The bottom of the sea rising up in Hokkaido / Land showed up overnight

In Shiretoko peninsula of Hokkaido, the bottom of the sea has been rising since 4/24/2015.

It’s the coastal line of Rausu town.

According to a local resident, she noticed the coastal line is slightly higher than usual when she was picking seaweed in the morning of 4/24/2015.

It already became higher than her when she came back home.

It kept on rising and it became 300 〜 500m wide, 30m long and 10 〜 15m high by the morning of 4/25/2015.

It is seen still rising.

Land subsidence is seen in the surroundings but no sound or quake were observed. Because the rising land has marine organisms attached, it is assumed not to be a landslide.

Sapporo Regional Headquarters of Japan Meteorological Agency commented there has not been earthquakes observed in this week. No significant volcanic activities are not seen either. The cause of rising sea bottom is not known.