Prelude to Adjustments of N American Continent: The evidence is here. [Part 1]

Per the Zetas sequence during the 7 of 10, 7 of 10 Sequence, "what is holding the N American continent together has thus eased, so that when (8) the Japan adjustments are made, there is less holding the N American continent in place than before, and (9) the New Madrid gives way". Nancy has been presenting/giving us the evidence of a prelude to adjustments of the North American continent in her weekly newsletter or weekly chats.


* Figures of the November Holographic Presentation: Southeastern US is pulled down slightly, while the land just to the west of the Mississippi drops slightly. (Fig. 4)

* Figures When The North American Continent Is Adjusted: 

We have stated that outside of minor adjustments along the West Coast, that the N American continent will not adjust in a major way until the New Madrid gives. This will pull the continent such that Mexico moves to the west, putting tension all along the San Andreas and north to the Juan de Fuca Plate's connections to the N American continent.

This is a one-two-three step operation (Fig. 1), with the New Madrid sliding first so that land to the west of the Mississippi drops somewhat and moves SW in relation to land to the east of the Mississippi. Next, and almost simultaneously, southern California and the coast of Mexico adjust, slip slide more than subduction. And finally, the slip slide along the fault lines to the north will occur. During these West Coast adjustments, major quakes will occur, and volcanic activity.


* Map of Plate Movement of N America, mainly US, Until/During the New Madrid Adjustment: I drew the plate movement to happen in US until or during the New Madrid adjustment in a map.


I picked out 53 items related to a prelude to adjustments of the North American continent from the newsletter since 2009, to show a part of the quotation from #1 to #31, items since 2010, on Part 1 and from #32 to #53, items in 2009, on Part 2.


List of the items 

[Part 1: #1-#31; since 2010];

1) Wisconsin Stretch; Apr 1, 2012:

2) Tornado Plague; Mar 18, 2012:

3) Wyoming vs Kyrgyzstan; Mar 11, 2012:

4) Americas Buoys; Mar 11, 2012:

5) Fault Line Boxes; Feb 26, 2012:

6) Hoover Dam Flutters; Oct 23, 2011:

7) New Madrid Quakes; Sep 18, 2011:

8) Florida Howl; Sep 4, 2011:

9) DC Panic; Sep 4, 2011:

10) Windsor Rumble; Aug 28, 2011:

11) Trail Derailments; Aug 21, 2011:

12) Bow Tightens; Jul 24, 2011:

13) Seaway Stretch; Jul 10, 2011:

14) Plates on the Move; Jun 12, 2011:

15) Fort Worth Lightning; May 22, 2011:

16) Pacific Heap; May 8, 2011:

17) Americas Cracking; Mar 27, 2011:

18) NYC Exploding Manholes; Mar 6, 2011:

19) Dead Birds/Fish; Jan 9, 2011:

20) Seaway Rip; Oct 17, 2010:

21) Texas Horror; Oct 10, 2010:

22) Ancient Salt Flats; Oct 3, 2010:

23) Fault Line Explosions; Sep 19, 2010:

24) N American Fracture; Sep 5, 2010:

25) N American Bow; Jun 27, 2010:

26) Oil Well Explosions; Jun 13, 2010:

27) Impassable Roads; May 30, 2010:

28) Gulf Oil Spill; May 16, 2010:

29) Sudden Sinkholes; May 16, 2010:

30) Pipeline Dangers; May 2, 2010:

31) San Diego Quakes; Jan 10, 2010:

[Part 2: #32-#53; in 2009];

32) California Cringing; Nov 15, 2009:

33) Earth Roar; Oct 18, 2009:

34) Water Main Breaks; Sep 13, 2009:

35) Collapsing Bridges; Aug 30, 2009:

36) Unstable Dams; Aug 9, 2009:

37) Earthquake Lights; Jul 26, 2009:

38) Sinking/Rising Land; Jul 26, 2009:

39) Flaming Water; Jul 26, 2009:

40) Quake Patterns; Jul 12, 2009:

41) Falling Down; Jul 12, 2009:

42) Brooklyn Building Collapse; Jun 28, 2009:

43) Falling Down; May 23, 2009:

44) Quake Ramifications; May 2, 2009:

45) Booms and Shaking; Mar 8, 2009:

46) North America on the Rack; Feb 15, 2009:

47) Continental Divide; Jan 18, 2009:

48) Harmonic Tremor; Jan 11, 2009:

49) Caldera Eruptions; Jan 11, 2009:

50) New Madrid Booms; Jan 11, 2009:

51) Shifting Ground; Jan 4, 2009:

52) Quake Uptick; Jan 4, 2009:

53) 6 on 1-10 Scale; Jan 4, 2009:


[Part 1]

1) Wisconsin Stretch

Stretch zone noises have come to Wisconsin, as they were destined to do.  Wisconsin will rip apart as the Seaway pulls apart, and it is already giving evidence of that.

A Green Bay hum was reported on July 23, 2008, as outlined in Issue 089 of this newsletter. A hum just above Detroit at Kincardine, Ontario was reported on August 7, 2008, as detailed in Issue 091 of this newsletter.  A crevasse in upper Michigan appeared on October 5, 2010, as outlined in Issue 207 of this newsletter. Now popping noises and shuttering and vibrations have come to Clintonville and nearby Montello in central Wisconsin.

The towns of Clintonville and Montello are both just to the west of the “Prairie du Chien Group —dolomite with some sandstone and shale” per the Wisconsin Geological Survey. This rock is apparently strong enough to resist being pulled apart, which puts the stress to the west into rock strata that is sandstone. Both Clintonville and Montello are along rivers too, which are weak points in the crust, drooping down because the crust is thin in those places.

Per the Zetas, it is no surprise that investigators can find no reason for the noise and shaking as the truth about the nearby presence of Planet X is being suppressed. However, the USGS gave it a try, claiming that Clintonville’s nightly banging and shaking were due to a mere magnitude 1.5 earthquake that occurring on the first night.  This apparently explains why the noise and vibrations only occur at night, and continue unabated.

With the increase in incidents in stretch zones, and the moaning and humming and booming coming from the ground, the establishment is left in a dilemma. Scientists are chastised and forbidden from mentioning the Earth wobble and presence of Planet X, so how to explain the incidents? Just as NASA falls silent when Planet X and its Moon Swirls show up on SOHO images, and just as the USGS has recently run from responsibility for earthquake data collection, silence is the only avenue open to them. Wisconsin is in the stretch zone due to the spreading St. Lawrence Seaway. Its landscape gives evidence of this stretch in the past, with numerous lakes along the route from Green Bay to Madison.  Clintonville is pulling apart!

2) Tornado Plague

The weather wobbles caused by the Earth wobble cause more than temperature extremes, high winds, diverted jet streams, and drought and deluge. For the tornado prone US, they also have been causing a plague of tornadoes. The 2008 tornado season broke records, and the 2011 tornado season was also extreme, but 2012 has started earlier, at the tail end of Winter, and been more devastating, as detailed in this Pole Shift ning blog. 

Where the weather service was quick to state that the relatively warm Winter in the US and a low jet stream likely were factors, they fail to mention the cause of these conditions. As with the increase in earthquakes, the cause is not that rock shifted. These are symptoms, not a cause. So, what caused the symptoms to appear? The Zetas predicted in 1999 that tornadoes would be on the increase, as they knew the Earth wobble would start once Planet X entered the inner solar system. And they have!

3) Wyoming vs Kyrgyzstan

What would Wyoming need with an aircraft carrier? Wyoming is land locked, and currently hundreds of miles from any possible coastline. But after the Pole Shift, with the Mississippi Valley flooded due to the lost of 675 feet in elevation worldwide, a power mad Dick Cheney in Wyoming might envision his new military including a takeover of the Mississippi Valley - with an aircraft carrier and fighter jets. The flooded Mississippi Valley would be just down the Platte and Missouri rivers. Is this not proof that these people in Wyoming, where Dick Cheney has retired, are aware of the ZetaTalk predictions and the coming Pole Shift?

In contrast to the Dick Cheney model in Wyoming, Russia is warning their people that the Arctic sea could come into Siberia! Indeed during the rise in sea level that accompanies Pole Shifts, the sea has and will rush across the Siberian low lands, as the Zetas have long explained. Note the emphasis in the Russian article on sea water vs fresh water, pointing to inland regions where evidence of sea water incursion occurred, the emphasis on it being a temporary situation (a surge withdrawing later), and the data analysis of 6,700 year ago. They are being quite clear!

Per the Zetas, the last Pole Shift was the time of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt, which was a quick jerking back and forth with slight crustal movement - moving Greenland away from being the N Pole. But the Pole Shift before that time, approximately 7,200 years ago, drown the Mammoths in Siberia as the turning crust forced the Arctic water over Siberia! In addition, the rising sea level from friction heated ocean bottoms takes some time to drop to previous sea levels, hundreds of years perhaps, and thus the difference between the 7,200 year ago date and the more recent 6,700 year ago date given in the article. 

And in nearby Kyrgyzstan just below Kazakhstan, the government is letting its public know that disasters are clearly on the increase. Note there is no mention of fighter jets and aircraft carriers. Kyrgyzstan is of a different mindset from Dick Cheney.

4) Americas Buoys

Why would a buoy off the Washington coast and another off Colombia suddenly go on alert at the same time? On February 27, 2012 buoy 46419 showed a water depth drop and rise of over 60 meters - rising to 2,804 and then plunging to 2,744. That equates to 180 feet! The buoy is located along the Juan de Fuca Plate border, and the N America Plate, per the Zetas, is being pulled into a bow, the West Coast of the US the center of that bow.

As noted in this Pole Shift ning blog, this is not the only buoy that reacted to plate movement. Buoy 32411 just off the Colombia coastline and on the Cocos and Nazca plate borders also went on alert, simultaneously. As S America rolls its top to the west, rolling over the Cocos and Nazca plates and pushing the Caribbean Plate down, it pulls Mexico to the west, increasing the bowing pressure on the N American continent. 

This is yet more proof of the 7 of 10 plate movements predicted by the Zetas. What else would cause these two buoys to go on alert at the same time!

5) Fault Line Boxes

Odd humming metal boxes have appeared on an Oregon beach, occasionally glowing or screeching. They are so heavy they cannot be moved by curious humans discovering them, and in a location that cannot be reached by container ships. There are no tracks, no markings, and they are sealed so tightly they cannot be opened. Per a channeled report on the Micro Effect radio, these are alien, and intended to suppress earthquake and volcanic activity.

The Zetas concurred with this channeler's message, and expanded upon it to add that this is the reason the pace of the 7 of 10 scenarios seem to be creeping along, not the fast pace originally predicted by the Zetas in the Fall of 2010. Where the boxes may be delaying the 7 of 10 scenarios, the overall schedule will not change. More rapid change will occur, presumably, during the later 7 of 10 scenarios or during the 8 of 10.

Are they working? If these boxes were discovered on February 6-8, 2012 then they seem to have had an effect on the February 15, 2012 earthquake just off coast from the Oregon beaches. This was a magnitude 6.0 quake, with no ostensible damage in Oregon! 

6) Hoover Dam Flutters

The Zetas have warned that the Hoover Dam will not hold, and will fracture before the hour of the pole shift. It will start fracturing after the big New Madrid adjustment occurs, ripping the Mississippi bridges and pulling the center of the N American continent at a diagonal. The Hoover Dam fracture, per the Zetas, will occur before the 7 of 10 West Coast adjustment happens - slip slide along the San Andreas and volcanic activity along the West Coast. The sequence of events will be the New Madrid adjustment followed immediately by the European tsunami, then at some point the Hoover Dam and West Coast adjustment. 

Is the Hoover Dam giving any signs of being under the bow stress in the N American continent? Someone who has been tracking quakes in that region says it has!

Hoover Dam is at Lat 36.1, Lon -114.8 around the Great Basin Highway (Highway 93). The 66 quakes at that location noted by the author, above, do not show up on the Berkley database, but his printout indicates most of these 66 quakes have been marked as deleted by the USGS. There are claims that the Hoover Dam itself creates minor earthquakes in the area. Nevertheless, discounting the quakes the USGS deleted, for whatever reason, there were still five quakes of magnitude 2 or greater at the Hoover Dam site in the past 6 months.

There are also other indications that the west is under stress as the N American continent is pulled into a bow prior to the New Madrid adjustment. For instance, a sudden massive landslide in Utah, in otherwise stable ground. 

Per the Zetas, this landslide is an excellent example of what can happen to the roadways, suddenly, as the pole shift approaches, emphasizing their warnings about being in one's safe location early and not waiting too long. 

7) New Madrid Quakes

What does a crevasse in Arizona, a cracked Mississippi bridge, widespread methane gas odor in San Diego, and vastly increased earthquakes in the New Madrid and Seaway regions have in common? The bowing of the North American plate, which is getting more intense. This issues was recently featured in Issue 251 of this newsletter, on July 24, 2011. The Zetas have long stated that a diagonal pull on the North American continent would be responsible for the New Madrid adjustment to come, as noted in this Lou Gentile presentation on May 27, 2005.

An impressive Pole Shift ning blog shows the dramatic increase in quakes in the New Madrid region in 2010 and 2011, and a map showing the stress points to be the New Madrid region as well as the Seaway, which is pulling apart.

Signs of stress, particularly in the bow center at San Diego, continue to emerge. Recently this has included methane odors in San Diego, a huge fissure in Arizona, and yet another Mississippi bridge needing repair. 

The bridge under repair is not far from the Mississippi bridge collapse on I-35 on August 2, 2007 in Minneapolis, MN. This was yet another Zeta prediction, coming true.

8) Florida Howl

First we had the Kiev trumpets and now it seems these sounds are emerging elsewhere around the world. The Kiev trumpets were featured in Issue 255 of this newsletter on August 21, 2011, and were caused, per the Zetas, by a vibrating dam amplifying the vibration in the reservoir above Kiev. These tones were harmonious, truly akin to music. But numerous videos from Florida and elsewhere in central Europe have the vibration sound as a howl, a roar, a buzz, or a horn. As mentioned on a Pole Shift ning blog these sounds are also being heard in Illinois, Sweden, and Russia. Compare the recordings made in Tampa Bay Florida to recordings made in Homel, Belarus and Kiev in the Ukraine. These are variously a howl, a horn, and multi-tonal trumpets. 

The river passing by Homel, Belarus is broad and deep, like a reservoir, and Tampa Bay itself is an enclosed body of water. But why the difference in sound? The Zetas explain. 

9) DC Panic

The United States has been spared the Planet X incited Earth changes until recently, due to the torque in the wobble. Since 2003, when Planet X came into the inner solar system, the twisting wobble has eased the pressure on the West Coast of the US, so that as the rest of the world has experienced increasing quakes, the US has had, relatively speaking, a vacation. The Zetas provided this explanation just after the December 26, 2004 tsunami quake in Sumatra. 

Vacation time is over. Because of the bow stress on the N American Plate, more than sinkholes and hums in the stretch zones will be occurring. Almost simultaneously, a rare 5.3 occurred in Colorado and the East Coast, including the Washington DC area, was rattled by a 5.8 quake. 

Per the Zetas, those who have enjoyed a vacation from the quakes the rest of the world was experiencing had better gird up their loins, as its only going to get worse.

Indeed, USGS documentation shows extremes due to liquefaction between the West Coast and the East Coast. During the quakes leading up to the big New Madrid adjustment, there will be lots of jiggling in the eastern half of the US. Pack the good china away and put a big pillow on the floor in front of the TV set and learn to live with it! 

Normally, magnitude can be determined by a combination of the distance and the force of the jolt, as both are taken into consideration when determining magnitude. But where there is liquefaction, such as in the mud in the Mississippi Valley and all the rock layers pulled like taffy in the eastern half of the US, the distance measure is skewed. 

10) Windsor Rumble

Recently the Zetas were asked about a UFO display in Roseville, MI. The Zetas predicted that this land link between Lake Huron and Lake Erie will likely split open during the New Madrid adjustment, and predicted "terrifying rumbling noises" as part of the process.

So what's just hit the press, just a month later, in nearby Windsor, Ontario? Both Roseville and Windsor are close to Detroit, Windsor virtually just across the river and Roseville just up the river on the Michigan side of the river. Per a blog on the Pole Shift ning Windsor is having regular rumbling between 1-3 am. Per the Zetas, this shows that the stress on the Seaway is related to the daily Earth wobble.

11) Trail Derailments

If the Kiev trumpets are due to a stretch in the area, might this stretch of eastern Europe through to Asia that the Eurasian Plate endures have something to do with a train derailment in Poland? No cause evident, but rails to not just zig and zag suddenly without cause. Railroad lines are regularly checked, in fact, and well maintained. The Pole Shift ning has a blog of such derailments, and in addition to the stretch in the Ukraine and Poland, the eastern half of the US is a stretch zone experiencing many derailments just in this month of August, 2011, in places that the New Madrid adjustment will tear, in fact. Regularly checked rail lines, but derailments without apparent cause. In addition, two Chicago buildings collapsed on the same day. Chicago is very much in a stretch zone, impacted by the Seaway pulling apart. Same day, same location - boom. Per the Zetas, not a coincidence.

12) Bow Tightens

During the 7 of 10 scenarios, the S America roll much precedes the New Madrid adjustment. What happens to Mexico when the top part of S America pulls west by 250 miles, shoving Central America westward in front of it? Of course the north Pacific is compressing in step with the central and southern Pacific, but surely Mexico would be affected, as would the countries in Central America being pushed to the west over the Cocos Plate. Per the Zetas, the N American bow essentially tightens during this time, affecting Mexico.

A shift west obviously occurred from July 11 to July 13, as the bending and breaking in Mexico indicates. Costa Rico even lost a river.

Buoy activity on both the west and east coasts of N America were in step with this obvious adjustment in Mexico and Central America. Buoy 46407 on the Juan de Fuca Plate border shows choppy water, as did Buoy 44401 on the edge of the N American Plate in the Atlantic. Where one malfunctioning buoy might occur, for this duet to occur is not an accident - east and west. And they appear to be on the same latitude. Notice the correlation in dates - July 12 to July 15.

Then there is the rash of sinkholes across the US between July 14 and July 15 as noted on the Pole Shift ning. Again, too many correlations to be coincidence. And note the line these incidents draw across the US, from the San Francisco Bay area east through Utah, Kansas, Tennessee, and over to South Carolina! Almost on the same latitude. Clearly, during these few days in July, the bow tightened.

13) Seaway Stretch

As S America begins her rolls to the west, pushing over the Cocos and Nazca plates, and as the northern Pacific plates compress, the N American continent is placed under an ever increasing bow. The primarily stress is along the Seaway, which will eventually rip open, and along the New Madrid fault line, but points west are also affected. That this stress is increasing can be seen by the number of sinkholes and collapsing houses in the Seaway stretch zone.

14) Plates on the Move

The 7 of 10 scenarios are all about plate movement. … 

Moving further east to the Americas, where the N American continent is under a bow stress - the Aleutian Islands being pulled toward the tip of Mexico which is tugging west. What does an earthworm plague in Cincinnati, a 100 year old house suddenly dropping into a sinkhole in Clinton, Iowa, and sinkholes in Quebec have in common? All these spots are along rivers! Earthworms will come to the surface to mate, and signal each other by a type of vibration called drumming. Rock under stress also vibrates. Certainly for a house that has stood for 100 years to suddenly find its foundation infirm is suspect. Ground movement is the likely culprit, and the Mississippi will be ripped open during the coming New Madrid adjustment, and Cincinnati on the Ohio River will also be affected. Clearly, the Seaway is being pulled open, and to the west of this rip we have British Columbia, where a landslide occurred at Hope. All of these seemingly unrelated incidents are related. 

15) Fort Worth Lightning

On May 10, 2011 Fort Worth, TX recorded over 300 lightning strikes, which exploded a number of transformers. Videos taken at the time show what appears to be earthquake lighting, though no quake occurred. Nor did rain occur during the lighting storm.

Per the Zetas, though transformer explosion did occur, earthquake lights were also occurring. Fort Worth is along the Balcones Escarpment, where the rock strata changes, and this created tension in the rock, allowing the compressed rock to be a conduit for electricity, thus the earthquake lights, and thus the discharge between the upper atmosphere and the ground. More of this to follow! 

16) Pacific Heap

… The Zetas have stated that the Pacific will compress during the 7 of 10 plate movements, to the extent that the top part of S America will end up 250 miles further west. What will be the affect of this compression of the Pacific on the S American roll and other 7 of 10 scenarios? As the Pacific compression S America is literally pulled to the west. But what will this do to Mexico? Will there be a great tear between Mexico and Central America as the Caribbean Plate is pushed to the west by the great S American Plate? Per the Zetas, Mexico will be pulled westward too by the compression of the Pacific plates, temporarily increasing the bow stress on the N American continent. 

17) Americas Cracking

In N America the N American Plate is being pulled into a bow by the expanding Atlantic, which is primarily expanding at the Equator. This bow causes the Aleutian Islands to pull toward the tip of Mexico, creating a cracking point at San Diego, expanding to the east, north, and south as the tension increases. This tension will not be relieved until the New Madrid adjustment occurs. The Zetas have described this tension the N American continent is under as reaching all the way to the Mississippi. 

Landslips are unusual for Everett, Washington. This is new! Everett is on a bluff above Puget Sound where the Juan de Fuca Plate is subducting under the N American Plate.

Where landslips occur in California during the rainy season, due to slippery clay soil layers, this latest slip in Ventura, California near LA was not blamed on the rain. Signs of increasing stress in the bow very evident. 

18) NYC Exploding Manholes

The N American continent is likewise showing the stress of the tug to the west, the diagonal pull which puts the N American continent into a bow. Quake swarms and sinkholes are nothing new, but 65 exploding manholes in New York City is an eye catcher!

Is this related to the bow pressure the N American continent is enduring? Yes indeed, per the Zetas, and also related to those high rises with their footings bedded on rock! 

19) Dead Birds/Fish

Starting on January 2, 2011 there were reports of hundreds of birds falling out of the sky in Arkansas, dead on arrival if not crushed by the fall. Then reports of dead birds falling out of the sky in Sweden on January 5, 2011 and rumors of this in China and elsewhere.

Then seemingly simultaneous reports of dead fish, again worldwide, from Arkansas rivers on January 2, 2011 to the coasts of Brazil by January 3, 2011 and to the New Zealand coastline and in Maryland by January 6, 2011.

What could be going on, around the world, to cause this? The Zetas explain. 

Indeed, fish are as sensitive to methane gas as birds. Emboli form, killing them quickly.

Has this happened before? On January 9, 2007 there was an instance of worldwide methane gas release, from London across the US and to Australia. Dead birds fell to the pavement in Austin, Texas. People became ill in the New York City area, a suspected gas leak, but the cause was eventually blamed on foul air coming from New Jersey. People were likewise taken to the hospital in Perth, Australian, also with a gas leak the suspect. No gas leaks were ever found.

20) Seaway Rip

The Zetas have described the tearing of the St. Lawrence Seaway as integral to the pending major adjustment along the New Madrid Fault line. The N American continent is held, unmovable, at the top. When the lower part of the N American continent pulls to the west, at Mexico, more than adjustments up and down the Mississippi occur. The Seaway will also adjust. How does this relate to a massive heaving and renting open of the ground in Menominee, MI recently? 

The New Madrid Fault line in fact runs up along the Seaway. 

Per the Zetas, the effect of the tearing Seaway affects all the lands from the mouth of the St Lawrence Seaway to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

On August 2, 2007 the bridge over the Mississippi River at Minneapolis, MN snapped, flinging the south end of the bridge 50 feet to the east as it did so, as detailed in Issue 35 of this newsletter. Clearly, this bridge was being twisted! Then on November 29, 2007 a pipeline near Duluth, MN at Clearbrook ruptured, as detailed in Issue 52 of this newsletter. Then a Green Bay hum emerged on July 28, 2008, as detailed in Issue 89 of this newletter, caused by rock under stress as the seaway pulls apart. Then on August 7, 2008 in Kincardine, Ontario, just across Lake Huron from Michigan, tremendous booms occurred from snapping rock, as detailed in Issue 91 of this newsletter. All these incidences are along a line drawn from the mouth of the Seaway to the Black Hills of South Dakota. 

21) Texas Horror

In the Safe Locations information, the Zetas describe Texas has having an inordinate amount of water washing over it during the hour of the pole shift. Many have questioned this, stating that the high plains are at such a distance from the coastline and at such an elevation that the sloshing Gulf could not Ppossibly reach the high plains. 

Then there is the explanation by the Zetas for the Stephenville UFO. They stated that the drowning from Dallas would crawl up onto the high land of Stephenville. Yet a 875 foot deep flood would have to be occurring for this situation to exist!

The Texas high country starts at the Balcones Escarpment. Cities such as Austin and San Antonio are right on the edge of this escarpment. 

Per the Zetas, it is the crushing of the Caribbean by the S American Plate crunching up against the N American Plate will compress the water in the Gulf, which will rush up over Texas. And yes, up the ravines in the escarpment and over the high plains to some degree!

22) Ancient Salt Flats

The Zetas have long mentioned that safety in mountain building areas can be found in areas such as the Salt Lakes will not fracture, but remain flat. The mountains surrounding the Salt Lakes fracture, instead, as the weaker link in the area.

Recently those in the western half of the US have been seeking safe spots to ride out the pole shift. In Nevada, such ancient salt lakes are present where the former Lake Lahontan existed. 

Such ancient salt lakes are recognizable by being flat areas, and not prone to seismic activity, and this shows up on seismic charts!

Such ancient salt lake beds are not only flat, they are also almost invariably free from seismic activity and volcanoes.

Eastern Oregon has a zone of flat land with low seismic activity, which would be a better bet for riding out the pole shift than the coastal mountains which will have mountain building, or the volcanic belt running parallel to the coast in Oregon.

The San Joaquin Valley in California is certainly a former salt lake, as the farmers there know. Fresh water irrigation pushes the salt below the surface, but scratch the surface deeply and there is lies. The inland valley will flood, per the Zetas, during the pole shift, with water from the Pacific. However, for those wanting safety from the mountain building in the Sierras, being on these former salt flats close to the foothills of the Sierras until the hour of the pole shift is past, and then scampering into the foothills to escape the flooding, is a possibility.

23) Fault Line Explosions

On September 9, 2010 a gas distribution line almost atop the San Andreas in San Bruno on the San Francisco peninsula exploded, starting a massive conflagration.

Per the Zetas, aging gas lines and fault lines do not mix, especially because rock can fracture to either side of the fault line.

Yes, the San Andreas has awakened, and the S American continent has begun to roll, as predicted in the holographic presentation I was privy to last November, 2009. This was presented in Issue 169 of this newsletter.

If the San Bruno explosion on the San Andreas occurred on September 8, 2010 the Bonaire explosion where the S American and Caribbean plates meet occurred on September 2, 2010, for similar reasons. S America is grinding over the Caribbean Plate, pushing the islands just to the north of S America down during this process. 

Bonaire is along the border between the massive S American Plate, which is rolling over the Caribbean Plate at this location. This is likewise true of Trinidad and Tobago, the site of another oil rig explosions caused by one of the platform legs filling unexpectedly with water. The Aban Pearl sank on May 13, 2010. 

Note that both these locations, Bonaire and Trinidad and Tobago, are along the fault lines.

24) N American Fracture

The Zetas explained the underlying reason for the devastation to be caused by the New Madrid Fault adjustment as a diagonal tearing of the N American continent. This is caused, at base, by the N American Plate being unable to roll, as it has a flat top on the boundary it shares with the great Eurasian Plant.

What causes the N American continent to rip at the Seaway? And how would this tear proceed as the hour of the pole shift approaches? This question was asked recently on the weekly Q&A taking place on the Pole Shift blog. The Zeta answer addressed the underlying rock strata, which shows quite clearly why the tear of the Seaway occurred as it did.

The underlying rock strata also shows a break or border between rock types where the lower elevation along the Mississippi will occur. Per the Zetas, the significant widening of the Mississippi will occur to the west of the Mississippi only below the Illinois border, and to the east of the Mississippi only in counties in the NW of the state of Mississippi. All this area is currently lowland, and of a consistent rock type

Likewise, specifics have recently been given on the exact sequence of events to occur during the New Madrid adjustments. 

All of this occurs, of course, before the pole shift itself!

25) N American Bow

The Zetas have described a bow being formed by the N American continent, which puts extreme stress on the center of the continent. This stress will not be relieved until the New Madrid and associated fault lines adjust, pulling the land to the west of the Mississippi toward the southwest while the land to the east of the Mississippi remains in place. Meanwhile, there is pressure on the Gulf, which is oozing oil from many points, pressure at San Diego (the center of the bow) where water mains are snapping, and pressure across the continent (where a sinkhole on I-24 in Tennessee recently occurred). 

Follow that line from San Diego through Tennessee a little further and you arrive at North Carolina, which just lost another dam. This dam was just recently rebuilt, was new, and the holes did not appear in the dam itself but in the floor of the lake!

This pressure also caused a dramatic water spout along I-95 near Philadelphia. [Note correction.] Philadelphia is not on a line with San Diego, but it is along a known fault line associated with the New Madrid, running up along the East Coast.

And to the west, along that general line of stress through the center of N America, we have Utah, where for unexplained reasons an oil pipeline broke. 

This does not mean that the stress of the bow is always lined up with the center of the bow at San Diego. The rest of the bow is feeling the stress too, as in Edmonton, Alberta, where a road collapsed for no apparent reason. Or in British Columbia, where a mudslide also occurred for no apparent reason.

26) Oil Well Explosions

And not just in the Gulf of Mexico! Within the past month, two incidents, one in the North Sea on a Norwegian oil rig and one in Pennsylvania - a world apart - show that the rock is under pressure, and drilling for oil and gas has become much more risky.

Is this a matter mankind should be alarmed about as we approach even more plate movement, more pressure on the rock stratas, going into the time of the pole shift? Yes and no, say the Zetas, who point out that relative to the disasters that the pole shift will cause, such oil spill disasters are peanuts. And for those that fear the Gulf oil spill will be endless and pollute the worlds oceans, the Zetas say such concerns are nonsense.

And will pressure like this cause the Gulf to explode during the forthcoming pole shift? The Zetas explain that this will be a problem for Iraq, but not for the rest of the world.

27) Impassable Roads

The Zetas have warned that roads will likely be impassable by the time of the pole shift, if not before. Travel by rail will be blocked by twisting track. Travel by plane or ship will be made hazardous by an erratic compass and guidance systems. And travel by road will be blocked by dropping bridges and buckling roads. 

This was certainly the case these past two weeks, as instances in Peru and Russia showed. In Peru, an earthquake created a landslide, not unknown where steep hillsides are prone to such slides. But compound this in multiple areas, and with greater frequency because of an earthquake uptick, and imagine the result. Each instance means a temporarily blocked route, and if emergency crews cannot clear the slide or repair a road, it is a permanently blocked route. 

In Tennessee, a massive sinkhole suddenly dropped a stretch of interstate road out of sight. This was most certainly not a pothole! This shows that traffic was likely flowing over the hole for some time, before it gave.

The Zetas were asked to comment on the Interstate 24 sinkhole, as this was not an area suffering from flooding during the recent deluge. What caused this to happen? 

In Russia, a bridge on the Volga River began dancing in strong waves. There were no winds, though winds were eventually blamed. The human engineers were astonished and had no explanation. 

Although bridge supports sinking and bridge attachments separating are nothing new, a dancing bridge certainly is new. The Zetas explain how this is related to the current Earth movements, especially in the stretch zone.

28) Gulf Oil Spill

How long will the oil volcano on the Gulf floor last? When will it run its course? And what caused the volcano in the first place. Those who are watching in horror as the volcano continues to burp oil at a phenomenal pace know the story. The problem started with a blowout, an industry term for an expanding methane gas bubble, which changes shape from a crystalline form to gaseous form as it rises from the cold seafloor, thus expanding within the pipe. 

The rig was installed with a device known as a "preventer", which was supposed to prevent such a methane blowout. Such methane bubbles are not unknown and were fully anticipated. But the preventer failed. The next option was to encase the leak in a large box with a pointed top, to funnel the oil to the surface for collection. This containment method had been used before, but not at such depts. This failed because the methane crystals, prevalent at such depts, kept melting and expanding within the box, causing the box to float rather than settle. This left one option, to drill additional outlets for the pool of oil that is apparently under pressure, and this option could take months.

Was this just a series of unexpected mishaps? Blowouts are common and are anticipated. Even the containment method was a known and proven capping method. So what is different about this instance? The pressure the oil seems to be under is new, which is forcing the spill to ooze oil nonstop, and at a strong pace. Per the Zetas, this is caused by the Earth changes that have put the N American continent under stress.

Ironically, it was likely the awareness that the US would be suddenly put into an oil crisis by the pending pole shift, forced to rely upon domestic sources, that pushed the Obama administration into approving Gulf Oil drilling in the first place. Self-sufficiency is the mantra, and this includes domestic oil. Corners were cut, in an effort to expedite domestic oil production.

What will happen? The Zetas say this matter is very much within the hands of man, who has free will and is allowed to pollute the Earth as the Earth is mankind's schoolhouse, a self study schoolhouse. Eventually, per the Zetas, pollutants such as this disburse and nature heals. This will be the case during the coming pole shift, also. 

29) Sudden Sinkholes

Terra firma, the firm Earth, is something mankind relies upon. But those above a sinkhole, particularly a rapidly sinking hole, lose trust in terra firma. Sinkholes have recently occurred in China, California, and Quebec, a world apart, but all affected by the paths that rock under stress will take. … 

In California terra firma recently opened up and swolled cars whole. The N American continent is puled into a bow, the Aleutian Islands pulled toward the tip of Mexico, and his tension will not be eased until the New Madrid adjusts. Meanwhile, the center of the bow, in southern California, is distressed.

In Quebec, just 40 miles NE of Toronto and along the Saint Lawrence Seaway, a gigantic sinkhole opened up, swallowing a house and killing several family members who were in the basement of the home at the time. The Seaway, of course, is steadily spreading apart. 

The increase in sinkholes is due to the shifting earth plates and the rock strata pulling apart, not the usual excuses given by the establishment. Per the Zetas, to challenge the establishment arguments, look at statistics! 

30) Pipeline Dangers

The recent blowout on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana is a reminder of how dangerous oil and gas lines can be.

A New Madrid earthquake or even the spreading of the Seaway would unquestionably disrupt the flow of natural gas to the northern regions of the US, including the densely populated eastern seaboard. But breaking pipelines could also create a holocaust. Such a disruption and fire happened in 2007 in the pipeline feeding the Chicago area from a Saskatchewan field.

The New Madrid region is even more vulnerable, with the bulk of natural gas moving within the US coming through this area to the densely populated northeast.

In addition, crude oil pipelines from US domestic oil sources would be ruptured by a New Madrid adjustment or adjustments in the Seaway spread. 

As the Zetas have warned, these catastrophes are waiting to happen, and will occur prior to the pole shift itself.

31) San Diego Quakes

San Diego is in the center of a bow formed by bending the tip of the Aleutian Island toward the tip of Mexico. The N American Plate has a flat top and cannot roll to adjust when the Atlantic widens at the middle, at the Equator. Thus, the bow.

There were 46 quakes greater than 2.5 between December 30, 2009 and January 1, 2010 in the Baja east of San Diego. A 5.8 quake occurred east of San Diego on December 31, 2009. The area of the quakes is on the San Andreas, and therefore right on a fault line, but nonetheless this raises the possibility of the rip up toward Mammoth Lake, California being in the near future. 

The original ZetaTalk prediction on this rupture places it in the timeline "some months" before the pole shift, a clue of sorts to a timeline when this rupture occurs. 

Looking closely at a map of the area, it can be seen that there is a rift running from San Diego directly north to the Mammoth Lake area. This confirms what the Zetas have said about a hidden fault line.


Part 2: Prelude to Adjustments of N American Continent: The evidence is here. [Part 2]


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