The Philippine Plate likewise tilts its eastern side up, dropping its western side down.

Dec 20, 2013


Mendana, an engineer, said some of the town’s islands are now “flooded during high tide by 1.4 meters,” while some islands are now “fully flooded during high tide,” a phenomenon he attributed to the “upliftment” of some land areas in Maribojoc and Loon towns, and the “subsidence” in the land elevation here after the tremor.

In Punta Cruz, Maribojoc, sources from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau noted the “upliftment” of the coastal area there by at least 1.5 meter, drying up what used to be a seabed with shellfish and corals.

“Now we have to walk some 100 meters to reach the sea, and we now get direct to the dive site,” Punta Cruz barangay chairperson and resort operator Lourdes Endo said in an interview. “I miss the waters around here.”

Since the seawater near the shore is gone, “shellfish gathering” has become a thing of the past in that part of Bohol, Maribojoc executive chief of staff Oscar Valles, told Beck’s team in a briefing Dec. 9 at the town hall.



ZetaTalk: Folding Pacific

Written November 27, 2010


The folding of the Pacific plates that accompany the sinking of Indonesia during the 7 of 10 scenarios involves, as we have explained, the Mariana and Philippine plates tilting and flattening westward. This is nothing more than an existing trend, so is just a matter of the plates moving along faster in the direction they are already going. The Mariana Trench is a zone where the Pacific Plate is subducting under the Mariana Plate. The Pacific Plate curves down at this point, plunging under the Mariana Islands which ride on the Mariana Plate. The trench will be suddenly closed, so that rather than a trench there will be the Pacific Plate scraping along the Mariana Plate, and giving the Mariana Islands a temporary boost up as the plate tilts during this process. The Mariana Plate, thus tilted, will slide its western edge down along the Philippine Plate, as the Mariana Plate subducts under the Philippine Plate and this process will now be accelerating. The Philippine Plate likewise tilts its eastern side up, dropping its western side down. The exaggerated tilt accelerates the subduction of the Mariana Plate, and also accelerates the subduction of the Philippine Plate under the tongue holding Indonesia. The tilting of the Philippine Plate give the Philippine Islands a temporary boost up also, as these islands ride on the eastern edge of the tongue holding Indonesia. Meanwhile, the tongue holding Indonesia has been plunged down, ultimately pulling both the Mariana and Philippine plates down as they fold so the Mariana Islands do not have a permanent boost in elevation. Nancy has explained this as a deck of cards, scattered on a table top, being pulled together into a deck. The plates are folded against one another.


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