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ZetaTalk Q&A for February 25, 2012:

My question is regarding the YouTube strange sounds video posted by Gerard yesterday: On the Strange Sounds blog I posted a response as follows: Not trying to discredit anyone on the Montana video/audio. I believe what is recorded. But I'd really be interested in Zeta feedback on it because it reminds me of what happened in Close Encounters of the Third Kind - the musical sounds that the spacecraft emitted. The sound produced in Missoula is what is called in music a major seventh chord. In the key of C it would be C-E-G-B; in this case with an extra underlying G as the first note. I have a hard time believing that anything in nature could create this without help - possibly ET help. The notes are played separately up the scale/chord and then down the scale/chord. Could the Zetas please comment on what the source might be?


Missoula lies in a valley between mountain ranges that are riddled with rivers draining the steep mountain sides. If Kiev has multi-tonal trumpets because the reservoir is vibrating, and Belarus has horns because the river there is vibrating, then why should Missoula be exempt? The regions where the vibrating Earth plays music are where water is being vibrated. Elsewhere, it sounds like a roar, like Godzilla rising from the sea and roaming the land. Noise is sound where every frequency is heard. Music is controlled such that harmonics, or coinciding or duplicating frequencies are heard.

That several distinct tones were heard in Missoula, each in turn, only means that the body of water producing them increased its frequency from tone to tone. In Kiev, chords were heard, as more than one arm of the reservoir was set to vibrating. The thrumming or fan beating sound that preceded the Missoula tones was the rock layers being pulled apart, as the N American continent is being pulled into a bow, as we have often explained. As the jerking apart and rebound of the underlying rock layers picked up the pace, the pitchof the music the nearby river produced climbed. Simple as that.



ZetaTalk from the Jan, 21 2012 Q&A:

Strange sounds are heard all over the world! Can the Zetas comment? [and from another] My question pertains to the noises, similar to the ones heard in Kiev, happening over the past week all over the world. Here is a video compilation of some of the places experiencing these noises, some of the videos have been accused of being a hoax, and the essence of my question for the Zetas is; what is going on? I've managed to locate some videos from Australia, posted recently, that seem to verify what others have posted from other users located in different parts of Australia, one of the videos located here. It would appear we are seeing the "Kiev Effect" taking place worldwide now, and only recently on this scale; there is obviously more to this than meets the eye, would the Zetas care to comment?


Where initially only a hum, and only in certain notorious parts of the world, rock under stress has become noisy. Known as the Taos hum, the sound of a diesel engine running somewhere underground was an early entry. Then the Seattle drums entered the arena, rhythmic booming which was ascribed to flapping manhole covers. Booms from snapping and heaving rock were reported in the New Madrid region and humming along the St. Lawrence Seaway increased.

But in 2011, it became clear that where we predicted that the Earth would moan during the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, it was not going to be silent between then and now. The trumpets of Kiev and the horns of Belarus went viral on the Internet, followed quickly by a roar over Tampa Bay that sounded like Godzilla emerging from the sea. Now, in early 2012, this has spread to the drums of Costa Rica and the howl of Alberta and the Borneo snore.

Where is this leading? At least half the Earth, at any given point in time, will be having some sort of tension in its rock. Clapping and grinding fault lines, vibrating bodies of water, trembling rock strata resisting being pulled apart, and snapping rock under compression or being bent. All will be noisy, and the most likely reaction among those who hear it will be to conclude that the End Times have arrived. However known in various cultures around the world, allhave some reference to the coming times. The establishment will be unable to explain away these sounds, and once again the Internet will be sought and will lead inevitably to our explanations.



Is it the mysterious sound of the so-called coming Apocalypse? Some think that the mysterious sound heard in Costa Rica at around 12:30am this morning is exactly that.

Ronny Quintero, a seismologist said the event should be studied at the exact time and location of the anomalies to determine with certainty that there was no earthquake. He added that depending on the location of those who claim they heard the rumble or ”The Hum” it is easy to dismiss the possibility of tectonic movements.

This news has rattled the social web whereas Costa Ricans and the world over are scrambling to figure out what this mysterious sound could have been. Authorities have yet to comment on the subject although OVSICORI, the Costa Rica Volcanologist and Seismologist Organization is saying there is no Earth movements recorded at the time of the strange sound.

Here is a YouTube video showing how it sounded.

It is important to note that this is not the wind nor was it filmed anywhere near the ocean. The sound was heard throughout the entire country from Heredia to Perez Zeledon.

(rise the volume) :

Strange Sound Heard Throughout Costa Rica
January 11, 2012
Is it the mysterious sound of the so-called coming Apocalypse? Some think that the mysterious sound heard in Costa Rica at around 12:30am this morning is exactly that. It is important to note that this is not the wind nor was it filmed anywhere near the ocean. The sound was heard throughout the entire country from Heredia to Perez Zeledon. The Costa Rica Volcanologist and Seismologist Organization is saying there is no Earth movements recorded at the time of the strange sound.


ZetaTalk from the Jan, 14 2012 Q&A:

There is a subset of the Caribbean Plate called the Panama Plate, though this subset moves as one with the Caribbean Plate. Nevertheless, there is a fault line running through Costa Rica, and during the incessant pressure of the slow moving S American roll fault lines can pull apart and bang back together again, like clapping. As the recent cold spells in India reveal, the N Pole of Earth is pushed violently away when the Sun is over New Zealand and the magnetic N Pole of Earth (currently over Siberia) comes up over the horizon. This equates to midnight in Costa Rica, which is when the drums were heard. Residents there should get used to these midnight drums, which will be with them for some time.

Please collect Strange Sounds, Earthquake-lights and the like, in this Post.

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Comment by Eleanor Hjemmet on April 15, 2012 at 4:53pm

Why would an educated person in a region familiar with earthquakes say you only "hear" an earthquake when you're directly over the epicenter!  EVERY earthquake I have experienced, small ones in eastern Massachusetts (1963) and the NC mountains (1980's) were always accompanied by loud booms plus a shake.  The epicenters were at least 30 miles away!  Saying doesn't make it true!

Excerpt from below: 

San Diego State University Professor Emeritus Pat Abbott felt and heard it and stepped outside his home.

“The only time you hear an earthquake is when you’re directly over the epicenter,” Abbott said.

Comment by Gerard Zwaan on April 15, 2012 at 1:38pm
Comment by Howard on April 13, 2012 at 11:30pm

Mystery Boom in San Diego, CA (April 13) -

NBCSanDiego received a number of reports from residents of a shaking or a loud noise just before 9 a.m.

The U.S. Geological Survey has not reported a nearby earthquake.

Officials at MCAS Miramar said the noise or vibration was not a sonic boom from their aircraft.

Reports came in from different sections of the county including La Mesa, University City, Point Loma, Paradise Hills and La Jolla.

Marielle Bravo-Saltzman of Carmel Valley posted to NBCSanDiego's Facebook page, "I felt a shake at 8:38, but no boom."

Paul Prince of Pacific Beach sent a note to @nbcsandiego via Twitter "All my windows shook in the PB area..."

San Diego State University Professor Emeritus Pat Abbott felt and heard it and stepped outside his home.

“The only time you hear an earthquake is when you’re directly over the epicenter,” Abbott said.

In his opinion, the sound was atmospheric.

Thunder and lightning were in the forecast Friday, but NBC 7 Meterologist Jodi Kodesh looked into it and said there weren't any storm cells near the area producing thunder and lightning at that time.

When lightning strikes, the discharge of energy can be felt 5 to 10 miles away as a rumble or a boom, Kodesh said.

The closest rumble of thunder at the time would have been north of Los Angeles.

Sometimes, a military exercise known as chaff can cause a similar sound.

Strips of metal foil dropped by an aircraft are used to temporarily hide an aircraft from radar detection.

The National Weather Service couldn't confirm if the sound was a result of chaff and an MCAS Miramar official told us he was not aware of possible chaff in the area.

Comment by Mark on April 13, 2012 at 10:09am

Yet another boom in the UK, heard over a large area,  blamed on sonic booms caused by fighter jets, while those on the ground think it could have been an explosion or an underground tremor.


Comment by Howard on April 12, 2012 at 5:29am

Mystery Booms in Falls Church, Virginia -

Strange sounds were caught on tape in Falls Church, Virginia in the dead of night. Suddenly a series of loud booms can be heard. They sound like the clanging of construction, but the "ear witness" claims that's impossible.

She also rules out the highway nearby as the source. If it was the highway, that must have been one terrible crash. Which happens over and over again every few seconds.

These mystery booms sound much more like what residents of Clintonville, WI, experienced last month for over a week, causing them to lose a lot of sleep. They also happened at night. Can these weird sounds be related?

Comment by Alison on April 8, 2012 at 12:07am
Comment by Carlos on April 6, 2012 at 5:50am

Strange sounds in Mexico and Miami

Comment by Howard on April 5, 2012 at 11:20pm

"The Hum" in Ireland ongoing for the past year -
Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Locals despair as ‘The Hum’ makes life a living hell.

IT’S there. All day, every day; all night, every night.

But nobody has even the remotest idea of what it is or what could possibly be causing it.

It has become known simply as The Hum, which is the only description despairing locals can find to adequately describe a constant, pulsating, low-frequency noise, the source of which cannot be traced, despite best efforts.

When frustrated residents in the tranquil Kerry parish of Beaufort went public to tell how their lives have been made a living hell by the mystery noise — which is ringing in their ears all day and disrupting their sleep by night — little did they know the impact it would have.

Fascinated audiologists with sophisticated detection equipment made a beeline for the remote townland of Glencuttane, 15km from tourist hotspot Killarney, at the foot of Carrauntoohil mountain.

Excitable, self-described ghosthunters weren’t far behind and much to the annoyance of residents, some media rather impishly devised conspiracy theories that ranged from mildly amusing to ridiculous.

But the saga finally got the official platform locals insist it deserved in recent days when South Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae raised the matter in the Dáil, via a series of parliamentary questions directed at Phil Hogan, the environment minister.

"I asked the minister to send out people to try and come to the bottom of it," said Mr Healy-Rae, who personally heard the noise when he met with disgruntled locals.

But Mr Hogan could offer no solution and little consolation other than to advise the residents to voice their concerns to Kerry County Council’s environment office and an investigation might be sanctioned.

The official response has been lambasted by Mr Healy-Rae as "away with the fairies gobbledygook".

Council engineers have already ruled out a local authority water pumping station as a possible factor and weary locals, now at the end of their collective tether, had already determined that there are no mobile phone masts, windmills or generators in the area that could be the source of the noise.

Furthermore, the ESB has assured them that the problem is not due to any high-tension overhead wires and while sound technicians have been able to confirm that the noise has a vibrating, low frequency, they are no closer to identifying any potential explanation.

Some householders in Beaufort have been hearing the bizarre humming sound since April of last year and, at this stage, they say it is making their lives a complete misery.

"We are nearly gone out of our minds because we can’t get a decent night of sleep and it’s there every day," said one, who described the noise as being similar to a diesel engine ticking over in a nearby field. "There are times when you absolutely can’t ignore it because it’s so present, mostly at night because it’s so quiet."

He said the irritating noise is even more noticeable inside dwellings and despite extensive insulation, houses appear to vibrate, particularly in the stillness after dark.

Rather unusually, not everybody can identify with the low buzzing noise and locals acknowledge that if they gathered 10 people in one room, they estimate that just two would be able to hear it. That said, at least a dozen families over a 5km radius have come forward to divulge that they have been disturbed by the baffling aural interference.

One resident even went to the extreme of seeking help from his family doctor and was relieved to learn that he didn’t have a problem with his hearing.

Others, who can’t sleep at night, have taken to wearing earplugs in an attempt to block out the mystery noise.

In the absence of any logical explanation, there is growing belief by some observers that the noise might possibly be linked to a weird worldwide phenomenon that has become known, simply, as The Hum.

Similar mystery noises, all involving persistent and invasive low-frequency humming sounds, have been reported in many parts of the world and complaints have been voiced by residents in several locations, including England, Russia, New Mexico, New Zealand and Indiana.

Inconclusive research into possible causes for The Hum has been conducted in universities in Florida, Oklahoma and Auckland, but, despite the best efforts of experienced boffins, no real progress has been made.

Beaufort residents are quick to stress, however, that they are not suggesting for one minute that the noise that is impacting so negatively on their daily lives is linked in any way to the humming sounds detected elsewhere.

"We don’t know what it is and it’s as simple as that.

"We’re hoping that we might get some help from somewhere to try and investigate this and see what it might be," said one concerned local.

Comment by Howard on April 3, 2012 at 2:48am

Increasing stress on the Atlantic Rift -

Mystery Booms in Bigouden, France (translated)

March 23, 2012 at 8:31

A "thud" and even "three roar" were heard in heaven Bigouden Wednesday night. A phenomenon that remains unexplained and apparently has repeated last night from north to south of Finistere. And also in Côtes d'Armor and Morbihan. But where do these sounds? [Bring your testimony]

"A thud as if a child was stamping his feet on the wall of the neighbor." Testimonials are legions Bigouden. But not only. Combrit Chateauneuf-du-Faou through Briec, Quimper, Plogastel-Saint-Germain, Pont l'Abbé, Tréméoc, Cockles, Plobannalec-Lesconil or Clohars-Fouesnant, many people on Wednesday to 21h, were intrigued by the phenomenon. Alluded to here "the house (who) just shake three times." We're talking about "three strong rumblings" that "have rattled houses" and even "small awakened." Some, meanwhile, heard "muffled explosions" while others are convinced that this is "an earthquake".

Neither earthquake, nor maneuver

Contacted yesterday, the central office Seismological French (BCSF) states have nothing abnormal registered in this area. And for its size, Chateauneuf-du-Faou Clohars-Fouesnant, the blasts and aftershocks felt "were enregistréess'il was an earthquake, at least three forces". In 2005, Bigoudens remember, an earthquake on the fault south Armorican and a magnitude 3 on the Richter scale had caused the same feelings. What then of these explosions heard and felt? An air-borne? Regional Centre of Western navigation, it is shown not to record this kind of phenomenon.

So, it is with the military that the eyes are. Moreover, some also said they heard a helicopter. Preceded, it is true, "three thumps" recalling "the thunder". One thinks of the aircraft. When questioned, the communications department of the Brest Maritime Prefecture said that there was no Navy operation and even less involving helicopters. Side of the Joint Staff of the area of defense and security northwest (OGZDS), it is formal. Not operating, "no supersonic flight." Bizarre. Especially in March2003, three earthquakes had already hit the Bigouden ... The phenomenon was also remained unexplained.

Comment by Howard on April 2, 2012 at 9:12pm

Map of recent mystery booms -

1.  Clintonville, Wisconsin, March 19 - 27

2.  Montello, Wisconsin, March 20

3.  Ferndale, Michigan, March 31

4.  Barrie, Ontario, March 24

5.  Poconos, Pennsylvania, March 30



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