The Chronicles of Sabdo Palon Naya Genggong and Jayabhaya

Two Javanese Prophecies on The End of the World


The Chronicles of Sabdo Palon Naya Genggong

Sabdo Palon is the spiritual and the royal advocate of King Brawijaya V (1453-1478), the last Hindu King of Majapahit Kingdom, Java. Sabdo Palon was believed to be a wise being from the other world incarnated on earth to be the spiritual teacher of the Javanese Kings. He left Java for Bali following his disagreement with the King. In Bali his name was changed into Dang Hyang Nirartha. There, he married, reformed Hindu, built Hindu temples and returned to the other world (moksha). [Sabdo means divine word; Palon: a cage lock made of wood] 


Here's the translation of some of it: 

4. "...with Your Excellency, back to sunya ruri (the other world with a higher density). But would Your Excellency please mark my word. One day, after I left, when 500 year's time has come, from then on, I shall replace the religion with Budhi Belief (A belief of doing good deeds) which I shall spread in the land of Java.
5. Those who will not adopt shall I destroy and give to my grandchildren--all kinds of ghouls. I shall not be happy until I have destroyed them all. I will give my sign, the sign of my vow, that is when Mount Merapi erupts and spills its lava...

6. ...south-westward. The lava flow will have a very bad smell. That's the sign of my second coming and my having spread the Budhi Belief. Mount Merapi is my promise, roaring all over the world. By God's Decree all things must take turn, inalterably.

7. Utterly afflicted will be, those who live in the land of Java. Such is the sign of the coming of the year
Lawon Sapta Ngesthi Aji (Lawon: 8, Sapta: 7, Ngesthi: 9, Aji: 1). When one crosses a river is an instance. He is still in the middle of the river when flash flood comes rushing, its depth drowns men. Many people are missing because they die.
8. The danger comes evenly all over the land of Java, created by The Life Giver-- inevitable. Because this world is under the power of God and gods. This serves as a proof that this world was created.

  9. All kinds of dangers destroy the land of Java. All who work get small earnings. The nobility are in distress. Traders make no profits. Working people earn very little. Farmers do not produce enough. Much of their earnings are gone in the forest.

  10. Natural resources are depleting. Pests are abound. Trees are stolen. Their destruction is great for people are fighting over them. There is a moral degradation. When it drizzles, thieves are many. Robbers are many during noon.

11. People themselves are in confusion as they are fighting over food. They abide by no state laws for they cannot stand their hunger pang. A great epidemy follows. The disease is widespread in the land of Java. It seems that one falls ill in the morning and dies in the evening.

12. The epidemy is grievious. People are dead here and there. Rain comes in the wrong season. Strong wind is sweeping hard, toppling all big trees. Rivers are overflowing so much, looking like high tides.

13. Like flood tide climbing inland, destroying left and right. Wood logs are carried by the flood. Those living along the river banks are carried to the sea. Big boulders are also carried with roaring sound

14. Volcanoes are frighteningly roaring. Lava is spilled to right and left, destroying forests and cities. Many men die. Buffalos and cows are gone. All are destroyed without any trace.

15. Earthquakes are occuring seven times a day, making people’s lives difficult. The ground is opening up and ghouls are appearing, dragging men with them into the ground. Men are everywhere whinning in pain. Many are ill. Diseases are of all sorts. Many people cannot
 recover. Most of them are dead. 
16. Thus was Sabdo Palon’s word. He soon disappeared in a wink. He had returned to the other world much to the King's amazement. He stood still for a moment, speechless. He was very remorseful, feeling guilty. But what else he could do. Such was an inalterable fate.

Source: taropost


The Chronicle of Jayabhaya


Maharaja Jayabhaya was the king of Panjalu Kingdom (1042-1222), East Java. He ruled from 1135 to 1157. Jayabhaya was believed to be the incarnation of God Vishnu.

This prophesies about Planet X (mentioned as "The Stingray Star") and the coming of ET (estraterrestrial) troops.

Here's the translation of some of it:  

140. Javanese’s attitudes are like the weeds separated from their chaffs, which is right and which is genuine. No hermits dare to impart the true teachings, lest they meet death.
141. Flash floods are everywhere. Erupted volcanoes are unexpected, giving no signs. One hates a hermit living as an ascetic, having no food and no sleep, for one fears that one’s true self will be exposed.

142. This is truly an upside-down era. One sees a mad time. If one does not get demented, one will not get a share. The healthy ones do mind exercise. Farmers are restrained. Liars are in euphoria. Lucky is one who forgets, but luckier is one who remembers and is alert.

159. By, at least, the closing of the year, with a team of eight bearing a mandate from the king, there will come a god in human body, with the Krishna’s face, armed with a Veda Trident. It’s the sign of the coming of the turning of age. One who borrows pays back. One who owes pays back—a life for a life, a disgrace for a disgrace.

160. Beforehand, there will be a sign from the Stingray Star (Lintang Kemukus). It’s very long, stretching from South to East, lasting for seven nights. It disappears very early in the morning, along with the rising Sun, conjointly with the disappearance of lengthy human’s misery. Such is the sign that God Indra has come down to Earth to help the Javanese.

161. He comes from east of Mount Lawu. On the east is a river. He has a house like that of Gatotkaca, like a dove’s three-storey cot, like a teasing human being. 
162. Many people die from mosquito bites. Many people die from ant bites. There are many sounds without forms. Invisible creatures are marching on, being competitive over the invisible lines, without forms. The leader is the son of God Indra, armed with the Veda Trident. His students become soldiers, who fight without troops and have divine power without amulets.

163. Titled Commander-in-Chief, he seems to wear improper attire. Nevertheless, he can solve people’s troubles who revere a statue that lies on its back. The Chinese remember their masters and are instructed and jump out of their skin.

164. The beloved son of the deceased who lived on Mount Lawu, namely Batara Mukti, or Krishna,
  or Hermukti, is well versed in all knowledge, cutting the land of Java for the second time. Sending out jinns and satans. All invisible creatures gather under his command to help the people of Java, guided by the Veda Trident. So sharp is the holy trinity—true, unbent, and honest—accompanied by Sabdo Palon and Nayo Genggong.

In every Sura month, please welcome Kumara, who has seemed to redeem sins before the Omnipotent. Still young, he is already called an old man, handed down with a thousand Gatotkacas (supermen).
166. His saliva is of fire. His word is proven to be true. One who argues him will surely die, be that old, young or tot. A feeble person asking for anything shall receive. His word shall not last long. Lucky is one who is sure and believes and obeys his word. He is not after the respect of the people of Java but for few.

167. He is good at prophesying like a god. He knows the birth of your grandfather, grand children, and great grandfather, as if he was born on the same date. He cannot be deceived as he can read people’s minds. He is wise, meticulous, and has divine power. He knows something before it happens. He knows your ancestors. He knows the spinning wheel of the Java Era. He knows every human being’s life line. He has no worry of being outdated.

168. Therefore, find such a Knight. He is an orphan with no relatives. He has passed the Javanese Veda. Veda Trident
is his only guidance. The tip of the trident is very sharp. Either he brings death or
  life debt for those who shun bad deeds. Those on the right and on the left reject theft and crimes.
172. This is the way for those who remembers and is alert in the time of Javanese Kalabendu. Do not forbid people to respect a god-like man. Those who hinder will disappear with his whole family. Don’t be mistaken in finding a god. Find a god armed with a veda trident. Such is a god’s gift.

173. He attacks without troops. When winning, he does not humiliate others. People rejoice for the justice of the Omnipotent has come. The king venerates people, armed with the Veda Trident. The monks also venerate. Such is the one in Sabdo Palon's care, who's been bearing the burden of shame but is famous. All seems bright. Nobody complains about lacks. Such is the sign that the Kalabendu is over, changed into a time of grace. It gives strength to the Solar System. All pay high respect.

Padepokan Laskar Putra Langit, Sabdo Palon Lengkap: Hastamitra,  Serat Sabdo Palon in Javanese by Damar Shashangka


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Comment by diju on January 4, 2011 at 11:55am
@Carrie: Yes Carrie. Many Indonesian People believe more in the ancient prophecies as they also speak deeply about true spiritual values, which we are loosing here now. Sadly, the Sabdo Palon prophecy literature has recently been banned by one of the establishment institutions with an unbinding law. Strange. Well, it's just a form of intimidation. (nice try, huh. doesn't work.)

@Selim: True Selim. We are all indeed meant to learn from each other to develop our true spirituality and to learn to live peacefully with each other. Apparently "the end of days" is the only method to force human beings capable to be awakened to awake and prioritize lives.
Comment by Carrie Stevenson on January 4, 2011 at 11:35am
Wow, so these prophecies are over 500 years and 1000 years old.  Just amazing how true they have turned out to be.  Thank you for sharing Diju.  I have heard of Mother Shipton's writings, but nothing from other countries.  This will help us to better understand.  Is the knowledge of these prophecies widespread?
Comment by Selim KARABIYIK on January 4, 2011 at 11:34am

Thanks Dear Diju for sharing your country's ages-old traditional knowledge with us. All parts of the world traditions talk about the same subject: "The End of Days". 



Comment by Deborah on November 21, 2010 at 8:45pm
Diju, that’s so like the Zeta info they very much mirror what is happening in Java, its sad to see, but inevitable and then its our turn, no land left un touched.
7 / 10 soon.
Comment by Jo Vonbargen on November 21, 2010 at 8:27pm
Fascinating stuff! All verified by the Zetas. Thank you for sharing!
Comment by diju on November 21, 2010 at 7:20pm
Not at all. Yes, Nancy. I bet Sabdo Palon was one of Zeta's comrades or one from Council of Worlds... I'm gonna add a little bit more tomorrow.
Comment by Nancy Lieder on November 21, 2010 at 7:03pm
Holy cow. I 'm sitting here with my jaw dropped. Merepi! The floods, taking ALL of Java, the floods affecting the whole country. This lines up SO MUCH with the ZetaTalk prediction about the tongue holding Indonesia dropping!

Thank you for sharing this!

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