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Comment by Nancy Lieder

@Howard, here's the new ZT promised:


We have explained the twisting and deforming Earth magnetosphere as either
1. an end-to-end alignment
so that the Earth’s S Pole seems to be missing altogether, only the blue outbound lines apparent in a compressed magnetosphere, or
2. the Earth’s magnetosphere subsumed
into the magnetosphere of Planet X so that the outbound magnetons from Earth go directly to Planet X, and those returning to the Earth’s S Pole come directly from Planet X.

The image in question, dated Christmas day December 25, 2011, is a version of the compressed magnetosphere, but under pressure from a Planet X that is coming ever closer. This is the reason for the increased violence of the wobble, as the PUSH away of the Earth’s N Pole is stronger. This is the reason for the Sun appearing so far to the south at this time, as the Earth is leaning its N Pole away from the N Pole of Planet X. A quick and violent lean into opposition could also occur, due to this increased pressure.

Prior ZT:
What would explain the magnetic twist, where Earth's field appears to be heading in the wrong direction entirely? Some magnetons from the N Pole of Planet X, which has a wide field, drift to the S Pole of Earth rather than travel on to the S Pole of Planet X.


Prior ZT:
What would cause the Earth's magnetosphere to temporarily show only an outbound stream (blue lines), bypassing the Earth's S Pole? It is as though the magnetons are diverted away from returning to the Earth's S Pole, and this is what is occurring. When the N Pole of Planet X temporarily pointed its N Pole at Earth, forcing an end-to-end alignment of their magnetospheres.


Please post Planet X related captures here:


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Comment by Nancy Lieder on September 29, 2012 at 3:28pm

Due to the pending announcement likely to affect the normal schedule, I am releasing the answer to Howard's Q&A for 10/7 early.


During the severe compression of Earth's magnetosphere on Sept 25 / Sept 26, Earth's magnetic dipole axis visibly begins tilting clockwise in the below BATSRUS animation at approximately 05:00 UTC Sept 26.  There also appears to be a magnetic field external to Earth that is being asserted from the lower left during this tilt (see bottom image).
1.  Does this tilt of Earth's magnetic dipole portray a temporary lean to the left?
2.  Are the magnetic field lines in the lower left of the bottom image a depiction of Planet X's magnetic influence or perhaps the Dark Twin's presence behind Earth?

We have depicted the twisting magnetosphere of Earth as due to the presence of Planet X. Magnets want to go
side-by-side (as the planets do with the Sun) or end-to-end.  They can temporarily form a single field, the smaller magnetic field being absorbed
into the larger field, or the smaller one can appear to twist
if not directly end-to-end. If not allowed to go end-to-end and too close for a side-by-side arrangement, the lesser magnet can go into opposition
or attempt to form a T arrangement, which for the Earth is a lean to the left.

For the effects the Council of Worlds wanted, to force the announcement admitting the presence of Planet X, there were temporary changes to the magnetic blast coming from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X toward the Earth. On September 15, 2012 and the week following, light rays were bent to enhance the viewing of the corpus of Planet X. On September 21, 2012 and the week following, the charged tail was disbursed and the Moon Swirls illuminated. That the dipole of Earth’s magnetic field tilted toward the Sun and the approaching Planet X was directly due to the need to disburse the charged tail of Planet X. This was done by INCREASING the magnetic particle flow hosed toward Earth so the charged tail blew outward to the sides.

What can those watching the Earth’s magnetosphere expect as Planet X continues to point its N Pole directly at Earth? We have predicted a great deal of switching about, as this occurs. Magnetic fields are not rigid, they are plastic, and also ebb and surge in waves. The 7 of 10 plate movements have much to do with the switching about the Earth does, from one posture to another. We have termed this a wobble within a wobble. If the Earth leans its N Pole away from Planet X during the daily wobble, when the Earth’s magnetic N Pole comes up over the horizon, but then the Earth decides to go into opposition to meet a particularly harsh blast from Planet X, that is as Elvis used to say “shake, rattle and roll” – a back and forth and side to side effect almost simultaneously.

Prior 2009 ZT:
If this flow of magnetons from Planet X is strong enough, the magnetons flowing out the Earth's N Pole cannot fight the push in order to return to the Earth's S Pole. In this case, they join the larger field temporarily formed by Planet X and the Earth.

Prior 2009 ZT:
What would explain the magnetic twist, where Earth's field appears to be heading in the wrong direction entirely, the emissions from the N Pole going directly south, the intake at the S Pole coming directly from the north?

Prior 2010 ZT:
If Planet X moves slightly, the Earth may suddenly move into opposition, has she has before pointing her N Pole toward the Sun. Or the Earth may flip sideways into a temporary lean to the left, thrown sideways. The Earth has been more mobile during the early dance with Planet X. She might have leaned into temporary opposition or a temporary lean to the left, but this was slight. Now, these positions will be more violent, and more extreme, and this is what will cause increasing plate movement, the 7 of 10 scenarios.

Comment by Howard on September 28, 2012 at 4:24pm

Another severe compression of the magnetosphere yesterday (Sept 27) around 11:00 UTC.



Comment by Howard on September 26, 2012 at 3:58pm

Indeed, KM.  This most recent severe compression endured for over 16 hours.


Comment by jorge namour on September 25, 2012 at 11:42pm
Comment by Howard on September 24, 2012 at 4:18pm

Another severe compression today beginning around 09:00 UTC.




Comment by Howard on September 23, 2012 at 5:47pm

Earth's magnetosphere once again in the dominant magnetic grip of Planet X.  Severe compression ongoing as of 11:00 UTC today.




Interpreting Real Time Magnetosphere Data

Comment by Howard on September 22, 2012 at 6:56pm

Earth's magnetosphere feeling the squeeze of particle flow from Planet X today.



Interpreting Real Time Magnetosphere Data

Comment by Howard on September 15, 2012 at 3:00am

Further evidence of the relentless approach of Planet X: the 2nd consecutive day with 3 severe compressions of the magnetosphere. This is unprecedented. The 2nd and 3rd compressions are combined in the bottom animation.


Comment by Howard on September 14, 2012 at 3:05am

The third severe magnetosphere compression within the past 25 hours.


Comment by Howard on September 13, 2012 at 4:26pm

Another severe twist and compression of the magnetosphere today for several hours between 7:00 and 13:00 UTC.


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