Earthquake in Central / Eastern U.S. [From 1989 Until 2012-11-21]

[Seismicity of Central / Eastern U.S.]

Significantly increasing of the number of earthquakes in central / eastern U.S. can be seen since 2003 when planet X zoomed into the inner solar system (In 2003, Planet X Zoomed Into the Inner Solar System). There was little number of earthquakes until 2003, approximately 50 (26 to 58). It gradually increased from 2004 through 2008; 112 in 2008. Then it significantly increased and became 390 in 2011, and 471 in 2012. However, it was restrained to 206 in 2012 (as of 21st Nov), which seems to imply the effect of "Fault Line Boxes".

The distribution of earthquakes seems to suggest the sign of the forthcoming New Madrid adjustment stated in ZetaTalk; "This (earth torque) creates a diagonal stress on the N American continent where New England is pulled to the east while Mexico is pulled to the West, so the New Madrid is put under slip-slide stress where one half, east of the Mississippi, will move toward the NE while the other, west of the Mississippi, moves toward the SW. (zeta261)"

* "Earthquake Search":

* Significant Increase of Earthquake in Central / Eastern U.S. [Until 2011-09-09]

* Earthquake in central / eastern U.S. [Until 2012-11-21]

[Fault Line Boxes]

* ZetaTalk Newsletter (2012-02-26)

* ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 18, 2012 (2012-02-18)

Odd humming metal boxes have appeared on an Oregon beach, occasionally glowing or screeching. They are so heavy they cannot be moved by curious humans discovering them, and in a location that cannot be reached by container ships. There are no tracks, no markings, and they are sealed so tightly they cannot be opened. Per a channeled report on the Micro Effect radio, these are alien, and intended to suppress earthquake and volcanic activity.

The Zetas concurred with this channeler's message, and expanded upon it to add that this is the reason the pace of the 7 of 10 scenarios seem to be creeping along, not the fast pace originally predicted by the Zetas in the Fall of 2010. Where the boxes may be delaying the 7 of 10 scenarios, the overall schedule will not change. More rapid change will occur, presumably, during the later 7 of 10 scenarios or during the 8 of 10. 

These sealed metal boxes are indeed alien, placed along significant coastlines to abort sudden and jolting plate movements. The number of boxes discovered by mankind, uncloaked and visible, are a miniscule number compared to the total in use, which range in the thousands. Most are under water. They are supposed to be cloaked, so that humans can look right at them and not SEE them, but mistakes are made in the rush to place the boxes, on occasion, so some are left visible. Have governments removed them and tried to crack them open? Yes, but the boxes disappear from storage, without a trace.
Why is the impact of plate movements being restrained, at present, when the Council of Worlds has ruled that the Pole Shift is a natural event not to be averted? It has scarcely passed notice that our original statements about the 7 of 10 scenarios, whereby we anticipated a rapid start at the end of 2010, did not unfold. The 7 of 10 pace has been slow, not rapid. The Council of Worlds wants the public to be aware of what is happening, what is pending, so that spiritual decisions can be made, the population having opportunity to evaluate the situation properly. The cover-up has prevented that school house lesson from occurring.
Thus, temporarily, the pace of change here on Earth will be slowed, but not averted. Nor is the ultimate result or timeframe being changed. The battleground is on the cover-up, as the recent decision to allow more visibility of the Planet X complex has shown. For those who wonder how the boxes work, why the hum or aurora type glow they occasionally emit, we have no comment. You would not understand the mechanics, nor be able to replicate the boxes, and in any case if the secrets were understood those in the Service-to-Self in your establishment would use this information to control and harm the common man. The boxes will remain a mystery, in this regard.

[Plate Movement of N America, mainly U.S.]

* Map of Plate Movement of N America, mainly US, Until/During the New...

The main flow until the New Madrid adjustment is seemed to be,

(A) Planet X is creating a slow continental drift [zeta94],

(B) This drift will increase in speed and force [zeta94],

(C) The overall effect of this drift will be a torque [zeta94],

(D) This (earth torque) creates a diagonal stress on the N American continent [zeta261],

(E) The stress on the N American plate will resolve by ripping [zeta261], and

(F) The primary drama will be the ripping action that a plate unable to move must endure [zeta261].

[USGS Reports]

* New Evidence Shows Power of East Coast Earthquakes
Virginia Earthquake Triggered Landslides at Great Distances
[Released: 11/6/2012 8:30:00 AM]

Earthquake shaking in the eastern United States can travel much farther and cause damage over larger areas than previously thought.

U.S. Geological Survey scientists found that last year's magnitude 5.8 earthquake in Virginia triggered landslides at distances four times farther—and over an area 20 times larger—than previous research has shown.

* One Year Anniversary: Magnitude 5.8 Virginia Earthquake


On August 23, 2011, tens of millions of people in the eastern U.S. and southeastern Canada were startled by sudden ground shaking from a rare, magnitude 5.8 earthquake in central Virginia. Several small earthquakes occur every month in the eastern U.S., but this earthquake was among the largest to occur in this region in the last century.

* Understanding Hazards in the Central and Eastern U.S.

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