This is a channeled work from a woman, whom the Zetas confirmed had the right notion about the humming boxes when they first appeared in Oregon. She has taken great umbrage at the concept of a sudden Pole Shift, as the Zetas say within an hour, and gone so far as to state that anyone saying this is a “malevolent” force. Yet she was warned privately to get an RV and be prepared to leave the coast on a moment’s notice. There has been an alignment of agreement until now. Why the sudden difference of opinion and insults? I feel Nancy should address the ET intercession with Pole Shift itself by re-examining the issue. [Begin Channel, in part] Why would we wish for you to go thru this destruction and end life and civilizations where you have all then accumulated your greatest potential for advancement in your Sciences and Technologies, Understanding of the Cosmos and moving for Spiritual Growth and Unity. Would we not protect you from self-destruction or from an outside Cosmic threat or Nuclear Wars, when you are so valuable to us as a Human Species, as an accumulation of all your past Life's, as an accumulation of all your past Wars, as an accumulation of all your past Enlightenment and the age of darkness. We have always guided the Human Race from the beginning of time to the present moment, and would "not" allow this destruction that is being brought about and manifested by the collective minds guided by malevolent Luciferian Forces to "Destroy You" and to destroy this planet. But this (Planet-X/Nibiru) has been cleared.  It has been placed outside of its own "Orbit" further from your Earth. We say that it is a possibility of a "Pole Shift" but "Not" in this manner in which they wish the Human minds to manifest it to be. There is a possibility of this Mind Pole Shift, caused by an exchange of Nuclear Weapons throughout your world. If they are not prevented there would be a chain effect that would then unbalance the rotation of your Earth. But what is being spoken of is a "Sudden Pole Shift", the "Sudden" Pole Shift can only be thru the destruction and use of your weapons.

There are some similarities in this channeled work by a valid Pleiadean channel and what ZetaTalk has stated. There are also points where we differ, and differ greatly. For instance, we have stated that nuclear weapons have long been disabled so they are no longer weapons, though if challenged by the need to retain the Element of Doubt would be allowed to explode. This has been in the body of ZetaTalk for years. This intercession is because the Council of Worlds has responded to the collective Call from many people. Since nuclear war is not possible, in this situation, our predictions differ from this Pleiadean channel.

It is likewise true that the rapid progression of the 7 of 10 plate movements was slowed to a crawl, because the Council of Worlds saw the potential for a break in the cover-up, and did not wish massive death from 7 of 10 plate movements when the populace had no opportunity to have a spiritual lesson, no opportunity to react. Slowing the plate movement required more than the humming boxesplaced along fault lines. Planet X was positioned more to the side, to the right of the Earth, than it should be during the 7 of 10 process, as noted recently in our ZetaTalk chats. This is why there is a more severe wobble at this time, yet slower plate movement.

It has long been known that all in the Service-to-Other do not agree on how mankind should be influenced at this time. The Pleiadeans are notorious for downplaying the coming Pole Shift, preferring to deliver a message of denial so as not to elicit anxiety and fear. Our approach has been to tell the blunt truth, so mankind will not be shocked but can prepare to assist others in love throughout the cataclysms, being emotionally prepared.  Both we and they are Service-to-Others, but differ in our approach. Where the Pleiadeans prefer to emphasize rescue, we prefer to emphasize that mankind is to rise to the occasion, growing spiritually by helping others.

The Pleiadeans know that Obama and his allies around the world are prepared to inform mankind that Nibiru, aka Planet X, does indeed exist and is positioned for a passage past Earth. It is ZetaTalk, ourselves, and our message that will get the attention due to our 17 years of accurate predictions and worldwide fame. It is clear which Service-to-Other group will get to influence mankind, and the losers are resentful, calling our warnings “malevolent” as they feel a blunt message will increase fear and a lean toward Service-to-Self thoughts. In this channeled report, the Pleiadeans are promising rescue to all when this has not been granted by the Council of Worlds.

The Pole Shift has never been, and will not be a tea party as the Pleiadeans promise. For mankind, the future times are not going to be comfortable, but bad tidings to be dealt with. For mankind, the loving thing to do is prepare for the coming Earth changes and react to the distress of others, assisting them. In our view, it is not a proper act for the Pleiadeans to reassure mankind that no harm will come to them, when clearly man has always dealt with volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunami, and giant predators. For mankind, any intervention by benign alien forces will be as a reaction to their own Service-to-Other endeavors and thoughts. Rescue must be earned, not assumed.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 22, 2013

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