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Just another wobble occured at the Live Internet Seismic Server together with a temporary loss of the magnetic Southpole shown on the Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation


More Informations:

Excerpt from Magnetic twist and the effects:
Today it was noted the Earth's magnetosphere experienced a severe magnetic twist and temporary loss of her magnetic South Pole.  This has been described by the Zetas as an indication of the Earth wobble that occurs when "the N Pole of Planet X temporarily pointed its N Pole at Earth, forcing an end-to-end alignment of their magnetospheres".   This wobble is predicted by the Zetas to increase in severity thereby resulting in more violent earthquake and volcanic activity and ultimately cause the Static Lean to the Left during the Last Weeks.

This relationship is illustrated by the incidence of violent earthquake and volcanic activity around the time these magnetic twists are captured on the magnetosphere simulator.  When severe magnetic twists were recorded during 2010, severe quake and volcanic activity often occurred within weeks before, during and after the images were captured and with increasing severity toward the end of 2010.  [...]


Taken from the F.A.Q:

Q: How can I understand the Magnetosphere-simulator?


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Comment by Robert Myers on April 12, 2011 at 2:10pm
Thanks for the answer Derrick, very informative.
Comment by Derrick Johnson on April 12, 2011 at 6:09am

Hi Robert

Here is more ZetaTalk about the difficulty in predicting the weather due to the wobble

We have made the statement that the Northern Hemisphere, in general, can anticipate cooler than normal weather until the pole shift. This, despite the period of time during the summer of 2010 when the Earth was attempting magnetic opposition by pointing its N Pole too far toward the Sun, and thus the heatwaves in the northern hemisphere and the freezing livestock in the Andes. Still, our prediction is in general for colder weather in the Northern Hemisphere. Since July, when the Serpentine wobble became a rattled wobble, predicting just what element will be affecting the globe in any given day could change rapidly, day to day. There is no accurate way for even ourselves to predict a long range forecast, and we decline to be a daily weather forcaster for mankind, who must in any case anticipate our broad prediction - that the seasons will blend into one another prior to the pole shift.

The wobble may swing in such a way that one part of the globe is unseasonably warm while another is unseasonably cool on the same day. Then this may switch about. The wobble
does that. It pushes this away while pulling that forward. It tilts horizontally, toasting this quarter of the globe facing the Sun more than another. The wobble has become unpredictable on a day to day basis, for mankind. If in opposition, the situation that occurred this past summer might return. If the globe tries to align in an end to end manner with Planet X, the Northern Hemisphere will freeze for a time. And such situations may last a day or last for weeks. And through all of this, the wobble is affecting ocean currents. They will surge, running up a coastline further than expected, or swirl and turn upon themselves, delimiting their effect. This likewise is unpredictable, long term, and we again decline to be a day-to-day weather forecaster. If the currents are affected by the wobble, then the coastlines they protect from heat or cold will likewise be affected.

Comment by Derrick Johnson on April 12, 2011 at 6:06am


Hi Robert

Here is ZetaTalk about the earth wobble and the weather

On December 6, 2004 when the wobble began to manifest, we stated: "Will this trend continue, and become more extreme? Why would it not, in an Earth wobble that we have predicted will become more extreme as Planet X swings its N. Pole, a hose of magnetic particles that cannot be ignored, toward Earth." On May 25, 2005 when the wobble continued, we stated: "We have stressed, at the very start of the ZetaTalk saga, that the weather would get increasingly extreme, with droughts and deluges occurring and switching about in an unpredictable manner, and that this included unpredictable changes in the jet stream. More of this will follow, as the Earth wobble is not going away or lessening its grip." And again on May 29, 2005 we stated: "Planet X has been affecting the weather since before 1995, when ZetaTalk began. We described the weather changes to expect at that time, and time has born out our predictions - increasing drought and deluge, switching about, increasing temperature extremes, and weather atypical for the seasons to the extent that the seasons will seem to blend into one another. This will only get worse as the time of the pole shift approaches." And for those who had not bothered to read these articles, we reiterated on May 2, 2009 the following reminder: "We have stated that the seasons will seem to blend into one another, snow in summer not unusual. We have stated that crop shortages will emerge during the last years before the pole shift, and this has occurred. So yes you can expect more erratic weather, the potential for cold spells in summer, and disrupted crops. If we made these predictions, don't be surprised when they come true!"

It is not just astonished questions about the weather changes that persist, when we have clearly detailed what to expect as far back as 1995 when no one else was talking about the weather. It is likewise the earthquake increase and level of sustained volcanic activity that has people astonished. "Is this to be our future?" people ask, when we have detailed in great specificity what to expect as the time of the last weeks and pole shift arrive. Is it that people do not read ZetaTalk, but just jump into asking questions? To some degree, this is the reason, as the website is vast and even if serviced by a dedicated Google search engine, it is still too much trouble to type a word or phrase into the search engine and just read for a moment. But to a larger extent it is disbelief at the accuracy of our predictions. There are SO many false prophets, who want the stage and sling it out there, and who ignore their failed predictions as long as the stage and book sales persist for them. When a true prophet, whose accuracy can hardly be denied, appears, there is disbelief.


Comment by Robert Myers on April 12, 2011 at 5:57am
Would this make it harder to predict weather worldwide? Seems like it is never predicted accurately anymore. Was supposed to be sunny and warm here today, it was over cast all day, and extremely windy.Just curious if day when wobbles are more prevalent. if weather patterns change more, especially with no jet stream.
Comment by Roger Concannon on April 12, 2011 at 3:51am
Looks like the earth took some good hits today
Comment by Howard on April 12, 2011 at 1:44am

Comment by Selim KARABIYIK on April 11, 2011 at 10:39pm

Thanks Sathya, unfortunately the wobble hasn't stopped yet, as can be seen in the shape of the magnetosphere.

Comment by Howard on April 11, 2011 at 9:24pm

Thank you for reporting this, Sathya. It appears to have commenced at 08:16 UTC which coincides with today's large quake in Japan and continued for several hours without significant follow-on quake activity.

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