Zetatalk: The signs and sequence of events leading up the Poleshift


This is my attempt to piece together all sequence of events leading up to the poleshift and beyond from today.  This is subject to change because I will add more contents as I go back and revisit all blog posts and zetatalk.  The sequence of 8 / 10 still yet to be declared by zetas.

All information and materials are extracted from either this ning or zetatalk.




The year before the Poleshift


The year before the shift will find humanity in varying states of readiness for what is to come. Humanity breaks down at this point into those who know, or at least suspect, and those who are unaware. Those who are unaware are so because they are struggling for a living more than full time, and barely keep up with whether their country is at war, much less what would be considered gossip. They either do not have TV, or have no energy to think deeply about matters after a long day toiling, so will be taken by surprise in the weeks before the shift. In these cases, they will take the shift as any other exigency, like a hurricane or dread illness or accident, and simply react in like manner. Unless young, strong, in good health, and lucky, they will not survive. This is especially true if they do not hear about the pole shift, with tides and winds, as they will have no way to calculate what to do, and will be taken by surprise.

Those aware will fall into two groups, in the main.

  1. those who had very early knowledge, due to MJ12 membership or a leak from these sources.
  2. those who learned due to communication methods at least a year in advance of the shift, the likely passage and past geological history to support such a theory.

Those with very early knowledge have been preparing, and are now only concerned with hiding their preparations from the mob, preserving them for the elite. This includes the elite within the Bush administration planning to go into their bunkers if they cannot escape to Mars, British elite who plan to go to Australia, and Russian elite going into the Urals. This path is well known and anticipated. They will guard their perimeter with military, and shoot civilians trying to reach them for aid. Wealthy elite also are in the know, and have their enclaves established, stocked, and are where they can be found today, their remote resort areas, and will meet their demise in time as the starving mob will hunt them out in those well known places.

Those who are aware of the likely passage, at this time, are divided further into those with the capacity to plan and those without. Those with the capacity to plan are getting camping gear, water filtration, buying vitamins and beans and rice and protein powder, and connecting with others of like mind. Unless prevented by something unforeseen, like being wiped out by fire, their plans are likely to proceed and in the main get them through the first few months, at least. Those unable to plan or prepare are doing so emotionally, preparing for death or starvation and in the main being remarkably mature. Almost no panic in the streets has arisen since the word of Planet X passing has become a common discussion point, in outlets such as Art Bell. Most people entertaining the possibility have one foot in the real world of today, supported by their religion and government and society, and the other in the possible world where ZetaTalk and Planet X predictions are true. Thus, they have not sold their homes, their cars, quit their jobs, moved to the woods, or anything that drastic. Unless they have enough money to build a shelter, well stocked, they have at most put together plans, and these plans are yet to be implemented.

Will anything occur this last year to prevent those plans from being implemented? Yes! A collapsing economy, lost jobs, lost income, stocks and bonds proving worthless, insurance industry unable to compensate for increasing quakes and weather problems, etc. Thus, even those who have prepared, to the extent they have, may find themselves losing ground. What to do? All should plan, and at least mentally prepare, for being without any material possessions whatsoever. Where does this put the average person who has prepared, and has the health to life in the Afterime, and knowledge of what they will be facing?

  1. they may have to sleep in the open, rather than under shelters, so should plan to be able to cobble together a shelter from the woods or junk at hand, as well as clothing.
  2. they may have to eat what they can find, and should familiarize themselves with what that might be, and what cooking or eating methods are to be used.
  3. they may have to drink whatever water they can find, and should consider no filters or electricity or fire available, and how to purify the water in those circumstances.

If one makes those mental preparations, then they are prepared for the worst. As matter are likely only to get worse in all lives, this last year, not better.


7/10 Sequence (Zetatalks)




The 7 of 10 concept was introduced on this newsletter on March 7, 2010 in Issue 175 and on March 28, 2010 in Issue 178. The Zetas have predicted that one or more of these scenarios will occur before the end of 2010, but until this past week have not stated which event could be anticipated to come first. They have not sequenced them. Previously, the had described the folding of the Mariana Trench against the Philippine Plate, which likewise will tilt and fold against Indonesia. This area of the Ring of Fire will be folding like a deck of playing cards being swept up and gathered up off a table top.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/21/2010: It is the pressure from the Pacific that is the issue, as the Pacific is compressing. Likewise, the Philippine Plate is at issue, as it loses in the compression game and in essence is pushed under and lost. The Philippine Plate is tipping, rising at the Mariana Islands and diving under the tongue of the Eurasian Plate that holds Indonesia. This tongue is itself being pushed down. Imagine the domino effect of the Mariana Trench folding against the Philippine Plate, tipping this sideways to drive the western edge under the tongue holding Indonesia, which is at the same time breaking and bending to subduct under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate.

The Zeta sequence is as follows:
(1) a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with




(2) Indonesia sinking,





(3) a folding Pacific allowing



(4) S America to roll,



(5) a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing


(6) Africa to roll and


(7) the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,


(8) great quakes in Japan followed by



(9) the New Madrid adjustment,




(10) which is followed almost instantly by the tearing of the north Atlantic Rift with consequent European tsunami.









ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: The 7 of 10 scenarios describe plate movements, and for this to occur something has to release the deadlock, the current stalemate where the plates are locked against each other. Once the deadlock is broken and the plates start moving, sliding past each other, new points where the plates are locked against each other develop, but these are weaker locks than the one at present. The current lock, as we have so often stated, is the Indo-Australian Plate which is being driven under the Himalayans. This is no small lock, as the height of the Himalayans attests. Nevertheless, the activity in this region shows this likely to be the first of the 7 of 10 scenarios to manifest. Bangladesh is sinking and the Coral Sea is rising, showing the overall tipping of the Indo-Australian Plate. Now Pakistan is sinking and not draining its floods as it should, while Jakarta on the tongue of Indonesia is also sinking rapidly, showing that the tilt that will allow Indonesia to sink has already started.

Meanwhile, S America is showing signs of a roll to the west. Explosions on islands just to the north of the S American Plate occurred recently, on Bonaire and Trinidad-Tobago, and the Andes are regularly being pummeled. There is a relationship. As the Indo-Australia Plate lifts and slides, this allows the Pacific plates to shift west, which allows S America to shift west also. This is greatly increased by the folding of the Mariana Trench and the Philippine Plate. But it is the Indo-Australian Plate that gives way to incite change in these other plates, and this is what is manifesting now to those closely following the changes. Once the folding of the Pacific has occurred, Japan has been destabilized. We are not allowed to give a time frame for any of these plate movements, but would point out that it is not until the North Island of Japan experiences its strong quakes that a tsunami causing sloshing near Victoria occurs. There are clues that the New Madrid will be next.

Where the N American continent is under great stress, it has not slipped because it is held in place on both sides. The Pacific side holds due to subduction friction along the San Andreas, and the Atlantic side holds due to the Atlantic Rift's reluctance to rip open. What changes this dynamic? When S America rolls, almost in step with the folding Pacific, it tears the Atlantic Rift on the southern side. This allows Africa freedom to move and it rolls too, dropping the Mediterranean floor above Algeria. What is holding the N American continent together has thus eased, so that when the Japan adjustments are made, there is less holding the N American continent in place than before, and the New Madrid gives way. We are also not allowed to provide the time frame between the Japan quakes and New Madrid. Other than the relationship in time between the New Madrid and the European tsunami, no time frame can be given. The sequence of events is, thus:

  • a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with Indonesia sinking,
  • a folding Pacific allowing S America to roll,
  • a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing Africa to roll and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,
  • great quakes in Japan followed by the New Madrid adjustment,
  • which is followed almost instantly by the tearing of the north Atlantic Rift with consequent European tsunami.


8/10 Sequence - not offical yet by zetas



Volcanic Activity Increases worldwide



Earthquake Increases worldwide



Plane Crash Increases



Train Derailments



Crumbling Bridges



Disease Outbreak Increases



Heightened social and economic upheaval



Last week the Zetas addressed the Ahmadinejad prediction about the sociological, political changes. For some weeks now there are riots in Greece. And George Soros said that we are on on the verge of a economic collapse: "We are on the verge of an economic collapse which starts, let's say, in Greece, but it could easily spread". My feeling is that Greece is a catalyst for what will happen in other European countries. Could the Zetas address this? [and from another] http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/26/george-soros-euro-exit-prediction_n_884709.html The Euro had no provision for correction. There was no arrangement for any country leaving the Euro, which in the current circumstances is probably inevitable. Soros reiterated his view that the Euro had a basic flaw from the start in that the currency was not backed by political union or a joint treasury.


Soros is predicting that the European Union, which gave birth to the Euro, might collapse as weaker countries such as Greece bring their problems to bear on the wealthier and more stable countries. Why should Germany support and shore up Greece, for instance, especially when Germany itself will increasingly feel the pinch. Economic partners are usually bound by contract and thus by law, but as Soros is pointing out, these tough measures were never imposed on the loose confederacy of the union. A member country could opt out at any time, without penalty.

There are stress lines all around the globe. While heads of state are trying to pretend that the globe is not in a second Great Depression, with even the US is on the verge of defaulting on its debts. Desperate measures are taken, repeatedly. The US raises its debt limit, prints money, and borrows from the Puppet Master. Printing money creates a banana republic, so that each dollar is worth less, and thus inflation roars on. A balancing act is sought, where unemployment and homelessness are barely kept in check by social services, which are increasingly out of funds themselves.

Where possible, wealthy and well fed countries simply default on agreements. The UN finds that contributions to starving countries cease, the gifts simply not being made. Loans from one country to another are not forthcoming. Economic development plans wilt and despite promises are allowed to die. What will this mean for those countries on the edge? Bankruptcy, with all the consequences. Their currency considered virtually worthless. Those with savings in that currency finding themselves without funds well before the time of the pole shift when this will be the rule, everywhere.

We stated that the barter system would be in place well ahead of the pole shift, and this is the reason. Banking systems require economic activity beneath them in order to operate. In a stagnant economy, a banking system is a parasite sucking the blood of a creature long dead, and thus the parasite itself dies. Countries where tax payments do not support the government must either print money until it becomes a worthless currency or admit to bankruptcy. In either case, the government is dead, operating without funds or with worthless funds.

Government workers rebel as they are not being paid in anything of worth. Those citizens on the dole, on welfare or supported by social services, become desperate and riot along side the unemployed and the wealthy who find their savings now worthless. We repeat our long-standing advice that those intent on surviving the pole shift get into gardening and keeping herds and flocks early, forsaking the comfort and excitement of city living and the pleasant climate and recreational charms of coastal living. Move inland, to high ground, into rural areas, and get callused hands.





Barter System


We predict that long before the shift, a barter system will be replacing the current paper money system. The value of the dollar, in allcountries, will be falling, such that in any transaction one or both parties will feel they are getting a fair deal only if a thing, not a representation, is given or received. This is a common practice in countries where the dollar is falling, and a natural migration as the thought occurs readily to mankind, the barter system being recent in their cultural evolution. What will this mean for the common man, and what will it mean for the rich? The common man will find they are pleased with themselves if they have had the foresight to secure goods of value, such as seeds or tools or dried food. The value of appliances that are dead and not able to run, even of cars unable to run over broken roads, will be zero. The value of items that can increase worth, such as a needle and thread which can repair clothing otherwise worthless, or a shovel that can create a garden otherwise a weed patch, will balloon.

The rich will of course whine endlessly, and try to convince anyone who will listen that their goods will return in value, which it will not. Moneys will be used as a medium of exchange, as will jewels and art, in some settings, for a brief period of time. This will occur until those being offered these at bargain prices realize the shift has happened worldwide, and rescue and a return to civilization as they knew it will not occur. Perhaps months, but more likely weeks, and only in limited settings. We advise the common man, as we have in the past, to relieve themselves of stock and jewels and paper money that will fall in value, perhaps suddenly and without warning. Better to stock up on things that will have value, candles and matches, school books and a guitar, than what the rich treasure.

In that one's skill sets can be considered a bartering item, one should examine their own skill set by the following exam. If you were in the middle of a wilderness, alone, what steps would you take to survive? What is the first skill that you would need, and not have? Whom do you know that you would wish about you, in such as circumstance? What is that skill that they possess, that you perhaps could develop? Imagine a group in such a setting, having arrived at a land dump where various pieces of junk are about and could provide mechanical devices or shelter, if utilized creatively and resourcefully. How would you go about creating a comfortable home for yourself, and others, in such as situation? If you are clueless on how to use junk to structure a home, recycle and hook up, then perhaps you should work with a junk man, in his yard, and take lessons! What we are telling you is that you should mentally put yourself in this setting, and you will have no difficulty determining what is useless or most worthwhile, in a skill set. If you are an accountant, and cannot translate this skill into becoming a tailor or herdsman or cook, your skill is useless!


Venus and dark twin looming large


That is left of the Sun? Niburu and Sun at Sunset, September 04, 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJIYmGAil9s&feature=player_embedded [and from another] What is to the right of the Sun in this sunset photo from Texas taken on September 7, 2011, at or about Azimuth 282, at 5:30-6:00 pm, as posted on the Pole Shift ning? http://poleshift.ning.com/photo/imag0345?xg_source=activity


The object filmed on September 4, 2011 is obviously not a lens flare as the camera is moved about and this object does not. Nor is this a reflection on the car's window, which by the traffic sounds is obviously open. It remains stationary, in line with the Sun, and seems to set with the Sun. Where there is clearly haze that the Sun is shining through, the object has definition, retains its shape, and even seems to have a shadow on the lower side, as though it were reflecting sunlight, and as though it were slightly below the Sun. Is it a ghost of the Sun, a reflection of the Sun within the camera? A ghost parallels the shape and size of the Sun, but this object disappears before the Sun goes down over the horizon, which combined with the shadow on the lower side indeed implies that it is just ahead of the Sun along the Ecliptic, setting first.

Venus is in the vicinity, though should be following the Sun as it sets, along the slanting line of the Ecliptic. But if slightly outside of its orbit by pressure from the squeeze within the cup, could be found in that position. This object is Venus, squeezed to be closer to the Earth and no longer able to be in the simulated orbit that has been maintained for Venus since both it and the Earth halted in their orbits in front of Planet X. Where normally only seen as the evening or morning star, when pushed closer to the Earth and in the line of sight between the Earth and Sun, reflected sunlight allows a planet sized object with the potential for shadow to be seen. We have warned that this time was coming, when dramas from the planets caught in the cup with the Earth would play out, and this time has arrived!

The sunset photo taken on September 7, 2011, where a faint purple orb appears to the right of the Sun, and before the Sun had set, is as suspected a capture of the Dark Twin. The Dark Twin shares the Earth's orbit, and this orb is seen along the line of the Ecliptic, close to the horizon at 5:30-6:00 pm along that line when the Sun is still higher in the sky at an angle to the left. The Dark Twin looks purple or violet as the blue light it normally emits is mixing with the red dust in the atmosphere. As those who study color are aware, blue and red mixed together produce a purple color. Is the Dark Twin being pushed closer to the Earth, the cup it shares with the Earth and Venus tightening at this time? It is indeed, and this drama is only starting to play out!



9/10 Sequence - the last weeks (zetatalks)



Below is an event timeline based on ZetaTalk that begins 7 weeks prior to the Pole Shift. This calendar provides specific durations for the dramatic events preceding the climactic Pole Shift and Planet X is clearly visible in the daytime sky from Day 1.


What starts the process of the last weeks, with all their extreme gyrations, is a threshold being crossed. The dithering we have been describing - where Planet X, the Earth and the other planets caught in the cup (Dark Twin and Venus) are all bouncing around, reacting to movement in another, to crowding of magnetons or other particles – reaches an explosive point. During this time Planet X moves to the right as far as possible, to evade the ever increasing particle crowding, but is still outbound, steadily. Thus, visibility is enhanced, and Second Sun sightings are common. This is the start of the 7.3 week period we described, where it would be unmistakably visible to all on Earth. Venus escapes the cup. The Dark Twin escapes the cup. And the dance of many becomes a deadlock grip by Planet X on the Earth. It is no longer an issue of the Earth wobble or temporary leans to the left of into opposition sufficing. This is twitching about, compared to the last weeks. If the years and months of the Earth wobble were the wrestlers positioning themselves at the edge of the mat, then the last weeks are full contact, and neither can let go of the other. In this, of course, Planet X wins.

When Venus and the Dark Twin escape from the cup, the particle crowding is suddenly eased, allowing Planet X to come forward toward the Earth. The Earth’s first evasion is to tilt her N Pole away from the oncoming Planet X to such a degree, and so violently, that she leans all the way over to the left and then REBOUNDS as a reaction all the way to the right. This is the severe wobble, for a length of 9 days, as a resent crop circle http://www.zetatalk.com/ning/31jy2010.htm
has depicted. Finally, the rebound is repressed, for a lingering lean to the left of 4.5 days or so. Then a progression where the N Pole of Earth is pushed away from the Sun and the approaching Planet X, until the point where 3 days of darkness is unmistakable. This progression is another 2-3 days in time. Then the 3 days of darkness and the 6 days of sunrise west, which is a momentum and turnaround for the swing into the 3 days of darkness.

Then the Earth rights herself, side by side with Planet X, and begins her rotation slowdown. It is during this time that the Earth is drawn toward Planet X, so that Planet X quickly increases in size in the skies and is the writhing monster of legend. Slowing rotation is not a linear matter, but exponential as the Earth is pulled closer to Planet X. The Earth moans, groans, and complains as the core pulls at the crust but the crust is gripped, increasingly, and held by Planet X. The slowing is a lurching matter too, as when the Atlantic Rift is exposed, the grip slows the rotation, but when hidden, rotation tries to return. All this causes earthquakes and stretch zone accidents. Emergency management teams are beyond exhaustion, government services are in disarray, and travel has become almost impossible.


Note: 3 Days of Darkness applies only to the northern hemisphere.  The southern hemisphere will experience "three days of light, from dusk to dawn without nightfall." ZetaTalk - Oct 3, 2009

The following information was complied and provided by Heartsong and presents the Last Trimester Event Timeline in a countdown format.




9 days of Severe Wobble


The severe wobble that starts the Last Weeks is a flinging back and forth of the N Pole of Earth. Planet X is approaching mainly from the right, in its retrograde orbit, though also somewhat Sunside on its way outbound from the Sun. Planet X is pointing its N Pole at the Earth, almost directly, at this time, and close enough that Earth, as a magnet, is trying to line up end-to-end with Planet X, as magnets do. The N Pole of Earth thus flings away when the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes up over the horizon, and then rebounds back 12 hours later when the magnetic N Pole of Earth disappears again over the horizon at dusk. The severe wobble, thus, will merely be an exaggeration of the existing wobble, where the magnetic N Pole is pushed as its current location in the Arctic near Siberia rolls over the horizon.

Thus as the globe is pushed violently northward, the waters in the Pacific will slosh southward, and waters in the Atlantic will slosh in the opposite direction, northward. Hold a globe in your hands with the Pacific Ocean facing you, and push the N Pole forcefully away to see how the land will move under the ocean. It is essentially that for the Pacific, the northern coastlines will be pushed under the ocean, and for the Atlantic, the southern coastlines will be pushed under the ocean. Then, 12 hours later, this reverses. The sloshing will be in a N/S direction, back and froth, with the Moon's influence, as we have stated, still trying to pull the waters toward it, creating its normal tide on top of the severe wobble slosh. In that the severe wobble slosh will be 200-300 feet high, this will scarcely be noted.



3 Days of Darkness


We have explained that Planet X positions itself along the magnetic flow lines of the Sun as it round the S. Pole of the Sun and rises to the Ecliptic, while heading toward the hapless Earth in its path. These flow lines become tighter at the Sun's middle, so Planet X almost aligns Horizontally just under the Ecliptic. As the S. Pole of a magnet is an intake, this allows the Earth to ignore the magnetic dictates of Planet X somewhat, listen again to the Sun as the dominant magnet, and take a somewhat more relaxed tilt. This is the current stance.

We have stated that a Sunrise West will occur, as prophecy predicts and folklore attests, as a result of a 270° Roll by Planet X as it crosses the Ecliptic. Planet X seeks to align along the tight magnetic flow lines just under the Ecliptic to the tight magnetic flow lines just above the Ecliptic, which have radically different alignment dictates. Under the Ecliptic, the flow lines are returning magnetic particles to the Sun, but above, they represent an outward bound stream, which does not tolerate a N. Pole pointed toward it. Planet X must roll, and does this as a sideways roll, the path of least resistance, then rising its N. Pole to align side-by-side with the Sun at the end of this 270° roll. The Earth is hardly a passive observer, but participates when it finds a hose of magnetic particles pointed at it by deflecting its N. Pole. This is reflected in folklore as a period of darkness for the northern hemisphere, a Biblical prediction of 3 days of darkness, which is not related to the week of rotation stoppage as during this time Egypt finds itself under a blazing Sun. As the Earth continues to roll, in synch with Planet X, keeping its N. Pole pointed away, the Earth is unmistakably turned upside down, again well documented in folklore. During this time the core and crust are glued together, and the rotation of the Earth follows the rotation of the Sun, as always, in direction, thus sunrise West.

Following days of a sunrise West, this roll of the Earth continues its momentum until the Earth returns to align side-by-side with the Sun and Planet X, a comfortable position for magnets forced into proximity with each other. It is in this position that the daily grab on the Atlantic Rift begins significant slowing of the Earth's rotation, as Planet X and the Sun now speak as one in their magnetic dictates, but Planet X as an ever closer magnet is now insisting that the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift stay in line, the turn toward dusk or dawn pulling to the side and thus resisted. What then causes the shift, that hour when the crust of the Earth is pulled in one direction, and the core in another? Rising past the Ecliptic into the magnetic flow lines above the Ecliptic, Planet X aligns itself with the flow of magnetic particles coming from the Sun, just as it pointed its N. Pole toward the Sun's S. Pole while rounding that. It has escaped the crowded particle flow that its presence created under the Ecliptic, and is picking up speed, and coming ever closer to the Earth. Moving from a position of being side-by-side to one aligning with the magnetic flow lines, Planet X is again doing a roll, pointing its N. Pole directly at the Earth, forcing the crust, particularly the magnetized Atlantic Rift which it has a firm grip on, to go along. The crust wants to stay glued to Planet X as a magnet, and strains to return to that position. The core, now more directly in line with the Sun's dominant voice, wants to stay side-by-side with the Sun. The point where this argument is settled is when the crust tears from the core, and they move independently. This is the hour of the shift.


Earth Upside Down, then Sunrise West

In Tractate Sanhedrin of the Talmud it is said: 'Seven days before the deluge, the Holy One changed the primeval order and the sun rose in the west and set in the east.
Worlds in Collision, p.126
In the Papyrus Ipuwer it is similarly stated that 'the land turns round [over] as does a potter's wheel,' and 'Earth turns upside down.'
Worlds in Collision, p.121
At certain periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction. There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives
Politicus, by Plato
The rising of the sun from the west one of the things which must happen.
Kitab al Irshad, The Twelfth Imam
The Hour will not be established ... till the sun rises from the West.
The Hadith





During the time when the Earth has stopped her Severe Wobble to lay in a static position in a Lean to the Left, there is a dynamic going on between the Earth and Planet X. We will first describe what is happening to Planet X, vs a vs the Earth, and then describe what the Earth does in reaction. Planet X has been approaching the Earth from the right, as one looks down upon the solar system above the N Pole, in its retrograde orbit. It has been steadily pointing its N Pole at the Earth, forcing the Earth to wobble and other maneuvers such as temporary leans to the left or into opposition. As Planet X comes closer to the Earth, squeezing the 3 planets in the cup closer together, tightening the cup, Venus escapes the cup and shortly after this, the Dark Twin also escapes. On comes Planet X, closing the gap between it and the hapless Earth, but it is also continuing to move in its retrograde orbit so that it is now positioned almost between the Earth and the Sun.

Up until this point the N Pole of Planet X has been assaulting the Earth from the right, so the static Lean to the Left is the evasive maneuver the Earth takes. But Planet X is not stopping, in its retrograde orbit, just as it is not stopping in its outbound path. At this point Planet X is almost standing between the Earth and Sun, so the Earth swings its N Pole away into the 3 Days of Darkness. Still Planet X continues, so it is now slightly to the left of the Earth, no longer on the right and no longer just directly between the Earth and Sun. This causes the Earth to continue the motion it took into the 3 Days of Darkness, the momentum, so that its N Pole is now pointing more toward the right. But what would cause a slight Sunrise West, just to the west of the N Pole as we have stated?

Consider that Planet X has not stopped its motion. It is at the Ecliptic at this point, and its own drama requires that it now stand upright! As it swings its N Pole up, it snags the S Pole of Earth which is pointing towards it during the evasive maneuvers that Earth has made to protect its N Pole from the hosing coming from the N Pole of Planet X. As Planet X snags the S Pole of Earth, it drags it slightly upward with it, and thus the Earth finds itself tending to stand almost upside down at this time. Still turning toward what used to be the east during its rotation, those on Earth at this angle find the Sun rising just slightly west of what used to be the north. This point where the Sun is rising is the midsection, where one looks toward the Ecliptic, toward the Sun. Just as both those on the southern and northern hemisphere normally look toward the Equator to find the Sun, as the Sun is located above the Equator.


Rotation Stoppage, then Shift

And he said in the sight of Israel. Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon. And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. So the sun stood still in the midst of the heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day (Joshua 10: 12-13).
Worlds in Collision, p.55
China: At the time of the miracle is said to have happened that the sun during a span of ten days did not set, the forests were ignited, and a multitude of abominable vermin was brought forth.'In the lifetime of Yao [Yahou] the sun did not set for full ten days and the entire land was flooded.'
Worlds in Collision, p.114
In the manuscripts of Avila and Molina, who collected the traditions of the Indians of the New World, it is related that the sun did not appear for five days, a cosmic collision of stars preceded the cataclysm; people and animals tried to escape to mountain caves. 'Scarcely had they reached there, when the sea, breaking out of bounds following a terrifying shock, began the rise of the pacific coast. But as the sea rose, filling the valleys and the plains around, the mountain of Ancasmarca rose too, like a ship on the waves. During the five days that this cataclysm lasted, the sun did not show its face and the earth remained in darkness.'
Worlds in Collision, p.76
According to the legends of the New World, the profile of the land changed in a catastrophe, new valleys were formed, mountain ridges were torn apart, new gulfs were cut out, ancient heights were overturned and new ones sprang up. The few survivors of the ruined world were enveloped in darkness, 'the sun in some way did not exist.'
Worlds in Collision, p.106

Days before the rotation stoppage


We have stated that when rotation stops, that humans will be so shocked, even if they do not acknowledge what is happening, that none of the wheels that drive commerce or business or utilities or government will operate in any degree. The bridge master, who must raise and lower a drawbridge, will leave his post, with the bridge up, so that cars cannot cross, or vice versa. Traffic lights will freeze, or fail to operate, such that the cross roads becomes a mess of beeping horns. Frightened individuals will stand in the way, arguing, red faced, over nothing, and refuse to be moved. Cars will run out of gas, being driven by frightened drivers to the point of sudden stop, and then be abandoned. This will leave the roadways clogged with endless problems, such that traffic does not move, on either the day or night side. If those on the Long Day side can anticipate having a clue, in that their morning clock will be out of sync with what they find outside, how will those on the long night side have a clue?

The answer, in both cases, is not to wait until that day when rotation actually stops, as the slowing is not sudden, in this matter. Rotation is already slowing to the point that moon phases are being noted, as odd. Clocks are forever, now, needing to be re-calibrated, but due to the weather being so strange, most have not thought this the most important oddity to concern themselves with. The week before rotation stoppage, there will be undeniable slowing, such that minutes a day are lost, then perhaps an hour a day. Should one be concerned about taking only that clue, to move to the high lands, there will be many clues. Earthquakes are now to the point where Outright Lying by the USGS is occurring, and noted. They underreport, and omit. But soon, these quakes will not just be numbers on the database, they will be large enough, and happening in places not used to quakes, such that cities will be affected. There will be many signs, in particular the large red object, growing larger, seen in the daylight, not a comet, not an asteroid, which do not have light sources within themselves, and unexplained by the establishment. So, in view of this, when rotation is slowed in a given day by several minutes, move!.



5.9 days of rotation stoppage


ZetaTalk: Clear Message


The message is clear for the hour of the shift, as by this time due to the continuous moaning and shuddering of the Earth, and the ravages caused by the stress of crust rotation having been stopped for 5.9 days while the core and magma continue to press for rotation, will have made any further imposition of Martial Law in the world impossible. All travel and traffic will be stopped, all communications down, the world frozen in horror, waiting for the next blow. What events are to occur during the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage are not clear, outside of what a moaning and continuously trembling Earth and the hysteria and confusion a long day or long night will create. We have explained that water will flow from the Equator to the Poles, creating deceptive beaches, and that wind will smooth the air temperatures worldwide, implying strong and unusual windstorms, and by implication that the stress on the crust will find the crust snapping and adjusting as these days pass, with cities imploding, bridges and roadways and rail lines distorted, all the infrastructure of man’s civilized existence rupturing, the broken link theory applied, becoming useless.

The cover-up will long since have become a casualty. A globe falling to its side during an increasing wobble and rolling its N. Pole away from the Sun will get the attention of even those most determined to run from the truth. It is upon them, and will not go away. Regardless of the degree of Earth changes, the severity of quakes or where the waters of the oceans will go during these days, the sociology impact will be immense. Those in denial, unable to envision anything but the security of their current world, will plunge into frantic resistance, arguing with the facts, frantically going about their normal routine and insisting that all is well, attacking any who say otherwise. Others, in great numbers, will quietly go insane. Certainly, the social infrastructure will break, jobs unattended or if attended mistakes made. If utilities such as water and power do not falter from breaks and explosions, they will falter from lack of attention. The attempts by those who would impose Martial Law to claim this is terrorism will fall on deaf ears, nor will the troops required to impose this have anything on their minds other than what the import of all this on their personal lives might mean. Social disruption, the moorings asunder.

What sequence of events will occur up until this severe 270° roll occurs we will hold in abeyance, in order to best discombobulate the establishment. They are still clinging to the notion that they will commandeer all the oil fields of the world, guarded by the US Military, black gold to be used as the next commodity in the future when survivors will sell their children and their freedoms in order to stay warm. Black gold to run the war machines of the world, ensuring world domination to he who owns the oil fields. That Iraq is in tatters and all tapped oil fields will explode into fireballs and all oil tanks likewise rupture and be disbursed has not occurred to these megalomaniacs. They are still clinging to the notion that a passage might happen without the severe Earth changes we have predicted, and want their paper ownership of the world to remain intact until that notion is disproved, utterly. Beach property, the solvency of banks and nations, corporate equity and the false value placed on commodities, all to retain their worth until the shores are awash and the cities in dust. Meanwhile, they lay their plans, prepare for their families, and plot how to enslave the common man whom they assume will be taken by surprise, and therefore be vulnerable.

But what is the common man expecting, and aware of? In every culture, in every country, there is some clue of the coming times in folklore and prophecy. In every case, this leads with the worst, descriptions of the final convulsions the Earth will go through on her way to rebirth. In every case, there are signs to look for when this time draws near. In every case, there is no clear indication of the date. In this regard, ZetaTalk did not differ from what existed in folklore and prophecy, describing the hour of the shift and heralding signs and declining to name a date. We have described increasing weather swings of drought and deluge, switching about for seemingly no reason, since 1995, and these have occurred. We have described earthquakes and volcanic activity increasing on a linear basis up until the last days, with the cover-up of this increase and lack of media attention keeping pace, and this likewise has occurred. We have described problems with maintaining satellites in the months before the pole shift, and this has become apparent to the common man even with extensive backup systems sent aloft to guard against this. We have described what signs the common man should look for, in order to time his escape to safety, and described in great detail what traps to avoid and how to prepare for the Aftertime. Regardless of what sequence of events will occur between now and then, he is armed. The breaches in the sequence of events, however, are designed to disarm the establishment, who will find themselves on a level, a par, with the common man they so disdain.



10/10 Sequence - the day of poleshift as scripted drama (Zetatalks)




During the day of poleshift - groaning


As the passage nears, during that day, the Earth will begin to groan and moan, resisting yet inclined to shift. When the shift begins to happen, there are, simultaneously, pressure points and the ripping and relief of tension elsewhere. However, no motion or shifting of the crust happens until a threshold is reached, and thus the week of rotation stoppage, with increasing groaning and moaning of the Earth until the snap and shift. The shift itself will cause the real plate ripping and buckling and subducting, by putting all in motion. First, in that hour, there is evidence of pressure and tension only, with points where subducting is to occur heating up, and points where a tear is to happen stretching. Where that stretch is under water, such as at points bordering the Atlantic, that land will be pulled down for several minutes, even hours, prior to the shift. Where the subducting is on land, the residents will experience increasing heat, even before the actual subduction with melting rock occurs. But until the actual shift, the tension is sustained, and the Earth groans in her agony.

Note: below added during the Dec 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The moaning of the Earth is akin to material snapping, screeching rock strata pulling across other strata, and vibrations of rock strata under tension. Many sensitive people report becoming ill prior to earthquakes due to similar vibrations, not particularly heard, but felt by the body in any case. In similar manner, many more humans will feel ill during the week of rotation stoppage, and not just due to the stress of the moment, but due to vibrations in the underlying rock strata. Is this simply a motion, or perhaps a noise? No, as pressure on rock results in more than motion or the noise that can result when such motion translates to moving air, thus noise. It has been reported that pending quakes can be sensed by radio, as static on the radio increases just prior to a quake, by hours or days. Pets likewise get up and move about, sensing something, as do farm animals, but this is not something their human owners can describe, not a sound or a sight seen. Rock strata, under pressure, changes the emissions, electrons, magnetic fields, and other subatomic particle flows mankind is utterly unaware of but which nonetheless exist.



During the day of passage - Comet's tail Sweep


The tail of the giant comet, as it travels out in space, meets almost no resistance. It is composed of debris attracted to trail after the comet not only from the days when the comet formed, but as it travels, picking up stragglers in space attracted to its gravitational pull. The tail has dust, gases, stones, boulders, and moons, depending on the size and composition of the entourage at any given point. Nothing much affects this out in space, on the long arc the 12th Planet makes as it zooms away from Earth and floats into the darkness of outer space. All this changes when the comet enters your Solar System. The Solar wind, a bombardment of radiation your eye cannot see except as light, pushes the tail outward, away from the Sun. Thus the comet's tail sweeps the Earth - dust, gases, stones and boulders all. What is the effect? The comet's moons hug close, so do not come in range, but all else is a massive onslaught on the Earth's atmosphere.

Meteors, or falling stars, are not unknown to mankind, who can see them nightly if they persevere in their nightly watch. These flaming streaks represent a burning meteor, heated by friction and set afire by the Earth's oxygen mantel. But what if there were no oxygen? During the comet's passage, there is such an onslaught to the Earth's atmosphere that the available oxygen in places is completely consumed. Heated gas in the comet's tail form petrol chemicals, which when falling through the atmosphere burst into flame, a sheet of flame falling to Earth. This does more than burn every living thing it lands on - it consumes the oxygen. What has been reported by the author Velikovsky is that the Mastodon has been found frozen in the Siberian tundra, grass between its teeth, in perfect though frozen condition, as though they simply stopped breathing. They did. Without oxygen, the blackness of unconsciousness descends quickly. When the available oxygen is consumed in the upper atmosphere, any meteors falling to Earth have less resistance.

The tail of the comet is composed of lighter material toward the tip, as any heavier substances that far from the great comet's gravitational influence are drawn in other directions at one point or another. Thus, the gases and dust curl toward the Earth, and are first noticeable as a fine red iron dust, turning the water a bitter blood red. Does this dust not burn in the available oxygen, and end as so many tiny flying star specs? This dust, already oxygenated, does not burn. As the comet approaches for its loop around the Sun, the next notice is of a fine gravel, dropping in places like hail stones. Why does this not burn, as meteors regularly do? Some do, but their number overwhelms the Earth's defenses, the majority not igniting at all. By this time the Earth's upper atmosphere is tearing away, dispelled into space and no longer snug as a mantle around the Earth. Now comes an occasional boulder, falling without resistance on the hapless Earth.

Those who would escape the wicked lick of this tail are advised to take shelter against cliffs, in caves, in valleys, or under metal roofs. Its passage is swift, a matter of days, and the ending abrupt.

Note: below added during the Dec 21, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

During every passage, there are some debris which land on the surface of Earth, as the atmosphere is stripped away to a great extent and the tail of the passing comet contains much large debris. Boulders drop, thudding to Earth and crushing quickly anything beneath them. It is reported in folklore that hail stones, gravel, lashes the Earth, but those reporting this have sought shelter and are thus alive to report. During the last passage the reports stated that crops and small trees were utterly destroyed by these hail storms. That some craters are in the news lately is not because they have just been discovered, but because there is increasing talk about Star Wars, asteroid shields, Near Earth Orbit passes, and this has awakened concerns. The establishment wants this heightened concern, as they still hope to erect some magic shield to zap out anything coming close, which is fantasy. In the first place, such a shield itself would be torn from the skies, ineffectual, absent, and probably crashing to Earth itself as a source of destruction. In the second place, the trash is so intense that any zapping laser would not keep up with it. The best defense for humans is to huddle near cliffs, out of the wind, not in open fields, as most missiles that crash to Earth, large boulders, will not drop straight down! They come in at an angle, and will glance off hilltops, bouncing about. Thus, those in ravines are unlikely to experience a direct hit.


Hours before the passage - Red Dusting


The red dust cloud evolved as many planets in the solar system are heavy in this element, Mars, for instance. There are portions of the Earth that exhibit a red clay soil, Australia and the Southeastern US, but this is not a native soil as much as an accumulation of deposits. During the breakup of the Asteroid Belt, many planets that had this element, heavily, were pelted to pieces. Molten lava spewed into space became the asteroids. Iron ore is magnetically configured to pull out of any soup it is free to move within, and does so particularly in space. Thus, the dust, during poofing off into space during demolition derby's as Planet X and its complex of Moons moved through what is now the Asteroid Belt, moved, and became part of the Planet X tail. Planet X, like a big magnet, swept through the area during the poofing phase, and emerged with a larger dust cloud, each time.

We have mentioned that the tail curls toward the Earth, pulled by gravity and magnetic and other attractants, thus red dust lands hours before the point of passage. Thus, red dusting is a countdown clue, that only hours remain. The Earth, at this point, has been stopped in its rotation for days, approximately a week. Thus, since the South Pacific is more in line with where the tail is coming from, will this be the spot where the lick of the tail is first experienced? Dust clouds, as anyone experiencing a sand storm will attest, have a life of their own. The cloud itself exists because there is some kind of glue holding it together. The dust clings to the debris which clings to the larger debris such as moons, and these cling to Planet X. There is more than gravity involved, as this is too simplistic an explanation, and more than magnetism though the iron ore is certainly more magnetically active than most dust clouds.

Debris follows the pattern of the tail, all being included in the dynamics. Debris toward the end of a moon swirl that is curling toward the Earth and giving it a tail lick, so to speak, may be as massive and likely to cause damage as debris toward the Planet X portion of the tail. Look to the planets in the Ecliptic, with the more massive at outer orbits. The planets have their positions, their placement, for various reasons, and size is not the determinant as to what is closest to the gravitational giant, the Sun. In like manner, larger debris may in fact be trailing smaller, within a moon swirl trailing behind Planet X. Thus, all parts of the globe report debris, China as well as Egypt, in the past. The tail streams behind Planet X, which is moving rapidly and has been during the preceding months, and is involved in swirling motions as the Moons have a dance between themselves. Thus, there is motion already.

A tail swirl, moving like a slow moving tornado, approaches Earth which has magnetic as well as gravity attraction. Thus, it is not simply a head-on hit, tail to Earth, as it is also a sideways hit from swirling matter coming from this or that side. Then there is the motion of a tail swirl being curled toward Earth, continuing the curl. Like a whip that curls around what it is thrown against, the tail can warp all around the Earth during such a lick. There are no parts of the globe that do not report red dust, frankly. It is perhaps more extreme on those sides of the globe that will be facing the approach, but elsewhere is not exempt. Debris, as with red dust, may have a slight weight to the sides of the Earth facing the approaching Planet X complex, but from the standpoint of an individual worries about having a boulder land on his head, the odds are so close as to be statistically insignificant, as to which side of the Earth you are on.




During the passage - lightning bolts


Static electricity in the atmosphere will not increase during the giant comet's approach, nor afterwards, but during the passage lightning will seem to be almost constant in some places. Humans are familiar with arcing, where two poles or points are electrified, carrying an electric current, and suddenly the air between them is filled with a minor lightning bolt - zap. This is, of course, what causes lightning in the first place, an uneven distribution of electricity between natural conductors, between a buildup in the clouds and the water table below the Earth. What allows lightning to find its path? It is using a little understood path formed by sub-atomic particles, electrical waves of a sort, that have not been measured yet by Earth's human scientists. These emanate from any highly electrified field, and when they touch the arc is now possible.

The path between the Earth and its passing brother, the giant comet known as the 12 Planet, will be so electrified at points, and because the Earth's upper atmosphere will be in motion, bombarded by the comet's tail, static electricity accumulates. This would be devastating to the Earth if the static electricity had accumulated on the passing 12th Planet, a monster compared to the Earth, but the opposite is the case. The static electricity passes from the Earth to her brother, and causes fantastic lightning displays in his upper atmosphere. As this planet is primarily a water planet, this seldom presents a danger to the inhabitants. This period when static electricity can pass is brief, a few hours, and occurs when the Earth's inhabitants are, essentially, fighting for their lives, so they barely take notice. How does a lightning bolt pass some 14 million miles across space? It doesn't, not in that form. In space, not having water vapor and other particles to interact with, there is no spontaneous release of light and heat, no flash and crackle, just the passage of electric particles in all the various sub-atomic components that comprise an electrical current.


During the passage - violent winds


At the shift, the surface of the Earth will move, in just under an hour, more than a quarter turn. Where massive earthquakes and tidal waves occur when this motion stopsHurricane Force winds, world wide, occur during this shift. Humans are used to predictability in regard to violent winds, even in the case of tornadoes and wind shears that drop planes suddenly. The weather patterns are such that these destructive winds can occur, spoken of as tornado weather or conditions likely to produce wind shear. Hurricanes, or their eastern equivalent, typhoons, give lots of warnings, not only that they are brewing but also, by increasing wind force, that they are on the way.

During the shift, the atmosphere of the Earth does several things, all at once.

  • It drags along with the Earth, to which it is attracted, being primarily more involved with gravity attraction straight down. Do not the waters in your oceans move with the Earth as it turns? The atmosphere is an ocean too, just lighter and therefore more mobile.
  • It moves as a mass, pushing on air in other places and likewise, itself being pushed. Thus, even in those places on the Earth which are not moving, during the shift, being pivot points, the air is turbulent.
  • It swirls, as circular motion in air masses is the response to conflicting forces, as seen in the circular motion of tornadoes and hurricanes.

Due to the amount of mobility, with all air masses in motion, and to the pulling upward and ripping away of the upper stratas, pressure at any given point is not as extreme as one might think. Yes, the atmosphere is in motion, and yes, the whipping and confused winds might reach hurricane force during this hour and be unpredictable for several hours after the shift, but one should not assume a force of winds above what the world experiences today. Your hurricanes and typhoons represent what occurs when air masses attempt to move against each other, given their density and gravity attraction and inertia. These same factors are in place, are predominant, during the pole shift. Humans wishing to prepare for these violent winds should anticipate a force equal to their familiar hurricanes, not tornado force, although tornadoes will be spawned. Stay below the Earth's surface, lie low, and tie down everything you wish to find when it's over.


During the passage - fire storms


The cataclysms come with geological upheavals volcanic eruptions, some parts of the Earth heating up to fiery temperatures, and in some cases fire storms from the sky. These fire storms are caused by reactions of atmospheric gasses to theTurmoil going on. Petrocarbons are in essence created, due to the flashes of lightning and intense heat due to passage over open volcanoes, and these petrocarbons rain down, afire, at times. With the atmosphere scattered, chemicals in the comet's tail similar to your petrol chemicals do not flash in a quick consummation into water and carbon dioxide, but descend close to the surface of the Earth before bursting into flame. A fire storm, killing all beneath it. All this has been reported in ancient times, as humans observed accompaniments to the cataclysms. This type of activity sets forests afire. Where vegetation regrows, from seeds and roots, many areas will nevertheless be denuded of vegetation for some time.

Note: below added during the Aug 31, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have stated that during the shift, that firestorms will results from air with petrochemicals components passing over super hot volcanic air. This binds the components, creating oil, which is the source of most of the oil buried underground on Earth. Mankind presumes that oil came from compressed and trapped vegetation, eons ago, but cannot duplicate this process. Why would vegetation result in oil, deep underground, when the process only results in methane and compost today? Petrochemicals are broken down by cracking, during the refinement process, and are thus sensitive to heat process. This is how they were created, in the first place! During the shift, so much is roiled about in the atmosphere, and so many volcanoes erupting, super hot air overhead, that binding occurs. This is evident in the recent [Papua New Guinea] oily substance found following a volcanic eruption, which man had no explanation for!


During the hour of poleshift


When the giant comet positions itself exactly between the Earth and its Sun, things change. The Earth then has its greatest advocate for its previous alignment, the Sun and its magnetic alignment, negated. The Earth hears only the magnetic voice of the giant comet, so to speak, which stands between the Earth and its former magnetic commander, the Sun. You are aware that your Earth is heavier at its molten core, which is rumored to be composed primarily of iron. This is not entirely untrue, but regardless of the composition, the Earth's core is more sensitive to the magnetic alignment than the crust. The core grips the crust, and is not as liquid as one might think. There is friction. There is the tendency for the whole to move as one, despite their differing magnetic allegiances.

The pole shift is in fact a movement of the interior of the Earth, the core, to come into alignment with the giant comet. The 12th Planet, due to its massive size in comparison to the Earth, dominates the magnetic scene, and it is in this regard that gravity comes into the pole shift equation. The Earth's crust resists aligning with the giant comet, being caught in a web of magnetic pulls from its immediate neighborhood. In other words, the Earth's crust wants to stay with the old, established, magnetic pull, while the core of the Earth, having less allegiance and attachment to the neighborhood, listens to the new voice. There is a great deal of tension that builds between the crust of the Earth and the core of the Earth. This tension is released when the core of the Earth breaks with the crust, and moves. However, the core of the Earth drags the crust with it as it turns to align anew.

The pole shift is therefore sudden, taking place in what seems to be minutes to humans involved in the drama, but which actually takes place during the better part of an hour. There are stages, between which the human spectators, in shock, are numb. At first there is a vibration of sorts, a jiggling, as the crust separates in various places from the core. Then there is a Slide, where the crust is dragged, over minutes, to a new location, along with the core. During the slide, tidal waves move over the Earth along the coast lines, as the water is not attached and can move independently. The water tends to stay where it is, the crust moving under it, essentially. When the core finds itself aligned, it churns about somewhat, settling, but the crust, more solid and in motion, proceeds on. This is in fact where mountain building and massive earthquakes occur, just as car crashes do their damage on the point of impact, when motion must stop.

Weak spots among the Earth's crustal plates give way. The Pacific Ocean will shorten, and the Atlantic widen. Subducting plates will subduct greatly. Mountain building will occur suddenly, primarily increasing in areas already undergoing mountain building. All told, the better part of an hour, but at certain stages, only minutes. Plants survive as they are rooted and their seeds are everywhere, and animals including man survive because they travel with the moving plates of the Earth and experience no more severe a shock when the plates stop moving than they would during a Richter 9 earthquake. Where mountain building occurs when the plates stop moving, the stoppage is not simply a sudden jolt, like a car hitting a brick wall. All is in motion, and the stoppage is more like a car hitting a barrier of sand filled plastic barrels - a series of small jolts, occurring in quick succession.

At this time we estimate that the giant comet will come to within 14 million miles of the Earth. The strength of its magnetic field at that distance will be such that the comet's North Pole, angled essentially in the same direction as the Earth's North Pole, forces the Earth's North Pole to evade the pressure and accommodate its larger brother by swinging south to the bulge of Brazil. This alignment will not change if the distance between the sibling planets changes, but the speed and vigor of the shift would be so affected by a closer passage. The height of tidal waves and consequent inland inundation would be so affected. The heat of land masses above subducting plates where friction can cause the ground to melt, would be so affected. And the violence of shifting winds would certainly be so affected.


During the hour of poleshift as scripted drama



  1. As the South Pole, gripped by the passing North Pole of the 12th Planet, moves north, the crust is torn from the core and freed in this way, allowing pre-existing stress points to relax. Thus, Europe and Africa move further east, allowing the Atlantic to rip apart during the slide northward.
  2. The immediate effect of the massive plate housing Europe, Russia and the Near East to move is felt most strongly in India, as the Himalayas are driven over India at this point, effectively submerging this country in a wink.
  3. The effect of the Indo-Australian plate taking a dive under the Himalayas is to relieve tension along the African Rift, such that this tears, promptly, but in shuddering steps with halting adjustments and pauses between shudders. In essence, the movement eastward of the African continent is a momentum creating this tear.
  4. During the tearing of the Atlantic Ocean floor, and the dragging north or the North American continent, an already existing tear in the St. Lawence Seaway tears further, essentially the weak link in this landmass held at so many points to the further side of the Atlantic Ocean. Canada moves north, while the rest of the Americas cling to the Atlantic Rift while it separates.
  5. The movement of the massive plate housing Europe, Russia, and Asia to the east also is expected to rip this plate along the Himalayas, as we have stated, creating an inland bay into the Russian lands just to what is now the north of the Himalayas. This follows, in jerks and tears, over the hour of the shift, along with the tearing of the African Rift.
  6. When the ocean off the bulge of Brazil has reached the position of the current North Pole, crust slippage stops, creating yet another drama. The major northern hemisphere plates stop, and whatever follows crashes into them. In the case of the Americas, this causes Central America and the Caribbean to crumble.
  7. In the case of Africa, already sliding eastward, the force is further movement eastward, as subduction of the Indo-Australian plate has already begun, the weaker link already established and momentum in process.
  8. The pileup is in what was the former Northern Hemisphere, and the compression of the Pacific is creating resistance as plates are subducted under the Americas, and then Japan explodes and Indonesia crumbles.
  9. This frees the plates south of the tips of South America and Africa of stress. As the Pacific adjusts, reluctantly, pressure toward Antarctica, the one place on the globe not experiencing plate pressure, allows new land to pop up between the tips of South America and Africa.

During the hour of poleshift & thereafter- earthquakes


Earthquakes during the pole shift occur when plates are on the move, the jolts felt when the plate moves, and shortly thereafter when the surrounding plates adjust to the new tension. Aftershocks are such adjustments, and are always minuscule compared to the major plate movement. During the pole shift all plates on earth on the move, and the jolt occurs at the sudden stop when the crust stops moving. This is when the Richter 9 equivalent earthquakes, which we have termed Richter 15 as the scope is far larger than Richter 9, will be felt worldwide.

The earthquakes following the pole shift will be no more wrenching than earthquakes due to plates adjustments under normal circumstances. The moving plates, suddenly slamming into each other as they start to slow down, will create a domino effect not unlike a multiple car crash. One plate slams into another as the first plates slows down, creating a domino effect that rapidly ricochets around the world, within minutes. There is no delay in this motion, as each plate is solid and what affect one edge affects the far edge, when the entire plate is in motion. Thus, the earthquakes come all at once, and rapidly settle down to an adjustment phase, within minutes.

Due to the immensity of the adjustment, with many plates in barely tenable positions, there will be many aftershocks, most occurring within the first few weeks. These will range from Richter 8 on down, but in no case will be as great as the initial shock during the pole shift. They will rapidly diminish, reduced to annoying tremors after a few weeks.


During the hour of poleshift & thereafter - Volcano Eruptions


Of course all volcanoes will explode, as this is going to be a very severe pole shift. What about the months and years preceding the pole shift? It is no secret that Mammoth Lake and the caldera of Yellowstone are warming up, and the populace has been prepared for these occurrences by the movie Volcano where there, in the middle of LA, lava is bubbling up. In fact, there is a fault line running from the approximate San Diego/LA area, up into the Sierras, and this is liable to rupture rather violently during one of the quakes that precedes the pole shift by some months. Volcanic eruptions from that area in the Sierras can be expected. Will Mount St. Helen erupt? All volcanoes that have been active within the memory of man will begin spewing and burping and oozing, and many that were not expected to become active will reactive. How long will it take the volcanoes to settle down? 100 years, but in a reducing ratio, over this time. By the end of 100 years, their activity will seem as today. Nevertheless, for those downwind, this post shift burping is virtually a death sentence!

Note: below added during the November 9, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Earthquakes and volcanoes share, and also do not share, causes. Common causes of quakes and eruptions are pressures upon plates to move, which causes, in addition to the plate scrapping and crunching along the edges, lava surges. Volcanoes erupt because the lava just beneath the volcano is trapped, under pressure, and the point of least resistance is an opening. Where volcanoes perpetually ooze, this is such a pressure situation, without abrupt pressure changes. In Hawaii, where volcanoes perpetually ooze, there are layers of rock, more plates overlapping, than mankind assumes. These plates are being pushed up, but other Pacific plates subducting under Hawaii, so the lava has many places to go other than up. It can move sideways, and the oozing is only one outlet, so no eruptions. Where a volcano is associated with plate crunching, such as Popo in Mexico, eruptions occur and are closely associated with quakes. Here the eruption does not settle down until the trapped lava, under pressure, has the pressure reduced. During the shift, when all volcanoes both active and inactive will erupt or ooze dramatically, there is more than plate movement and pressure involved. The core of the Earth is roiling then, in motion and continuing in motion even after the crust has stopped. Thus, volcanoes have pressure not only from trapped lava, they have it from lava surges from the core itself.

Note: below added during the November 16, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have stated that all volcanoes active within the last 10,000 years can be considered candidates to blow, or ooze during the shift. During every pole shift, there are places on Earth where the earth is stretched, like the Atlantic, such that mountain ranges such as the Appalachians have not experienced mountain building and scarcely any rock outcropping are bare. Places like the Himalayas are subducting, so that rock layers are being laid under one another, and protection from the lava occurs. Hawaii, likewise, is expected to do better than one would think, because the compression of the Pacific will layer rock strata and protect the oozing volcanoes from roiling lava. In New Zealand, where that edge of the plate will tip up, it will be some protection from exploding volcanoes as the pressure will be relieved. Likewise, where there is a stretch, as Iceland will experience, there will be continued oozing, but explosions caused by lava under pressure unlikely to happen.

Inland cauldera, like Yellowstone, have their basis in pressure that has a long route to climb before heating the surface. During the shift, the fact that they are and have been an outlet for pressure competes with what is occurring in the rock strata. What comes first, for Yellowstone, will not be the rock strata thickening, as during the start of the shift the Atlantic is stretched, the plates on the move, and the core roiling. Thus, there will be explosions, though not violent, of lava, from volcanoes however active along the Sierras and Andes. The later part of the hour sees rock strata pushed under the West Coast of the Americas, shutting off access of lava from those volcanoes, which should speed the easing but not prevent the explosion in the first place. In areas under stretch in Europe and the Middle East, likewise, the roiling will cause oozing and where volcanoes are already open to the air, an outlet established, such as in Italy, they will continue during the early part of the shift to explode and ooze. One must, thus, analyze the past of local volcanoes or caulderas, to gauge their actions during the shift.


The hour after shift


Throughout the world, survivors of the shift will react in different ways, depending upon their level of prior knowledge and their personality. Look about you to the survivors of sudden storms, tornadoes or lightning strikes. These individuals are devastated and basically in shock. They understand that something unexpected has occurred, and they have lost loved ones, lost possessions, perhaps themselves are injured so life as they remembered it can never return, and are grieving. If the result of an expected catastrophe, like an approaching hurricane where they boarded up windows and tied down all that might blow away, the survivors might be angry at themselves for lack of proper preparation, or angry at the gods for delivering the storm, or angry at the authorities for not issuing an earlier warning, or angry at the insurance companies for not replacing lost goods, but anger is the mode. Now add to this the additional devastation of no helping hands arriving, and even those simply grieving at the loss will become angry.

If the survivors were expecting the shift, were in what they considered a safe place and all supplies and loved ones tied down and out of the wind and water surges, there will still be anger. Even had they convinced themselves that they understood this to be a normal astrophysical occurrence, and prepared for it, anger is a normal reaction to loss, or assault. Thus, survivors, even in camps where all were mentally prepared, will be angry, red faced, and wanting to explode on some excuse of another. What to do with all that anger? Direct it into activity, productive activity.

Nature, for survival, has engineered into the human animal flight or fight, and you can expect your human animals to want to do one or the other. There are those that will run, hysterical, trying to escape the devastation and only returning when their energy has exhausted itself and they are again calm. There are those that will want to fight, something, and will take this emotion out on the group unless directed elsewhere. In cases such as this, a quick directive to save this or that supply, to save this or that child about to bleed to death, to rush to anther camp to find out how they faired, will direct this energy into action, the purpose of the fight or flight emotion. Those with a calm head, and those about them who may need to take over in case the calm head is not so calm as expected, after the shift, should be prepared with this list and bark orders, promptly. Do not wait until fighting among the group breaks out, bickering, explosion, and the need to mend fences afterwards. Be prepared in the first minutes after the shift, when survivors are emerging and dusting themselves off, red faced and looking for the enemy.


A day after the shift - earth rotation returns


After the 12th Planet passes, the Earth's rotation begins again due to the factors that guide rotation of the planets in your solar system. Many humans assume rotation to be simply leftover motion resulting from some past activity such as the big bang, but rotation is guided by gravitational and electromagnetic influences on the liquid cores of planets and moons. Parts of the core move away from or toward these influences, dragging the crust with it, and as the turning motion brings those parts of the core back to where they don't want to be, motion is re-instituted and continued. For the Earth, frozen in place at the moment of passage, rotation begins again within a day after the 12th Planet moves from its influential place between the Earth and the Sun. Rotation restarts, at first slowly but then picking up speed until a day on planet Earth is much as it used to be. Just as rotation stops within a day, just so rotation returns within a day, much to the relief of the frantic survivors who fear the long day or night they have been experiencing will never end.


Immediate climate changes after poleshift


The pole shift, of course, radically affects the climate of every place on Earth. How could it not? The equator has changed, and formerly temperate and even polar areas now find themselves under the hot, continuous equatorial sun. Inhabitants of these areas may find themselves subject to severe sunburn, for the first time in their lives, and, not understanding the phenomena, not know what to do. Other inhabitants, formerly in the equator, will quickly freeze to death. The temperature plunges, unremittingly, and they are ill prepared. This is, all told, a relatively benign death, as the hypothermic body becomes dreamy and seemingly falls asleep. Few areas will find the climate remaining the same, by coincidence having the same relative latitude as before.

Over time the plants and animals change, accommodating the climatic change. Plants, in particular, are hard hit, as they are sensitive to the temperature, humidity, and exposure to sun and wind. The die off is massive, but certain other opportunists survive. Over time, there is a creep that occurs, such that from places where the climate has remained the same plants grow outward toward where they find conditions hospitable. The opportunists who took over, preempting all the strugglers, find they are being pushed, steadily, to assume their former status. Animals, being mobile, are less hard hit, and either adjust their day and night to the new conditions or travel. After a time, a few centuries, the Earth looks much as it did before, only this time with new poles, a new equator, and newly established temperate zones.

All of this activity is modulated at first by the gloom cause by Volcanic Dust. During the hour of the shift, all volcanoes active now or dormant now will explode. Likewise, during this hour, hurricane force winds will whip over the oceans. Due to this interaction, the gloom and humidity are present almost immediately after the shift. Disbursement, so that this is evenly spread, occurs over the next few days, within a week, but the effect is virtually immediate on vegetation requiring sunlight and a dry bed. Strong sunlight occurs only occasionally, in certain locations. In the main there is dusk, ever present dusk. Where there is vegetation die back, this is caused in fact more by the lack of sunshine than by any climatic changes. Animal life is impacted by the lack of food, too, more than climatic changes. However, after a couple decades, the skies clear, and then the climatic changes are the stronger determinant.


Rising sea levels by 675 feets within two years after the poleshift


After the cataclysms the existing polar ice will melt, while at the same time reforming over the new poles. The melting will occur faster than the reforming, as for ice to form there are more factors at play than for ice to melt. We will explain. The ice over the former poles will now be facing the Sun, and the melt rate will proceed based on the air temperature and the absorption of solar rays, both of which will be high as the old poles will now be situated essentially at the new equator. Any water at the new poles will freeze, but the buildup of ice on a pole is not altogether from the water that happened to be there when the pole took position. The buildup comes from precipitation, and this accumulates over hundreds of years. At some point an equilibrium is established, with icebergs breaking off and floating to warmer waters and the like. The Earth, therefore, will experience More Water in its oceans for some time after the cataclysms.

Where new poles take centuries to fully form, existing poles thrust under an equatorial sun melt rapidly. The melting poles will thus raise the sea level, worldwide, by 650 to 700 feet within two years. Survivors living below this level will find themselves moving repeatedly as rivers begin to overflow their banks and marsh areas become lakes. Those planning survival sites should consider this as well as escape routes for survivors who might be trapped by the rising water. Survival sites should be selected for their ability to link to other land areas that will be above the water line as well, so that technologies and skills can be shared among the survivors. Survivors thus will find visiting each other possible rather than impossible in a new world without maps and certainly without guidelines for boats setting out on what will seem to be an endless sea.

Going on the assumption that the poles have always been, essentially, where they are found today, humans have extracted core samples which they assume will be a frozen record of climatic changes back through the eons - a dust layer here, bits of vegetation there, a higher carbon dioxide level here, and on through any number of variables. However, unlike the rings in a tree, which show its age, layers of ice do not show what is absent. The tree trunk is viewed as a whole, reflecting the life of a tree, but polar ice reflects only that portion of its life that has not melted away. Many shifts are slight, thus causing partial melting or melting on only one side. Thus, for the existing poles, there are places where the debris and gasses caught in the ice tell a long tale.




The sea level, rising to 675 feet, will gradually drop due to the following factors.

  1. The core of the Earth, hot from the turmoil of the shift and friction with the crust, will have its excess heat absorbed by the oceans and gradually dissipated. This will take 50 year to dissipate, during which time the oceans will plateau, then cool. The cooling phase will take 250 years longer, to be complete.
  2. The new poles will freeze rainfall or ocean water into ice, pulling up water. This likewise will take hundreds and even thousands of years to reach an equilibrium where iceberg breakage and ice formation stabilize the ice development.

Thus, we estimate 300 years for a reduced level, to be followed by thousands of years of pole formation. During this time, the Earth will move physically into 4th Density, with a smaller sun as not all of the sun will be moved. This will expedite the polar ice formation, such that more land will be found around the equator, more ice over larger areas over the poles. Thus, in your lifetime, plan on the 675 foot level, and worry not about your next incarnation’s experiences.






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Comment by Chris on October 7, 2011 at 10:09pm

Great job bill.   Really puts things into perspective on the sequence of events.

Comment by Shari-Lyn Wheeler on October 7, 2011 at 8:45pm

Yes Thank you.....You worked hard on this and I appreciate all the info. Makes it easy to understand everything that is unfolding.....

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