The Zeta's have recently explained that the 7 of 10 scenarios are to be slowed down as well as explaining that their predictions were always worst case scenarios. My question is: they've predicted 90% of the world's population to be lost to the PS. Is that also a worst CASE scenario? Could the possible outcome also only be, say, 40%? Or is the 90% a hard, definite number?

There is much confusion regarding the deliberately held back pace of the 7 of 10 plate movements, and how this interference with the natural order of events during a passage of Planet X might affect our overall predictions. The 7 of 10 plate movements are going to occur regardless of how much they are held back at the start. Every jerk of the Earth during the daily wobble is impelling them tomove. There are steps and stages in the plate movements as the hour of the pole shift approaches. What this delay means is that one of the plateaus will be shortened. The other 7 of 10 scenarios will follow each other with greater speed. And that there will be overlap with the later 7 of 10 plate movements and 8 of 10 scenarios. 

Those who are confused about the deliberate delay are thinking of a continuum, a linear series of events where a delay in one place translates to a delay in the overall. If a skier on a steep slope were held back by a cord, so his pace was slowed, what would be the result? If the cord were cut, then the skier would pick up speed but his speed at the bottom would not be what it was formerly. His ability to accelerate would have changed. This would be the case if the Earth changes were linear, with only one impetus rather than many. The Earth wobble is an impetus that is a daily affair. It is a skier put on the slope daily, and each day the slope more steep than the last. Where his speed was slowed on one day, on the next he would arrive at the bottom sooner, and with greater speed. 

Interfering with the pace of change thus has consequences. We have explained that the end result, the pole shift, would not be altered. Where a deliberate delay has been allowed essentially at the start of the 7 of 10 plate changes, to break the cover-up, this would certainly not be the case by the time the Last Weeks had arrived. Likewise, the 90% death rate we have predicted was not due to death from injury or drowning but rather due to depression, giving up because life was just not going to be the same and unlikely to return to a pre-shift level in their lifetimes. This is a choice that humans are allowed to make.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 17, 2012

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