Council of Worlds at WAR re Announcement Delays

Note the location of “Planet 9” and the inbound path for Nibiru provided by the Zetas in 1997. Nibiru arrived, right on schedule in 2003, and right where predicted a full 7 years earlier. Where the Zetas provided the location of the gravity draw represented by the Sun’s dark unlit binary and the inbound Nibiru in 1983, when the IRAS team lofted its infra-red balloon in search of the inbound Nibiru, this location was not provided to the public. All articles in print at that time only referring to the location as the “western edge of the constellation Orion”, quite vague, and the “western edge” is vast. Yet the Zetas pinpointed the location as being just outside the lower bow of Orion. Such is the accuracy of ZetaTalk. How would the public eventually become “aware of the history and accuracy of ZetaTalk predictions” as predicted by the Zetas on April 16, 2016? ? It would seem this is already in process.

SOZT March 19, 2016

So what happened to the announcement? Obama lacked the courage. As a result of this colossal failure,  having to disband the Jade Helm structure, the US military reacted. Obama is no longer running the country. Chief of Staff General Dunford is. Ben Fulford has for months been referring to Obama as the US “spokesperson”. Is this true, and how does this work? In that the Middle East, under the direction and press from Israel, Turkey, the Jewish bankers of the Federal Reserve, and the Saudis were supporting ISIS and this threatened to create a force that would not only invade Europe but also create an endless terrorism threat to the US, the military did indeed effect a silent coup. Russia needed to enter the fray, and Dunford, but not Obama, agreed. This will never be admitted, publicly, nor do the parties want this.

SOZT October 1, 2015
The three major social media outlets in use around the globe all had significant, and simultaneous outages between September 20-24, 2015. Skype had complaints from the UK, Australia, and Japan. Twitter received reports from the US, Australia, and Singapore. FaceBook had the loudest howls, primarily from the US and Europe. Notably these downtimes, some lasting for hours or even days, got no attention in the major media, and there was no real explanation for the outages.  Every Skype user has an account and a password, as do their contacts. Every Skype user can broadcast messages to their contacts, even if these contacts are not presently online. Every twitter use likewise has an account and a password, and by sending a tweet passes information along to subscribers, who can retweet the info in the future. FaceBook users likewise have an account and a password, with many friends who pick up info from each other and pass it along on their FaceBook accounts.  In all of this, the networks themselves are AWARE of the accounts and passwords, and could do a broadcast to all in the event of an announcement. Check your user agreements. This is legal!

SOZT April 25, 2015
When we announced that the Council of Worlds would be going to war with the elite over their blockage of the announcement, the tools available to the Council were not immediately apparent. Early in the campaign the Sony hack showed one such mechanism, whereby an anonymous hacker revealed embarrassing information about Sony executives. Similarly exposing pedophile activities by Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton and blatant lies by self-promoting media talking heads such as Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly required nothing more than encouraging contactees to step forward.  In many, many cases a financial loss sufficient to trigger a clash among the elite is a result of an electronic delay during trades. 

SOZT July 4, 2015
What is the message here? As with other failed launches, this most recent failure is a definitive message from the Council of Worlds. Space X has had success in resupplying the ISS, though has flounded on landing on a floating ocean platform.  Resupply of the ISS is OK, reuse of their launch equipment so as to help the elite escape, not OK. The message now is that the elite should not expect to get into space at all. No escape. The message here is to take all hope away from such plans among the elite. They are to remain on Earth with the common man. We expect the battle to shift from attempts to block the announcement, or deny its meaning, to attempts to enslave the common man in some way. That is another fight, on another day.

SOZT November 1, 2014
The elite – the wealthy and politically powerful in the world – have continued in their attempts to thwart the announcement by Obama and his partners admitting that Nibiru, aka Planet X exists. We have long stated that the announcement date was set by Obama and Xi at their June 7-8, 2013 meeting in Santa Monica. The flustered slip given by the French Foreign Minister on May 13, 2014 re “500 days
until climate chaos” was in reference to this, as the date set was to be 500 days from the 2013 meeting, ie October 20, 2014.

SOZT November 8, 2014
Relying solely on Russia or China to proceed would get the truth out BUT since the block had always been on the US end, via Reagan’s national security directive, without a confirmation from Obama this is awkward and subject to being countered. If true, where is the confirmation from Obama? It would be packaged as some odd communist attack against Obama going into the elections, to make him seem weak, almost comical. So where is this going now? For us to comment would be to empower the enemy, which of course we will not do. Your curiosity is not as important as having the announcement succeed.

SOZT December 10, 2014
We have stated that the public will see only the flash and parry of swords from a distance during the Council of Worlds war with the cover-up crowd. Meanwhile, periodic tests of the Emergency Broadcast System in the US are done, to see if the channels are open. As of this writing, they are not yet open. The war is still on, full press. Meanwhile, during the flash and parry of swords, one can see resistance, pleading, panic, and capitulation.

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Comment by Carlos Villa on December 20, 2016 at 10:54pm

Wow, if this isn't a subliminal message I don't know what is
Comment by SongStar101 on December 20, 2016 at 12:32pm

Donald Trump Seals Electoral College Victory, Officially Becomes 45th US President

It's finally over: Donald Trump has secured 304 Electoral Votes following the Texas vote (with 2 faithless electors), officially securing the presidency of the United States.  Of course, the now official President-Elect Trump took to twitter to confirm the victory:

Texas' 36 electoral votes for Trump pushed him over the edge at around 4:30 Central Time, even though two rogue electors' defections deprived Trump of one of those votes. That gave Trump 304 total electoral votes.

A quick recap of the day's events from the WSJ:

Members of the Electoral College meeting in state capitals across the country on Monday confirmed President-elect Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, ending a last-ditch campaign to deny him the presidency. Mr. Trump amassed at least 270 electoral votes on Monday afternoon—enough to officially become the president-elect over his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, according to a tally of votes by the Associated Press.


Typically just a formality, this year’s Electoral College vote attracted an outsize amount of attention after a group of mostly Democratic electors made a late push to block Mr. Trump’s path to the White House. They argued the Electoral College had a constitutional duty to act independently of the will of the voters in extraordinary circumstances. Protesters gathered in several state capitols across the country to encourage electors to reject Mr. Trump.


Four Democratic electors in Washington state broke ranks—with three casting ballots for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and one for Native American activist Faith Spotted Eagle. In the vice presidential vote, the Washington vote was even more unusual, with electors casting votes for a trio of female U.S. senators: Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Maria Cantwell of Washington and Susan Collins of Maine. Another elector cast a ballot for Winona LaDuke, an environmental activist.


Several other attempts by electors to cast ballots failed. The Associated Press reported that attempts by Democratic electors in Colorado and Maine to vote for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders failed. In Maine, the elector was ordered to vote again, while in Colorado an elector was replaced.

The final count:

  • 304 Trump
  • 228 Clinton
  • 3 Powell
  • 1 Kasich/ Paul


The Best Election Map Yet

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on December 19, 2016 at 9:24pm

IMF chief Christine Lagarde flees France for US as she is found GUILTY of payout to tycoon

HEAD of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde has escaped punishment after being found guilty of negligence over a controversial multi-million pound payment to a businessman.

PUBLISHED: 14:17, Mon, Dec 19, 2016 | UPDATED: 17:00, Mon, Dec 19, 2016

The former French finance minister was today convicted by a French court over the so-called Tapie payment but has not been handed a sentence.

During the case, the IMF supported Ms Lagarde's position as leader, but her role is in doubt following the guilty verdict.

The conviction is a huge embarrassment for the American-based IMF after former head Dominique Strauss-Kahn was forced to quit in 2011 amid sexual assault allegations.

A crisis meeting over Ms Lagarde's continued leadership of the fund is now set to be held by the Washington-based board.

The top judge in Ms Lagarde's trial said the IMF head was negligent for not seeking to overturn an arbitration ruling in 2008, which had awarded the huge compensation payment to Bernard Tapie.

christine lagarde
The verdict could have carried up to a year in prison.

But judge Martine Ract Madoux cited the former French politcian's good reputation and international standing as well as the 2008 financial crisis, as reasons why the court didn't give a punishment.

She said: "The context of the global financial crisis in which Madame Lagarde found herself in should be taken into account."The IMF head has denied the charges and her lawyers have said they will look into appealing today's decison.Investigators looked into allegations that Mr Tapie was given the £336million (€400m) compensation payout in return for supporting former President Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2007 election.And Ms Lagarde has been found at fault for approving the extremely rare out-of-court payout during her time as France's finance minister.
Mr Tapie had sued Credit Lyonnais after alleging the state-backed bank had defrauded him by deliberately under-valuing Adidas, where he had been a majority stakeholder before selling his share in 1993. The case had been handed to Ms Lagarde after an arbitration panel awarded the compensation.

Ms Lagarde, who was found guilty of ‘negligence by a person in a position of public authority', has been head of the IMF after replacing her fellow countryman Mr Strauss-Kahn in 2011.
Gerry Rice, director of communications at the IMF, said: “The Executive Board has met on previous occasions to consider developments related to the legal proceedings in France.
"It is expected that the Board will meet again shortly to consider the most recent developments.”
The French Government said it still had confidence in Ms Lagarde following the ruling
Comment by SongStar101 on December 15, 2016 at 10:51am

Wikileaks Keeps Saying Leaker Was Not Russian – Liberal Media Keeps Ignoring Them

Wikileaks keeps telling the world who the leaker was— Liberal media keeps ignoring them.

In early November Wikileaks founder Julian Assange categorically denied that the troves of US Democratic Party and Clinton work and staff emails released this year came from the Russian government.

Assange: The Clinton camp has been able to project a neo-McCarthyist hysteria that Russia is responsible for everything. Hillary Clinton has stated multiple times, falsely, that 17 US intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia was the source of our publications. That’s false – we can say that the Russian government is not the source,” Assange told the veteran Australian broadcaster as part of a 25-minute John Pilger Special, courtesy of Dartmouth Films.


An example of Liberal Media...?

US Accuses Vladimir Putin Of "Personal Involvement" In Election Hack

And just like that the narrative of Russia hacking the presidential election has escalated to the highest possible level, and has officially jumped the shark.

Moments ago, following a month-long barrage of unsubstantiated stories in the press accusing the Russian government of indirectly hacking the US presidential election, which culminated with last night's 8,000 word NYT expose, and which followed a schism between the FBI and CIA, in which the former disputed the latter's "fuzzy and ambiguous" claims that Russia sought to influence the presidential elections, moments ago the NBC News reported that U.S. intelligence officials believe with "a high level of confidence" that Russian President Vladimir Putin became personally involved in the covert Russian campaign to interfere in the U.S. presidential election.

Perhaps because the official narrative has so far been unable to gather traction with the previous "shotgun approach" in which just "Russia" was accused of handing the election to Trump, four short days before the Electoral College vote, the narrative has changed and it now involves the very pinnacle of Russia's government: the president himself.

Comment by SongStar101 on December 13, 2016 at 8:24pm

SpaceX officially delays first crewed flight of its Dragon capsule for NASA

People are slated to fly on the vehicle in 2018

In the wake of its September 1st rocket explosion, SpaceX has officially delayed the first crewed flight of its Crew Dragon vehicle — the capsule that the company is building to take NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station. Originally planned for late 2017, the first flight of the Crew Dragon with people on board is now slated to take place in May of 2018, according to a NASA blog post. Prior to that flight, SpaceX will perform a demonstration mission of Crew Dragon in November 2017 — a flight that won’t include any astronauts.

NASA must rely on Russia a little bit longer for getting people to the space station

The longer it takes for NASA to fly on the Commercial Crew vehicles, though, the longer the space agency must rely on Russia for getting people to the International Space Station. Currently the Russian Soyuz rocket is the only vehicle that can take astronauts to the ISS. It’s an expensive way to get astronauts to space, as one seat on the Soyuz costs NASA roughly $81 million. It also means NASA doesn’t have any other options for sending humans to space. That’s a scary prospect, especially since the Soyuz just experienced a failure during an uncrewed mission to the space station last week.

The Crew Dragon delay is also one of many that SpaceX has experienced following its September 1st rocket explosion. The company was forced to ground all of its Falcon 9 flights as it investigated the accident, and the first flight of the Falcon Heavy — a larger variant of the Falcon 9 — had to be pushed back from the end of this year to early next year. SpaceX was hoping to return to flight on December 16th, but that launch has since slipped to early January. The delays have prompted one customer to launch on another rocket.

Comment by SongStar101 on December 13, 2016 at 11:11am

News Flash: SpaceX No Longer "Profitable and Cash-Flow Positive"

On Sept. 1, a SpaceX rocket blew up on its launch pad while undergoing routine testing at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. SpaceX hasn't launched one single rocket since the disaster, and now says it won't resume launching before January 2017 at the earliest.

If you think this sounds like bad news for SpaceX's business, you're right. In fact, it's probably even worse news than you know.

Secretive SpaceX

As a privately held company, SpaceX is not required to file financial disclosures of its revenue, its profits, or its losses with the SEC. Just because it isn't required to tell people how it's doing financially, however, doesn't mean that SpaceX won't voluntarily toot its own horn from time to time.

For example, back when things were going well for SpaceX -- say, circa June 2016 -- the company regularly tweeted out a string of announcements of successful rocket launches, rocket landings, and product improvements to its space fleet.

At the same time, front and center on its website, SpaceX boasted of how well its business was doing. SpaceX had "70 launches on its manifest," and was launching much more often than its rivals at United Launch Alliance (the Boeing (NYSE:BA) - Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) joint venture) or Airbus (NASDAQOTH:EADSY) subsidiary Arianespace. SpaceX was moving steadily toward fulfilling "over $10 billion in contracts" over the next few years, and booking more of them all the time. Best of all, just like Ariane and ULA, SpaceX was "profitable and cash-flow positive."

But a funny thing happened on the way to SpaceX's website update a few months ago. Without warning or explanation, the assertion that SpaceX is "profitable and cash-flow positive" suddenly vanished.

Why so mum, chum?

SpaceX's "About" SpaceX webpage today continues to boast of "70 future missions on its manifest," and still says those missions are worth "over $10 billion." But sometime between 6:25 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016, and 9:23 a.m. on Sept. 22, the assertion that SpaceX is "profitable and cash-flow positive" was scrubbed from the website.

Why might that be?

We actually discussed this -- and came very close to predicting it -- just last month, when discussing SpaceX's latest plan to launch 4,425 broadband internet satellites into orbit. And it goes like this:

  • Since its Sept. 1 blowup, SpaceX has not launched a single rocket in three months of operations. If its next launch takes place in January, as it now hopes, that will be four months without any rocket revenue coming in to the company.
  • Prior to Sept. 1, SpaceX had successfully launched nine rockets in the nine months from December 2015 through August 2016.
  • Prior to that, though, SpaceX went through another launch drought -- that one eight months long -- following a SpaceXplosion in June 2015.

Add it up, and SpaceX has actually only been launching rockets for about nine months of the past 21. Earning roughly $72 million per launch, it's put together perhaps $650 million in revenue from those launches. But according to Elon Musk himself (from an internal SpaceX email dated June 2013, reprinted in Ashlee Vance's biography of the CEO) the company has expenses of "roughly $800 million to $900 million" a year. Over 21 months, that works out to approximately $650 million in revenue, versus perhaps $1.5 billion in expenses.

Translation: SpaceX is not cash flow positive today. Neither is it profitable.

Comment by SongStar101 on November 30, 2016 at 7:37pm

Email QFZT Nancy: 'Would be declined. These are all known facts.'

'CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA was responsible for paving the way for ISIS as the whistle blowing organization released more than half a million formerly confidential US diplomatic cables dating back to 1979.

On the sixth anniversary of the first infamous "Cablegate" by WikiLeaks, when it releases its first batch of sensitive US files, on November 28 2010, it has expanded its Public Library of US Diplomacy (PLUSD) with 531,525 new diplomatic cables from 1979.

In a statement to coincide with the release of the cables, known as "Carter Cables III", Mr Assange explained how events which unfolded in 1979, had begun a series of events that led to the rise of ISIS.

He said: "If any year could be said to be the "year zero" of our modern era, 1979 is it."

Mr Assange said a decision by the CIA, together with Saudi Arabia, to plough billions of dollars into arming the Mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan to tackle the Soviet Union, had led to the creation of terror group al-Qaeda.

This, in turn, he said led to the 9/11 terror strikes, the invasion of Afghanhistan and Iraq by the US, and the creation of ISIS.

Speaking about how 1979 shaped current global events, Mr Assange said: "In the Middle East, the Iranian revolution, the Saudi Islamic uprising and the Egypt-Israel Camp David Accords led not only to the present regional power dynamic but decisively changed the relationship between oil, militant Islam and the world.

"The uprising at Mecca permanently shifted Saudi Arabia towards Wahhabism, leading to the transnational spread of Islamic fundamentalism and the US-Saudi destabilization of Afghanistan."

He said at this point Osama bin Laden left his native Saudi Arabia for Pakistan to support the Afghan Mujahideen.

He added: "The invasion of Afghanistan by the USSR would see Saudi Arabia and the CIA push billions of dollars to Mujahideen fighters as part of Operation Cyclone, fomenting the rise of al-Qaeda and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.

Speaking about how 1979 shaped current global events, Mr Assange said: "In the Middle East, the Iranian revolution, the Saudi Islamic uprising and the Egypt-Israel Camp David Accords led not only to the present regional power dynamic but decisively changed the relationship between oil, militant Islam and the world.

"The uprising at Mecca permanently shifted Saudi Arabia towards Wahhabism, leading to the transnational spread of Islamic fundamentalism and the US-Saudi destabilization of Afghanistan."

He said at this point Osama bin Laden left his native Saudi Arabia for Pakistan to support the Afghan Mujahideen.

He added: "The invasion of Afghanistan by the USSR would see Saudi Arabia and the CIA push billions of dollars to Mujahideen fighters as part of Operation Cyclone, fomenting the rise of al-Qaeda and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.

"The 1979 current of Islamification spread to Pakistan where the US embassy was burned to the ground and Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was executed.

"The Iranian hostage crisis would go on to fatally undermine Jimmy Carter's presidency and see the election of Ronald Reagan.

"The rise of al-Qaeda eventually bore the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, enabling the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and over a decade of war, leaving, at its end, the ideological, financial and geographic basis for ISIS."

The election of Margaret Thatcher as British Prime Minister and the Three Mile Island nuclear incident are some of the incidents during the year cited by Assange.

Comment by SongStar101 on November 16, 2016 at 7:49am

United States purple revolution: Has George Soros committed treason?

It is now common knowledge that George Soros is behind the recent Trump protests across cities in the US.

Soros has activated his NGO protest infrastructure to begin the “purple” revolution process against Donald Trump’s election victory.

The Duran reported on Soros’ revolution last week, and provided multiple sources of evidence to show the Soros protestor recruitment process.

We witnessed the same exact type of activity from George Soros, and his NGOs, unfold in Ukraine during the Maidan in 2014…and build up over months to culminate into violent clashes, and ultimately an illegal coup.

This recent post submitted by Paul Craig Roberts via now asks if Soros should be placed under arrest and tried for treason.

Has George Soros Committed Treason?

“His only legitimacy is his wallet.”

The press prostitutes continue to lie to us. They pretend that the anti-Trump protests are real spontaneous events although the prostitutes know that the “protests” are orchestrated by George Soros and front groups for the Oligarchy such as and other fake progressive groups funded by the oligarchs.

Soros, and various progressive and leftwing fronts for the oligarchs pretend to be for democracy, but they are acting in behalf of Oligarchy. We are witnessing a direct attack on American democracy. These protesters are the hired mercenary enemy of the American people.

Below is an email I received from a friend in Massachusetts. They preach peace and love while they commit violence:

Below is one of the emails I rec’d regarding immediate organizing to get rid of Trump. JWJ is Jobs for Justice serving Massachusetts with the main group in Boston and the subsidiary in western MA. You appear to be correct, because I rec’d the notice below the day following the election and election results were not even in until 3:00 a.m. was/is behind this one. is link under 3rd local event.

Dear JWJ and allies,

If you were like me, today was a hard day to get up.  Donald Trump is
the president-elect, and last night Republicans took the House, the
Senate, and thus the Supreme Court.  This is a terrible situation for
humanity, let alone the workers’ movement and our ability to expand
organizing and collective bargaining rights.  And yet, there is no time
to really brood about it.  We are called to take immediate action.

Today, we are joining with others throughout the movement to demonstrate
our non-consent with the election results, in particular the election of
Donald Trump.  This evening, thousands will gather in cities across the
nation to affirm to ourselves and one another that we will not give up
the fight-the fight for a nation with liberty and justice for all. We
will stand with one another, across race, religion, gender, age,
ability, national origin, sexual orientation, and all of our identities.
We will join hands, pledge our solidarity, and resolve to forge ahead
even in this moment of peril and challenge.  See local events below.
Check out

In these most difficult of political moments, we have to come together
and stand stronger.  Never has the “I ‘ll
Be There” pledge been more necessary than today.


Are there similarities?...............

In the past we have described Soros as an arrogant kingmaker, a provocateur who incites jihad and race wars and riots for his personal benefit. This encompasses supporting Black Lives Matter in the US, supporting Mohammad cartoon contests in the US, and ISIS terrorism attempts in the US, (though the latter were countered by good intel so did not manifest). He wants Martial Law declared in the US to protect the assets of the wealthy, and is trying to tip the hand of Obama and Dunford to force this. He has made his billions in the Hedge Fund business, betting on chaos, and then arranges for the chaos to happen.

An email leaked by WikiLeaks earlier this week showed Soros had advised Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State on how to handle unrest in Albania – advice she acted on.

Per the Zetas, what lies within this mother lode of emails is more than Pay to Play arrangements whereby Hillary sold US assets in exchange for cash to she and Bill. It contains evidence of treason!

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on November 13, 2016 at 9:18am

Russia Asks CIA: Why Did Hillary Clinton Just Buy $137 Million Worth Of Illegal Arms?

A stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that the Security Council (SC), this morning, authorized the sending to the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of an emergency communiqué requesting an immediate explanation as to why Hillary Clinton’s money laundering organization, known as the Clint..., this past week, purchased over $137 million of illegal arms and ammunition—and whose destination is to be the United States, with delivery being marked as “mid-November 2016”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, SVR analysts began expressing “urgent concern” earlier this year when the main “elements/factions” of the feared Viktor Bout’s international arms smuggling crime organization began arriving in theRepublic of Albania—that is the only Muslim nation in Europe

Russia Asks CIA: Why Did Hillary Clinton Just Buy $137 Million Worth Of Illegal Arms?

A stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that the Security Council (SC), this morning, authorized the sending to the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of an emergency communiqué requesting an immediate explanation as to why Hillary Clinton’s money laundering organization, known as the Clint..., this past week, purchased over $137 million of illegal arms and ammunition—and whose destination is to be the United States, with delivery being marked as “mid-November 2016”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.] 

According to this report, SVR analysts began expressing “urgent concern” earlier this year when the main “elements/factions” of the feared Viktor Bout’s international arms smuggling crime organization began arriving in theRepublic of Albania—that is the only Muslim nation in Europe.

Viktor Bout, this report explains, is most popularly known in the West as the “Lord of War for his workings with the CIA to smuggle illegal weapons throughout the world to further the maniacal interests of the United States—until 2011 when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had him jailed.

Though a citizen of the Federation, this report continues, the SVR had no “complaint/concern” with Hillary Clinton having Bout jailed for 25 years as it was an internal matter of the CIA—but whose intelligence analysts expressed “worry/confusion” this past May (2016) when US Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin said he should have had a reduced...—and that led, yesterday, to Bout suddenly/magically” being transferred out of maximum security to the “country club atmosphere” of the general ward of the US Federal Prison he’s been confined to.


CIA illegal arms smuggler Viktor Bout

Coinciding with Bout’s “mysterious/magical” prison transfer yesterday, this report notes, was Hillary Clinton’s money laundering Clinton Foundation transferring $137.7 million to the Socialist Party of Albania (SPA) controlled by that nations Prime Minister Edi Rama—who is not only the head of the Xhakja Clan (known in the West as the Albanian Mafia) but who was, also, and shockingly, put into power by the Obama-Clinton regime over the protests of the Albanian people who did not want a “mafia government” controlling them.


Hillary Clinton (left) and Albanian Xhakja Clan mafia crime leader Edi Rama (right)

With Hillary Clinton’s international arms merchant Prime Minister Rama having turned the entire Balkan region into one of the world’s largest are..., this report warns, she has been aided in this effort by what many are calling her “puppet master—the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros that recently released, and shocking, secret emails show him ordering Hillary Clinton to install this mafia criminal as....

To fully understand why Hillary Clinton made this massive arms purchase, and no doubt was aided in doing so by the CIA’s arms smuggler Viktor Bout, SVR analysts in this report explain, is her adherence to George Soros’s radical vision of open borders—and that he singlehandedly began implementing by creating the European refug... that will, likewise, engulf the United States should Hillary Clinton become president, and as exactly as her secret emails reveals she plans on doing.

Also, this report continues, and as the Federation knows all to well, the Soros-Clinton “master plan” to take down a nation begins with the establishment of what are called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to act as a “shadow government” ready to take power once the established order is thrown into chaos by massive protests—and why, in 2013, President Putin banned them from operating in Russia.

In the United States, however, this report grimly states, the American people have no defense against these “shadow government” NGO’s—and that SVR intelligence assests have documented in this report as being the “receiving parties” of Hillary Clinton’s massive arms purchase and include the George Soros created NGO’s called: Open Society Foundations,Media MattersAmerican Institute for Social JusticeThe New America FoundationThe Migration Policy InstituteTides FoundationCenter for American Progress, and the Democracy Alliance—every single one of which stands violently opposed to the US Constitution and the American people.

Once these weapons are in the hands of Hillary Clinton’s “new revolutionaries”, this report continues, they will then be used to unleash a “terror wave” across America protesting Donald Trump’s landslide victory—thus enabling President Obama to declare martial law to disarm all of these people, and once doing so, allow the US Electors to place Hillary Clinton in power. [Note: American presidents are NOT elected by the voting of citizens, but by the vote of the E....]

This report sadly concludes, though, by noting that the massive vote fraud already being committed by Hillary Clinton’s “new revolutionaries” throughout the United States, and that led this past week to former US Congressman Joe Walsh stunningly stating  “If Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket”—a reference to one of the darkest times in American history when that nation’s ordinary citizens banded together to fight the British Empire for t...—should strike fear into all Americans of what Hillary Clinton’s “new revolutionaries” are doing right now—and if not, nothing will.

Comment by SongStar101 on November 11, 2016 at 10:08am

Trump’s Geographic Landslide

Donald Trump won the presidency, but Hillary won the Popular Vote by a margin of 206,379 or so.

That fact caused Simon Rosenberg, a veteran Democratic strategist and the president of the NDN think tank to moan about a Democratic Party in Crisis.

“We are the only democracy in the developed world where if you win more votes you don’t control the government and the legislature. There is not a wholesale rejection of the Democratic party and the Democratic brand, that’s not what happened last night despite the fact we now have less power than we’ve had since 1928.”

Let’s investigate Rosenberg’s complaint another way.

Geographic Landslide

Map courtesy of New York Times.

Geographically speaking, Trump won at least 80% of the Nation. The only states Hillary carried are Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Trump won every county in Oklahoma and West Virginia. Trump won all but one county in Wyoming, and Kansas. Trump won all but two counties in North Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Utah, and Nebraska.

Nearly the entire state of Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, etc., went for Trump.

Geographically speaking, except for big cities and a few isolated areas, the country cannot stand Hillary.


Democrats Submitted Measure MINUTES Ago That Could Steal Presidency From Trump!!!


Earlier today, Democrats moved into position to execute a last ditch attempt to shift the Electoral College results. This of course would award Hillary Clinton the presidency. Their argument stems from the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

KDVR reporters on the scene said that Democrats are making a strong push for the Electoral College to be changed, and for the popular vote to take effect in a new way.

How their plan works is simple. As you know, each state has a specific number of electoral votes based on the number of congressional districts within its borders. Additionally, a vote is given for each Senator. The total comes out to 538.

Yet, there is nothing in our Constitution to prevent these electors from refusing to support the candidate who won their state. That means even though Trump won, specific electoral voters could outright deny him the presidency.


Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring Investigation Into Election Results; Revote Planned For Dec. 19th

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Following the results of Tuesday night’s election, President Obama has signed Executive Order 13805, which orders a full recount of all votes cast in the election and calls for a special election to be held on December 19th. Obama signed the order in response to the concerns of thousands of voters across the country who said that they were prevented from casting a ballot on election day, too many absentee ballots have not been found or counted, equipment failures, as well as concerns that some members of the electoral college may have acted unethically.


How Hillary Clinton could still become President instead of Donald Trump

Donald Trump has yet to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, and there is still a slim chance he won't be.

Thanks to the US having a convoluted and strange election system, the American people don't actually decide who becomes President - that right belongs to the 538 members of the Electoral College.

On December 19, the College will vote for whom they want for President, and they could yet turn their backs on President-elect Trump.

The Electoral College is made up of state officials and senior party figures from the Republicans and Democrats, but if you think they'll automatically vote for who their own state chose for the White House, think again.

It's happened before.

Members of the Electoral College have gone against the grain in the past and voted for different candidates than those they were pledged to.

These electors are labelled 'faithless electors', and there have been 157 in US political history.

Some states punish faithless electors with a fine, but in many states there is no penalty at all for an electoral voter who goes rogue.

So will enough of them vote for Hillary Clinton next month?

It's possible, but highly unlikely unless President-elect Trump does something so offensive and outrageous between now and the College vote that enough electoral voters change their minds.

The other possibility of course is that President-elect Trump dies between now and December 19.

There have been 71 faithless votes in history because of a candidate's untimely death.

An online petition on is asking electoral voters to vote for Hillary Clinton on December 19.

It's already received over a million signatures.

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