. What sinks and what continues to float on the magma beneath is a factor of the rock density, and the floor of the Mediterranean above Algeria has only been floating as it has due to the connection with the African Plate. Elsewhere, where the Mediterranean floor spreads during the roll, the floor is either too deep for a change to be noticed or at a distance from the plate border.

Tsunami will not occur to any ostensible degree because there is a void being created, where the waters will rush. However, turmoil and wave action can be anticipated. The shifting of the African Plate will also not incite any mountain building in Italy or the Balcans or Turkey, as the northern edge of the African Plate is not the solid, jutting line through the center of the Mediterranean that mankind assumes. The sea is deep there, to the south of Italy and the Balcans and Greece, and for good reason. This part of the great plates has fractured in the past, so that many fault lines lie under the surface, unknown to man until dramatic plate movements begin. The roll of the African Plate during the 7 of 10 scenarios thus spares all but the Mediterranean floor above Algeria! The roll will incite the Arabian Plate to roll also, to some degree, as across from Egypt there will be pressure, but further down the Red Sea there will be a tearing apart, inviting the Arabian Plate to migrate in this direction. However, this is not the disaster we have predicted for Iraq, not yet. Nor will the Afar Triangle, the African Rift Valley, experience changes all that dramatic during this roll.

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Comment by Swirling Moons on May 12, 2011 at 3:55pm

Kojima, I think these posts of yours are excellent!! Most informative, and easy to peruse.


Thank you!!

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