The Coming Announcement re Planet X! (NEW ZetaTalk)

The Zetas have described a pending announcement, most likely by Obama, since June 16, 2012. They say there is a 93% probability this will occur. What will this mean for Gerard's Pole Shift ning and ZetaTalk fans worldwide? This was asked during the 9/2 Q&A and I am posting the ZetaTalk answer early. Who knows, the announcement may come tomorrow!


It is well known that the establishment has been warning the populace of the coming catastrophe to Earth for many years through their collaboration with Hollywood and apocalypse type movies. Although the movies have covered many different type of extinction level events (ELE) for Earth, none have specifically mentioned a pole shift caused by the arrival of Planet X. I know there is currently a battle going on between the Council of Worlds and the establishment as to notifying the people of Earth of the incoming 12th planet and the disasters it will create. I recently watched "The Event", an NBC mini-series consisting of 22 episodes that was suddenly cancelled after 10 episodes, citing low ratings. However, all 22 episodes are still available on NBC and also Netflix. The final chapter entitled the "Arrival" depicts the arrival of Planet X as the actual event that decimates the population. The series received very good ratings from Netlix viewers and led me to watch all 22 episodes. However, one need only watch the last 10 minutes of the final episode to see what the establishment did not want released just yet. It is very much worth watching to see their depiction of the "event". Was this sudden cancellation of the series last May 2011 by NBC due to the establishment changing its mind about preparing the public for an actual disclosure? Is the establishment under some sort of order to warn the population of what is coming and use Hollywood to do this, albeit in a subliminal fashion?
[and from another]
The plot centers on a group of extraterrestrials, some of whom have been detained by the United States Government for sixty-six years since their ship crashed in Alaska, while others have secretly assimilated among the general populace.

The establishment, primarily the CIA arm, has used Hollywood to spin the message on aliens and the pending passage of Planet X to their liking. Except for Spielberg’s hallmark movies ET and Close Encounters, which told the truth, the spin has been a lie. The CIA, via the movies and TV series, assert that aliens are here to squirt acid, colonize, and eat mankind. The truth about the pending passage of Planet X and what the Earth’s geography reports is likewise skewed. The Earth changes that man is facing – disturbed magnetosphere, slowing rotation, fireballs from the sky, high tides, shifting plates, and rising sea level – are all given a cause other than a passing planet.

If one wants proof that the CIA has dictated the Hollywood agenda, look no further than this for proof. Why else would a passing planet be verboten? The Event was approved because it presented the alien presence as something to be feared, the aliens seductive but planning to wipe out mankind. But the CIA made it clear to the producers that the story line must STOP before it came too close to depicting the actual passage of Planet X. Thus, as the cover-up crowd is planning to announce
that indeed there is a rogue planet in the vicinity responsible for the rise in earthquakes, volcanism, and erratic weather, there has been NO VOICE explaining how the Pole Shift and Last Weeks will unfold – except ZetaTalk.

In that ZetaTalk has been suppressed mightily by the cover-up crowd, media sources TOLD not to feature Nancy and Coast to Coast told to limit her appearances to only once every few YEARS, they are hoping to steer the attention
after the announcement to their hand-picked puppets, those who have cooperated with the cover-up. After years of stating that Planet X did not exist,
or was perhaps way out in space somewhere (anywhere BUT near the Sun where it was showing up regularly in photos and even on the SOHO and Stereo images), these spokes persons will be put forth to explain what the announcement means for the anxious public. How will this play out?

Since the public has in the main been unfamiliar with the concept of Planet X, which has been presented as a conspiracy theory promoted by a crazy woman in Wisconsin, they will be trying to sort it all out. NASA has had two of their senior folk state in print, published by major media sources, that Nancy Lieder should not get their ear. Nancy was the ONLY person
so singled out, yet now when she is proven correct, the public should listen to the liar NASA rather than Nancy? Even if the Internet is scrubbed of such evidence, this evidence is in too many hands to be eliminated, and is in the memory of too many to be forgotten.

ZetaTalk not only has a dozen mirror sites, it has long encouraged the public to secure their own copy, and hundreds have done so. Attempts to take down the mirror sites some months ago failed, as we intervened. There are over a million avid fans, worldwide, all of whom have THEIR networks, and thus all this will go viral as though set on fire when the announcement is made. The million fans will become a billion, overnight. The establishment cannot stop this, unless they close the Internet down entirely, which as we have repeatedly explained, will not happen.

Thus, at first, the public will get familiar with some new faces, explaining the history of Nibiru and putting the establishment’s spin on what the passage will involve. But simultaneously they will be hitting the Internet, and even by manipulating Google’s search results so that Nancy and ZetaTalk are pushed down, the chatter of a billion fans, most of them NEW, will overwhelm this suppression. It is frankly too late for the establishment to kill Nancy and ZetaTalk. They have tried for years - through ridicule and countering the truth with lies, by putting forth alternative spokespersons and forcing the press to ignore ZetaTalk - and not succeeded in stamping it out. The truth, pure and simply, is hard to stamp out.

Thus, faced with seemingly ignoring the OBVIOUS, the establishment controlled media will be faced with a choice.
1. Continue to ignore Nancy and look like they are controlled, and that the truth is STILL being withheld, or
2. Feature Nancy with her history, accuracy track record, timeline failures such as the 2003 passage and 7 of 10 delays, and the ZetaTalk description of what to anticipate during the Pole Shift.
They will chose the second option after a few days, in essence forced to do so.  

Prior ZT:
Human lookalikes are a common theme in alien lore, and for good reason. A number of alien races cannot be distinguished from humankind, at least not at a superficial glance. Pleiadeans and Nordics and the Men in Black look human, though genetically they could not interbreed successfully, such are their differences. The early members of MJ12, who are still highly influential in human society, were aghast. They feared a takeover from within.

Prior ZT:
We, the Zetas, have mentioned a pending announcement by Obama a number of times, and would estimate the probability that this will happen at 93%. Obama is clearly leading in the polls, and no one could accuse him of fabricating the issue to increase his electability, which will if anything increase.

Prior ZT:
The cover-up is poised to make an announcement, by Obama, a worldwide broadcast announcing the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, nearby. When such an announcement is made, the cover-up is most concerned about maintaining control of the message. In that ZetaTalk has been on target since its birth in 1995, even tracking Planet X into the inner solar system in 2003 with documented evidence, it cannot be disputed. It is also too widely known to be eliminated and has proven resistant to being discredited. But there are dozens of individuals, generating their own prophecies and garnering their own following, who will try to grab the stage.

Prior ZT:
What would be the outcome of admitting that there is a planet in the inner solar system?  They could make a general announcement. They could have Obama make this.  He could explain that the issue had been under security directives to avoid panic but that it is coming closer and becoming more obvious and they feel that the public needs to know. They could present diagrams showing where Planet X is positioned, and explain what it’s doing to the Earth, causing the wobbling and weather changes. They would say they’re not sure what the outcome will be but that the public will be kept informed, then walk off the podium and let some scientist take over to explain all the details.

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Comment by Yves Noel on September 6, 2012 at 4:12am

Yes we have to be prepare, yes we have to be concerne, yes we have to tell others, but if I relate to my present time in each moment, I beleive that life will let me know in advance when to react. Everyday, every moment, life shows us the way to do. Why should it be different when the time will come?? Life permit to see by Nancy and all participants where things seems to move and what seems to arrive for another rendez-vous soon! Faith can move mountains, right? So why so many changes in the scenario annonced sometime ago? Well our intentions and thoughts and sincere desire are a base of faith and faith can...If ET can help or deviate or modify in good or bad ways, why can't we? Life is way over knives and guns and shelters, etc..Gerard said many times that we are moving in a spiritual world and we haven't seen much yet. We are the scripters and producers and actors of the life, Maybe you already got the script on hand or one day you will get it and at that time please follow it. Its about your relation with your mission and the eternity. Excuse my English...

Comment by Ryan Giorgis on September 5, 2012 at 11:58pm

lets all remember that when/if this announcement is made, many things will disappear of many shelves in many stores in many locations, and fast.  get your #$%@ !!!    much love:)

Comment by Wayne wilson on September 1, 2012 at 12:28am
I just saw the John Moore show with another warning about an economic collapse in the middle of October. I know that while Moore is legit and that his informant is not, I can't help but to speculate that TPTB will cause an economic collapse to keep the common man occupied with civil unrest and to declare marshal law while he goes running for his bunkers. I feel that this will be how it will play out.
Comment by Matt Samson on August 30, 2012 at 2:58am

I'm thankful for  Nancy and the Zeta's who have worked so diligently to make all this information available to your average person, like my self. Also thankful for the posters and moderators of this ning who compile the vast amount of changes out there.

I understand what Stephen is saying, I do feel concerned at what some less than developed spirits might do given such an announcement, though this will pale in comparison to what would occur given that the realization of the pending passage came in the last weeks when PX was visible to all.

It's incredible to think that we are all participating in earth's transformation and for the cover up to break would give people the time to sift through their emotions and come to their own personal orientation decisions during this time, whereas if there were no announcement then fear would likely prevail and push them toward STS polarity. For these reasons I hope for the announcement to be made.

Comment by ann s. on August 29, 2012 at 9:58pm

@Stephen Price  Are you saying that you hope there is no official announcement about Planet X or that it is unlikely?

If it is the former, I am glad the decision is not up to you.  If it is the latter, prepare to be disappointed. 

Most people do not know about Planet X or the pending pole shift, so they cannot prepare physically, mentally, or spiritually because of the long, massive cover up of Planet X. 

Also, please recall that the establishment is essentially being forced to make the announcement or the Council of Worlds will (what form that would take no one knows).

Comment by Lavonne on August 28, 2012 at 8:25pm

and as P12 says "we wait to celebrate!"  Thank you Nancy for pulling this all together!

Comment by Chris Harris on August 28, 2012 at 6:33am

It will be interesting to see what the NASA WISE tele- conference may reveal as a precursor to this disclosure:

NASA Conference 29th August 2012

I suspect they may be connected......

Comment by Corey Young on August 28, 2012 at 4:21am

Kris H, I agree with you totally...based on outside pressure from countries wishing to let there people know, and the RNC/DNC conventions over the next two weeks...the logical time frame for the announcement would be between 9/11 and 10/3 so that it does not confuse the populace.

Good Catch Brother.

Comment by Kris H on August 28, 2012 at 12:10am
Just for fun, I was speculating on when this announcement might come. Given that the Zetas said 93% likely that the announcement will be made, I am thinking that it has already been rehearsed, and that a date has been set. The 7% chance of it not occurring would be in case of some last minute change. Then, the Zetas mentioned how it would affect Obama's campaign, which seems to say that it will come before election day. So that would be sometime in the next 2 months or so.

Next let me assume that this will be a primetime address, during the work week, but not a Friday. This week, we have the GOP convention. I doubt they will pre-empt that event, since it will be accused of being politically timed. Next week is the DNC convention. So that pushes things to the week of 9/11. I am thinking they will wait until after 9/11. The first Presidential debate is on 10/3. I think they will want to make the announcement prior to then. Otherwise it gets a bit too close to election day, and people may be confused, and feel they need to reevaluate things without much time, and may make rash decisions. I kinda like 9/17 or 9/18. I really hope it is sooner, like tomorrow, but I think it will be a few more weeks.

Also, wanted to note that US is probably under a lot of pressure from most other countries who are eager to get this out to their people. It's not just the Earth changes becoming more obvious.
Comment by ann s. on August 27, 2012 at 11:58pm

Far more than "ning members" must read the PS ning.  The number of members is not what is important.  Thanks.

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