TD 12E Leaves 20 Deads, 349 damaged houses and 7600 affected in Guatemala

According to this map there were 72 events caused by TD12E in Guatemala on October 12 before it dissipated.

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The Casualities were: 10 dead in Quetzaltenango, 3 in Jutiapa, 2 Chiquimulilla, Santa Rosa, 3 in Totonicapán, 1 and 1 Suchitepéquez in San Marcos.

On the south coast
Hundreds of people were moved to shelters located in different parts of Retalhuleu.

In La Gomera, Escuintla, about three thousand inhabitants of El Naranjo, Las Cruces, El Terrero, Chontel, chat, The San Quirico and allotment Geronimo were affected by the overflowing of the river Acoma.

Employees of the Municipality of Tiquisate evacuated residents of 27 communities near the beach of El Seed, villages Nahualate El Porvenir and Barra. Among those affected are children under 10 and adults between 60 and 80.

In the last two weeks, 982 families in the neighborhoods of San Miguel, El Centro and El Pescador, Sayaxché, and La Libertad, Petén, affected by the Pasión River, were evacuated to safe places.

Two people were swept away by tributaries in San Bernardino, Suchitepéquez and Malacatán, San Marcos.

In the capital

At the 33rd Avenue, in April and Lomas colony of Eden, Zone 5, Municipal Firefighters rescued David and Douglas Menendez, 19 and 16, and Susana Arriola, 67. At the 30th Avenue, in the same area, two cars were crushed by rocks and mud.

In Veguitas, zone 16, two houses were affected because a tree fell. Migdalia Lopez, affected, said he will remain in a den, because it has nowhere to go.

At mile 29.5 of the route to the Pacific, in The Ceibillo, Amatitlán, tons of sand that fell from a hill blocked the passage.

Volunteer Firefighters rescued 10 children who were traveling in a bus, and five other vehicles were trapped by the sand, which flooded several streets in the municipality.

The highway stretches from Guativil and Las Majadas Cucho San Cristobal, San Marcos, on Route 12-South, are blocked by landslides.

In zone 9 of the head of Huehuetenango, the rain was so great that he could not vent through the sewers and flooded 60 homes, approximately.

Tiquisate, La Gomera, Puerto San Jose, Nueva Concepcion, and Masagua Iztapa, Escuintla, were affected by flooding and road damage.

The water undermined about 20 meters from the road leading to Santa Lucia Milpas Altas to Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez, at kilometer 37.5.


In Moyuta, Jutiapa, Manuel José Arce bridge that joins the customs of Guatemala and El Salvador, lost the approaches due to overflow of Peace River, so there is no passing by that route.

According to the Electricity Distribution Company of the West and East (Deocsa and Deorsa), 130 000 users were left without power since yesterday, due to damage to the distribution network.

In Quetzaltenango, Jutiapa, Suchitepéquez, Santa Rosa, Solola and especially Champerico Retalhuleu-San Sebastian and declared suspension of classes, before possible flooding.


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