COLORADO: Fireball Grounds Firefighting Planes? (NEW ZetaTalk)

The Springer Fire smolders Tuesday, June 19, 2012, near its origin in the Elevenmile Canyon area near Lake George. (The Colorado Springs Gazette | Christian Murdock)

Below is an article about the grounding of firefighter planes in Colorado due to "Falling Debris and Fireballs in the sky". I have relatives in this area and wonder what is going on here.

There is also a new smaller fire in that area that was caused by "highway mowing equipment" supposedly. From what i understand, that was about the same time that the fireballs were reported.

Meteor's trip across Colorado wows witnesses, grounds fire tankers

A possible meteor grounded planes fighting the Springer fire near Lake eorge in the Pike National Forest this afternoon, according to spokespeople for the fire-fighting team.A Pueblo air-dispatch center began receiving reports of "balls of fire or something in the air" this afternoon, and officials grounded flights to make sure no aircraft were hit , fire team spokesman Ron Roth said.

Planes were allowed to resume flights about 90 minutes later.

"We don't have to determine what it is, just that it's safe to fly at this point," he said.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command based at Peterson Air Force Base in El Paso County doesn't think whatever fell was man-made.

"We have no indication anything manmade entered that area." said NORAD spokesman John Cornelia, adding, "We have no information as to what this might have been...."

Chris Peterson, a research associate at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, said today was not a "shower" but a single meteor.

"It was unusual because meteors are seldom bright enough to be noticed during the day, although they occur as often in the day as at night," he said in an e-mail.

The museum operates meteor cameras across the state, but they are turned off during the day.

"All the information we currently have is from witness reports," he said. He said he had received more than a dozen reports, from as far northeast as Limon.

If any meteorites were produced, they would have fallen in northeast Colorado, Peterson said....

Because of the fire, officials have not investigated where the meteors landed.

Almost 400 firefighters are battling the Springer fire, currently at, 1,145 acres and 23 percent contained. The fire started Sunday. The cause is under investigation.

According to the most recent update on the fire from the U.S. Forest Service, the fire is being fought by five helicopters, with two heavy air tankers and three single-engine air tankers "available as needed."

Highway equipment:

Is debris in the tail of Planet X starting groundfires in Colorado? Indirectly, yes. It is known that hot gasses from fires can rise high, alighting to look like a fireball, but these views are from ground based observers. The Colorado observations were from airplanes, with a different vantage point. Meteors are seen in the night sky because they burn up in the atmosphere, and after hitting the ground are hot rocks, accordingly. When hot air is rising from wildfires over a vast area, the air above is less able to cool meteors, and thus they would be seen burning as they dropped to the ground. Such still burning meteors, coming in at an angle, would likewise remain hot after coming through a hot air mass, and thus be able to set the ground afire. Without the pre-existing groundfire, these meteors would not have set fires, however.

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Comment by astrogal50 on June 24, 2012 at 4:59pm

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A wildfire near Colorado Springs has quickly grown to more than 2,000 acres and prompted thousands of residents to flee their homes, while another fire to the north claimed more than a dozen cabins and structures after sweeping through a Rocky Mountain neighborhood.

Hot, dry and gusty conditions are expected to continue into Sunday after fueling the two fires that erupted a day earlier. At least seven wildfires are now burning across Colorado, where officials have been challenged by one of the most severe wildfire seasons in recent memory....

Evacuation orders also had been in place on the west side of Colorado Springs and in the towns of Cascade and Ute Pass.

In some neighborhoods, Colorado Springs police cruisers rolled down streets, issuing the order to leave through a loudspeaker.

"Colorado Springs Police Department," an officer said. "This is a mandatory evacuation notice. Evacuate now."

Hundreds of other residents were under voluntary evacuation orders and have been packing up, the newspaper reported.

The fire was zero percent contained, but no structures had been claimed by the fire, and homes in Colorado Springs or Manitou Springs were not immediately threatened, authorities said.,,, 

Elsewhere in the West, firefighters made progress against wildfires in Utah, New Mexico and California....

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on June 22, 2012 at 1:25am

A useful blog dedicated to meteor and fireball sightings below.  I just posted a news commentary from April where they said NASA made an announcement that spring is fireball season so...... how do they explain away all the summer, fall and winter sightings from the last couple of years?  Hmm

Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 21, 2012 at 3:00pm

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