A string of UFO flew over LA. Is this a warning that a huge EQ or tsunami will occur? [and from another] https://youtu.be/iX-mnosDCfk [and from another]https://youtu.be/5UcUWBqwMe8 A string of very clear lights were seen over Los Angeles, California on 9/6/2016 (Wednesday, September 6th) See the footage for yourself and tell me those aren't from another world! What could they be?

These slow moving UFO’s could be claimed to be Chinese Lanterns except that some of them blink on occasion, a maneuver by design to affirm to those watching that this is a legitimate UFO display. They move as a group, like a tide, and this is indeed a warning to residents of LA to brace for a severe wobble which will bring tides up to 200 feet high into the LA basin and create a back slosh against the mountains that surround LA on all sides. LA is also vulnerable because it sits on earthquake fault lines, near the San Andreas, and a severe wobble would throw the plates against one another, triggering quakes. Thus assaulted on all side by high tides and a roiling back slosh, and with tottering buildings due to earthquakes, the residents of LA will regret not having taken the ZetaTalk message seriously.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 17, 2016


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