Earth Axis before and after PS (affecting climate/seasons)

Climate change for your Safe Location planning in the Aftertime can be a bit confusing and difficult to figure out. Here is a picture which has been approved by Nancy to explain a Zeta response concerning Aftertime new climates:

Our current Earth Axis in human scientific details:

Earth's Axial Tilt
Earth's Magnetic Field
Earth-Sun Geometry

Based on Nancy and Zeta responses, After the PS:
Seasons = More hotter/colder
Day Length = About the Same (Core Rotates in same direction after PS or
is yet to be discovered)
Seasons = Will take a while to figure out in new climate (old climate
prevails at first, unknown how long)
Geographic Axis + Magnetic Axis (core) both aligned = No differences
than today for climate (or yet to be discovered)

Zeta Explanation of the Aftertime Earth Axis:
"We've stated that the globe will have less difference between the magnetic and geographic poles after this pole shift than in the past and that because of this the future Earth will have a stronger axial tilt than today. During the last pole shift at the time of the Jewish Exodus,the Earth began rotating before the magnetic core of the Earth could right itself, and thus the discrepancy. The last pole shift was a close pass and thus the crustal shift was a jerking to and fro, and did not involve the rotation stoppage that this coming pole shift will include. Today, the magnetic N Pole of Earth forms a cone in the sky as the Earth rotates, as the geographic alignment prevails. After this pole shift the poles will be closer together, and more in line with the magnetic alignment of the Sun which will give it a stronger axial tilt. Normally,for the Earth, the offset between magnetic and geographic poles is 10° or less. The placement of the globe when the passage occurs, in the August position, is irrelevant for seasons reestablishing themselves, thus, as the Earth will be aligned appropriately for the August position, automatically. Outside of your new geography, which of course will affect whether you are on one of the new poles or on the new Equator, the overwhelming influence on your immediate climate will be the lingering effects of the prior climate and of the prior season, and this you cannot determine without a date."

Nancy's comment September 6, 2010:
"Bottom line, the Earth is now in the August/September position of its normal orbit. We don't know when the pole shift will hit, so if it hits the end of a December then some places on the globe will be in Winter (based on the fact that benign aliens are tilting the globe to simulate the seasons) so after the pole shift there will be awhile before they warm up, etc. Since geological and magnetic poles will be closer than at present, our TILT during winter will be stronger, and likewise during summer will be stronger, so colder winters and warmer summers yes."

Here is the Zeta comments also:
" those humans incarnated, alive at present, will find the Earth cooling down for some time, due to
the friction of the core and heated land masses, they will not find the winters extreme to the point of freezing in colder climes. And due to the increasing ocean surface, where the moderating effect of ocean currents can condition the air above land, they will likewise not find themselves frying. The future, for the hybrids and the new cities of the future, will take into account the changed seasons, so not to worry. "

Some more general comments from the discussion:
Lauri said on September 6, 2010:
"I think they mean the geographic axis will tilt almost the same as the current magnetic axis, so it will be tipped further for summer and winter than it is now. Also, they have said Earth has been pushed back to the August position in it's orbit, so as soon as the rotation resumes the geographic axis will re-set itself for August automatically, right then and match up with the magnetic axis. We shouldn't need magnetic declinations on maps after the PS if both axis match."
The Earth's magnetic field can be modeled as a simple dipole (like a bar magnet), tilted about 11° with respect to the Earth's rotation axis (which defines the Geographic North and Geographic South Poles) and centered at the Earth's center. From So we may get 11 Degrees MORE tilt to our geographic poles."


Concerning Wildlife in your new Safe Location regions:
Nancy stated on September 13, 2010
"Yes, extinction possibility are huge for polar creatures! The Zetas have recently stated that due to mass Call's for some like Polar Bears, some will be helped to their new locations. Question thus declined as either obvious (extinction) or already addressed. I could see a polar bear perhaps making its way from Siberia to India, but that would be a hard trek. They said huge numbers of creatures and plants are going to be assisted."
"Due to the human heart, some species beloved of the human race will be assisted for survival. This runs into the thousands, so we will only list a few - redwood trees, dolphins, bird species, wild flowers, comical creatures such as the armadillo, the polar bear, and land tortoises. Primarily the assists will be to place them in appropriate climates, so that unlike the Mammoth, which found itself in ice and snow with nothing to eat, they will have a chance."


There will be species assisted for Aftertime regions! A species is assisted if humans make "The Call" in mass numbers for them! It would be great if a species in your Safe Location choice has had many making the call for it! If so, you may find them readily available in the Aftertime! Popularity helps!

Zeta Earth Axis Links:
How rotation/axis returns (after PS)
How the Earth will Shift Poles with PX


Any comments, Zeta links and graphical images are more than welcome!


Rick Rickster

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Comment by Rick Rickster on June 20, 2011 at 12:40am

ZetaTalk for June 18, 2011

The Zetas have stated that much of Earth's atmosphere will be lost due the scouring it receives from the tail of Planet X. In the interest of planning wind energy production in the Aftertime, how will this lower atmosphere affect wind velocities closer to the surface? Can survivors expect generally more windy conditions or less windy? The fastest winds generally occur in the upper troposphere at approximately 14 kilometers.

Until the atmosphere rebuilds, after the pole shift, each of the atmosphere layers will be compressed, having less depth, though each of the layers will still be present. The troposphere will thus be closer to the ground than the 14 kilometers at present, and in step with these compressed or shallow layers, the uptick in wind speed as the troposphere is approached will be found sooner. Estimate the layers to be cut in half, for your calculations.

Comment by Rick Rickster on September 14, 2010 at 11:08pm
Everything? How will everything be destroyed? It is only areas which are to be moving which will be destroyed. Areas not in subduction zones, earthquake, flood or tsunami zones should get by okay.
Comment by astrogal50 on September 14, 2010 at 1:14am
Nice work, thanks! Much of the ZT science explanations are difficult for me to understand, and pictures really help.
Comment by Rick Rickster on September 14, 2010 at 12:06am
Since the Earth is tilted on its current Axis before the PS, the Earth will roll into the August position only during and after the PS because it is currently stationary with the Sun (not orbiting the Sun at present due to PX since 2003).

Thus only if the Earth was stationary and not orbiting the Sun, and instead being manipulated by benign aliens to assimilate the seasons on Earth, can the August month occur (no matter what season we are experiencing on Earth before the PS).

So August will be the starter month after the PS and other seasons follow from then on. This seems totally clear now, Thanks all.
Comment by Rick Rickster on September 13, 2010 at 11:49pm
"The placement of the globe when the passage occurs, in the August position, is irrelevant for seasons reestablishing themselves, thus, as the Earth will be aligned appropriately for the August position, automatically."

So 'the passage occurs in the August position', means the 'climate' of August will make things warmer again for Northern hemisphere, colder for Southern hemisphere directly after the PS. So whether the Earth is in whatever season before the PS, that season will halt and the month of August climate will resume after the PS. This is because the Earth is pulled into the August position for the PS initially.

This seems to make clearer sense now. Thanks for all your input everyone!
Comment by Andrew Veresay on September 13, 2010 at 3:16pm
i saw you posting in ZT chat, and Nancy confirming your charts are in accordance with what ZT states.
these angles is something i did not yet quite figure to myself.
thank you!

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