This was posted and deleted by the author, so I am reposting.

Original Post: South of Baghdad 180 KM , Earth was opened up and start pump white gas. All that happened in 2 hours, Geological say in TV news this is a new signal for volcano activity in Iraq. We never seen something like this before. This is the link.
It is official newspaper. Also my friend call me before 10 minutes. He saw the area this morning and he say, it is around 250 square meters area. No one can be close to it coz of the heat temp. A police man get leg burn when he try to be close to that area. He say that under the surface dust is an Iron fusible (AS he said). Link in Arabic.

Translation of the Article:
September 19, 2010

تشققات أرضية في صحراء النجف بسبب ارتفاع درجات الحرارة Ground cracks in the Negev desert because of the high temperatures

هلع في جنوب غربي العراق Panic in the south-west of Iraq<br>
ارض الحياضية («الشرق الأوسط») Land Alehiadip («Middle East»)<br>
النجف (العراق): قاسم الكعبي Najaf (Iraq): Qassim al-Kaabi<br>
حالة من الهلع انتشرت بسرعة بين أهالي مدينة النجف ومحيطها بعد سماعهم نبأ وجود بركان على وشك الانفجار في منطقة الحياضية ضمن بادية النجف، بجنوب غربي العراق، لكنها تبددت بعدما أعلنت دائرة المسح الجيولوجي المحلية أن هذه الظاهرة طبيعية وناجمة عن ارتفاع درجات الحرارة. Panic quickly spread among the people of Najaf and its environs after hearing the news of a volcano about to explode in a Alehiadip within the visible Najaf, south-west of Iraq, but faded after the Dubai Department of Geological Survey, local phenomenon natural and due to the high temperatures.

جدير بالذكر، أن بادية النجف تمتد حتى حدود المملكة العربية السعودية لمسافة أكثر من 400 كلم وتضم أرضها ثروات معدنية غير مكتشفة. Notably, the apparent Najaf extends to the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a distance of more than 400 km and includes land unexplored mineral wealth. ولقد زارت «الشرق الأوسط» منطقة الحياضية، التي تبعد نحو 50 كلم غربي مدينة النجف، وكانت حرارة الأرض حقا مرتفعة جدا وشاهدت تشققات وفتحات كبيرة، بالإضافة، إلى ارتفاع دخان أبيض أدى إلى صبغ الأشجار التي تحيط بالمنطقة باللون الأبيض. I have visited the «Middle East» Alehiadip area, about 50 km west of the city of Najaf, and the Earth's temperature is really very high and I saw cracks and large holes, in addition, the high white smoke led to dye the trees that surround the region in white. بعض الأهالي الذين قابلتهم «الشرق الأوسط» أعربوا عن خوفهم من هذه الظاهرة الجيولوجية، وقال أحدهم: «لقد خلفت قلقا وخوفا كبيرين عند أهالي المنطقة، وكذلك مدينة النجف، وأغلب الأهالي تأهبوا للرحيل بسبب ما سمعنا أنه بركان وسينفجر بعد بضعة أيام». Some of the parents interviewed by «Middle East» expressed fear of this phenomenon, geological and someone said: «I have left a great concern and anxiety to the families of the region, as well as the holy city of Najaf, and most people Tohbwa to leave because we heard that the volcano will explode after a few days». وتابع: «المخيف في الأمر أن عددا من أغنامي ابتلعتها الأرض الرخوة والساخنة جدا، وعندما حاولت إنقاذ الأغنام ترددت بسبب حرارة الأرض الشديدة». He continued: «frightening thing is that a number of my sheep swallowed by the earth soft and very hot, and when you try to save the sheep have hesitated because of the severe heat of the earth». وناشد الحكومة إيجاد حل ونصح الأهالي إذا كان من الأفضل لهم المغادرة. He appealed to the government to find a solution and advised the people if it is better for them to leave.

ومن جانبه قال العقيد ثامر الخفاجي، من قيادة الحدود الخامسة، لـ«الشرق الأوسط» إن «أهالي الحياضية أبلغونا بانبعاث دخان أبيض من أرضها حيث وقعت تخسفات كبيرة، وجرى إخراج دوريات مرابطة بالقرب من المنطقة ومنع التوجه إليها تحسبا لحدوث إصابات لكن رغم كل هذا تعرضت ساقا أحد أفراد دورياتي لحروق عند محاولته الاقتراب من التخسفات». For his part, said Col. Thamer Al-Khafaji, the leadership of the border five, told «Middle East» that «people Alehiadip informed us that the emission of white smoke from its territory, with a Taksvat great, and was directed patrols stationed near the area and prevent approach them in case of injuries, but despite all of this was a member of Doureati leg burns when he tried to approach the Altaksvat ». وأوضح الفرد المعني، واسمه مشتاق حسن عبد زيد، أنه أصيب بالحروق بعدما خسفت الأرض الرخوة والحارة تحت قدميه، وأن رفاقه أنقذوه من الأسوأ عندما هرعوا إلى انتشاله. The individual in question, and his name is Mushtaq Hassan Abdel Zaid, he suffered burns after an eclipse of the earth soft and warm under his feet, and his companions Save him from the worst when he rushed to recover it. وتابع: «الأرض رخوة وتحس أنها فارغة تحت أقدام كل من يقترب من الرقعة التي تتوسع يوما بعد يوم». He continued: «the ground is soft and feels that she is blank under the feet of approaching the area that are expanding day by day».

لكن صائب الزاملي، مدير دائرة المسح الجيولوجي في محافظة النجف، أوضح أن هذه الظاهرة «طبيعية حسب الفحوص الأولية التي أجراها مهندسون من الدائرة، وقد تأثرت الأرض بسبب ارتفاع درجات الحرارة خلال الصيف الحالي. But Saeb Zamili, director of the USGS in the province of Najaf, he explained that this phenomenon is «normal according to preliminary tests conducted by engineers from the department, the land has been affected due to high temperatures during the summer. وما نشهده لا يشكل أي خطورة على المنطقة ونحن نراقبها باستمرار، ولا وجود لأي علامات بركانية». What we are witnessing does not pose any threat to the region and we are watching it constantly, and there is no any signs of volcanic ».

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on September 19, 2010 at 9:05pm
@Viktorio, because they do NOT have underground oil fires often. It is because the Arabian Boot Plate is moving that this occurred.
Comment by Howard on September 19, 2010 at 7:04pm
Thank you, Nancy, for recovering this question and posting the Zetas' response.
Comment by Nancy Lieder on September 19, 2010 at 4:29pm
I asked the Zetas about this on the 9/25 Q&A and here's the answer.

Clearly there is something HOT under the ground, causing this phenomena. This is not a volcanic zone, but this is likewise not due to general heat in the area at a time when summer is ending. Likewise, the phenomena is localized in one spot, unlike heat caused by weather. The plates are moving, and this includes the Arabian Plate which will turn its pointed top to grind through Iraq, pushing central and eastern Iraq into the mountains along the border with Iran. As it obvious from its standing as one of the major oil producing nation, a nation with massive proven oil reserves, the rock being ground up and compressed has many oil pockets. From one of the many reasons an underground fire can start, one of these pockets far underground is burning, creating intense heat on the surface and melting the rock in places. For those who ask where the oxygen can come from the sustain such a fire, we point to the many EMPTY oil pools which have filled with air as well a natural caverns that occur within all rock strata.

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