My question relates to timeframe, and while I see that more precise timings will not be released until the establishment comes clean, my question is would they not already be able to calculate based on the fact that they have access to the information regarding this event, its trajectory, its mass, its velocity? Yes, its obvious that they are withholding information from the general public regarding the fact that we are not alone, but surely they have teams of experts working on the eta of the arrival of planet X? While they may be arrogant enough not to understand the implications and the mechanics of the Pole Shift, and still think they will be safe in their prepared bunkers, I would think they at least have a rough idea of when to run and duck for cover. Maybe I have missed something in my readings on this site which would better explain and so apologize in advance if I have overlooked the answer. I understand the element of doubt regarding ETs being maintained as I have seen reactions first hand to the idea being rolled out in some communities, but there must be a way of getting through to the people in general of how urgent the need is to prepare without giving an actual date and which would promote disclosure thus helping the general populace?

Informing the common man IS being done, via contact. As we have recently explained, almost all reincarnating entities have become contactees in recent years, and even many humans who do not yet have sparked souls have become contactees. Nevertheless, giving out a date is not done! This is because contact is recorded in the subconscious and the soul of the contactee, and many if not most have some recall of their contact. The date, so desperately sought, would be an item the conscious would probe for, endlessly, and if the conscious sensed the subconscious held this jewel, there would be no end to the probing. Thus, those in the Service-to-Self would invariably discover the date and use this to their advantage.

There is a commonly held belief that our mission here, the goal of the visitors in general and the Council of Worlds, is to "save mankind". This may be the goal of an individual human, to save themselves, or the goal of those who would be kings in the Aftertime, to save their worker force, but it is not the goal of those in the Service-to-Other who are in attendance on Earth during her Transformation. Earth is a schoolhouse, just one of countless worlds in 3rd density that sparks young souls and allows them to sort out their spiritual orientation. The goal in all human/alien interactions on Earth is thus to facilitate the schoolhouse!

What some have called the "prime directive" during alien interactions is what we have termed the Rule of Non-Interference. This means that unless an exception has been granted by the Council of Worlds, mankind should be allowed to proceed with their agendas in order to learn from their actions. This is a self-study schoolhouse, one where at most the Birthing Guides have placed the young soul in an incarnation that will facilitate their most pressing lessons, and where the Spirit Guides are in attendance for counseling when the Call is given, but otherwise do not interfere. Mankind is allowed to savage each other, pollute, and grieve or gloat as a result.

Those in the Service-to-Self among men are of course desperate to learn the date, and are endlessly pressing for clues. Their motives are many, but involve keeping their creature comforts as long as possible, and keeping control over others to the greatest extent possible. If they dash to their bunkers too soon, then their control over others in the larger world diminishes, and they also risk showing their hand, revealing the location of their bunkers. All attempts to use NASA or other scientific disciplines to project the trajectory and approach of Planet X to date have failed, proven worthless. Thus they hang on every word Nancy types, and would torture contactees if they thought the common man were being given the date.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 3, 2012

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Comment by Kris H on March 4, 2012 at 2:30am
The 2nd paragraph of this ZT should be written in bold. I've seen many comments on this ning that show no understanding of the concept there. I am glad they clarified it again.
Comment by Kojima on March 3, 2012 at 12:10pm

Thanks so much, Gerard. Thank you very much, Nancy/Zetas.

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