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ZetaTalk from Dec, 26. 2011:

Comment by Nancy Lieder

@Howard, here's the new ZT promised:


We have explained the twisting and deforming Earth magnetosphere as either
1. an end-to-end alignment
so that the Earth’s S Pole seems to be missing altogether, only the blue outbound lines apparent in a compressed magnetosphere, or
2. the Earth’s magnetosphere subsumed
into the magnetosphere of Planet X so that the outbound magnetons from Earth go directly to Planet X, and those returning to the Earth’s S Pole come directly from Planet X.

The image in question, dated Christmas day December 25, 2011, is a version of the compressed magnetosphere, but under pressure from a Planet X that is coming ever closer. This is the reason for the increased violence of the wobble, as the PUSH away of the Earth’s N Pole is stronger. This is the reason for the Sun appearing so far to the south at this time, as the Earth is leaning its N Pole away from the N Pole of Planet X. A quick and violent lean into opposition could also occur, due to this increased pressure.

Prior ZT:
What would explain the magnetic twist, where Earth's field appears to be heading in the wrong direction entirely? Some magnetons from the N Pole of Planet X, which has a wide field, drift to the S Pole of Earth rather than travel on to the S Pole of Planet X.


Prior ZT:
What would cause the Earth's magnetosphere to temporarily show only an outbound stream (blue lines), bypassing the Earth's S Pole? It is as though the magnetons are diverted away from returning to the Earth's S Pole, and this is what is occurring. When the N Pole of Planet X temporarily pointed its N Pole at Earth, forcing an end-to-end alignment of their magnetospheres.


Please post Planet X related captures here:


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Comment by Poli 14 hours ago
Comment by OrdinaryDragon yesterday

Thank you Konstantin for the illustrations.

Comment by Poli on Saturday
Comment by Poli on Saturday

A nice illustration, Konstantin, also a great work!

Comment by Konstantin on Saturday

I made a few 3d pictures illustrating OrdinaryDragon's post. 

It is a common scheme (we are seeing from space to Sun's N-pole).


It's a view from Stereo B camera.


The flare is feebly seen from such view.


Would NASA be correct, this flare would be seen very clearly.

Comment by Poli on Saturday

Hello "Dragon". It has needed a while for me, to understand what you mean... but yes, now I got it.

Great work, thank you!

Comment by OrdinaryDragon on Saturday

Proof that the Earth is in the August position. Have a look at this odd solar flare that Poli pointed out and asked about earlier. I did ask the question to the Zeta's but it's apparently spot on and was asked instead to put it here instead.

The solar flare in question was on 9/15/14 at 10:46. It was caught by STEREO behind EUVI 304 and SDO AIA 304. STEREO behind only has one image of it. SDO is able to go down to one second between images. The two are separate satellites. SDO orbits earth. STEREO has a much larger orbit and orbits the Sun.

The STEREO behind EUVI 304 image for 9/15/14 can be found here:

That flare is seen at the 9 o'clock position from STEREO behind.

Taking the same date and time. Look at the SDO helioviewer page at the same date and time:

That same flare can be seen at the 3 o'clock with SDO (above). Step the image time step back/forward from the 10:46 time by 1 minute and you can see it pop up in the below image.

SDO barely caught it. It looks to be just starting to go out of view from the view point of SDO. Meaning it's more on the back side of the Sun from that point of view.

STEREO behind had the better view point of that flare.

Using what the Zeta's have said about where Earth is and where the August position is on NASA's "where is STEREO" map ( I did a quick image of where approximately that flare was:

That flare happened right about where the white star is the image and just over where it says "Sun". Via SDO you can see it forms and pops up very close to the surface of the Sun. You don't see much via STEREO images just the formed flare but you can see it. STEREO is where NASA says they are on the map but lie about the location of Earth. With the corrected position of Earth via the Zeta's you can see that the flare while not in 3D. It was caught at two separate angles and you can correlate an approximate 3D location. If you look where the field of view is for STEREO B and where the flare is in the STEREO image. Then look at SDO image and where the flare is while also remembering SDO orbits Earth. Giving SDO essentially an Earth view point of the Sun. Then you have proof that Earth is where the Zeta's say we are. In the August position.

I'd assume this could be done with just about any flare caught by both STEREO and SDO. That one just happens to be such an odd shape so you know for sure it's the same one.

And thanks to Poli. This probably wasn't what you expected to come from it but it just hit me when I was looking at the SDO images looking for it.


Comment by Poli on Friday

I suspect a big moon swirl outside the picture.

Comment by Poli on Thursday
Comment by Poli on Wednesday



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