Figures of the November Holographic Presentation

I made the figures of the November Holographic Presentation, based on "7 of 10" in the ZetaTalk Newsletter "Issue 178, March 28, 2010" [].

"7 of 10 Progress"

So are these changes starting to occur? Lets examine the November holographic presentation points one by one.

(1) The Mediterranean is shown, while Africa rolls somewhat. This opens up the southern Mediterranean above Algeria such that the Mediterranean floor there is a crumble, not supported. (Fig. 1)

On March 3, 2010 three giant waves, 26 or more feet high, struck a cruise ship offshore from Marseille. There were no storms or earthquakes with resulting tsunami to blame, and remain unexplained. This was followed March 8 at the Strait of Gibraltar when another such incident occurred. Per the Zetas, a dropping sea floor is a silent matter, not a detectable earthquake, but can cause waves or tsunami when water rushes into the void and clashes. It would seem that the Mediterranean floor north of Algeria is starting to drop.

Another part of the holographic presentation that seems to have started involves the Andes and islands in the Caribbean. The S American roll was noted and featured on the January 17, 2010 newsletter, Issue 170. The roll is happening because as the Atlantic wides at the Equator, the giant S American Plate is pinned at the tip, so the top part must roll over part of the Caribbean Plate and also the Nazca Plate to the west.

(2) Over to S America the Andes are shown doing mountain building, while some islands in the Caribbean are sinking, their plate pushed under as S America rolls. (Fig. 2)

Chile continues to get hammered with what might be called aftershocks except that they are so large in relation to the original 8.8 quake. Hundreds of significant quakes are occurring, and the pace is not abating. The quakes in fact are moving down along the Andes and around the lower part of the Nazca Plate. Starting with the Haiti quake on January 12, considered only a magnitude 7 by the USGS, the Caribbean has become active. Cuba sustained a 5.6 quake and Guatemala a 5.3 on March 20, and Panama a 4.7 on March 22, and this pattern continuing. And the area is restless, islands along the border of the Caribbean Plate at Antigua, Barbados, and Barbuda showing a continuous tremble on the live seismographs on March 18-19. Panama likewise went black on the live seismographs on March 23, Grenada on March 24-25, and the Grand Turks on March 27. So mountain building in the Andes and the pressure a rolling S American Plate would have on the Caribbean and Central America have already started.

Parts of the holographic presentation that have not started as yet deal with the plates supporting India and Indonesia, a New Madrid adjustment.

(3) Then over to India where the western side of India sinks significantly, the plate tipping sideways a bit, raising eastern India during this process. Then islands in Indonesia sink, the plate supporting them sinking more than the surrounding area. (Fig. 3)

(4) Southeastern US is pulled down slightly, while the land just to the west of the Mississippi drops slightly. (Fig. 4)

The potential of a tsunami assaulting Europe is predicated on the Atlantic widening.

(5) As the Atlantic rips open, this causes water adjustments. First water rushes from elsewhere to fill the void, then piles up, clashing in the middle, so that a tide rushes toward Europe, assaulting the lowlands there. (Fig. 5)

Iceland, which straddles the Atlantic Rift, has suddenly shown activity in a volcano that has been dormant for 200 years. Although volcanic activity is not unknown in Iceland, the land of "fire and ice", this may be the start of a trend, the Atlantic widening, and bears close watching.

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Comment by Kojima on June 13, 2010 at 1:41am
Thank you very much for your informative comments. They are very helpful for my understanding the dynamics of the plate movement proceeding to the hour of the pole shift.
Comment by Recall 15 on June 12, 2010 at 6:04pm
Also you may add this info in your maps, cause the movement in this plate will started to gain movement:

Go to

and select monitoring buoy 55023 which is the yellow diamond closet to the right side of Australia. Click on it and click on View Details on the window that opens. It will open a new screen... go down to the start date and input 2010 March 20 and the end date 2010 April 13. In the text box just below that..... scroll it right down to the bottom. You will not the first entry shows the buoy is 4592m above the sea floor. Continue you scrolling up and when you reach the 9999's near the top you will see the sea floor is now at 4401-4403... this means the sea floor rose 190 metres in a few short weeks. The buoy has since been reset to show the previous "normal" height setting.
Comment by Ganesha on June 12, 2010 at 4:28pm
Thank you for your presentation. It helps.
Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 12, 2010 at 4:09pm
Very nice work! I have only one suggested change. The islands in the Caribbean you have circled are likely not the ones that will be sinking. I think it will likely be those islands closer to S America that are pushed down the most. For clarity, perhaps circle ALL of them, as we are not real clear on that issue. The Caribbean Plate may tip a bit, the side under S America plunging, the other side maybe same or even rising a tad. All are ultimately in danger, however.

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