Planet x Components Moved to Right of the Sun 2015/10/21 16:42

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on October 22, 2015 at 12:58pm

ZetaTalk 12/4/2010:

This is information that coincides with the 8 of 10 scenarios, as yet undescribed, and with the anticipated position of Planet X vs a vs the Earth for enhanced viewing of Planet X from the astonished residents of Earth. This time has not yet arrived.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/2/2013:

For the 8 of 10, as it progresses, Planet X will be positioned more to the right in the line of sight, so that sunlight will bounce off the dust cloud clinging to and thus shrouding Planet X, supporting dramatic Second Sun sightings on a daily basis, worldwide.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/20/2013:

Planet X and the Earth assume a more side-by-side posture during the 8 of 10 phase, Planet X moving forward in its path but the Earth pulling far to the left where it is trapped within the cup. Visibility increases because the angle of bounce for sunlight reflected off the vast dust cloud that shrouds both Planet X and the Moon Swirls is more optimal. When the Planet X complex was positioned more between the Earth and Sun, the bounce most often returned sunlight to the Sun or to the side, off into space. It was the rare times when the angle was right, at sunrise or sunset, that the people of Earth saw what they thought were two suns rising or setting.

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