Recent strange phenomena in South America


Steam from the earth scares residents of Teno, Chile
Friday, June 17, 2011

A strange phenomenon has worried residents of Teno in the Maule Region,  yesterday began dating soil vapor and groundwater temperature soared.



Bolivia: Strange Phenomenon, Fire Coming Out Of The Earth

A strange phenomenon affects the town of New Happiness in the municipality of Villa Rivero (Punata).  The fire that leaves the ground and it sinks in an area of ​​approximately 50 square meters, which keeps the residents startled, as these events come with other strange phenomena.
The fire was observed for three weeks, according to the Bolivian press, which reported that Saturday was also presented a motion of the Earth has alarmed people who fled in terror, thinking that everything would collapse.
In the area for five years wiped a water spring and now there are cracks at a depth of no more than a meter, where pieces of land is red hot, emanating smoke constantly.  At times call out for about 20 minutes.
According to the locals explain, first appeared burned the grass in a corner and has continued to advance.  A neighbor is concerned that the fire is running under and which has affected his alfalfa field and to its 300 meters and see new cracks.



Strange natural phenomenon

Monday, June 13, 2011

In the region of Araucania, Chile, a phenomenon has disturbed the neighbors, because in the backyard of a house came a hole containing water at high temperature and emits a strong smell of sulfur.  Residents fear that the case of the eye of a volcano.



A strange phenomenon makes the sea to get away from the beach 60 meters

Posted on 06-16-11

In the area of ​​Yucatan coast, which borders the neighboring state of Campeche, a strange phenomenon occurred caused by a marine ebb, which lasted several hours.
People saw it as a "tsunami" and others said is one of the effects of global warming.  Neighbors recalled that five years ago something similar happened, but this time took less hours.
The sea began to ebb the arrival of Tuesday afternoon, after the rain left a beautiful rainbow in the sky.  Many people took the opportunity to walk along the beach and observe the phenomenon, and collected some shells and snails.
In some areas sea away between 40 and 60 meters from the beach, revealing some artificial reefs, formed many years ago.
Stars, fish and even a seahorse was found by children playing on the beach.
The dry season to see the lower left of the dock structure, very rarely seen.
He said that nearly five pillars of the crumbling pier fishermen, who have always been in the sea, were exposed.
Some tourists who were on the beach at this hour, compared to the area where you will find restaurants and hotels, were surprised to see this phenomenon sailor.




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Comment by Andrew Veresay on June 23, 2011 at 10:14am

this is the same as was in 2010 in India and Iraq - "underground fire"!

probably a sign of subduction?

Comment by Video texas on June 20, 2011 at 9:12pm

I have had a bad feeling about Chili for months now right after the Japan Tsunami so I find this very interesting.

Also note there is a home 167 km to the north of Teno, in San Bernado just outside of Santiago that is experiencing strange fires that start all over in small areas in their home that they,  I think since my spanish is bad, attributing it to ghosts?

I wonder since the earth can not only leak vapors but can it leak some kind of energy beams like radiation or other wavelengths that could cause fires?

Watch the entire fire phenenom video:


Other places in this region that have been grinding on my psychic nerves(How else can I explain it) is the coastal city/area of Navidad which is also oddly midway between this report of Teno and the location of the mystery San Bernado house fires.

How odd, indeed. Bad things in store for this area I expect.

Comment by carlos perez on June 20, 2011 at 6:02pm
Yesterday  in rosarito Mexico you could hear the  earth crumbling, thats scary

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