The Zetas say sickness is on the increase since 2003 when PX entered our Solar System.  This means the first of the populations to show effects of PX health-wise are the sensitives such as animals,  then human sensitives.  As the PS nears all will be dealing with immune system difficulties in some form or another.   

This blog is a recap of information provided by the Zetas about our health.   Hopefully by reading this you will feel better about things and know what to expect! 

The Zetas have confirmed the Red Sky is indicating PX Tail is wafting pollutants to Earth.  See details here and the pic from here.





PX is said to have moon swirls as 'Tubes" of debris.  These sound like space tornado's coiling and roiling in space see Nancy's video on the topic of debris of PX here

“…Planet X is visible in the skies like a roiling dragon, the tail delivers hail and biting red dust.”  This was recorded by the ancient Egyptians during the Jewish Exodus, in the parallel Bible, the Kolbrin. 


The tail of the comet is composed of lighter material toward the tip, as any heavier substances that far from the great comet's gravitational influence are drawn in other directions at one point or another. Thus, the gasses and dust curl toward the Earth, and are first noticeable as a fine red iron dust, turning the water a bitter blood red. …

The tail has dust, gases, stones, boulders, and moons, depending on the size and composition of the entourage at any given point. ……but all else is a massive onslaught on the Earth's atmosphere.

But when the red dust and petrochemical components in the tail waft into Earth's atmosphere where there is free oxygen and nitrogen, chemical reactions not occurring out in space are possible

We have explained that the tail of Planet X, when it wafts the Earth during the pole shift, drops the components of petrochemicals onto the Earth, sometimes while aflame. These petrochemical components have been gathered into the tail during the many passages by Planet X through the Asteroid Belt in the past. These petrochemicals are also the basis of oil deposits on Earth

“Petrochemicals” Definition:

The prefix "petro-" is an arbitrary abbreviation of the word "petroleum"; since "petro-" is Ancient Greek for "rock" and "oleum" means "oil". 

 “Petroleum” Definition:

A thick, flammable, yellow-to-black mixture of gaseous, liquid, and solid hydrocarbons that occurs naturally beneath the earth's surface, can be separated into fractions including natural gas, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, fuel and lubricating oils, paraffin wax, and asphalt and is used as raw material for a wide variety of derivative products.

Petrochemicals are Toxic

  • Many toxins produced by petrochemicals are xenoestrogen’s, meaning that they mimic estrogen in the body and contribute to hormone imbalance with subsequent immune suppression.
  • The body is designed to detoxify itself. However, when external sources of toxicity are added to the mix those normal detoxification processes become overwhelmed. External toxins add to the “total body load”. The liver is the body’s main organ of detoxification. A fully functional liver supports immune system function. The immune system is part of your body’s detoxification arsenal.
  • Toxins cause free radicals that destroy cells in the body and bind to cytokines (immune system information pathways) damaging those immune system pathways resulting in reduced immune system function.

There comes a time when a person’s immune system just can’t handle any more insults and becomes completely overwhelmed. This point is related best by ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ concept. When your toxic threshold is reached, the poisons and microbes start having their way.”

Breathing Petrochemicals

Since the Zetas mention of red dust is now present,   traces of toxic petrochemicals and gasses must also be present.  These end up in our lungs and airways,  on fields,  agricultural crops,  lakes,  streams,  dust under windowpanes and more.   

PX Tail has ‘Decomposition Compounds’

The Zetas mention that a SOUP of new compounds is also in the PX Tail.  This means we are also breathing traces of those compounds along with the substances being in the dust particles everywhere.  Wonder what is contained in that SOUP?  Does not sound pleasing to health in any case. 

This is a Zetas explanation on how a bull suddenly collapsed and died after a PX Tail blob landed nearby…

The components picked up in the past during periodic passages of Planet X through the Asteroid Belt are not simply representative of the life on a water planet, which might be assumed to be vegetative and lower life forms such worms or protozoan. This soup includes the results of decomposition, in various stages.  

What adheres to the tail of Planet X varies according to chemical attraction, so some material is gathered while other material is ignored. Thus, an exploding meteor does not spew forth what one might find in rotting material, as some irritating chemicals are there in excess. Can these chemicals kill?

The report of the bull dropping dead should not be unexpected, as the vapors released when the superheated meteor exploded replaced the normally available oxygen in air. The bull simply suffocated. 

“ Decomposition” mentioned above,   involves Bacteria (past or present)

“Bacteria refer to one-celled microorganisms. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be found everywhere on Earth. Some are helpful, while other types cause harmful infections. One primary job of bacteria is to help break down organic matter when it dies. This process of decomposition is vital to the life of an ecosystem. In order to replicate, bacteria use the process of binary fission. “

Ground Bumping & Jolting - sources of Body Tension, Nausea and Anxiety

The Zetas mention how the 8 of 10 will be continuously shifting us around from plate movement due to the Earth Wobble.  These Plates,  Fault lines and Bowing Effects all act like bumper cars or Elevator rides under us.   Our equilibrium systems are having to adjust and therefore working overtime!  Some thoughts may come to mind like these: ;

Tension = I get this from time to time,it is strange and makes me want to just lay down somewhere. Its like something moved through me and knocked me off balance. … 

Anxiety = Why am I constantly dizzy?!  Is something is wrong with me?: Major vertigo out of nowhere. Lasted about a minute. I am not sick, or coming down with anything. Feel fine now. But, it was strange how it hit out of the blue. …

Nausea = ugh, I am on the verge of being sick to my stomach.  I am so dizzy!: I have been having dizziness and nausea for over 2 months now. Been to the doc for lots of tests, and nothing really. I guess it's good that there's nothing wrong, but the nausea is hard to deal with. …

Physical = My wife has been experiencing abnormalities with her monthly cycles as well, namely in that they are more frequent. She has had tests run and exams at her gynecologist, but everything is normal. …

Could these issues lower our immune system? YES! Constantly!  Allergies, coughing, stomach aches.....

Deep Ground ‘Rumbling’ and ‘Boom’ Sounds

The Zetas mention that the unusual sounds heard around the globe are related to PX effects on Earth.  See:

Low frequency Earth booms and groaning travel through solid materials,  the ground masses vibrate below us in pulsations.  Wonder what effect these have on our immune system? 

Low bass sounds can travel for miles.   Some are too low for the human ear but we may feel the vibration of the sounds.  

Here is a video on the study of Elephants using low sounds to communicate. and also here


In India,  where subducting is taking place under the Himalayas in the 7 of 10,  Elephants are going on rampages!  See an article here.  And a video here:

Dogs also are known to bark and howl just before Earthquakes.  


Earth’s Magnetosphere Contortions

Below is what it looks like when PX is tugs on Earth's magnetosphere.  View more at the Soho and Magnetosphere blog

The magnetosphere sends us a rush of particles around Earth,  wafting to and fro.  Wonder what that effect does to the immune system? 

It is anyone's guess what this stuff does to the system,  but the changes and sensations are probably not great.


Here is some Zeta Talk on the rush of Ionized particle flows shuffling all around:   

Ionized particles within the liquid magma of Earth's core normally cluster at the poles, or around the magnetic solid core of the Earth. They break and mingle with the other magma only under duress, such as the passage of Planet X creates. 

As we have stated, gravity is a particle flow, with outshooting in a laser manner of intense gravity particle streams and a slow drifting back to the surface by the particles. It is the drifting back that creates the phenomenon of gravity, pressure downward, as the outburst goes between atoms and thus does not interact.

Planet X is approaching from a point only somewhat below the ecliptic, at this time, a gravity pull we have described as disturbing the equilibrium.

Newsletter describes the current situation here:

 “Ionized Particles” (mentioned above) Definition:  

Ionized particles are particles that carry a positive or negative charge. This is due to the loss or gain of an electron or electrons. Losing an electron will cause a particle to become more positively charged, while gaining an electron will cause a particle to become more negatively charged.

More about Charged Particles here


Lowered Immune Systems Globally - Statistics

Asthma Increases 

It was hard to find any stats on the world population with asthma.  Here is the UK stats:

 Common Colds and Viruses Increasing

This year 2013 has been extreme!  Schools and workplaces can hardly keep up.    

Vaccines do not vaccinate against many of the unusual bug strains going around.   Some bugs last for weeks on end with little to ease the agony.  Some bugs are antibiotic and medicines resistant.  

Here is are articles on the severity of the rampant flu season this year:

Flu Widespread, Leading a Range of Winter’s Ills

It is not your imagination — more people you know are sick this winter, even people who have had flu shots.

Boston’s mayor, Thomas M. Menino, on Wednesday after he declared the spread of the flu a public health emergency.

The country is in the grip of three emerging flu or flulike epidemics: an early start to the annual flu season with an unusually aggressive virus, a surge in a new type of norovirus, and the worst whooping cough outbreak in 60 years. And these are all developing amid the normal winter highs for the many viruses that cause symptoms on the “colds and flu” spectrum.

Influenza is widespread, and causing local crises. On Wednesday, Boston’s mayor declared a public health emergency as cases flooded hospital emergency rooms.


Superbugs Spreading Faster

“Superbugs” are taking folks by storm!  These bugs can start making us ill in just a matter of hours of contracting the virus.  Some are also antibiotic resistant.  Here is an example of just one virus strain on the rise:

Thousands suffer as UK is swept by stomach bug


A highly infectious stomach bug has claimed thousands of victims as it sweeps across Britain.

The virus has badly affected schools from Cornwall to northern England, and forced the cancellation of surgery at hospitals in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Because it is so infectious, it is a difficult illness to contain, experts say. While there are outbreaks during most winters, levels are higher than usual this year.  Health Secretary Alan Milburn said the Department of Health was ' keeping a close eye' on the spread of the virus. 'It's right to be concerned about it,' he said. 'As I understand it, this is quite a common airborne virus which has hit certain parts of the country in hospitals and schools.  The bug, known variously as Norwalk virus and SRSV (small roundstructured virus), often starts with the sudden onset of severe and explosive sickness.


Doctors Warn of New Stomach ‘Superbug’ Hitting U.S.

“Symptoms come on very suddenly, within hours after a person has been exposed to it.”

While the flu is spread mostly in the air by sneezes and coughs and a person needs to breathe in as many as 1,000 virus particles to get sick, the norovirus is far more contagious. Just 18 norovirus particles can make a person sick.”

“The flu can last two to four hours on hard surfaces outside your body, but the norovirus can survive and remain infectious for weeks.”

Birth Defects and Autism Increasing

Newborns are at risk!  Birth Defects and Autism statistics are staggering!  Read more here:

Given the devastation that will soon occur to the Earth, our advice has been to avoid pregnancy, and to take steps to avoid accidental pregnancy when contraception is not available. 

It is not a time for babies.
And another article:






Albinism Increases

Link to Albinism on the Rise

Albinism,  also on the increase, is another symptom of the increased emanation from the core. The Earth’s interior is magnetic, and responds as does the magnetized crust of the Earth to the approach of Planet X, attempting to approach or escape during the daily rotation of the globe.

if one considers heat particles to be associated with other particles not known to man, and that these particles are escaping, then some sort of logic can be applied. The White Buffalo occurred, on schedule, because of emanations from the core not known to man, as we have stated at the start of ZetaTalk. Albinos in wildlife increased thereafter, as we predicted, due to these same emanations. Thus, the core is creating all manner of particle flow aberrations, the magnetic diffusion observed by man for some decades only one of them. 


Yes unknowns are present!

“..other particles not known to man”.  


Stress Is Increasing

 Not feeling as healthy?  Breathing harder,  coughing and allergies?  Catching every BUG and common cold going around?  Agitated easily or irritated at the little things?  These may be signs of a lowered immune system from perturbations of PX.     


The Pending Announcement of PX

The Announcement should help us with some of these issues.  The Zetas have explained:

“We predicted that illness would be on the increase as the Pole Shift approached, due to depressed immune systems.  But the stress of the increasing Earth changes during the cover-up have likewise created an increase in auto-immune reactions”.   

And more here:

Focus on your Health

Eat better foods,  vitamin rich goodies,  exercise or go outdoors and enjoy nature while you can.  Try methods to clear the air where you reside such as filters or masks etc. 

Being aware your immune system is lowered has some benefits, so exercise and feel better!      



Health Statistics Confirm Increases

Sickness is on the increase in humans and animals!

Human Sickness Blog:

Animals Sickness Blog:

Charts SOURCE:

The charts above form the website only allow 3 months of data past 2008!  The charts error at 2009 for more than 3 months at a time.  Wonder what a year of data would look like?


Healthmap Charts & Population Growth Statistics

While the statistics of sick increased,   world population has slowed down during the same years!
We are living in a paradoxical time of population growth. In the media, there have been alarming reports asking how the world will be able to deal with a much larger population in years to come. The challenges are real, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, whose population is expected to double by 2050 and possibly quadrup.... At the same time, we have been experiencing the most rapid decline in global population growth ever.

A number of nations today are declining in population decline: this is occurring in a region stretching from North Asia (Japan) through Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, and into Central and Western Europe, including Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, and now Greece, Italy and Portugal, in addition to Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Countries rapidly approaching long-term population declines (but currently experiencing modest growth) include Spain, Cuba, Uruguay, Denmark, Finland, and Austria. Russia also faces long-term population decline, although the trend has been stalled through a reversal of stagnant birth rates.



Thank you for reading! 



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Comment by Ancient Ally on April 10, 2013 at 7:55am

This is exactly what I was looking for so I could talk to people I work with about this. I work at an alternative health clinic (Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral, etc) and so we are at the front lines, so to speak. There are definitely waves of similar illnesses that come around. The one I have been noting more recently has to do with dizziness and clogged ears and either sinus infections or a general lymphatic blockage in the jaw and neck region. Best wishes to everyone... and be sure to find some good immune system boosters!

Comment by Heather on April 10, 2013 at 12:13am

great post. I am tired often, have been sleeping a LOT . Can def tell immunity is fighting. Animals acting weird too. It will get more intense, remember to let yourself take it easy 

Comment by David on April 8, 2013 at 5:58pm

Cancer is on the increase too!

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