Seeds, Seeds, Seeds! A reminder , for all members!

It can't be stressed enough : buy your seeds NOW !

If you hav 'nt gathered them by now , take the time...NOW , to do so !!

As far as I know (and I did a lot of research , I can tell you that !) this is the only site where you can order "rare" , truley , native , non GMO , hand-harvested , open polinated , heirloom FIELD & FOREST- seeds.

These wild field & forest food-seeds are super-hardy , naturally resistant to pests , drought , excessive rain ,

(IMPORTANT in the aftertime) , poor soils and will grow almost anywhere............

Do it..........NOW !!!


some 2 cents from a "seed-freak" .

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Comment by Ad Schoenmakers on March 14, 2010 at 1:01pm
Thanks Martin ; as a follow-on I would say : if you can afford it , buy extra seeds. Although you might thinkyou have enough seeds to feed a small village with , bear in mind that not all species will thrive (well). They don't take much volume to store , and , when kept cool and dark , many species will germinate even up to 10 years after buying (if fresh harvested) . Besides that , they also might become a very good barteritem in the aftertime !!!

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