I have heard some genuine people receiving messages and visions through their dreams on Youtube.  Some of their messages and visions are in line with ZetaTalk but some don't. For example, Zetas have told us that Obama is a Star Child and he is doing great things! However, some people are receiving visions and messages portraying Obama as evil or Satan or AntiChrist which doesn't make a lot of sense. My question is: Does false prophecies and cover-ups also happening in the spiritual world so that religious people are being deceived and consequently they are confused about what is going to happen regarding the end times? Can a person receive dreams and visions from both good and bad channels?
[and from another] Could the Zeta's comment about the classes being held in the Dream / Etheric state, for people, regarding information to help in the Aftertime? I have been helping to disseminate information, in a classroom setting, to people who are Dreaming, but are asking questions about what will happen, or what should they do Aftertime. Initially I was uneasy about helping until I realized the answers to the questions were always to help, and followed what was said on "Earth Changes and the Pole Shift". I initially found it tiring, from not getting much sleep myself, but seem to be able to help translate the information to "Human" thought processes and answer their questions under guidance. [and from another]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dream  Lucid dreams can be realistic and vivid. It is shown that there are higher amounts of beta-1 frequency band (13–19 Hz) experienced by lucid dreamers, hence there is an increased amount of activity in the parietal lobes making lucid dreaming a conscious process.

We have explained that dreams are basically a sorting out of the day’s events, which have been stored in short term memory as the day progressed. Why do such dreams often seem so nonsensical? There is scant relationship to the original short term memory and ultimate long-term memory and the dream. Sorting out into long-term memory involves fixing connections to similar memories, and these connections are live so to speak during the sleep state. In addition, this process is not lineal, but involves thousands of memory routes simultaneously, which altogether can make a nonsensical noise.

How seriously should humans thus take their dreams, and if the dream state has been influenced by others, either via telepathy or information learned during a visitation, how to sort this out? Humans understand, intuitively, when they are having a significant dream that is more than sorting out and tucking away the day’s events. Such dreams are called lucid dreams, and often awaken the dreamer as for the conscious this is news, and as much a shock as a loud noise in the room. The Beta brain wave state is thus invoked. Normal dreams are sorting out events recorded both in the subconscious and conscious, but lucid dreams are either just arriving via telepathy or represent a recall from the subconscious which has not yet been recorded in the conscious.

Many contactees start their recall process during sleep, and thus intrigued try to pull more of the story into their conscious. During this, the contactee recognizes HIS involvement in the story, and the story seems very real as his subconscious mind indeed experienced it. The only shock is that aliens are present and the contactee has often been transported or floated. When they learn that others have had similar dreams, they are reassured. Highly telepathic humans can have lucid dreams inspired by connecting to the brain waves of others, who are likewise in the Alpha brain wave status, the brain wave that facilitates telepathy. The dreamer knows intuitively that these are not his memories, as the subconscious as well as the conscious finds this a shock, i.e. new information.

Dream analysis is a time honored pastime, involving attempting to interpret one’s dreams for guidance. Contactees warned during visitations that their region will be subject to sudden flooding during the ocean sloshing of the Last Weeks or Pole Shift may have disturbing flood dreams repeatedly until they move to a safer location. Thus, such analysis has worth. Service-to-Other contactees who have been taken on rescue operations helping other humans during visitations may also have such recall. Likewise, those contactees who give the Call to the Service-to-Self will have recall about the slant of the conversation, reflecting the lies and attitudes of those visitors. It is the contactee’s responsibility to discern whom they have called.

What should be made of dreams posted on forums that reflect Obama as the Antichrist? First, since the dreamer is sorting out his day’s experiences, he should look to what website or reading material he takes into his brain. Does he belong to a church where the membership he mingles with is of this opinion? This would likewise be the case if the dream is sent via telepathy by a cohort or friend. Would a Service-to-Self visitation involve such information? In that Obama is trying to inform the world’s populace of the pending passage and reality of Nibiru in the inner solar system at the present time, such a campaign is possible. The Service-to-Self want humans left bereft, and feeling abandoned, not empowered with the truth.  

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 11, 2014

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