It recently occurred to me that the Earth's electromagnetic field might be a factor in keeping matter solid, like glue. Do fluctuations in the EM field affect the solidity of physical matter? I have been noticing more breakdowns in things around the house and friends also have noticed the same, and of course there are the increasing Earth fractures.

There are thousands of subatomic particle flows, almost all unknown to man. We have stated that for every subatomic particle that man is cognizant of, we are cognizant of 1,000, such is mankind's ignorance. And we are just Zetan, hardly all knowing. What holds the Earth together is primarily gravity, though there are many hundreds of subatomic particles involved affecting gravity. Matter such as iron that has an atomic structure that encourages the flow of magnetons is of course affected by the increased or decreased flow of magnetons. Such matter can levitate or twist about, as the behavior of the Earth in space upon the approach of Planet X demonstrates. But what is causing the magma of the Earth to roil, such that increased volcanism occurs, is not motivated by the flow of magnetons. The plate movements are a result of magnetic pushing and pulling on the Earth, the Earth wobble, due to the magnetic N Pole of Earth being shoved away daily and the magnetized Atlantic Rift being grabbed daily.

Man's electronics are also highly vulnerable to the electro-magnetic flow. Here again, there are hundreds of subatomic particles involved in the flow of what man calls electricity or a magnetic field. Mankind has invested heavily into labor saving devices and technology that utilize the flow of electrons and associated subatomic particles. When a pulse occurs, this flows through the electronics, destroying the delicate balance that has been put into place - various alloys and magnetic charges inserted during the manufacturing process. This is a well known phenomena, electronics fried by pulse or a lightning strike, and thus surge control steps in to protect the equipment. But at the present time, when the magnetic N Pole of Planet X is hosing the Earth in erratic bursts, the assault on electronics is not recognized as such, and thus the equipment not protected. The pulse does not come through the phone lines, nor the electric lines, but is rather in the air, a temporary wash that both man and his equipment must endure. Breakdowns, thus, are on the increase.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 4, 2010

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Comment by Howard on December 5, 2010 at 6:10pm
Mariano, light emanating from distant constellations is being manipulated to prevent panic.

ZetaTalk, Dec 19, 2009:
"Closely watched affairs such as this are arranged, if only by bending light, which is easily done, so that those who cannot deal with great change do not go insane. At some point, when the last weeks are near and there is no point in trying to protect those who cling to denial and no need to worry about the panic those in power may inflict on their citizens, the full truth will be allowed to be discerned."

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